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Montgolfiers first Balloon launch'd at Versailles before the King and Queen of France

A green balloon decorated with pink swags and bows below which is suspended a cage containing a sheep and a cock. Available on CD 157.



The Descent in the Balloon

A balloon with two passengers seated in a boat-like basket with flags at either end, makes its descent, much to the fright of cottagers below. Two children look out of the doorway of the cottage on the left, a man and woman kneel in terror and a man in a smock holding a pitchfork looks up at the sky. Available on CD 157.

Jul 1784


Plan of Mr Prossers new Invented Balloon

A giant balloon in the shape of Sir John Falstaff. In one hand the balloon figure holds a flag, from his other hand is hung a sail, connected to his foot. The basket, or boat is slung between the feet of the figure, and in it are two men facing each other, one of whom is 'rowing' with a pair of wings. A rudder projects from the back of the boat. Available on CD 157.

Mar 1785


[Balloon in flames]

Flames engulf a red and white striped balloon, with green envelope suspended beneath the basket. Two figures in the basket are waving. Available on CD 157.



British Flag Balloon for Air or Water

A drawing showing Lunardi's British Flag Balloon inflated. The various parts of the balloon are numbered, with explanations at the bottom of the page. The canopy is decorated with the Union Jack and the arms of the Prince of Wales. The basket is draped with a red fringed curtain. The upper level of the basket has wings projecting from it, and the lower level has oars. At the very bottom is a boat-like structure, with two cannons projecting from the front. Available on CD 157.



Mr Lunardis British Flag Balloon as it ascended from the Royal George Rotunda St Georges Fields, with Mrs Sage and George Biggin Esq.

A picture of a man and woman (Mrs. Sage and Mr. Biggin) standing in a basket draped with red curtains, suspended beneath a balloon decorated with the Union Jack. Available on CD 157.



Mr Lunardis Grand British Flag Balloon as it ascended with George Biggin Esq and Mrs Sage. Available on CD 157.

A picture of a man and woman (Mrs. Sage and Mr. Biggin) standing in a basket draped with red curtains, suspended beneath a balloon decorated with the Union Jack. Mr Biggin waves a Union Jack flag in one hand.



A Representation of Mrs Sage the first English Female Aerial Traveller , ascending with George Biggin Esq, from the Royal George Rotunda in St Georges Fields. - This aerial journey was perform'd on Wednesday with Mr Lunardi's New British Flag Balloon. Available on CD 157.

A picture of a man and woman (Mrs. Sage and Mr. Biggin) standing in a basket draped with red curtains, suspended beneath a balloon decorated with the Union Jack. Mr Biggin waves a Union Jack flag in one hand.



A Representation of the Ascension of Lunardi's British Flag Balloon, with George Biggin Esq and Mrs Sage from Royal George Rotunda St Georges Fields

A scene of crowds watching the take-off of a balloon. On the far right is a building with a central pediment and portico, and people standing on the roof. In front of building are two smaller buildings, possibly gate-houses, and an obelisk. In the background can be seen the masts of a ship. On the far left is what appears to be a grandstand. The crowds fill the scene, most are on foot, but there are some carriages. Available on CD 157.



Count Zambecary's Balloon as it ascended with Count Zambecary and Admiral Vernon from Totenham Court Road

A hydrogen balloon with a canopy of red and white vertical stripes, below which is a gondola-shaped carriage. On the left is a seated man wearing a broad-brimmed black hat which he has tied on with a scarf. On the left stands a man in a red coat waving a Union flag. Available on CD 157.

Feb 1786


[A Balloon]

An inflated red and yellow balloon, is tethered to the ground, and is surrounded by strolling spectators. On the left two young men talk to two women wearing ostrich feathers in their hair. There are a numerous couples, and in front of the balloon a young woman walks with an older woman. Just to the right of the balloon there is a group of children playing and on the far right a tall thin man talks to a short stout man with a dog. Available on CD 157.



[Crowd looking at hot air balloon]

A crowd, some on horseback, others in carriages, grandstands and looking out from the windows of a building on the right, watch the flight of a balloon. The balloon has a striped canopy and projecting wings or oars. On the right there is a raked grandstand. Available on CD 157.



An Easy Conveyance from London to Paris

A dancer stands on a balloon, in his right hand he holds a hat with streamers and in his left a moneybag. He stands with his left leg at a right angle. The balloon has a balcony around it upon which are moneybags and a violin. Available on CD 157.



Bonaparte and Leland the Astronomer

On the left the French astronomer Joseph-Jérôme Lefrançais de Lalande (1732 - 1807) looks through a telescope and announces:

"Bégar me have discovered une grande island in de moon."

Napoleon, standing to the right replies:

"But Leland I am before hand with you - I knew what would happen, and have just sent up a King to take possession of it!!!"

On the far right is the moon, and flying towards it is a king with a crown and sceptre in a balloon. Available on CD 158.



Grotesque Borders for Rooms & Halls : No 12

Three strips, arranged in rows.

Row 1.

A Lilliputian couple in a red and blue balloon.

A man in a too-tight coat and stand-up collar talking to another man.

A monkey trying to sell a Van Dyck to a connoisseur monkey.

A cit family with pronounced London accents pull their three children in a cart on their way to an 'Ordinary'.

A fencing master in Scottish dress instructing a wounded pupil.

Row 2.

Two drunk men at a table.

A man and woman in what appears to be seventeenth century dress, watched by another man in dress from the 1770s.

A mad bull charging at three Lilliputian men.

Row 3...

5 Jul 1799


Balloon Hunting

A horse has just broken free from a carriage, tipping the three female passengers onto the floor. In the background, a balloon floats off. Standing on top of a tower on the right, is a man taking aim at a female parachutist descending from the balloon, holding on to a parasol.

Available on CD 166.

[25 Oct 1811]

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