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Kirk Family of Glossop and Chapel-en-le-Frith

Derbyshire (Martinside in Chapel-en-le-Frith, etc) and Denbighshire (Gwersyllt, etc) deeds, legal, trust and estate papers

1566-[20th cent]



Title deeds

D513/M/T/1-7: Kirk family estates in Derbyshire inc Wormhill, Fairfield, Chapel: 1638-1750

D513/M/T/8-14: Kirk family estates at Gwersyllt (Denbighshire): 1789-1810

D513/M/T/15-16: Bennett family estates at Blackshaw: 1692-1695

D513/M/T/17-18: Booth family estates at Glossop: 1691-1698

D513/M/T/19-22: Bower family estates at Knightwick, pa Glossop: 1692-1693

D513/M/T/23-24: Beard family estates at Chapel, Hayfield, Whitfield: 1637-1638

D513/M/T/25-26: Dixon family estates at Chapel, Fairfield, Wormhill: 1651-1653

D513/M/T/27-37: Waterhouse family estates at Great...

1566-[20th cent]


Business papers




Penyfron lead mine (Flint?) disbursement account Including Bryngwarog disbursement account. Michaelmas quarter




Lease by John Griffith of Waenrwyfyd, Mold (Flint) yeoman to Thomas Evans of Wrexham, mercer, and Richard Kirk of Wrexham, gent, of all mines and veins of lead, caulk and calamine beneath 2 closes known as Quitia Pant and Quitia Mynydd, in the township of Gwernaffield, Mold par., for 21 years, at a rent of £1.10s on every ton of lead ore and 15s for every ton of caulk or calamine, the ore being first washed and dressed. 23 May




Lease by Rt. Hon. Robert Earl Grosvenor, Viscount Belgrave, Baron Grosvenor of Eaton (Ches), to Joseph Rowland of Llyn y Pandu, Mold par (Flint.), timber merchant, of all mines and veins of lead and calamine under a parcel of land (32.sq.meres - each mere being 30 yds. by 15 yds) at Pantypwdw in the parish of Holywell (Flint) for 21 years, paying a royalty of 30s. for every ton of lead ore and 20s. for every ton of calamine (with plan). 29 Sep




Lease by Rt. Hon. Robert, Earl Grosvenor, Viscount Belgrave, Baron Grosvenor of Eaton (Ches.) to John Wilkinson of Castlehead (Lancs.) esq. Richard Kirk of Harwood, Wrexham (Denbs.) esq., Thomas Jones of Brymbo (Denbs.), esq., Edward Jones of Holywell (Flint), timber merchant, of all mines and veins of lead and calamine beneath a parcel of ground containing 32 sq. meres, at Brynygarreghir on Halkyn Mountain, for 21 years, subject to a royalty of 30s per ton of lead or and 20s. per ton of calamine (with plan). 29 Sep




Lease by Rt. Hon Robert, Earl Grosvenor etc to John Wilkinson, Richard Kirk, Thomas Jones and Edward Jones, of all mines and veins of lead and calamine beneath a parcel of land of 32 square meres at Bullins Rake on Halkyn Mountain, for 21 years, royalties as B4 29 Sep




Lease by Thomas Mostyn Edwards of Kilken Hall (Flint) esq. to Richard Kirk of Brymbo, esq., and Thomas Jones of Brymbo, esq., of all mines and veins of lead, copper and zinc, beneath several parcels of land in the townships of Hendrefigilt and Mechlas, Halkyn and Kilken, known as Doly Felin, Dol Cen, Frn Bach, Fron Hendre Rocks and Woods, Cae pen y Coeis, Quitia Fynon Pella, Er y tan y Coed, Werglodd y Pwll, Werglodd Hir, Higher part of Werglodd Hir, Gaifron, Quitea Alt Erw Oddin, Quitia Fynon, Quitia Ryglas and Quitia Fynnon bella, for 21 years, at royalties of 30s. per ton of lead ore...




Lease by Jane Hughes of Gales, Northop (Flint), Pierce Hughes of Gales, yeoman, and Thomas Parry of Whitford (Flint), yeoman to Richard Kirk and Thomas Jones, of all mines and veins of lead , copper and calamine, beneath a parcel of land in the township of Mechlas, Kilken par, known as Y Wergloed, for 21 years, subject to royalties of 30s per ton of lead ore, 20s per ton of calamine and one-eighth of all copper and other ores. 1 Feb




Assignment by Thomas Brock of Chester, esq., to Charles Roe of Macclesfield (Ches.) esq., (reciting a lease (1 Jul 1768 by Martha Morgan of Stanstye Hall (Denbs.) widow, to John Price of Gwersyllt, collier, of beds of coal and iron stone beneath several parcels of land called Upper Hallcocks, except under the buildings thereon, in the township of Broughton, for 21 years at a rent of one seventh off all coal raised for the first 2 years, 9 months of the term and £10 p.a. thereafter, and reciting an assignment of the said lease by Price to Brock (8 Sep 1769) in consideration of £50 whereas...




Lease by John Griffiths of Ffrwd, Wrexham, gent to Richard Krik of Gwersyllt, gent, of all coal and ironstone beneath a messuage known as Cae Maw and demesne otherwise the Ffrw, and the lands thereunto belonging in the township of Broughton (Denbs.) and beneth 3 closes known as Coedy Bram, Gwerglod Gylyms and Cae March Cadwgan in the townships of Gwersyllt and Brymbo, with liberty to sink shafts and raise coal drive sough and erect engines, for 31 years, rendering 1/7 of the coal raised (except that used for working the engine) to Griffiths and paying 2s. for every dozen of ironstone. 1 Nov...




Lease by John Jones of Wrexham, gent, and Jane his wife, and Sarah Jarrett of Wrexham, spinster, an infant aged under 21, and John Jarrett her father and guardian, to Richard Kirk of Broughton (Denbs.) miner, William Price of Broughton, miner, Samuel Davies of Broughton, miner and John Davies of Broughton miner, his son, of all beds of coal known as Broughton Colliery, in the townships of Broughton and Brymbo for 31 years, rendering 1/7 of all coal raised to the lessors, or the value thereof, and subject to a rent of 2s. per dozen of ironstone raised. 15 Jul




Assignment by Edward Jones of Wrexham, flaxdresser, to Richard Lloyd of Wrexham, merchant, (reciting lease by Philip Yorke of Erthig (Denbs) Esq., to Jones Thomas Jones of Wrexham, flaxdresser, Samuel Davies of Brymbo, collier and Edward Edwards of Wrexham Regis, grocer, of all beds of coal beneath all his lands appertaining to a messuage known as Bryn'r Owen, at Eclusham above Ditch and Eclusham below Ditch, Wrexham for 31 years, rendering 1/7 of all coal raised, or the value thereof, to Yorke, and 2s. on every dozen of measure of iron stone) in consideration of £230 of 1/6 part of the...




Mortgage by Richard Kirk of Wrexham, gent, to Richard Lloyd of Wrexham, merchant, for £450, of leases of coal at Tyddyn Brymbo (Elizabeth Hughes to Richard Kirk, (27 May 1786) Broughton Colliery (see B11-12 above) a moiety Mr Hill's Colliery, Brymbo (Matilda Hill to Joh Philips and others) and a sixth of Bryn'r Owen Colliery (See B13 above). 24 Dec




Lease by William Roe of Toxteth Park (Lancs.) esq., to Richard Kirk of Wrexham, gent, of all beds of coal beneath a tenement of Roe at Broughton, known as Hallcock Issa, known as Brynamally Colliery and of a parcel of land known as (blank), part of Hallcock Issa with a small dwelling house and adjoining smithy, opposite the weighing machine at Brynamally, and a cottage upon common land known as Cae Hickee, for the remainder of a term of 31 years granted by Thomas Brock of Chester, esq., to Charles Roe, father of William (15 August 1769) at £27 p.a. 3 Jul




Lease by John Jones of Broughton, Wrexham, gent, and Jane his wife, and Thomas Sidebotham, of Rhydd Broughton, gent, and Sarah his wife of John Meller of Gatwen, Broughton, merchant, and Richard Benjamin of Wrexham, merchant, of all beds of coal beneath the lands of the lessors appertaining to Broughton Hall, in the townships of Broughton and Brymbo, except 5 closes previously leased to Richard Kirk, William Price, Samuel Davies and John Davies (see B11-12) for 31 years, rendering 1/7 of all coal raised to the lessor, or the value thereof, plus 2s. for every dozen of iron stone. 10 Apr




Lease by William Davenport of Chester, esq., and Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt, esq., in consideration of Kirk surrendering a lease to him by Elizabeth Hughes of Chester, spinster (27 May, 1786) of all beds of coal etc. beneath a tenement known as Tyddyn Broughton in the township of Brymbo (except the messuage gardens and outbuildings) until 15 July 1818, rendering 1/7 of all coal raised, or the value thereof, to Davenport and 2s for every dozen of ironstone raised. 19 Nov




Lease by John Jones of Broughton and Jane his wife and John Jarrett of Wrexham and Sarah his wife, to Richard Kirk of Broughton and Thomas Jones of Gwersyllt, of all beds of coal and iron stone beneath all fields appertaining to Broughton Hall, for 21 years, rendering 1/7 of all coal raised, or the value thereof, and 2s. a dozen on all iron stone raised, to the lessors. 13 May




Lease by Benjamin Heywood of Stanley Hall near Wakefield (Yorkshire), esq., John Pemberton Heywood of Wakefield, esq., to Samul Davies of Frywd, Gwersyllt, coal master , and James Kenrick of Wrexham, banker, of all beds of coal and ironstone under several closes at Brymbo (60 acres) for 21 years, at a rent of 1/7 of all coal lying below the fault and 1/6 of all coal beyond the fault, or the value thereof. (except all coal used for the engine or for the burning of bricks) and of 9d per ton on all ironstone raised. 25 Mar




Lease by Robert Wynne of Garthewin (Denbs) esq., to Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt, gent, of a messuage and tenement known as Cae Hicco, at Broughton (Denbs.) (except all minerals for 21 years at £6.6s.p.a. Kirk covenants to repair and convert messuage into a commodious habitation and to erect ovens and building for a pottery, laying out at least £100. 18 Dec




