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Revd. Benjamin Clive, Vicar of Duffield, notebook dated c1750

Also includes letters, poems, and historical research notes relating to various Derbyshire subjects.

c1750-20th cent


Derbyshire documents: box list


c1750-20th cent


Folder containing various Derbyshire documents


c1750-20th cent


Poem addressed to the church-going folk of Ashford

"on the singers attending the Church after being absent for twelve months". Unsigned.

Dated 16 November 1826



Letter (facetious) re publishing banns of marriage

Pointing out the impossibility of meeting the requirement of the "new Marriage Act" to fix not only the names of the bride and groom but also their houses (taken literally), to the church door. The "new Marriage Act" may mean the Marriage Act of 1822

early 19th cent


Extract from Thomas Blount's "Tenures of Land and Customs of Manors" (1815 edition), re fifteen parishes in Derbyshire


19th cent


Extracts from a record of 1803 relating to various bridges and loads carried

Photocopy of hand-written notes include dates between May and September 1803. Locations listed: Sandiacre, Draycott, Breaston, Eaton, Sinfin, Denby

20th cent


Letter from John Bernard Burke of Richmond, Surrey to unnamed recipient

Writer is an author of a History of Royal Families. Begs to inform addressee that he is directly descended from Plantagenet kings. Seeks to include the addressee's pedigree in a publication [possibly Burke's peerage or related work]. Dated 17 April 1848



Photocopy of text re laying of a foundation stone

Text is dated 21 June 1884: lists Benjamin Carter, wife and children: alludes to "oppression" by Corporation of Derby. Annotation that the original was found under a stone at Bethel House, Ryneld (sic) Street, Littleover.

20th cent


Commonplace book of Benjamin Clive, Vicar of Duffield


Philosophical quotations

Recipe for medication from Mr Hunter of Kilbourne, dated May 1st 1750

Nomination and testimonial of Thomas Ward to be curate at the chapel at Turnditch, dated 8th August 1750

A eulogic verse "To the Memory of Mrs Hunter"

A verse expressing thoughts of a man approaching death

Additional items in different hands which perhaps indicate that the book had previous owners:

A note about payment of a bill dated November 1st 1717

Two pages of Latin text initialled JS



List of churches mentioned in Domesday

Signed by A Newdigate, Kirk Hallam - probably Alfred Newdigate, vicar of Kirk Hallam from 1856 or earlier until 1875

mid 19th cent


Typed copies of mid-19th cent letters from Matthew Dunn, Royal Artillery


Letter to his parents, from Plains of Alladin, 1854

An account of voyage to Constantinople and observations and experiences in Turkey

Letter to his mother, from Singapore, February, 1868

An account of voyage from England to Singapore and observations of Singapore

20th cent


List of Derbyshire parishes with value of glebe lands

Signed by A Newdigate, Kirk Hallam - probably Alfred Newdigate, vicar of Kirk Hallam from 1856 or earlier until 1875

mid 19th cent


Biographical notes re John Harland FSA (1806-1868)

Inc notes about items published under pseudonyms Crux and Iota. Unsigned

late 19th cent


Pedigrees and extracts from legal documents by Thomas Ince

Pedigrees: Ferne and Evans families of Bonsall; Hopkinson family of Wirksworth and Bonsall

Extract from papers relating to a case in Chancery, 1719 between Henry Ferne of Snitterton and Trustees and Copyholders of the manor of Bonsall

Extract from a Decree of Duchy of Lancaster, 1620: schedule of rental of copyholders within Manor and Soake of Wirksworth, the Manors of Brassington, Bonsall and Ireton Wood (names are listed only for Bonsall - 38 names)

Extract from will of Peter Bradshaw, merchant tailor of London, May 1625: bequeaths Bonsall Mill to his son Francis Bradshaw



Delivery note addressed to Mr Osborne, Spondon, from Harrison, to accompany a trout, "killed yesterday"

