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Memo re lease of site of smelting mill at Wirksworth


18th cent


Order of the Committee for Appeals and Regulating the Excise, upon reading the petition of John Gell for relief against Edmund Hewett and John Thorowgood, subcommissioners of the excise, and others who seized 8 whetstones of lead from his smelting mill at Wirksworth, that the subcommissioners are to consider the petition and the rights thereof. 2 May




Petition of John Gell to the Committee for Appeals and Regulating the Excise against Edmund Hewett John Thorowgood, Edward Hopps als. Peate and - Blodworth who broke into his smelting mill at Wirksworth and seized 8 whetstones of lead, claiming them to be a debt due to them from one John Molanus. 22 May




Bargain and sale by Sir Philip Gell to his younger brother Francis Gell of London, of licence to carry away the water issuing from a certain sough near the mill dam of Sir Philip's smelting mill in Wirksworth known as the Middle Mill, to the wheel of the said mill, for 40 years at a pepper corn rent, 28 Mar




Letter from Francis Gell in London to his brother Sir Philip Gell - desires Gell to think that he has taken a great deal of pains to serve Gell's and his own interest - if he should die, he will leave his business so plain that Gell will have no trouble about paying the money - Gell may order the writing to be done to his own pleasure, both as to the £5 a year and the smelting mill - believes he has a friend who will furnish Gell with £7000 at 5% on the mortgage of their father's estate - hopes to serve Gell if Gell can compass the smelting mill on the hillside - thinks John Hutchinson has...




Bargain and sale by Sir Phillip Gell to Nicholas Thacker of Wirksworth, labourer, of a parcel of land known as Hanging Acre, near the Middle Smelting Mill at Wirksworth chief rent 6d

8 Oct




Bargain and sale by Sir Phillip Gell to Nicholas Thacker of Wirksworth, yeoman, in consideration of £42, of 2 parcels of land near Gell's Upper Smelting Mill, known as West Peece and East Peece, at Wirksworth, subject to a chief rent of 6d a year

25 Mar




Smelting mill accounts and bills




Lease by Philip Gell of Hopton esq, to Thomas Evans of Derby, ironmonger, and George Evans of Bonsall (his brother), of a smelting mill at Wirksworth known as Middle Mill, late in the possession of John Willcockson, with all buildings etc, for 7 years at a peppercorn for the first 2 years and £10 p.a. thereafter

23 Mar 1750/1




Marriage settlement of Philip, son of Sir John Gell, and Elizabeth Fagg, daughter of Sir John Fagg inc lands at Bakewell, Hopton, Kniveton, Ible, Idridgehay, Carsington, Ashleyhay, Hognaston, Ireton Wood, Middleton, Tideswell, Wormhill, Bubnell, Hope, lead ore tithe, smelting mill at Hollands in Wirksworth, 19 Nov



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