Estate papers




Draft lease by Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt (Denbs) to William Hill Watson of Whitchurch (Shropshire), of a messuage and tenements known as Cae Hicco, at Broughton, Wrexham, and also 2 messuages and a croft at Broughton and a dwelling house and outbuildings with a parcel of land known as Cae Pulthglow and part of a building called New Houses, for 31 years at £80 p.a 10 Sep




Bargain and sale by William Storer of Chapel en le Frith, butcher, to Henry Kirk of Martinside, gent, in consideration of £4.4., of all his goods, stock and chattels viz, 1 mare, 7 pigs, and 4 dozen bagskins with all his household goods, utensils and implements and all the remainder of his personal estate 24 Dec




Bond in £200 by William Carrington and Robert Carrington of Whiteknowle in Chinley, yeomen, to Henry Kyrke of Martinside, to permit Kyrke to enjoy the £80 which Thomas Bagshaw paid to Anne, wife of William Carrington upon purchasing her dowry at Ridge Hall, paying the interest thereon to William and Robert 14 Jun




Bond in £84 by Henry Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, Arnold Kyrke, his son and heir, Thomas Gee of Lidgate and Thomas Mellor of Chapel en le Frith, yeoman, to Thomas Rollin in Martinside, farmer, for the payment of £42 1 May




Bond in £30 by Hugh Watts of Cartledge, Dronfield, woodcutter, to Arnold Kirke of Martinside, yeoman, to allow Kirke and his servants free way and passage for five months to carry away the timber at Ridding Spring, which he has purchased of Watts 3 May




Bond in £1420 by Joseph Hadfield of Edale, yeoman, and Arnold Kirk of Martinside, yeoman, to Thomas Marriott of Ughill (Yorkshire), for the payment of £710. 26 Mar




Articles of agreement between Thomas Waterhouse of Hallhurst, Glossop, yeoman, and Arnold Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman whereas Waterhouse has sold Kyrke a parcel of oak timber near Hayfield (c.65 trees) Kyrke is to have all the bark and timber, paying Waterside £20 and is to remove the timber before 1 May 1712. 11 Apr




Articles of agreement between Mark Prickett of Ridge Top, yeoman, and Arnold Kyrke whereas Prickett has sold Kyrke a parcel of oak timber near Hayfield (c.90 trees), Kyrke is to have all the bark and timber, paying Prickett £41, and to remove the timber by 1 May 1712. 11 Apr




Articles of agreement between John Shallcross and Thomas Kirk. Kirk to lease the Higher Withintacke at a rent of £7. 10 May




Articles of agreement between Nicholas Cresswell, Henry Kyrke and Robert Middleton that the side wall of the barn and gable to Kyrke's building whereon Kyrke's timber now lays, is to be maintained as an equal charge on all the parties; Kyrke to enclose the garden within 14 months with a wall 6ft high


[18th cent]


Receipt by John Andow, William Kenerly and William Feeilesend for articles of agreement received from Arnold and Thomas Kyrke


[18th cent]


Account of rates and taxes paid




Bill for cloth




Bill for legal charges




Bill due to William Middleton




Account of debts




Account for timber purchased




Bill for cakes and ale




Miscellaneous undated bills


18th cent


Bills for property repairs at Martinside and Hallsteads




Receipt by Robert Beard for £2.10s received from Arnold Kyrke




Receipt by Hannah Bower for £5 received from Arnold Kyrke, being a year's interest on £200




Receipts by Mark Prickett for money received for timber purchased by Arnold Kyrke




Receipt by Job Hill for 10s received from Thomas Kirk, money due to Daniel Hill decd




Receipt by George Brocklehurst for £10.18s received from Arnold Kyrke, part of money due on a bond in £40




Receipt by John Gaskell for £40 received from Arnold Kirk, part of money due to Mary Judson




Receipt by Thomas Eccles for 19s.4d received from Thomas Kerke, due to John Lingard




Receipt by David Jones of Rhuddlan (Flint) brickmaker, Thomas Jones of Gresford (Denbs) labourer, and John Jones of Gwersyllt (Denbs) labourer, for £33.12s received from Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt, being purchase money for a piece of land on Little Mountain, Gwersyllt




Note of debt by John Bennett of Blacksmith, to Arnold Kirke of Martinside for £4.1s. 1703/4




Receipt for Great Hamlet tithe corn rent received from Arnold Kirke


[18th cent]


Bill for timber




Bill of Thomas Edwards for wet hair [plaster]




Bills of D Mackintosh for painting done at Queen's Square




Bill of Daniel Humphreys for cutting a door in the circular shop and repairs to Miss Jackson's house




Bill for work done in the square




Receipts for payments for advertisements re shops to let




Ann Cleever, Liverpool to Mr Jones, Wrexham




List of shops let with tenants' name and rents




Schedule of rents received




Letter from Samuel Hollingsworth to Arnold Kirke to deliver the counterbond to the bearer, Thomas Bradbury who has paid all 13 Aug




Letter from Elin Beard to (Arnold Kirke) asking for the loan of 40s 14 Jan 1705/6




Letter from Robert Charleville to Arnold Kyrke re a debt of £100. 22 Apr




Inventory and valuation by John Frith and Thomas Mellor of the goods of Ann Kirke of Martinside, decd, widow of Henry Kirke decd. 2 Mar 1719/20




Receipts by Elizabeth Mellor and James Clegg to Arnold Kirk for legacies due under the will of Ann Kirk. 16 Mar 1720/21




Quitclaims by Anthony Bellott, Stephen Bellott and Margrit Middleton to Henry Kirk and Peter Steel, executors of the will of Thomas Kirk of Spire Hollin, of all actions and claims




Receipts for crown rents paid for land at Bowden Edge, Coombes Edge, Heralds and Hallsteads and the Little Close in Peak Forest




Receipts for rent due to Henry Eyre for Dove Hole Meadows




Receipts for rent due to John Hutchinson for an encroachment at Bowden Chapel




Miscellaneous rent receipts




Elizabeth Beard to Arnold Kyrke asking for the delivery of articles in his keeping. 9 Apr




Appointment by John Bennett of John Hyde to pay £2 to Arnold Kyrke 14 Apr




Division of goods at Bank into 4 parts


[18th cent]


Division of cattle at Booth Low


[18th cent]


Particulars of lands at Bowden Head and Rushop


[18th cent]


Notes re. lease of farm to H Lomas


[18th cent]


Draft settlement upon the marriage of Thomas Birtles of Birtles (Ches), gent, and Elizabeth, daughter of Adam Bagshawe the elder of Wormhill, gent. In consideration of a dowry of £700, Birtles conveys to John Worrall of Pownall Hall (Ches) gent, John Lowe of Hordern in Ranow (Ches), gent, Adam Bagshawe the younger of Wormhill and Richard Bagshawe of Castleton, gents, a capital messuage and appurtenances at Birtles and Alderley and several closes at Birtles and Over Alderley called the Bentfield, Bentfield Meadowe, the two Capesthorne Bridges, the Burntearthes, the Peasefield, Rushiefield...




Bond in £100 by Adam Bagshaw of Wormhill gent, to Henry Kirke of Martinside, yeoman, for the payment by Bagshaw to Kirke of £10.10s p.a, during the life of Elizabeth Bagshaw, in trust to her use 3 May




Bond in £100 by Samuel Bagshaw of Oldgreave to Ralph Gee of Lydyate, to stand to the arbitration of Arnold Kyrke, William Hudson and John Hall, or any two of them 16 May




Appointment by Hellen Torre, wife of Richard Torre of Castleton, gent, whereas before their marriage Richard entered into a bond with William Bagshaw of Forde, her trustee, that if she died before him without issue, he would dispose of £80 to such persons as directed by her, of £20 to Richard, £5 each to her mother, Grace Bagshaw, her brother George Bagshaw and her sister Margaret Bagshaw, £5 each to Thomas, Margarett and Hellen Bagshaw, children of her brother Ralph, £5 each to Robert, Elizabeth and Grace, the children of her brother Robert, £5 a piece to Hannah and Hellen Cresswell, and...




Appointment by John Bagshaw of Eccles, Chapel en le Frith, gent, of German Buxton of Eccles, gent, as his attorney to recover and receive from Henry Kyrke of Martinside, all legacies due to him by the hand of Kyrke, under the will of his mother, Anne Carrington, wife of William Carrington the elder of Whiteknowle, Glossop. 25 Jul




Lease by William Bagshaw of Ford, gent, to Richard Bagshaw of Castleton, esq., Arnold Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, and William Carrington of Ashen Clough, yeoman, in consideration of £160 paid to him by his brother, Nathaniell Bagshaw of Ford, gent, of all his messuages and lands at Wash, Chapel en le Frith, known as Collinheys and all his lands at Rushop, for 99 years at a pepper corn rent, with proviso that if he shall pay them £20 p.a to the use of Nathaniell, the lease shall be void 5 May




Release by Richard Bagshaw, Arnold Kyrke and William Carrington, to William Bagshaw, in consideration of £40, of £5 of the above annuity of £20. 17 May 1732/3




Orders from Nathaniell Bagshaw to Arnold Kyrke for the payment of money from his annuity to various persons




Record of monies to be paid: Mr. Kyrke to pay Robert Kyrke of Chapel-en-le-Frith, 8s, 24 Jun; and to Mr. Arnold Kyrke £1732, 10 Jun; both 1731




Receipts by Nathaniel Bagshaw for payment of the annuity




Letters from Nathaniel Bagshaw to Arnold Kyrke re the annuity




Letter from John Harris to Mr Bagshaw enclosing a bill for what he disbursed for Nathaniel Bagshaw and his family and stating that he found them miserably poor and has arranged for a load of meal and a side of beef to be delivered 20 Nov




Letter from John Goddard to Arnold Kyrke re a bill drawn on Kyrke by Nathaniel Bagshaw 3 Sep




Receipt by Henry Ludlam for money received from Arnold Kirk for the use of Matthew Bagshaw 4 Oct




Receipt by Thomas Bagshaw for £4.16s received from Robert Hinchcliffe for charge of a fine 7 Nov




Articles of agreement between Robert Beard the elder of Jumble, yeoman, and Robert Beard the younger, his son, for the conveyance to Robert the younger of several messuages at Great Hamlet and Phoside and 2 cottages at Jumble with all cattle and husbandry ware and one half of all household goods as remain in the house at Jumble, the cottages for the remainder of a leasehold term, and the messuages in fee simple, Elizabeth, wife of Robert the elder to have the other half of the household goods and Robert the younger to keep and maintain his parents and to pay all his father's present debts...




