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Hallowes family of Glapwell

Title deeds [1339]-1894; estate papers 1556-1894; miscellaneous estate papers [c1587]-1782.



Estate papers




Brief, notes on marriage settlement of 1709 of

William, son of Samuel and Anne Hallowes, and

Gratiana, daughter of Robert Jackson, with

counsel's opinion on powers of revocation and





Draft marriage settlement of Sir Robert Barker of

Busbridge, p. Godalming, Surrey and Anne, only

daughter of Brabazon Hallowes reciting marriage

settlement of Brabazon Hallowes and Anne

Jackson of Mansfield in 1742




Copy will of Revd Brabazon Hallowes, with

appointments of new trustees under will in 1929

and 1943, and notices of grants of probate of

estates of trustees, William Alexander Tooke

Hallowes 1937, and Hugh Adolphus Carter 1942




Copy bargain and sale by Thomas Babington of

Dethick to Thomas Kniveton of Mercaston of

moiety of rectory and church of Muggington

formerly belonging to priory of Breadsall to hold

of crown at 10s 8 d yearly rent, for meeting

Babington's bond to Leonard Stephenson




Confirmation by Godfrey Outram parson of

Ashover on testimony of Giles and Ralph Amot,

Andrew Allen and Edward Cowlinshaw knowing

Dethick in time of Thomas Babington, his father

Sir Anthony Babington, and grandfather Thomas

Babington, and on evidence of Easter rolls of

practice of predecessors, Mr Eye in 1505, Dr Roos

in 1529, Mr Leonard Resebie, Mr Harrison and

Mr Hulley, of custom of payment by lords and

owners of house of Dethick of 4 marks yearly in

lieu of all tithes except oblations for selves, wives,

children, servants' wages and offspring




Agreement between Henry Grey, Lord Ruthin, and

wife Elizabeth, Julian, widow of Francis Babington

and Thomas, his son, assigning to Grey and wife

manor of Lea and lands in Overholloway,

Nether Holloway, Wheatcroft, Tansley and Pleystow

formerly held by Julian as security for dower, 1629




Bargain and sale by Henry, earl of Kent, and wife

Elizabeth, and Thomas Babington to William

Allestrye of Grays Inn and John Buxton of

Brassington, and further conveyance by Allestrye

and Buxton as trustees to tenants of manor and

others of their holdings and other parcels, 1633




Rental of cottages and intakes in lordship of Lea,

with lists of those owning moiety of manor held

for them by heirs of Allestrye and Buxton, 1663




Feoffment by Sir Gilbert Clarke of Chilcote of

Robert Allen of Lea with Lea Hall and lands in

Lea and Holloway, 1679




Papers relating to timber in Dethick manor:

Receipts to Samuel Hallowes by coparceners of

manor for monies from sale of woods, agent

Sir John Gell, 1675-1676




Valuation of wood




Agreement for sale of trees by Thomas Hallows to Joshua Hayward of Cromford and others




Agreement for sale of trees by Brabazon Hallowes

to Joseph Gratton of Alderwasley, wood merchant,

and others




Papers relating to suit in Chancery brought by

Thomas Hallowes against Humphrey Marshall

alleging Thomas is seised of 15 of the 21 parts of

Dethick manor, William Hallowes of 3, and

Humphrey of 3, and that Humphrey, thinking to

force Thomas to buy him out at a high price to

avoid the cost of partition, has sold the timber

and occupies more than his share of land and

refuses to render account, 1716; together with

draft lease by Samuel Hallowes and Sarah Mellor

to Marshall, and covering letter 1692; articles of

agreement between Michael Burton of Wirksworth

and Marshall for purchase...




Act for enclosing commons and wastes in Lea manor in parishes of Ashover, Crich and South Wingfield




Dethick rental




Plan of Glapwell estate belonging to Thomas

Hallowes, surveyed by James Green

Scale: 6 chains to 1 inch; parchment



Sale catalogue with plan of Glapwell estate




Abstract of mortgage in £1000 by Brabazon

Hallowes to Edward Bellamy of Rotherham,

Yorkshire, of Bramley Farm, Ault Hucknall 1751,

with note of redemption in 1753, late 18 cent';

14 years farming lease by Revd, B. Hallowes

to the Sheepbridge Co., of Bramley Farm, 1882


[late 18th cent] - 1882


Agreement by Revd B C Hallowes and WAT

Hallowes to lease and licence to Shireoaks

Colliery Co Ltd., of Shireoaks near Worksop

for 41 years Tophard seam under delineated

freehold and copyhold lands in Clowne 1897;

and lease and licence for 31 years for Tophard

seam under other delineated lands in Clowne, 1901.




