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Frederick C Boden (1902-1971), miner, author and lecturer

Correspondence and account statements concerning Boden's novels and poetry, including reviews



Royalty statements and accounts




Royalty statements

Issued by J M Dent & Sons to F C Boden

14 Dec 1927-30 Jun 1952


Volume of royalty accounts and other monies




Rough calculations relating to F C Boden's publications




Correspondence containing reviews of and appreciation for publications including "A Derbyshire Tragedy", "Miner" and "Out of the Coalfields"




Letter from John Masefield to F C Boden

Thanking him for sending him, a copy of the book of poems "Out of the Coalfields"

18 Apr 1929


Letter from J Lawson to F C Boden, enthusing about the novel "A Derbyshire Tragedy"

"…the best novel on mining yet done…"

16 Jan 1935


Copy letter from J J Lawson, MP, expressing appreciation of "A Derbyshire Tragedy"

"To write of it rationally is difficult. This book will have a profound effect on the trend of modern literature…It is the first story that has entered so intimately and concerningly into the feelings of the craftsman who has been responsible for an accident...For scene painting and portraiture this book is in the Royal Academy of Literature..."

16 Jan 1935


Copy letter from Ethel Mannin to Messrs J M Dent & Sons Ltd, publishers

"Thank you for sending the review copy of MINER. I have reviewed it enthusiastically and at length for next week's NEW LEADER…I regard it as a magnificent piece of work…thank you for having the courage to publish it…"

20 Jan 1932


Letter from John Buchan to John Murray, University College of the South-West, Exeter

Declining to review "Mr Boden's book" but stating that he was enormously impressed by it and would help in any other way he could

21 Jan 1932


Copy letter from Ernest Brown, Secretary to the Mines Department to J M Dent & Sons

Thanking them for sending him a copy of F C Boden's book "A Derbyshire Tragedy" and expressing his keen appreciation of "Miner"

29 Jan 1935


Letter from Richard Church of the Editorial Department of J M Dent to F C Boden enclosing a letter from Ernest Brown, Secretary to the Mines Department (see D8252/2/6)

Mentions passing a copy of his book to H E Bates who is very enthusiastic about it and being rung up by S S Koteliansky, D H Lawrence's friend who says it is the "real thing"

31 Jan 1935


Copy letter from George Lansbury, MP, to J M Dent & Sons expressing appreciation of "A Derbyshire Tragedy"

"This book should be read by every user of coal…all Members of Parliament, colliery owners…all sorts and conditions of men…I hope the book will have a great sale and enlist men and women of all classes in a crusade to bring under closer inspection every detail in connection with the organization and work of these who go down into the depths of the earth..."

3 Feb 1935


Copy letter from Michael Roberts, editor of the modern anthologies "New Signatures" and "New Country" etc., expressing appreciation of "A Derbyshire Tragedy"

"F C Boden seems to me to be the first writer to get at the heart of the matter. His picture gives precision and intensity to my own first-hand impressions."

c 1935


Letter from J A Cattermole to F C Boden

Expressing his appreciation of the two books "Miner" and "A Derbyshire Tragedy"

30 Sep 1936


BBC Schools Programme

F C Boden delivered a BBC programme for schools entitled "A Visit to a Coal Mine"



Letters from the BBC Programme Division to F C Boden

Enclosing reports from listening schools on a programme given by F C Boden entitled "A Visit to a Coal Mine"

11 Nov 1936


Transcript of the schools programme, as per D8252/3/1


c 1936


Correspondence concerning work for the Central Advisory Council for Adult Education in HM Forces




Letter from B A Yeaxlee, Secretary to the Central Advisory Council for Adult Education in HM Forces, to F C Boden

Informing him that they are unable to extend his appointment at Southampton

14 Jul 1945


Correspondence concerning permission to reproduce poems and other works, with related accounts concerning royalties and other reimbursements




Letters from J M Dent & Sons to F C Boden

Enclosing a Royalty cheque for the inclusion of three poems in "Poems of Freedom" published by Victor Gollancz, and a cheque for French serial rights in "The Miner"

10 Jan 1939 - 5 May 1939


Letter from John Arlott to F C Boden

Requesting permission to use the poem "Beauty never visits mining-places" from the volume "Out of the Coal-Fields" in an anthology of topographical verse of England and Wales

6 Oct 1944


Letter from John Arlott to F C Boden

Enclosing a copy of his volume "Landmarks" in which he has included a poem by F C Boden "Beauty never visits Mining-places"

20 Jun 1945


Letter from J M Dent & Sons to F C Boden

Enclosing a copy of a letter from Chesterfield Public Library requesting permission to quote the second verse of his poem "September" from "Pit-Head Poems" in a brochure they are producing, without payment

10 Sep 1946


Copy letter from the Chief Librarian, Chesterfield Public Library, requesting permission as in D8252/60


10 Sep 1946


Letter from John Arlott to F C Boden

Requesting permission to use a poem (to be chosen by F C Boden) in a new anthology of English poems never before published in America

15 May 1947


Letter from J M Dent & Sons, Stock and Royalty Department, to F C Boden

Suggesting the sum of £5 as a reasonable computation of the value of the copyright for his volumes "Out of the Coalfields", "Pit-head Poems", "The Miner" and "Flo" and requesting that he consider the proposal to transfer the copyright to them in view of the administrative costs involved in keeping records of royalties

23 Jan 1951


Letter from J M Dent & Sons to F C Boden

Enclosing his share of the fee received from Max Parrish & Co for permission to include "A Wet Day" from "Miner" in their volume "Selected Modern Reading"

12 Oct 1956


Notice from J M Dent & Sons that under new regulations they may be called upon to send to the Inspector of Taxes details of all payments made to authors if they exceed £15 in any year


12 Oct 1956


Letter and statement (July-Dec 1958) from J M Dent to F C Boden

Enclosing his share of the proceeds due to him to cover the reproduction of a poem from "Pit-head Poems"

24 Apr 1959


Letter and statement (Jan-Jun 1960) from J M Dent to F C Boden

Enclosing permission fee for poems from "Out of the Coalfields"

28 Oct 1960


Statement (July-Dec 1969) sent by J M Dent to F C Boden

For permission fee for a poem from "Out of the Coalfields" reproduced in "The Poet's Sphere" published by Wheeton & Co



Proofs and related records concerning publication




Galley proof of an article on "Out of the Coalfields" by F C Boden




Personal correspondence to F C Boden




Letter from D C Bentley, Warden of the Swarthmore Settlement, Plymouth to F C Boden

Concerning a Quaker prisoner at Dartmoor Prison interested in F C Boden's work and asking that he write to the prisoner concerned

19 Sep 1955

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