Articles of agreement between Robert Beard, son of heir of Thomas Beard of Clough Houses, decd, and Ellen Beard of Clough Houses, Glossop, widow, and Arnold Kirke of Martinside, yeoman, and Thomas Kirk of Hollin, yeoman, his brother reciting a mortgage by Robert and Ellen Beard to John Waterhouse of Heyfield (6 Jun, 1702) of a capital messuage at Clough Houses in Phoside and a messuage in the herbage of Chinley als Mainstonefield, for £160 for the conveyance to the Kirks of the messuage at Clough Houses 13 Nov




Bond in £70 by Robert Beard senior of Chinley to Samuel Hyde of Jumble, for the performance of covenants in an indenture of even date 3 Jun




Declaration of use by Robert Beard of Jumble, yeoman, being seised of a copyhold cottage, garden and 3 parcels of land called Long Crofte, Kilne Crofte and Over Orchard (1 acre) to his own use for life and then as directed by deed or will, after his death to the use of John Waterhouse of Hayfield 25 Jul




Lease by Thomas Booth of Stockwalls, Charlesworth, yeoman, to Nicholas Hadfield of Nethercliff, yeoman, of several parts of a messuage and lands at Nethercliff lately purchased by Booth from Hadfield, and of a bay of building at the upper end of the new building at Nethercliff and a parcel of land known as Higginbotham Meadow, for 40 years at £3 p.a. 16 Jun




Part of a draft deed between Thomas Booth the elder of Stockwalls, yeoman, Thomas Booth the younger, his son, and Jasper Brentnall of Tideswell, yeoman, reciting a lease by Jane, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk and Arther Onslow of West Clandon (Sy), esq., to Booth of a messuage and closes at Charlesworth called Long Asken Bottam, Parke Meadow, Netherhouse Wood, Netherhouse Field, Netherhouse Meadow, Great Lee, Lee Meadow, Green Meadow, the intake called Gorsy Banke, the two Arxles, Moor Wood, Little Meadow, half the Quarrell Field, Sparr Greave, High Field, the Croft, Ashton Bottam Head, the...




Lease by John Chambers of Derby, gent, to John Warrington of New Mills, yeoman, reciting a lease by Queen Katherine, Denzill, Lord Holles, Phillip, Earl of Chesterfield, and William, Viscount Branker, to Chambers (29 Jan 1673/74), of inter alia ½a land at New Mills with the barn thereon, for 31 years, of the said land and barn for the residue of the term at a rent of 4d 20 Sep




Mortgage by Samuell Hide of Gamble (Jumble) yeoman, to John Chambers of Derby, gent, of a messuage at Gamble and all other his estates at Gamble for 500 years, for £20. 10 Aug




Lease by Anne Dickson, widow of Edward Dickson of Brownhill, yeoman, to Thomas Bagshaw, son of Robert Bagshaw of Austen-leigh, husbandman, of a new house and building with all appurtenant lands at Chapel en le Frith, for 11 years at £10.13.4d p.a 22 Feb 1654/5




Lease by Thomas Clayton of Blackbrook, yeoman, to Anne Dixon of Blackbrook, widow, reciting a lease to Clayton by Edward Cresswell of Litton, yeoman (30 Mar 1653) of a messuage and lands at Blackbrook for 21 years, in consideration of £7.15s of 3 closes known as the Fields (missing) piece of building called the (missing) in the parish of Chapel en le Frith, for 17 years at a rent of £3 p.a 19 Dec




Lease by Thomas Clayton of Blackbrook to Anne Dixon, in consideration of 20s of a cottage or bay of building called Horse Coate with an adjoining croft and garden stidde and a close called the Banke, at Blackbrooke, for 17 years, at a pepper corn rent 21 Nov




Bond in £100 by Henry Redfearne and Thomas Redfearne of Brownhill, and Edward Brokilhurst of Shawstile, husbandmen, to Edward Dickson of Errate (Ches), husbandman, whereas the parties are bound in £50 to Thomas Cuffe of Shalcrosse, yeoman for the payment of £27 to indemnify Dixon against Cuffe 13 Jul




Bond in £120 by Robert Redfearne and Thomas Redfearne his son, to Edward Dickson, for the performance of covenants in a lease 13 Jul




Bond in £50 by Robert and Thomas Redfearne and Edward Brokilhurst to Edward Dickson of Brownhill, whereas the parties are bound to Ann Cuffe, widow, in £50 for the payment of £27 to indemnify Dickson 15 Jan 1628/9




Bond in £522 by Raphe Bagshawe of Hordron, yeoman, and William and Raphe Bagshawe, husbandmen, his sons, to Edward Dixon of Brownhill, Hope, for the performance of covenants in a bargain and sale 15 Mar 1652/3




Bond in £112 by William and Henry Jackson of Olleesknowles (?) (Ches), husbandmen, to Anne Dickson of Brownhill, widow, for the performance of covenants in an agreement 6 Feb 1654/5




Bond in £20 by Thomas Needham of Salters- ford (Ches) farmer, to Edward Dixon of Blackbrook, yeoman, for the performance of covenants 2 Feb 1674/5




Articles of agreement between Edward Dixon and Thomas Needham, for a lease to Needham of a messuage at Saltersford for 21 years if the term of the original lease by Mr James Stopford to Dixon shall so long continue at a rent of £7 p.a and all other duties or rates which shall become payable on the premises except 20s p.a. which Dixon pays to Stopford and except all herriots due to Stopford 2 Feb 1674/5




Memorandum of agreement between Edward Dixon and William Wheeldon for the erection by Wheeldon of a wall 4ft high between the Pim Cheer House and the head of Dixon's tenement a wall 2ft high between the land of Margret Kater and the said tenement and a 3ft wall on part of his own meadow, within 7 years on pain of forfeiting £4. 5 Feb 1686/7




Probate of Edward Dickson of Brownhill, yeoman; to be buried in the church at Taxal; his messuage and lands at Hordron, his messuage at Saltersford (Ches) to his wife, Anne, until his son Edward is 21 when he is to have half the lands and Anne to have the rest for life if she remains unmarried; if she marries again she is to have only one third of the lands; after her death, all the estate to Edward in tail general but if he die without issue or before he is 21, then Anne to have all the estate in fee simple; to every servant 12d; his personal estate to Anne 11 Dec




Letters of administration to Edward Cresswell and Henry Kirk for the estate of Anne Dixon, deceased, during the minority of Edward Dixon, her son 22 Dec




Probate of Edward Dixon of Blackbrook, yeoman, 10s each to his cousins, Nicholas Cresswell, Elizabeth Revell and Hanna Cresswell; 10s each to his cousins Anthony and James Walker; 10s each to his cousin Kathern Garott of Middleton; 2s 6d each to Arnold, Mary, Thomas, Margret and Joane, the children of Henery Kyrke; 2s 6d each to Raphe and Anne, the children of Thomas Gee of Lydiate (Lancs.) 10s to Thomas Mellor the younger of Townend and to his brother and sisters, Henry, Anne, Mary and Dorothy, 2s 6d; 2s.6d each to Arnold and Ellen, children of Thomas Kyrke of Whitehills; to his brothers...




Probate of Mary Dixon of Blackbrook widow; to her brother Henry Kirke of Martinside, Arnold Kirke, his son, Thomas Gee of Lydiate (Lancs) and Thomas Mellor, her brothers in law, a messuage and lands at Hordern, subject to the rent charge as above (D513/M/E/210) upon trust to pay out of the rents and profits, 20s p.a to the poor of Chapel en le Frith and the residue to the schoolmaster of Chapel; a messuage at Blackbrook, held under lease from John Cresswell of Litton, to Thomas, son of Thomas Mellor, charged with the payment of £10 each to Anne, Dorithy, Elizabeth and Elen Mellor, his...




Codicil to the will of Edward Dixon (D513/M/E/210); to John Titerton, his best-shirt and a cloth riding coat; to Henry Kyrke, his best hat; to Thomas Mellor, his best riding coat; to his cousin Thomas Mellor his cloth serge waistcoat, and if his wife Mary dies before the end of the lease on Blackbrook, then Thomas is to have it; all that will be raised from his land at Leefield, after Mary's death, towards maintaining a school at Chapel en le Frith




Release by John Richardson of Hilltop (Ches.) and Thomas Andrewe of Marple and Joane his wife, to Anne Dixon of Blackbrook, widow, in consideration of £30, of all manner of actions and debts 20 Apr




Receipt for 10s for a licence for Edward Dixon to enter into a final concord with Ralph Bagshaw over a cottage and land at Chapel en le Frith




Receipt by Thomas Statham for money paid by Edward Dickson and Thomas Mellor 17 Dec




Receipts by James Wheldon for rent for the Little Close, paid by Edward Dixon




Receipts for rent due from Edward Dixson to the Crown, (later Duke of Devonshire)




Receipt by John Creswell for rent paid by Mary Dixon, 1694/5




Receipts for money from Leefield House as devised by Mary Dixon (see D513/M/E/211)




Note of debt from by John Cresswell for £30 borrowed from Edward Dixon 26 Jan 1692/3




Probate inventory of the goods of Anne Dixon, deceased, made by George Bagshawe, George Thornhill and John Creswell 1 Dec




Bond in £20 by Thomas Wilkinson of Chapel en le Frith, innkeeper, to Adam Jackson of Combs, smith, for the observance of an arbitration by German Buxton, gent, Thomas Kyrke of Spire Hollin, yeoman, and Elias Hallam of Dove Holes, husbandman 3 Jul




Bond in £104 by Thomas Rolley of Dale Head, Tideswell, yeoman, and William Ferne of Alstonefield (Staffs), yeoman, to Ellen Jackson of Dale Head for the payment of £52, 4 May




Memorandum of agreement between Arnold Kirk, Thomas Kirk and William Jackson, and Thomas White of Longstone, on behalf of his son in law, John Roberts, for a lease to Roberts of a house, garden, stable and lands at Bath Bank Head, for eleven years, in consideration of £10 and a rent of £7 p.a 27 Jan 1750/1