2 copies cancelled licence by Revd B C Hallowes

and WAT Hallowes to Staveley Coal and Iron Co

Ltd., to work Tophard seam under delineated

copyhold land in Clown, 1897; further licence to

work to 1934, 1908, enrolled on manor court

rolls, 1918




Lease for 60 years by Major Thomas Richard

Francis Brabazon Hallowes to Sheepbridge Coal

and Iron Co Ltd of all coal seams other than

Tophard Seam in p Bolsover, Ault Hucknall and

Scarcliff, 1916




Lease for 60 years and licence by WAT Hallowes

and H A Carter to Oxcroft Colliery Co Ltd., to work

High Hazel Seam under delineated freehold and

former copyhold land in Clowne, 1929




Plan of property at or near Chobham, Surrey,

backing on Wanstead Heath and intersected by

the London to Epping road,

Surveyor: Ralph Treswell senior,

Scale: 1 inch to 16 perches at 16½ feet to a perch; paper, coloured



Release by Thomas Greene of Redmile, Leics., to

Nathaniel Hallowes of Derby all actions, claims etc.




Bond in £36 by Richard Marshall of Matlock,

butcher, to Samuel Hallowes of Norton to secure

debt of £18




Bond in £50 by Richard Hodgson of Dethick

farmer to Thomas Hallowes of Glapwell to observe

convenants in deed of even date




Assignment by Rebecca Lomas of Dethick widow,

to son Joshua of 21 years lease of 1759 by

Brabazon Hallowes to Rebecca and Joshua, and

assignment of goods and stock, with conditions for

Rebecca's maintenance




Note of receipt by William Hallowes from James

Stubbin of Tansley of 6d to take a corpse to Crich

en the Wood Lane to the mill, it not being a public road




Estimate of building improvements by Joseph

Salt of Muggington since 1782 tenant to Brabazon

Hallowes, and second estimate of building still

necessary including tiling a shop to prevent fire


late 18th cent


Account of monies receive by Mr Cockwell for

Mr Hallowes and of what he paid for him settling

a debt to the Lords Cavendish by the sale of

Mussen estate




Miscellaneous estate papers




Receipt for first payment of subsidy granted in

29 Elizabeth I, for the hundred of Scarsdale,

commissioners, George earl of Shrewsbury,

John Manners, Francis Redes justice of

common pleas and Godfrey Foljambe




Quarter Session order confirming settlement at

Darley of Francis Jackson and wife lately removed

from Darley to Dethick. Clerk of Peace J Adderley




Papers in wrapper labelled as conveyance of

Dethick Intakes in p Ashover to Brabazon

Hallowes in trust for officiating at Dethick

Chapel 1782: leases for 21 years by trustees to

Samuel Stubbings of Tansley 1751; and William

Tomlinson of Wine Tavern, Dethick, 1772




Title deeds




Feoffment by Roger son of Colin de Melner [Mellor] of Robert [? dil .....che] of Nedham [High Needham, p Hartington Middle Quarter] with 5 acres and 1 rood in Vill of Magna Haifel [Hayfield] called le Daddeschahebothom and le Todeholle. Witnesses: John de Melner, William his brother, Robert Boure, Richard de Bredbury, Hugh de Kinder, and others. At Hayfeld Monday after purification of Mary, [7 Feb] 36 Edw III




Feoffment by Margery de Berdethalgh of son William and his son Richard with 6 acres and buildings in vill of Magna Hayfeld in Berdethalghfeld [Beardhough]. Witnesses: Robert de Melner, William del Hagh, Martin del Halle de Castleton, Thomas de Nedham junior, Richard del Stryndes and others. At Capellam del Frith [Chapel en le Frith], Thursday after Feast of St Andrew [2 Dec] (13 Edw III)




Feoffment by Hugh son of William de Berdhalugh of father William with messuage and 6 acres arable in Magna Hay Feld which descended to Hugh after death of Marjery de Berdhalugh by her gift. Witnesses: Nicholas Broun, John Warell, Robert Halle, Robert del Stryndes and others. At Berdhalugh, Thursday after conception of Mary, [9 Dec] 24 Edw III




