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Mrs Margery Eleanor Swanwick, nee Norton (c1880-1959)

Postcards and letters from English, and one Russian, prisoners of war in German hands, and other military personnel and their families, including some Belgian refugees. The prisoner of war postcards were pre-printed by the German authorities for the prisoner to write his thanks for the parcels they had received.

Letters from Belgian refugees and a serving Belgian soldier, including after the war giving news of their life after their return to Belgium.

Also includes seemingly unrelated letters from Kevin Jean-Marie Donovan (1931-2008) at boarding school in Sussex to his mother, Marcelle...



Letter to Mrs Swanwick thanking her for her kindess to the sender's brother-in-law who is now working in "our Ammunitions factory"


20 Jul 1915


German-printed field postcards (feldpostcarte) to Mrs Swanwick sent from Private William Marshall of the Sherwood Foresters, in the Soltau Prisoner of War camp in Osnabrück, thanking her for the parcels sent and her kindness

Each postmarked with four German inked stamps

Jan 1916-Mar 1916


Postcards to Mrs Swanwick from Private W. L. Gothard, British Prisoner of War at Kreigsgefangenenlager, Münster, [No 1 Prisoner of War camp, Münster] Germany

Six postcards from Private W. L. Gothard in the prisoner of war camps at Münster, Germany (in items 2-3, Münster has been altered to read Minden, items 4 and 6 read Minden in the first instance), with a letter from his wife in Old Westwood, Jacksdale, Nottinghamshire.

Feb 1916-Dec 1916


German-printed field postcards (feldpostcarte) to Mrs Swanwick from Alex Petrow [Petrov], a Russian prisoner of War at Wintermoor

D6287/5/4/1-3 are dated 1 Mar 1916, D6287/5/4/4 is dated 24 Oct 1916, and D6287/5/4/6 is only dated 10 Nov, and is presumably also from 1916.

D6287/5/4/5 is written by W. [?]Wildman on behalf of Alex Petrow

Mar 1916-Nov [1916]


German-printed field postcards (feldpostcarte) to Mrs Swanwick from Sergeant W. Marke of the 1st East Surrey Regiment, 22nd company, whilst at Döberitz, and later Soltau prisoner of war camps, Germany

All containing at least one german inked stamp, D6287/5/5/2-7 also contain at least one English postmarks, two indicating they have been redirected in England.

Jul 1916-Aug 1917


Letters to Mrs Swanwick from Private Joseph Fish from the Red Cross Hospital on Moss Side, Liverpool

Letters from a soldier named Joseph Fish (but otherwise unidentified), writing from the Red Cross hospital at Moss Side, near Liverpool where he was being treated for shell shock. He writes appreciatively about the help given to his wife by Margery Swanwick.

Nov 1916-Feb 1917


Letter to Mr and Mrs Swanwick from Mr C. De Boom in Dukenfield, Cheshire


3 Feb 1917


Letters to Mrs Swanwick from Sergeant Major Louis De Jongh of the Belgian Army, including one item from Neuss [Germany] during the Belgian Army's occupation of the town, and Mrs de Jongh in Fécamp, France and Antwerp, Belgium

Including three letters from Sergeant Major De Jongh sending thanks for the care being given to his wife and daughter, another while serving during the occupation of Germany after the war, and one written by his wife while temporarily in France at the end of the war. Also including a drawing of horse by Maria de Jongh was enclosed with her mother's letter of 12 Apr 1919 (D6287/5/8/4)

Jan 1916-Apr 1919


Letters to Mrs Swanwick from the Central, East Surrey Regiment and Russian Prisoners of War Committees

D6287/5/9/1 Central Prisoners of War Committee

D6287/5/9/2-3 East Surrey Regiment Prisoners of War Comforts Fund

D6287/5/9/4 Russian Prisoners of War Help Committee

Nov 1916-Nov 1917


Postcard and letters to Mrs Swanwick from several former refugees after their return to Belgium from Chesterfield

D6287/5/10/1 is a postcard with Belgian postmark and may be from a member of the Brouwers family (see D6287/5/1), as the birth registration index include the birth of Edwin V L M Brouwers in the third quarter of 1918 in Chesterfield.

Apr 1919-Mar 1920


Letters from Kevin Jean-Marie Donovan (1931-2008) to his mother, Marcelle Félicie Caudrillier (d 1974)

Weekly letters written from a boarding school in Sussex, giving news of events including a football match, a journey to London for a music examination and a confirmation service. The letters include thanks for items received and requests for pocket money, clothing tokens and toothpaste. The writer signs his letters with a nickname, and the name Donovan has been added in pencil to the top of each letter

Oct 1941-Dec 1941

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