Grant by Robert Jackson of Dale Head, of his wife Ellen, of all his personal estate in exchange for a hat (13 May, 1706) - proved as his will 23 Oct




Probate inventory of the goods and chattels of Ellen Jackson of Malcoff, made by John Barber and Joseph Trinkett 6 Apr




Receipts for legacies under the will of Ellen Jackson




Note from (?) to Ellen Jackson threatening legal action if she "will not with his tow brothers and sister come in upon fair Terms for Leases"




Draft bargain and sale by Benjamin Lingard of Slack Hall, yeoman, to John Lingard of Slackhall, in consideration of £120, of a dwelling house, barn and outcast of building with a close called Dobcroft, a close known as Birchen Lowe, 2 closes called Unthank and Unthankhead, a close called Nearer or Nur Roods, a close called Further or Fur Roods, at Slack Hall




Bond in £100 by Charles Lingard of Milltown, yeoman, to William Bagshaw of Ford, gent., to abide by the arbitration of John Byron, clerk, Arnold Kyrk of Martinside and Francis Gee of Kinder 24 Dec




Valuation of the estate of Charles Lingard




Unexecuted bond in £51.10s by Anthony Longdin of Tideswell, husbandman, to Robert Walker of Blackbrook, yeoman, for the payment of £3. 1 Oct




Inventory of the stock and goods of Nicholas Longden


[17th cent]


List of goods sold to N(icholas) L(ongden)




Bond in £8 by Joseph Taylor of Hollywood End, husbandman, and Samuell Pickering of Edale, curate, to Henry Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, and John Brocklehurst of Stoneridge, Stockport (Ches.), to indemnify Kyrke and Brocklehurst of £4 paid by them to Taylor under the will of Elizabeth Mather, widow, decd being a legacy by her to his children, Joseph and Elizabeth 23 May




Articles of agreement between Robert Mather of Lymm (Ches.) yeoman, and Laurence Adsherd of Lymm, yeoman, his son in law, for the payment of £25 to Adsherd and the assignment of a debt of £15 owed to Mather by John Pristnall of Widford. If Robert shall survive his wife, Elizabeth Mather, he will bequeath his dwelling house with one half of his personal estate to Laurence. In return Adsherd discharges Mather of all legacies bequeathed to him by his father, Laurance Adsherd, or his grandfather, Laurance Asherd and if he dies in Mather's lifetime then Mather may enjoy the remainder of his...




Receipt and aquittance by John Mather of West Leigh (Lancs) tailor, to Elizabeth Mather of Lyme Handley (Ches) widow, for a legacy of £4 under the will of her late husband, Robert Mather, his brother 15 Jan 1662/3




Probate inventory of the goods of Elizabeth Mather, made by Thomas Kyrke and John Swindels 7 May




Draft settlement upon the marriage of John Mellor the younger, son of John Mellor the elder of Crowdenlee Booth, Edale, yeoman, and (blank), daughter of Thomas Cresswell of Crowdenlee Booth, yeoman, whereby, in consideration of her dowry, the elder Mellor conveys to John Shore of Crowdenlee Booth and Robert Hadfield of Ollerbrook Booth, Edale, a messuage, garden and backside at Crowdenlee Booth, with several closes, called Lower Field, Meadow below the Wall, Nearer and Further Meadow, Greatfield, Further Field, Oulers and Pingle, parcel of the vaccary of Crowdenlee, in trust to use; Further...




Lease by Thomas Hadfield of Enterclough, Mottram (Ches) to Henry Mellor of Bowden, of a messuage known as Roych Clough, at Bowden, with closes known as the Greatfield, the two Meadows, Further Field, Cowhey, Carr, Barley Croft and Rushy Croft and a close at Chinley known as the Carr (4¾ acres) for 21 years at £12 2s p. a. 15 Nov




Lease by Joshua Bagshaw of Little Hayfield, yeoman, to Mary Mellor the elder of Chapel en le Frith Town End, widow, of 3 rooms in a newly built house at the Ashbourne Lane end of Chapel, ie the parlour, parlour chamber and buttery, with the little garden on the backside, for her life, at a pepper corn rent. Bagshaw is to pay Mary 20s p.a




Receipts for rents paid by Henry Mellor to Thomas Hadfield




Bond in £200 by Henry Mellor of Town End, Chapel en le Frith and Thomas Mellor of Town End, yeoman, to Ralph Cantrell of Tideswell, for the payment of £100. 13 Nov




Bond in £60 by Henry Mellor of Roych, yeoman, to Nicholas Cresswell of Blackbrook, for the payment of £30. 17 Feb 1697/8




Bond in £20 by Henry Mellor to John Barber of Holme Hall, for the payment of £10. 5 Dec




Bond in £40 by Henry Mellor to John Green of Sheffield (Yorkshire), salter, for the payment of £20. 15 Nov




Bond in £200 by Henry Mellow and Thomas Mellor junior, to John Vernon, Joshua Wood and Thomas Needham (executors of the will of Joseph Vernon of Peak Forest), for the payment of £100 to the use of the children of the said Joseph 11 Nov




Bond in £24 by Henry Mellor of Roych and Thomas Mellor of Ollerenshaw, yeomen, to John Fielding of Ford, for the payment of £12.12s 25 Jul


[18th cent]


Bond in £40 by Thomas Mellor of Ollerenshaw and Henry Mellor of Roych, to Robert Carrington of Edale, for the payment of £20. 1 May




Probate of Thomas Mellor of Town End, Chapel en le Frith; to Hellen, his wife, the benefit of his lease from Lord Harley, of Barmoor, for her life and the remainder to his grandson, Henry Mellor; to his grandson James Carrington, £20; the remainder of his personal estate to his daughter Ann, Elizabeth and Hellen 24 May




Probate Will of Henry Mellor of Shireoaks, Glossop, husbandman; bequeathing £30 to his nephew, Thomas Mellor of Town End; to Henry Mellor, son of the said Thomas, £10 with a bed and a chest; to Mary, wife of William Barber of Mancum (?) £20; to Elizabeth, wife of Richard Clay of South Wingfield, £20; to Mar, wife of John Neal of Tipsall (Tixall ?) £5; to John Carrington junior of Blackbrook, £5; to Samuel Bagshaw of Redgith Green (?), £3; to Rev James Clegg of Stodhart, 5 guineas; to Sara Mellor, a bed, bedding and new bible; to the poor of Chapel en le Frith £3 to every Edge and £1 to the...




Probate inventory of Henry Kyrke, Arnold Kirke and Thomas Kirke, of the stock, goods and chattels of Thomas Mellor of Town End 10 Apr




Receipts for legacies under the will of Elizabeth Mellor




Receipts for legacies under the will of Henry Mellor




Receipt by Richard Swettenham for money received from the executors of Henry Mellor




Lists of goods sold at Shireoaks




List of coats made for Henry and George Mellor




Note of debt from by Thomas Mellor for £30 borrowed of Henry Mellor 29 Sep




Lease by Thomas Moult of Tunstead Milton, yeoman, to Nicholas Lomas the elder of Lower Thorny Lee, yeoman, of 2 closes known as Roper Crofts at Lower Thorny Lee, for 21 years, at £2.6s p.a 20 May




Lease by William Moult of Leeds (Yorkshire), clerk, to George Cooper of Tunstead Milton, husbandman, of a messuage and lands at Tunstead Milton, known as Crossleys Farm, for 11 years at £11.10s p.a 14 Nov




Lease by William Moult of Leeds (Yorkshire) clerk, to James Cooper of Carr Green, husbandman, of a messuage and lands at Tunstead Milton, for 11 years at £14 p.a 10 Mar 1718/9




Lease by Mrs Mary Moult of Leeds to John of Laneside, husbandman, of a messuage and lands at Tunstead Milton, for 11 years at £20 p.a. 10 Mar 1730/1




Lease by Mary Moult to George Lomas of Hurst husbandman, of a messuage and lands a Tunstead Milton, for 11 years at £17.12s. 10 Mar 1730/1




Portion of bond whereby Thomas Raulynson binds himself to find, whenever required by John Bawdon, sufficient timber to repair the house of John Robotham at Bowden.


[16th cent]


Lease by William Rollinson of Chinley, gent, Ann Rollinson of Phoside, widow of Thomas Rollinson, and George Rollinson of Highgate, their son, of a messuage at Phoside with a close known as Badgers, for 7 years at £6 p.a. 18 Oct




Release and quitclaim by Thomas Rollinson of Hayfield, yeoman, to Guy Rollinson of Highgate gent, of all manner of actions and demands.




Assignment of lease by John Brundereth of Hayfield, yeoman, and Katherine Brundereth of Birch Hall, widow, to Thomas Rollinson, in consideration of £4.5s.od, of a parcel of land (½a.) and 2 cottages near Birch Hall, held of the Queen Dowager. 2 Feb 1696/7




Copy will of James Rollinson of Gibb Hey, Ollersett; to be buried in the chapel at Hayfield with his ancestors; to his brother Thomas, £10; to Edmund Pott of Rethesholme (Ches.) and John Andrew of Lane Site, tanner, 10s each, to his servant Edward Hyde, 20s with his best doublet and breeches; to Thomas Rollinson of Phoside, 20s; 2s.6d. to each of his god-children; all his land at Little Rushop als. Whiteside, to his nephew Robert Rollinson; all his messuage and lands near the Nether Hey at Phoside to his mother Ann for life, and then to his nephew, Guy Rollinson; his messuage and lands at...




Probate of Ralph Sleigh of Overboothlow, Sheen (Staffs.) yeoman; to his son, Ralph Sleigh, clerk, 20s; the remainder of his personal estate to his children Thomas Sleigh, Richard Sleigh, James Sleigh, Samuel Sleigh, Sarah Melland, Elizabeth Alsop and Mary Kyrke, to be equally divided, except his silver cup which is specifically devised to Thomas. 11 Oct




Receipt by William Beech for money received from Arnold Kirk for a bill on the late Rev. Ralph Sleigh's account. 17 Apr




Account of moneys received towards James Sleigh's rent which is due 2 October 1962 and list of his debts to be paid Lady Day 1763




Acknowledgement by Mical Stone that he has received all wages due to him from James and Samuel Sleigh. 15 Jul




Probate of Robert Taylor of Tunstead Milton, husbandman; to his eldest daughter, Mary, £8; to his son Mathew, £20; to his servant Abigaill Hulm, £10: the remainder of his real estate to his executors, Thomas Kirke of Spire Hollin and Abigaill Hulm, to be used for the education of his children. 16 Oct




Apprenticeship indenture of Mary Taylor, with the assent of Thomas Kyrke and Abigaill Hulm, to John Hulme of Newton, Manchester (Lancs) weaver for 5 years. 8 Aug




Assignment of lease by Thomas Bagshaw of Bakewell, gent, to Arnold Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, George Thornhill of Warmbrook and Henry Kyrke of Hallsteads, of 2 pieces of land at Chapel-en-le-Frith, called the Meadowes, Meadowes Heads and Twichoe Moore, adjoining Black Edge for 17 years 11 months at £15 for the first year and £20 p.a. thereafter (originally leased to Bagshaw by Thomas Eyre of Rowtor, Youlgreave par. 11 May 1706 for 18 years).