Feoffment by Roger de Berdhalugh of Robert de Nedham with 3 roods of land and buildings thereon in le Whychull [? Whitle, p New Mills] in vill of Magna Hayfeld. Witnesses: Godfrey Foliambe knight then bailiff, Robert de Boure, Robert de Bredbury, William de Melner, Richard de Bredbury, William Jordani de Stafford, Hugh de Kynder and others. At Whychull, Thursday after Easter [21 Apr], 36 Edw III




Feoffment by Henry Shakelot of Robert de Nedham with 7 acres and buildings in le Whychull in vill of Magna Hayfeld. Witnesses: Robert de Bredbury, Richard de Bredbury, William son of Jordani de Stafford, Robert de Boure, William de Melner, Hugh de Kynder et Godfrey Foliambe then bailiff. At Berdhalugh, Thursday after Easter, [21 Apr] 36 Edw III




Letters of attorney from William de Dyndeley, vicar of Glossop, to Thomas de Woley to receive from the Steward in the Wapentake Court of the Peak a messuage called le Clyffe in Hayfeld surrendered by John de Nedham of Thornesete to use of Robert de Radclyff of Mellor, and William. At Glossop, Sunday after Feast of St Barnabas the Apostle, [13 Jun]. 1 Hen VI




Bond in 60s by William Smyth of Buxton, son of Richard Smyth, and John Hethcote of Chelmardon [Chelmorton] to John Nedham. Conception of Mary [8 Dec], 2 Hen VI




Bond in 10 marks by John de Nedham to William Gudhyne of Hurdelowe [Hurdlow Town], younger. At Nedham, purification of Mary [2 Feb], 6 Hen VI. Endorsed with condition that William should have peaceful possession of messuage and 12 acres at Hurdelowe




Letters of attorney from James de Legh lately of Berd [Beard Hall, New Mills] to Ralph de Bredbury of Thorpe and William de Boudon to give seisin to Thomas de Boudon of lands with which he was enfeoffed jointly with Reginald de Legh and Thomas son of John de Honfort, knights, by grant of John son of John de Nedham in Lytelhayfeld in vill of Bouden [Little Hayfield in Bowden Middlecale]. Monday after Feast of St Peter ad Vincula, [6 Aug] 31 Hen VI




Grant by William Nedham of Thornsett [Wormhill], gent., to mother Elizaberth Nedham, widow of £10 annuity chargable on moiety of his manor of Derley [Darley]




Feoffment by Colleta, widow of Hugh de Mornefale, of Peter Mote, wife Margery and son and heir Baudewyn and assigns of Baudewyn , with half her lands in Colley inherited from her parents. Witnesses: William de Bontessale [Bonsall], William Bulneys rettor [sic], Hugh Orenge and others. At Darley Monday after Feast of St John ante Portam Latinam, [7 May] 43 Edw III




Copy of undated medieval grant by Robert son of Ralph de Rerisby to church of All Saints, Essover [Ashover], and Sir Symon de Marcham, rector, and his successors, and all freemen underwritten of soke, namely Sir Geoffrey de Dethicke, Giffard de Dethicke and wife Sabrina, Henry Knotting, William de Wynnefende, William son of Stephen de Stobbinge, William son of Osbert, Peter Pecke, Robert de Ubbetofte, Roger de Morsawe and mother Alice, John son of Geoffrey de Scyterley [Shooterslea] heir of John de Scyterley and mother

Cecily, Richard son of Gilbert at hill, Ralph de devilswode, Matilda de...

Copy. Original was held by Christopher Lowe of the Knotcross.

17th cent


Lawyer's bill for "search of offices" and indenture,

quoting inquisitions post mortem on Thomas

Babington 4 Elizabeth I No 163 [1561-2], and

on Henry Babington 14 Elizabeth I No 12,

holding land in Dethick, Lea, Holloway, Wheatcroft,

Playstow, and Tansley in socage, Thomas holding

of crown and Henry of George, earl of Shrewsbury

as parcel of priory of St John of Jerusalem, land

worth £20


[early 17th cent]


