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George M Woodward: sketchbook and published works




Original Sketches from Life Etc.

Bound sketch book consisting of title page and seven sketches, all drawn in pen and ink.



Original Sketches : from Life : etc : Satirical and Humourous : Book the III ; Drawn by : George Murgatroyd Woodward

Title page.



All the Worlds a Stage

A young woman reclines in clouds, in her hand is a piece of paper marked

'Original Sketches from Life etc Book III and above her head is written 'Drawn by George Murgatroyd Woodward'.

Below her is a stage, peopled with tiny figures, and entitled:

'Shakespears Characters'. Beneath the stage, two lounging satyrs point to an inscription:

'Out of a Mountain came a Mountain of delight. Laughter […] out to see the sign. Falstaff was his name. And Lo. Sir John'.

On the verso is a contents list for the sketchbook:

'Containing : 1 Amusement for Leisure Hours : 2 A Peep into Surgeons Hall : 4...

20 Jul 1781


Amusement for Leisure Hours

Four men with bayonets stand to attention, while an officer, in cocked hat and bag-wig, faces them and flourishes his sword. Two of the men are wearing aprons, and may be volunteers with the militia.



A Peep into Surgeons Hall

A man seated in a high-backed chair uses a long stick to point at a dissected cadaver. Around the table are seated twelve men, showing varying degrees of interest or revulsion.

One comments: "Oh horrible sight". Another remarks "What a store of knowledge". A third says: "It is amazing".



A Visit to Vauxhall

A crowd of spectators watch singers and musicians perform in a raised pavilion in the Vauxhall pleasure gardens.



The Temple of Hymen

A scene outside Dr. Graham's 'Temple of Hymen'. Various figures walk or loiter in the street, including a man carrying a table and two waiting chair-carriers. A man and woman are waiting at the door of the 'Temple'.



A Peep in the Adelphi on the Day of Sale

An auction scene inside the Adelphi. People look at a fantastical contraption, resembling a gazebo, in the centre of the room. On the right an auctioneer raises his gavel, watched by a number of men wearing bag-wigs. There are various items marked with their lot number, and a man with a piece of paper marked 'Out of place' protruding from his pocket, sits dozing on a chair.



A Visit to the Playhouse

An interior scene in a theatre. In the gallery sit a stern looking couple, both wearing high toupée wigs. Footmen stand behind other spectators sitting in the gallery, and one man is being passed a tankard by someone on the stalls.

Below the gallery is a sea of faces; most are watching the play, whilst some laugh or yawn. On the left are some of the musicians from the orchestra.



Printed Books




An Olio of Good Breeding : with Sketches illustrative of the Modern Graces!!

Printed book, written and illustrated by Woodward.



The Musical Mania! for the Year 1802

Printed book, written and illustrated by Woodward.



The Fugitive and other Literary Works, in Prose and Poetry

Printed book, written by Woodward, with a portrait of the author by Cooper.



The Art of Ingeniously Tormenting

Printed book, illustrated by Woodward.


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