Unexecuted lease by Grace Thornhill of Reddish Green, Chapel-en-le-Frith widow, to Henry Mellor her son, and George Thornhill of Warmbrook, of the Broad Doal, the Old Meadow, Wett Field, Wheat Croft, Lower Ollers and a third part of Ten Acres with half the barn (part of the estate of Thomas Mellor, her former husband) and also a third of the estate of Humphrey Thornhill her late husband, for her life at £10 pa. 25 Oct




Bond in £50 by Richard Dranfield of Chapel-en- Le-Frith, yeoman, to George Thornhill of Sharnbrook, to abide by the arbitration of Thomas Kyrke of Spire Hollin, Nicholas Cresswell of Blackbrook and Adam Yong of Ford, yeoman. 17 Aug




Bond in £100 by Samuel Fox of Tunstead Milton, to George Thornhill junior of Chapel-en-le-Frith, to abide by the arbitration of Arnold Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, Jasper Frith of Bankhall, yeoman and John Hall of Thorntree. 15 Jul




Arbitration of Thomas Kyrke, Nicholas Cresswel and Adam Young between George Thornhill and Richard Dranfield - Dranfield is to pay 20s. to Thornhill by 29 Sep, the costs of the arbitration being shared. 27 Aug




Arbitration of Arnold Kyrke, Jasper Frith and John Hall, between George Thornhill junior and Samuel Fox - Fox to have the mare he bought of Thomas Mottershead before 22 August - Fox to pay Thornhill £5.5s. by 22 August plus £1.10s for the keeping of the mare until then. 15 Aug




Lease by John Waterhouse of Hayfield, yeoman to John Bennett of Blackshaw, Glossop yeoman, of the tithes of corn and grain from a messuage at Blackshaw and from other farms and tenements of the inheritance of Bennett at Great Hamlet, for 14 years at £1.17s. 28 Jan 1695/6




Covenant by Matthew Shelmerdine of Etchells (Ches.) and James Shelmerdine of Stockport (Ches), woollen-drapers, to Thomas Waterhouse of Simmondly, Glossop yeoman, reciting lease by Lord George Howard, eldest son of Henry, Duke of Norfolk, and others, to Waterhouse (2 July 1694), in consideration of £97.10s. of a messuage with closes called Knockle Croft, Three Dole in the Towne Field, White Leyes, Crow Carr, Rim Dole, Pitt Dole, Doge Croft, Horsehey, Horsehey Meadow, Cowhey and the Haugh with tithes of hay (25 acres.) at Simmondley, for 50 years at £2 p.a. and reciting mortgage of the...




Shelmerdines for £100 (8 May 1695), that if the £100 is paid by 8 May next, then the mortgage is to be void. 8 May




Assignment by Thomas Gladwin of Tupton Hall, esq. To Samuel Eyre, son and heir of Thomas Eyre of Swallow Houses, Glossop, yeoman, in consideration of £30, of all the money and advantage of Gladwin in a judgment obtained by him against the said Thomas Eyre and Thomas Waterhouse of Hayfield for a debt of £60. 22 Aug




Draft deed to lead uses of a fine, between Robert Beard son and heir of Thomas Beard of Clough Houses, yeoman, and Ellen, widow of the said Thomas, to John Waterhouse of Hayfield, reciting a feoffment by Robert and Ellen Beard to Waterhouse of a capital messuage at Clough Houses in Phoside hamlet and another messuage at Chinley with all appurtenances (6 June last) and reciting a fine levied by the Beards to William Carrington of all the above premises - the fine is to be to the use of John Waterhouse in fee simple (see also E.331)




Articles of agreement between John Waterhouse of Hayfield, yeoman, and John Clayton of Hayfield, husbandman, for the lease by Waterhouse to Clayton of a close at Hayfield known as Further Wood for 21 years at £1.6s p.a., Clayton to maintain the fences and banks. 2 Apr




Articles of agreement between John Waterhouse of Hollin Head, Glossop yeoman, and John Waterhouse, son and heir of Raph Waterhouse of Rowarth, and Samuel Prickett of Ringstones, Glossop.' yeoman for the mortgage to Prickett, in consideration of £104 paid to James Earnshaw of Hoone (Yorkshire.) in discharge of a mortgage, and of £156 owed to Prickett or to Marke Prickett his father, of a messuage and lands at Rowarth. 2 Jan 1699/1700




Bond in £200 by John Waterhouse of Hayfield yeoman, to Thomas Waterhouse of Hayfield, his father, for the payment of £12 p.a. to Thomas for life. 11 Nov




Bond in £12 by Thomas Waterhouse of Hayfield and Edmund Bradbery of Bankhead to John Bennet of Chinley End, for the payment of £8. 6 May




Bond in £10 by John Clayton of Hayfield, to John Waterhouse of Hayfield, for the performance of covenants. 2 Apr




Bond in £300 by George Yeavley of Brick Houses, yeoman, to John Waterhouse of Hayfield, yeoman, for the performance of covenants. 28 Jun




Bond in £20 by John Waterhouse of Hollin Head, yeoman, Ralph Waterhouse of Rowarth and John Waterhouse his son, to Samuel Prickett of Ringstones, for the payment of £10. 4 May




Bond in £800 by John Waterhouse of Hayfield yeoman, to Thomas Bower of Tortop, executor of the will of John Bower, whereas John Bower bequeathed £400 to his daughters Hannah and Sarah and whereas Thomas Bower has paid the money to Waterhouse for the payment of the legacy by Waterhouse within three months of their attaining the age of 21 or being married. 23 Dec




Bond in £320 by Robert Beard of Clough Houses to John Waterhouse of Hayfield, for the performance of covenants. (see also E321) 6 Jun




Bond in £60 by John Waterhouse of Hayfield to Arnold Kyrke and Thomas Kyrke of Martinside, executors of the will of John Waterhouse decd, to permit Margrett, widow of John Waterhouse, to continue to live in her husband's house for her life, so long as she remain unmarried - she is to have the parlour and chamber above, the buttery and chamber above with the further garden. 16 May




Bond in £100 by Benjamin Waterhouse of Spray House, yeoman, to Thomas Waterhouse of the same, yeoman, to abide by the arbitration of Henry Booth of Charlesworth, yeoman, Edward Drinkwater of Bugsworth, yeoman, and Arnold Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, 23 Dec




Arbitration of Henry Booth, Arnold Kirk and Edward Drinkwater between Thomas Waterhouse and Benjamin Waterhouse, his stepfather, - Benjamin to pay £1.1s. to Thomas by 25 March next for grain and hay bought of Thomas, with liberty to remove the hay or use it on the premises - Benjamin to remove all his household goods, husbandry wares and all his family from the premises as soon as possible - Benjamin to have all the corn grown upon the premises paying 10s to Thomas. 13 Jan 1725/6




Hellen Bradbury to John Waterhouse asking for money endorsed with receipts for money paid to Roger Marchinton for Mrs Bradbury.




John Bennett to (John Waterhouse ?) - Consents to the transfer of his deed to John Citchin.




Receipt by Thomas Waterhouse of Hayfield yeoman, for £24 received form his son John Waterhouse, being two years annuity due to him for 1677-1678. 14 Aug




Receipt by Thomas Waterhouse for £6 received from John Waterhouse his son, as half a year's annuity. 12 Nov




Receipt by Isaak Ashburne for £26.9s.5d. received from John Waterhouse. 9 Jul




Receipt by J. Ashnhurst for £80 received of John Waterhouse, being money lodged with Waterhouse, £40 having been paid to Francis Garratt, bailiff of Sir Nathaniel Curzon and the remainder returned to Ashnhurst. 2 May




Receipts for tithe corn rent paid by John Waterhouse for Great Hamlet.




Receipt for rent paid by John Waterhouse to the Queen Dowager for a neighbourship at Chinley. 21 Oct




Receipt by E Orme for 2s.8d. received from Mr Waterhouse. 9 Dec




Receipt by Sarah Bowden for £33.2s.6d. received of Arnold Kyrke on the account of John Waterhouse




Receipt by John Benett and John Benett Junior to Arnold and Thomas Kyrke, executors of John Waterhouse decd. for an assignment. 19 Oct




Receipt of David Harropp for £1.9.6. received of Thomas Kyrke for smith's work done on account of John Waterhouse and receipt by Thomas Broune for 16s. received of Thomas Kyrke on Waterhouse's account. 10 Jun




Receipt by Robert Beard for £2.1.½d received of Barnabas Bailey, for the use of Arnold and Thomas Kirke, executors of John Waterhouse. 29 Jan 1705/6




Receipt by Robert Beard for £1.8.11d received from Arnold and Thomas Kyrke. 5 Oct




Receipt by Thomas Waterhouse for £10 received from Arnold and Thomas Kyrke under the will of John Waterhouse. 11 Jan 1705/6




Receipt by Hannah (sic) Bower for £102.10s received of Arnold and Thomas Kyrke. 20 Aug




Receipt for rent due to Queen Anne from the heirs of Mr Waterhouse for a neighbourship in Rushop. 23 Oct




Receipt by Mar(garet) Waterhouse for £10.13s.4d received of John Wagstaff for chief rent from the manor of Glossop. 19 Feb 1710/11




Receipt by Benjamin Waterhouse for £4.14s. received of Arnold Kyrke for all rents and debts due to Thomas Waterhouse decd. 25 Nov 1710/11




Bill of Richard Clough for medicine for Mr Waterhouse




Bill of Robert Middleton for tobacco, pipes etc. for the funeral of Mr Waterhouse.




