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Kniveton; Draft deed of separation and separate maintenance by Rev Richard Rowland Ward of Sutton on the Hill and Ann Ward, his wife, Ann Ward to have the custody of their daughter Ellen and an income of, 500 a year settled upon a messuage at Kniveton and closes called Homestead, Church Yard, Hall Stead, Cow Closes, Long Hennill and Pinsall End, Bent, Wigbourne and Harlow, Far Closes, Nether Hills Road and Knowle Pasture Closes with closes known as Flatts Meadow and Flates Pasture and the site of an ancient messuage at Kniveton called the Old Homestead and Croft and closes called Stony...




Beardmore of Hollington: deed of separation between John Taylor Beardmore and his wife Mary Elizabeth Beardmore

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Deed of separation between John Taylor Beardmore of Hollington and wife Mary Elizabeth Beardmore of Derby




Deed of separation of John Nicholas Gell and wife Ginserpina, settling £200 annuity on wife, 8 Jan




Unexecuted deed of separation between George Rix Spooner of Nottingham and wife, Mary Julia Spooner; trustees, Revd George Rigge of Lincoln, clerk, and James Reddith of New Basford, baker




Feoffment by Abraham Cooper of Eyam, yeoman, to Philip Sheldon of Eyam, gentleman, for £52 10s0d paid by Ann Booth wife of James Booth of Middleton, whereas Ann Booth is separated from her husband and at the separation it was agreed that Ann should have all her personal estate and such real estate as she was then siezed of should purchase, as if she were a single woman, of a close called Mean Meadow (1 acre) at Eyam, abutting upon the highway to Stoney Middleton in trust for use as Ann Booth shall direct by deed or will and until such direction to the use of Philip Sheldon for the life of...




Deed of separation of Philip Gell III of Hopton and his wife




Deed of separation

Made between Philip Gell of Hopton, Georgiana Anne his wife and Richard Forester Forester of Derby, doctor of medicine and Thomas le Blanc of Lincoln's Inn, barrister and Master of the Court of King's Bench (trustees of Georgiana Anne) whereby (i) Gell covenants to pay her an annuity of £1,000, (ii) they agree not to compel each other to live together, nor to take action in the ecclesiastical courts nor to disturb each other in their ways of living, and (iii) Gell bargains and sell to Forester and le Blanc in trust for Georgiana Anne all the clothes, jewels and ornaments in her possession...


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