Exemplification of final concord in Michaelmas

26/27 Elizabeth 1 [1584] between Henry Cutler

and Richard Wharton, plaintiffs, and Anthony

Babington and wife Margery, deforciants.,

concerning manor of Dethick, 1 messuage, garden

and orchard 40 acres land, 20 acres meadow, 200

acres pasture and 20 acres wood in Wigwall and





Indentures of final concord between Roland Eyre

plaintiff and Edward Stafford and wife Margery,

deforciants concerning manor of Dethick with

2 messuages, 1 cottage, 1 watermill 2 gardens

2 orchards 100 acres land, 40 acres meadow,

300 acres pasture, 100 acres wood 200 acres heath

in Dethick and Ashover




Exemplification of final concord at All Souls 35

Elizabeth I [1593] between Ralph Blackwall and

wife Ann, plaintiffs, and George Babington,

deforciant, concerning manor of Dethick,

1 messuage, 4 cottages, 1 watermill, 1 dovecot,

50 acres land, 200 acres meadow, 300 acres

pasture 100 acres wood, 300 acres heath and

common pasture in manor of Dethick in parishes

of Ashover and Matlock




Exemplification of common recovery by William

Kniveton and Anthony Browne from Ralph

Blackwall of manor of Dethick as above




Exemplification of writ of 1596 for Kniveton and

Browne against Blackwell, and writ requiring

sheriff to put them in seisin




Exemplification of pleadings and decree in

Chancery awarding ownership of capital messuage

of Dethick and appurtenances and all watermills

there to Wendesley Blackwall defending against

claim of Peter Wilcox and William Wynne based

on Crown grant of 33 Elizabeth to hold as Anthony

Babington did before attainder, on grounds that the

premises delivered to Henry son and heir of Thomas

Babington deceased in Courts of Wards and Liveries

in April 3 Elizabeth [1561]




Exemplification of final concord between Edward

Slater and Peter Mansett, plaintiffs, and Wendsley

Blackwall, deforciant concerning manor of Dethick

with 2 messuages, 1 cottage, 1 watermill, 2 gardens,

2 orchards 100a land 40a meadow, 300a pasture,

100a wood and 200a heath in Dethick Ashover

and Matlock.




Indentures of final concord between Nathaniel Hallowes and Robert Walker, plaintiffs, and Thomas Blackwall and wife Dorothy, Martha Blackwall, widow, Gervase Blackwall, and

Richard Blackwall deforciants, concerning manor of Dethick with 4 messuages, 1 cottage, 2 watermills, 4 gardens, 4 orchards, 140a (acres) land, 40a meadows, 320a pasture, 100a wood, 200a heath in Dethick, Lea, Ashover and Matlock, 1636; with agreement for sale by Thomas Blackwall esq., of Mansfield Woodhouse, to Nathaniel Hallowes of Derby, gent for £3400 of his right in Lordship of Dethick, Lea Mill and 2 farms in Lea...




Receipt by Thomas Parker of Hopton for £120 from

Samuel Hallowes of Norton, esq., purchase money

for reversion of a seventh undivided part of a third

part of Dethick manor and all mills




Final concord between Samuel Hallowes, Thomas

and James Salter, plaintiffs, and John Bright and

wife Ann, John Bagshaw and wife Elizabeth and

Thomas Parker, deforciants, concerning 2 messuages

2 cottages, 25 acres land, 25 acres pasture and a

seventh part of a third part of manor of Dethick:

4 messuages, 2 cottages, 1 water mill, 350 acres

land, 300 acres meadow, 350 acres pasture 100

acres wood, 100 acres heath in Dronfield, Cotley,

Dore, Dethick and Lea.




Exemplification of common recovery by William

Dyckens and Anthony Buxton from Ralph

Blackwall and wife Ann of manor of Dethick

with 4 messuages, 1 water mill, 1 dovecot,

50 acres land, 200 acres meadows 300 acres

pasture, 100 acres wood, 300 acres heath in

Dethick, Ashover and Matlock 1599; with

exemplification of writ plaintiff 1599;

right and left indentures of final concord

between John Buxton, and Samuel Severne

and wife Elizabeth concerning a seventh part of

a third part of manor of Dethick 1677; receipt

by John Buxton of Ashbourne to John Topley

of Wirksworth, tanner, for £110...