List of parish rates, taxes and tithes paid on Widow Waterhouse's Farm.




Letter of administration to Arnold and Thomas Kirke for the estate of John Waterhouse decd. 4 Oct




Inventory and valuation by Thomas Mellor and William Carrington of the goods and chattels of John Waterhouse of Hayfield decd. 26 Apr




Inventory and valuation of stock and of furniture etc. in a house at Hayfield (John Waterhouse's?)




Release by Benjamin Waterhouse of Spray House to Arnold and Thomas Kyrk of £36 received under the will of his brother John Waterhouse. 23 May




Authorization by Arnold and Thomas Kyrke Banabas Bayley and David Harrop to collect debts owing to John Waterhouse for hay grass and beast grass at Phoside, with schedule of debts. 7 Dec




Lease by Charles, Archbishop of Cashel, to the Hon. Mathew Plunkett, of the town and lands of Killough and Lisnihousty (460a 3 roods 16 perches) in the barony of Middlthird, co . Tipperary, with all appurtenances, for 21 years at £60,10s. pa.




Mortgage by Hon. Sydney Shawe Plunkett, widow of Hon Mathew Plunkett, decd, of Plunkett Lodge, Kingstown, co Dublin, to Maxwell McMaster of Grafton St., Dublin, watchmaker, reciting lease and release (1748) by Richard Viscount Holesworth and William Wilde of Dublin to Frances Shaw, widow, of a plot of ground on the west side of Frederick St., Dublin (22ft & 124 ft) and reciting lease (1753) by Frances Shaw to Robert Gore of Woodford (co Leitrim) of a messuage erected upon the said land for 999 years at £36 p.a., for £120 of a rent charge of £28.3.1d. p.a. upon the premises.




Lease by Merrick Shaw Plunkett of Gwersyllt Hill near Wrexham and Caroline Mary his wife, with George Morrison Marsh of Ellesmere (Shropshire) and Abraham Howell of Welshpool (Mont), their trustees to William Lassell of the Brock, Liverpool, of the mansion known as Gwersyllt Hill with gardens and land, and of 3 cottages, all at Gwersyll near Wrexham (Denbs.) for 21 years at £200 p.a. (with plan). 31 May


[19th cent]


Copy will of Thomas Penson of Gwersyllt Hill (Denbs.) with codicil dated 1859. 2 Jun




Will of Caroline Mary Plunkett, wife of Merrick Shaw Plunkett of Pen y Don, Rhyl (Flint) grandaughter of Richard Kyrke of Gwersyltt Hill, dec 22 Jun




John Churton to Mrs Plunkett at Hereford - as she repudiated the purchase of bricks at Rhyl, he has managed to dispose of them but at a loss due to breakages - encloses his bill. 14 July




Account of John Churton to Mrs Plunkett for building and other costs.




Rhyl Improvement Commissioners to the trustees of Merrick Shaw Plunkett and Caroline Mary Plunkett - notice to treat for part of the foreshore (with plan). 15 Jun




Case for opinion of counsel re Rhyl foreshore.




Particular of estates in Hope parish, giving field names rentals and acreages.




Valuation of the estates belonging to the heirs of George Allen of Pyegreave.




Particulars of the Ollerenshaw, Tunstead and Spire Hollin estates, intended to be sold.




Particulars, valuation and rental of Mr Shallcross's estate at Shallcross and Fernilee.




Particulars of the lordship of Taxal (Ches., now Derbys) giving tenants, length of lease and value.




Particulars of the demesne of Overton Hall, seat of the lordship of Taxal (Ches., now Derbys)




Bond in £100 by George Thornhill of Warmbrook yeoman, George Thornhill junior of Warmbrook, Thomas Mellor of Townend, Chapel-en-le-Frith, yeoman, John Thornhill of Warmbrook, yeoman, and Francis Taylor of Barmoor, farmer, to Robert Bagshaw of Hollinknowle, yeoman, and Henry Kyrke of Martinside, yeoman, to abide by a division of an enclosure called the Barmore.




Power of attorney by the freeholders of Peak Forest to Adam Bagshaw of Wormhill, to remedy a defect in the decree of the Duchy of Lancaster dividing the commons between the king and the freeholders, whereby it was omitted to carry the interest of the soil to the freeholders. Signed and sealed by 35 freeholders. 9 Nov




Draft agreement between the freeholders of Bowden Chapel that the freeholders' part of the commons of Bowden Chapel shall be surveyed and divided among the freeholders (see also D513/F/43Z P1) 21 Feb 1711/12

See below to download a transcript of this document



Receipt by Adam Bagshaw for £2 received from Arnold Kirke, by the hands of Thomas Torr, being the balance of £8 for the bill of costs about the freeholders' decree. 2 Mar 1713/14




Part of a list of documents re the inclosure, put into the chest in the chapel (Chapel-en-le-Frith) by Robert Middleton.




Account of money received for 12 lays for the commons and of money paid to Adam Bagshaw for the decree and for law charges.




Draft assignment of lease by John Carpenter of London to George Kirke of Martinside, reciting a lease (31 May) by the crown to Carpenter of, inter alia, several encroachments at Martinside for 21 years, for a competent consideration, of the said encroachment for the remainder of the term at £ (blank) p.a. 28 Aug




Assignment of lease by John Carpenter of London gent, to Henry Kyrke of Chapel-en-le- Frith, yeoman, reciting a lease by the crown (1 November 1610) to George Withmore and Thomas Withmore of, inter alia, several encroachments adjoining the land of Arnold Kyrke at Martinside, for 60 years at 6d. p.a. and also reciting an assignment by the Whitmores to Carpenter (2 Nov 1610); for a competent consideration, of the said encroachments for the remainder of the term. 3 Oct




Lease by Arnold Kerke the elder of Martinside, yeoman, to Arnold Kerke the younger, his son and heir, of a capital messuage called Martinside with appurtenances for 80 years or the life of the elder Arnold at 20 s. p.a. to Arnold the elder and Anne his wife, and £111 to Henrie Kerke and George Kerke, his younger brothers. 31 July




Lease by Sir Peter Legh of Lyme Handley (Ches.), gent, and John Richardson of Lyme Handley, husbandman, of a messuage at Lyme in the occupation of John Smith of Dissophead (Ches.) and Reignolde Smith his son, for the lives of Legh and Richardson and of John Bennett of Fallehey (Ches.) husbandman, at 23s. p.a 30 Dec




Assignment of lease by John Legh of Bothames (Ches.) gent, and John Richardson of Lyme (Ches.) husbandman, to John Gaskill of Lyme and Reginold Gaskill of Hanley (Ches.) yeoman , reciting the above lease (E.387) of the premises as above for 99 years, in trust to permit Legh and Richardson to enjoy 2 bays of a barn, a close called the Croft, a close called the Gorses, a close called Broade Meadowe and a close called Marled Earth, in the tenure of Robert Bennett and after the decease of Bennett, to allow Reignold Smyth to enjoy the same for the remainder of the term, and upon trust to permit...




Lease by Sir Peter Legh of Lyme Handley (Ches) knight, to John Armefield of Lyme Handley, yeoman and household servant of Legh, in consideration of good service, of a messuage and tenement at Handley, in the occupation of Reignolde Smyth of Dissop Head in Disley Stanley, yeoman, for 21 years after the deaths of Smyth and Bennett at 23s.4d. p.a. 20 Nov




Assignment of lease by Robert Lomas the younger of Needham Grange, yeoman, to John Bramall of Pyegreave, husbandman, (reciting an assignment of lease to Lomas by Nicholas Bradshawe the elder of Brookhouses, yeoman upon 2 closes called Pittyeard News Land at Pittyard, Chapel-en-le-Frith then in the tenure of Elizabeth Bramall of Pittyard and the said John Bramall) in consideration of £14.8 s. of the said 2 closes for the remainder of the leasehold term, rent unspecified. 2 Feb 1640/1




Assignment of lease by Reginald Smith of Macclesfield (Ches.) yeoman, to Lawrence Adshed of Lyme Handley (Ches.) yeoman, (reciting a lease by Sir Peter Legh to John Legh and John Richardson (30 December 1625) (see E387) of a messuage at Lyme Handley in the occupation of John Smith of Dissop Head and the said Reginald Smith, his son, and reciting lease by Sir Peter Legh to John Armefield (see E389) in consideration of £160, of the above said messuage for 99 years if Smith shall so long live and for 21 years after Smith's decease at a rent of £21.10s p.a.




Assignment of lease by James Foard of Horwich, yeoman, to William Bamford of Wirksworth, miner, of a cottage and garden at Wirksworth, incroached upon the waste of the Duchy of Lancaster and leased to Foard by the crown (15 November 1661) for 31 years, for 30 years at 6d p.a 20 Oct




Lease by John Brundred of Birch Hall, yeoman (executor of the will of John Hadfield of Mellor decd), Henry Bardsley of Mellor, gent, Thomas Marriott of Heathfield, yeoman, and James Rollinson of Gibb Hey, yeoman (trustees of the said will) to Robert Hinchcliffe of Nether Cliff, yeoman, of a bay of building at the over end of a new building and a close called Lowmost Meadowe and commonly called Heginbotham, at Nether Cliff, for 30 years at £3 p.a. 16 Jul




Assignment of lease by John Shallcross of Stockport (Ches.) to John Brundreth of Birch Hall in Kinder, yeoman, (reciting a lease by the crown to George Kniveton of Castleton, gent (26 December 1660) of a parcel of land adjoining Birch Hall, within the manor of High Peak (½ acre) for 30 years at an unspecified rent, and reciting an assignment of the lease by Kniveton to Shallcrosse (27 Sep 1661) of the said leasehold premises for the remainder of the term and 4d p.a. 8 Jul




Unexecuted assignment of lease by John Doxon and Nicholas Doxon of Glossop, yeoman, to Samuel Derneley of Cross Cliffe, Glossop, yeoman, (reciting a lease by June, Dowager Duchess of Norfolk, to John Doxon (20 Jan, 1686/7) of a parcel of land near Glossop, called Ward Acker, for 54 years, and reciting an assignment by John Doxon to Nicholas Doxon (1 Aug 1689)) in consideration of £20 of the said premises for the remainder of the term, with proviso that if the Doxons pay £2 p.a. to Derneley, then the assignment Is to be void.