On reverse: Text about entry into office of The Constable in 1615: description of armour received and explanation of the vocabulary used; itemised list of payments dated 1629. Appears to be an excerpt copied from churchwardens' accounts

19th cent


List of Derbyshire ecclesiastical parishes, chapelries and townships as at 1811

Some entries are underlined to indicate those not subject to an Enclosure Act 1760-1870

late 19th cent


Papers re Samuel Pegge (1704-1796), clergyman and antiquarian

Printed biography of Samuel Pegge, c1795, inc bibliography of contributions made by Samuel Pegge to The Gentleman's Magazine (under pseudonyms Paul Gemsege and T Row) and Archaeologica.

Two Latin Texts, comprising four sides of handwritten text headed Johanni Lewis Samuel Pegge, dated May 12th 1733

Two pages of handwritten Latin text: appears to be a copy of the first part of the text above. No date

Pages from The Gentleman's Magazine, December 1796: four sides of printed text, numbered 81-82, 87-88; list of Insertions by The Rev. Dr Pegge, Excerpts from theological reflections

late 18th cent


Final page of letter or petition, containing fifteen signatures

At least some of the signatories appear to be Derbyshire property owners

mid 19th cent


Note re Derby pewterers

Mentions Thomas Moore, 1656 and 1662; Henry Moore and son Henry Moore apprenticed to Edward Leapidge of London, 1711. Also refers to a reference book by Cottrell

Signed FW (in an envelope which bears the name F Williamson). Undated: the reference book was published in 1929, so this must be after 1929

20th cent


List of Derbyshire portraits

Initialled: perhaps JL or FS (perhaps comparable with initials on List of Expenditure above)

19th cent


Manuscript poems and essays by Joseph Shepherd

Poems entitled "Scipio Africanus the Roman General"; "Hannibal's Oath", "The Crusaders" (with explanatory note about those mentioned in the poem) and "Lord Byron and Greece".

Copy/translation: The Emperor Napoleon's Address to the Army (unsigned but in the same hand)

Essay: "A Vindication of the Rights of Women and Thoughts on their Position in Society" (4pp). The title alludes to the 1792 work, "A Vindication of the Rights of Woman: with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects" by Mary Wollstonecraft (1759–1797). This essay is clearly of much later date, referring to a number of...

late 19th cent


Manuscript poems, signed by Joseph Shepherd

"A Notice from Waterloo on the Horrors of War" and "Lines to the Sun"

19th cent


List of expenditure and personal letter

Single sheet, contains text: "Miss Sleigh's private account", Dec 1872.

On reverse: personal letter: writer has completed a task: mentions Derbysh. Collection. Initialled - perhaps JL or FS



Biographical notes on Herbert Spencer of Derby, philosopher, social theorist, and sociologist (1820-1903)

Typed notes - on the rear of part of printed invitation to an exhibition in Derby in 1934



Copy of report of court hearing: George Philip Stanhope - Chesterfield peerage case

Committee of Privileges of House of Lords Hearing, July 1873, of petition of George Philip Stanhope in relation to a claim to succeed to the title of Earl of Chesterfield



Fragments of a narrative poem: "The True Lovers Knot Untied"

The full title is "The true lovers knot untied, being the right path whereby to advise princely vergins how to behave themselves : by the example of the renowned princess, the Lady Arabella, and the second son of the Lord Seymor, late Earl of Hartfort". The work was originally published in London in 1695 and concerns Lady Arbella Stuart (1575-1615) and her husband William Seymour, 2nd Duke of Somerset (1588-1660). This copy contains part of verse 4; verses 5-7; 11-13; 17-19; 23-25, and is signed: William Marsden 1792



Invoice by William Webb, robe maker of 37 Hollywell Street, Strand, London

Listing judicial robes, etc, supplied to The Hon. Justice Coke of Ceylon, dated 12 February 1813. Receipt dated 10 June 1814


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