Final concord between John Topleys, Joseph Barlowe, Thomas Worthe, plaintiffs, and Gervase Disney and wife Rebecca, William Broomhead and wife Elizabeth, Henry Travis, George Wood

and wife Ann, deforciants, concerning 2 messuages, 2 barns, 2 gardens, 40 acres land, 13 acres meadow 40 acres pasture and common pasture, one seventh part of one third of manor of Dethick, Lea, Knyveton, Offcote, Underwood, Brassington, Over and Nether Bonsall




Bond in £600 by John Topliss of Wirksworth

tanner, to Samuel Hallowes of Derby to perform

convenants in indenture of lease and release

between John Toplis and Sarah Mellor of

Wirksworth, widow of Robert Mellor of Idrishey,

and daughter and coheiress of Robert Walker late

of Bredsall of one part, and Samuel Mellor to

Robert Toplis, son and heir of John Toplis of

Wirksworth, tanner, for £160, of a seventh part of

a third of the manor of Dethick and Lea, 1701




Copy possessory lease by William Osborne of

Burrows, p Brailsford, and wife Elizabeth, to

Samuel Hallowes of Glapwell for 5s. of a seventh

part of a third of the manor of Dethick and Lea




Wrapper "Old papers belonging to the Dethick estates"


[18th cent]


Surrender by John Pearse, surviving feoffee of

Thomas Wright of Sheffield, of Ewelands in

Clowne Churchfield near le Hough and admission

of Robert Rotherham of Barlborough




Final concord between Joseph Dean the younger,

plaintiff, and Ann Holbrook widow and Timothy and

Elizabeth Taylor, deforciants, of messuage and

2 acres land and of moiety of 4 acres land in

Wirksworth and in Clowne, £60




Copy will of Samuel Shepperson, of Cuckney,

Nottinghamshire., disposing of lands in Langwith,

Shirland and Clowne, 1764; lease and release by

Shepperson family to John and Charles Wright of

Damsbrook close in Clowne 1791; conveyed

with other lands in Clowne to Cornelius Brown

1813; surrender by John Wright and others of

First Common Piece in Clowne and admission




Conveyance by appointment by Duke of Devonshire to Thomas Hallowes of part Hough close, Clowne




Surrender by Ann Brown of Nottingham, widow

of Hunger Hill or Higher Hill close in Clowne

and admission of Joseph Hill of Clowne, farmer,

1809; admission of William Hill, farmer, under

will of father, Joseph, 1852; abstract of title and

earlier deeds, surrender of William Hill and

admission of Thomas Hallowes, and solicitor's

bill 1852




Surrender by John and Ann Shippam of Damsbrook closes in Clowne and admission of John Carter and John Nixon, trustees under will of William Turner 1745;

admission of William's son William 1746;

surrender by Richard and William Sims, sons of late Sarah Sims, and by their father, Richard Sims, of Damsbrook closes, and admission of John Jackson of Elmton, blacksmith, 1805;

John Jackson's will 1809;

admission of William Jackson under will of father, John, 1813;

surrender by Ann Brown of Nottingham, widow of Damsbrook close and admission of William Jackson of Elmton, farmer 1809...




Abstract of title of Ven Thomas Hill, archdeacon

of Derby to freehold messuages in Clowne with

declaration by John Wright of Chesterfield, estate

agent and land valuer, concerning lands sold by

Hill to Hallowes




Additional abstract of Archdeacon Hill's title to

customary freehold closes at Clowne together

with release of charge of £6000, archdeacon's

marriage settlement, and surrender of

archdeacon and admission of Francis Hallowes




Admission of the Revd Brabazon Hallowes

under will of father, Francis, to copyhold tenures

in p Bolsover and elsewhere [Clowne] in manor

1871; Admission of Revd Brabazon Chambre

Hallowes and William Alexander Tooke

Hallowes under Will of Revd Brabazon Hallowes

to copyhold tenures in Clowne 1894




Appointment by lease and release by Duke of

Devonshire and trustees to Thomas Hallows of

messuage and closes in Glapwell together with

copies and abstracts of Cavendish trust deeds

of 1811 and covering letter




Declaration by Thomas Hallowes merging great tithes in the freehold of his land in Glapwell, confirmed by Tithe Commissioners




Conveyance by trustees of Mansfield and

Chesterfield Turnpike Road to the Revd

Brabazon Hallowes of Glapwell toll house with

receipt and correspondence




Deeds to lands in Palterton, with correspondence and other papers

Principally dating from 1784-1837 but also including (D76/MT/136) declaration by Thomas Hallowes merging great tithes in the freehold of his land in Scarcliffe, confirmed by Tithe Commissioners, 1849



Surrender in court leet of Barwick Scoles and Roundhey, in the parish of Barwick in Elmet, West Riding, (Yorkshire) by Elizabeth Hayton, widow of William Hayton, of 9 selions by the stream called Morwick furre, and admission of William Feather



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