Draft assignment of lease by John Hutchinson Carsington, lead merchant, to Robert Bradwell of Castleton, miner, (reciting a lease by Princess Katherine, Queen Dowager, Lewis, Earl of Feversham, Lawrence, Earl of Rochester, Thomas, Earl of Fauconberg, Sir Richard Bellings, Henry Frederick Thynne, Sir James Butler and John Hall, to Frances Gell of London, merchant (20 Feb 1693/4) of a small cottage at Castleton, adjoining the cottage of Robert Hall on the south, for 31 years, and reciting an assignment of the lease by Gell to Hutchinson), in consideration of a competent sum, of the said...




Lease by William Ward of Phoside, yeoman, to Thomas Bradbury of Hallam (Yorkshire), yeoman, of several closes at Hallam, known as the Ryebade and the Morefield, leased by Henry, Duke of Norfolk to Margarett Fox of Hallam, widow, and by her assigned to Ward, for 5 years at £5 p.a. 18 Apr




Lease by John Shirtt and Hannah Shirtt of Bowden Head to Josian Bridbury of Woodside and Ann Bellott of Combs Head, of a messuage and parcel of land known as Newfield, part of the jointure of Hannah Shirtt, late widow of Thomas Marshall of Combs Head, for the life of Hannah, at £12.15s. 1725/6




Lease by William Roe of Toxteth Park (Lancs) esq to Jonathan Shone of Hallcock Issa (Denbs) yeoman, of a messuage called Hallcock Issa in the township of Broughton, Wrexham with several fields at Broughton known as the Garden, the Close before The house, Cae Tan Tie, Cae Ddwrwern, Cae Yr Mordin, Bryne Y Carneth als Bryn y Verdwern, Erq Glass, Eur Uyrnid, Drowsell Fawr, Drowsell Fechan, Erq Llaes, Erw Perth, Cae Pwlgle, Cae Pwl Llay, Cae Yr Potiver, Drwswell Ffidder and Cae Crwn (48 acres), a cottage and garden (tenant Samuel Kendrick als. Jones) with a lately erected shippon near Brynmally...




Unexecuted Lease and counterpart by William Roe to Edward Davies of Hallcock Issa (as E.399) for the remainder of the above mentioned term, at a rent of £90, subject to an additional rent of £5 p.a. for every acre which shall be converted to tillage. Mar




Mortgage by Richard Kirk of Broughton (Denbs) gent, and Ellen his wife to John Millner of Backford, yeoman, for £200, of a messuage and several closes at Gwersyllt, in the tenure of John Matthews, farmer. 10 Oct




Mortgage by Richard Kirk of Wrexham, gent, to William Roe of Toxteth Park (Lancs) esq and Edward Hawkings of Macclesfield, esq. Whereas Kirk is indebted for certain arrears of coal rent and duty on account of Bryn Malley Coliery to William Roe in £372.14s. and to Richard Barker in £320.2s, in consideration of the said debts, of 4 dwelling houses and a smithy at Broughton, a parcel of land at Brymbo (1 acre) with an adjoining croft lately inclosed form the waste, a newly erected messuage upon the said croft, a messuage, garden and 2 parcels of land (2 acres) at Gwersyllt, an one-eighth share...




Assignment of mortgage by John Millner on the direction of Richard Kirk and Ellen his wife, to Richard Barker of Chester, gent, in consideration of £200 paid to Millner, with further mortgage for £200 upon a cottage and croft at Gwersyllt, and all other the messuages of Kirk at Gwersyllt, Brymbo and Broughton. 3 May




Mortgage by Richard Kirk and Ellen his wife, to Richard Barker, for £200, of a parcel of land on Blackbrook Moor, Chapel-en-le-Frith (14 acres) in the tenure of John Armstrong. 10 Mar




Mortgage by Edward Jones of Rhos Ddu (Denbs) yeoman, and Catherine his wife, to Richard Kirke of Bryn Malley (Denbs) esq, for £100 of a fifth part of a moiety of several messuages and lands in Broughton. 5 Jun




Bond in £40 by Jorden Bradbury of Thornsett, to Edmund Buckley of Aspenshaw and John Hayward of Rowarth, to abide by the arbitration of John Bruckshawe of Harry Town and Reynalde Totlawe of Godley (Ches.) 10 Aug




Bond in £100 by Maria Halliwell of Ballbeard, Glossop, to Thomas Halliwell senior of Bowdon Middlecale, to abide by the arbitration of Thomas Swettenham of Stockport (Ches) and John Waterhouse of Ayfield. 12 Mar 1699/1700




Bond in £50 by Anthony Younge of Ford and Adam Younge, his son and heir, to Robert Wood of Ford and Charles and Timothey Wood, his sons, to abide by the arbitration of John Waterhouse of Hayfield and Charles Kyrke of Shireoaks Bowden Middlecale. 18 Jun




Bond in £88 by George Trickett of Smalldale, Hope smith to Thomas Marryott of Ughill (Yorkshire), gent, for the performance of convenants.




Bond in £40 by Joshua Kowles of Castleton, shoemaker, to Anne Barber of [Malcoff] widow, to abide by the arbitration of Robert Charlesworth of Castleton and Arnold Kyrke of Martinside. 4 May




Bond in £100 by Thomas Slack of Chunal and Elias Hall of Rushop Edge to Thomas Marshall of Combs Head and William Storer of Rushop Edge, to abide by the arbitration of Henry Booth of Charlesworth and John Kirk of Great Rocks. 17 Dec




Bond in £100 by James Bright als. Brightmore of Grindleford Bridge, baker, to Jonathan Baguley of Great Hucklow, yeoman, to abide by the arbitration of Robert Middleton of Leam, Eyam and Arnold Kirke of Martinside. 5 Feb 1700/1




Receipts for rent paid by Edward Cresswell to the Queen for land at Bowden Edge.




Articles of Agreement between James Cheetham of Mellor, on behalf of Thomas Eyre of Grays Inn, Esq, and Anthony Stafford, Ralph Bowden, Randle Hibbert and John Heginbotham of Whitle with a newly erected cottage thereon, at a perpetual rent of 5s per acre and a fine of £17.6.6d. to be shared in the proportion of 5 acres., 7 acres., and 4 acres respectively. 15 Nov




Receipt by Samuel Hyde of Gamble, Glossop to John Dakeyne of Derby for £30 mortgage Principle. 15 Sep




Bargain and sale by Margaret Hibbert of Whitle, Widow, to William Arnfield of Copshurst, yeoman, whereas Margaret has disposed of a great deal of her goods and chattels to her children, retaining some for her own maintenance, and whereas she is old and infirm and in need of someone to look after her, in consideration of being maintained for life with meat, drink, clothing and other necessities, of all her goods, chattels, corn, grain, implements and household stuff and all debts owed to her. 2 May




Inventory of the goods of Anne Carrington in the possession of Mrs Martha Swann, intended to be for the use of her daughter Anne, after her death. 21 Aug




Anne Carrington to 'Harry' - is willing to let her son Will have £10 of her money. 25 Oct




Will of Ann Carrington, wife of William Carrington of Whitehough; to her eldest son, Henry Bagshaw. £9.10s; to her son Edward Bagshaw £9.10s; to her son John Bagshaw, £9.10s to her daughter Ann Bagshaw, £9.10s; to her husband William Carrington, 40s; to William Bagshaw of Ford, 20s; to Harry Kyrke of Martinside, 20s. 27 Sep




Draft settlement by George Charlesworth of Whitfield, Glossop par and Mary his wife, whereby George and Mary, in consideration of £80 paid to them by Samuel Harrison of Chunal, and their daughters Ann, wife of Thomas Harrison of Whitfield, Mary Charlesworth and Sarah Charlesworth, in consideration of £120 to be paid to Mary and Sarah convey to John Harrison, son of Samuel, and Henry Booth of Charlesworth, a messuage and appurtenances at Whitfield with closes known as the two Dry Crofts, the two Lower Meadows, Bridgfield, Lower Millmore, Harehill, Townfield, Rodger Dole, Field Head Dole and...




Articles of agreement between William Arnfield of Copsehurst, carpenter, and Edmund Buckley of Aspenshaw, yeoman, - Arnfield is to pay Buckley £2.10s. in recompense for trespasses and damage done in getting coal on Buckley's land at Aspenshaw and Buckley is to have liberty for his workmen to enter the coal workings of Arnfield on the first Tuesday of each month to ensure that no further trespass or damage is committed and for getting such coal as Buckley shall need for his house at Aspenshaw 1 Nov




Inventory and valuation by Arnold Kyrke and George Thornhill of the goods of Thomas Cotterill of Brownside, husbandman decd. 18 Feb 1717/18




Draft codicil of the will of Benjamin Ashton of Hathersage; to John Eyre the sum of (blank). 5 Jul




Receipt by Ralph Sleigh, vicar, for £4 received from Mr Charlesworth, one of the trustees of Benjamin Ashton, being half a year's interest on £200 raised for gaining the Queen's Bounty. (after 1720)


[18th cent]


Certificate by Robert Middleton as to rent paid by William Higginbotham, tenant of Thomas Gould. 29 May




Family papers


17th-20th cent


Draft settlement upon the marriage of Arnold Kirke, son and heir of Henry Kirke of Martinside and Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Arnfield of Dinting, Glossop yeoman.


17th cent


Notebook containing memoranda






18th cent


Manuscript textbook of arithmetic entitled "of Numeration".


18th cent


Draft letter to "Brother Thomas" berating him for not mending his ways.


18th cent


John Wyche, apothecary, to Mr Kirk, asking for assistance as he is destitute, his father having died intestate with considerable debts, the letter includes receipts for a purging tincture, drops to ease colic and gravel and drops to ease rheumatism and gout.


18th cent


Writings on astrology in Latin


18th cent


Notes on the Kyrke papers and the connection of the Kyrkes and Plunketts.


20th cent


List of Kirk deeds 1652-1798


20th cent


Engraving of Matthew Henry, V.D.M. engraved by George Vertu. Endorsed on this are notes on the dates and times of birth of members of the Kirk family 1773-1792


18th cent


Appointment by Mathew Plunkett, sheriff of the County of Louth (Ireland) of John Harford of Dublin, attorney, as sub-sheriff of Louth. 11 Feb




Account of the personal estate to which Mrs M S Plunkett became entitled under her father's will and of the portion settled on her marriage.




Statement showing how Mrs Plunkett's property is invested and from whom the interest is Received.




Extract from re Plunkett, Baron Louth




Settlement by Edward Bore of Mottram (Ches.) yeoman, upon his second son, John Bore of Knightwick, yeoman, in consideration of £60 - deed to lead uses of a fine or other conveyance to be levied to Raphe Hyde of the Haighe and John Stafford of the Shawe, yeomen, and Reynold Hollynworthe, of Woolley (Ches.), yeoman, of all Edward's messuages and lands etc. known as Knightwick, Glossop. In the tenure of Edward Bore, John Bore, George Green and Alice Green, widow, and all other Edward's lands in Derbyshire, in trust to the use of John Bore in tail male, and in default of issue male, with...




Legal Papers


1636-18th cent


Letters from Hugh Sheldon to Arnold Kirke on legal matters.




Letter from Samuel Eales to Arnold Kirke re a deed.




Evidence in a case for trespass brought by Thomas Burrowes against Henry Kirke and Thomas Mellor.




Discharge of Henry Kirke, Thomas Kirke and Thomas Lomas from an attachment placed upon them at the suit of Mr Eyre. 22 Feb 1693/4




Release by Thomas Eyre of Grays Inn, esq., to Henry Kirke of Martinside, and Thomas Kirke of Whitehills, of all actions, suits and judgements etc. 26 Mar




Award of Arnold Kyrke in the matters referred to him by Robert Wainwright of Chapel-en-le-Frith, Robert Goddard of Hilltop, Thomas Cresswell of Priestcliff, George Kyrke of Coatbank, and Joseph Trickett of Malcoff - Wainwright, Goddard and Cresswell are to relinquish their claim to a third of certain land called Eccles at Chapel-en-le-Frith, which were leased by Adam Bagshaw to William Cooper and Robert Wainwright but are now tenanted by George Kyrke and Joseph Trickett, with 7 years of the lease to run - Kyrke and Trinkett to pay £1.5s. yearly to the others.




Bond in £100 by Robert Wainwright, Robert Goddard of Chisworth, Robert Cresswell of Warsop (Notts) and Thomas Cresswell to George Kirke and Joseph Trickett for the observance of an arbitration by William Bagshaw of Ford and Henry Booth of Charlesworth 31 Jan 1716/17




Arbitration of John Davenport of Hough (Ches) Nicholas Higgynbotham of Hanford, Richard Brooke of Smallwodd (Ches) between John Priestnall of Woodford (Ches.) and John Barton of Woodford, blacksmiths, re a messuage and land at Woodford. 17 Jun




Arbitration of Henry Kirke of Eaves and Arnold Kirke of Martinside between Thomas Ramscott and Jane and William Cresswell - Ramscott to abate Cresswell 20s of the money due from Cresswell as part of the price of a horse in satisfaction of trespasses committed by Ramscott - Cresswell to pay the remaining 20s. of the price - Ramscott to pay all law charges.




Writ to Richard and Thomas Kirk to appear before the court of Chancery on 19 November. 14 Aug




Precedent for an absolute discharge after a mortgage.


18th cent


Precedent for the reservation of part of her jointure by a widow upon her marriage.


18th cent


Copy assignment by the sheriff of Denbighshire of leasehold interests taken in execution, in the case Wilinson and others v Jones. 10 May




Title Deeds




Feoffment by Arnold Kirke senior of Martinsideand Arnold Kirke junior, his son and heir, to William Shert junior of Disley, Stockport (Ches.) and George Kirke of Waterside, Chapel en le Frith, of a messuage and £5 worth of land at Hill, Wormhill and Hargatewell, within the township of Wormhill, and 3 acres land at Fairfield 31 Jul




Feoffment by Andrew Morewood of Stanton, yeoman, to John Kirke of Chapel en le Frith, blacksmith, in consideration of £44 of 3 dwelling houses at Chapel en le Frith (3 bays) part of a great burgage formerly belonging to Rowland Eyre, now in the tenure of George Bramwell, Emott Swindels and Elizabeth Swindels, all that freedom or liberty to the south of the house, a garden at the west and called the Dockyard and a croft called Guy Croft by the chapel 10 Aug




Lease for possession by Nicholas Bagshaw of Chapel en le Frith, yeoman, to Henry Kirke the younger of Martinside, yeoman, and Nicholas Lowe of Cockyard, Chapel en le Frith, of a messuage or farm called Course at Chapel en le Frith with fields called Kill Crofte, Barley Croft, Stuble Croft, Croft behind the Barn, the Bent, the Greatmeadow, Overfield, Middle Field, Lower (Field) and Little Meadow, in the tenure of Anthony Hide 13 Oct




Exemplification of recovery by Thomas Mellor and Thomas Kirke against Thomas Gee and John Buxton, of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 50a arable, 20a meadow and 50a pasture with common of pasture and turbary at Chapel en le Frith 1692/3




Lease for possession by George Thornhill the elder of Warmbrook, yeoman, and George Thornhill the younger (his son and heir) and Anne his wife, to Arnold Kirk of Martinside, gent, of an ancient capital messuage called Warmbrook and fields called Over Fields the two Great Fields, the two Cow Heys, the two Smith Fields, the three Black Marshes, Oxcroft, Hasle Croft, the Croft at the back of the House, and 20a land allotted to Thornhill upon the enclosure of the commons of Chapel en le Frith with a close at Bolt Edge called Bolt Edge Close (18 acres) 12 Jun




Final concord between Nicholas Kent and Arthur Green wollers, plaintiffs, and Henry Kirk, deforciant, of 2 messages, 1 barn, 25 acres arable; 10 acres meadow, 25 acres pasture at Bowden Chapel, Combs Edge and Bowden Edge. Consideration £60. 9 Feb 1749/50




Mortgage by Thomas Williams of Gwersyllt, wire drawer, to William Thomas of Gresford, farmer, for £2, of a messuage and croft at Gwersyllt, on a common known as the Little Mountain. 1 Jan




Release by Thomas Williams to William Thomas, in consideration of £21, of the messuage and croft as D513/M/T/8. 7 Sep




Feoffment by George Thomas of Gresford (Denbs) yeoman, to Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt, gent, in consideration of £45, of a messuage and croft at Gwersyllt on a common known as the Little Mountain 3 Dec




Assignment of mortgage by Richard Barker of Chester, gent, on the direction of Richard Kirk of Gwersyllt (Denbs), gent, and Ellen his wife, to William Shore of Cefn, yeoman and John Shore of Whitchurch (Shropshire), breeches maker, in consideration of £400, upon a messuage and land at Gwersyllt, Gresford par. (Denbs) 20 Nov




Feoffment by Edward Phenix of Gwersyllt, labourer, to Richard Kirk at Gwersyllt, esq., in consideration of £55 of 2 crofts lately inclosed from Gwersyllt Mountain (1½ acre) 26 Mar




Mortgage by Richard Kirk to Rowland Samuel of Wrexham, gent, for £400, of a messuage at Summer Hill and 2 fields thereto belonging at Gwersyllt 20 Aug




Feoffment by Edward Davies of Brymbo (Denbs), Richard Kirk of Bryn Malley (Denbs) esq., in consideration of £70, of a house divided into 2 dwellings at Gwersyllt, in the tenure of Samuel Williams and Mary Thomas 10 Nov




Deed to lead uses of recovery for barring entails; John Bennett of Lightberches, Chapel en le Frith and Rebecca his wife (eldest daughter and heir of William Hegginbotham, clerk and Sarah his wife) and William Goddard of Charlesworth, and Jane his wife (grandmother of Rebecca) to acknowledge a fine to Jervas Kellett of Staple Inn, London, gent, upon a messuage and lands at Blackshaw, Great Hamlet, the Four Heath Fields, Lane Head Meadow and How Meadow, to create him tenant for suffering a recovery by Robert Bagshaw of Hollinknowle, Chapel en le Frith, yeoman, and John Ford of Horridge, Hope...




Release following lease by Robert Bagshaw and John Ford to John Bennett and Rebecca his wife, in discharge of their trust and to enable him to dispose of the estates, of a messuage, tenement and lands at Blackshaw (as D513/M/T/15) 5 Dec




Feoffment by Thomas Booth of Stockwalls, Charlesworth, yeoman, to Thomas Booth, yeoman, his son, in consideration of £300, of several parts of a messuage at Nethercliff, Glossop, with all seats in Hayfield Chapel thereto belonging 1 Jul




Final concord between Thomas Booth, Richard Swann and John Goodwin, plaintiffs, and Thomas Eyre and Katherine his wife, Robert Hadfield and Alice his wife, Richard Held and Jane his wife and Hugh Palfreyman and Grace his wife, of 1 barn, 10a arable, 10a meadow, 10a pasture, ½a messuage common of pasture and common of turbary, at Glossop and Tideswell. Consideration £60. 18 Nov




Mortgage by Joseph Parker of Derby, gent, John Bower the elder of Knightwick, yeoman, and John Bower the younger, his son and heir, to Peter Gaskill of Hanley, Prestbury (Ches) tanner, and Samuel Bowdon of New Mills, dyer, for £150 paid to Parker and £50 paid to Bower, of all their estates at Knightwick in the parish of Glossop 19/20 Aug




Lease for possession by Peter Gaskill of Hanley (Ches) yeoman, Samuel Bowden of New Mills, dyer and John Bower of Knightwick, yeoman, to Francis Gregge of Clements Inn (Mx) gent, and Lovel Goringe of the Inner Temple, gent., of all their messuages and lands known as Knightwick, at Whitle, Glossop




Surrender prior to recovery by Elizabeth Bower of Knightwick, widow of Edward Bower decd. to Francis Gregge and Lovett Goreinge of a toft at Knightwick where Green's house formerly stood, a barn and several closes, parcel of Knightwick, with proviso that if Gregge and Goreinge do not pay Elizabeth £500 on 1 Dec next in the south porch of Glossop church, then the surrender is to be void 30 Sep




Final concord between Robert Beard and John Lingard, plaintiffs, and Thomas Yeveley and Constance his wife, Richard Yeveley junior and Nicholas Cowper, deforciants of 3 messuages, 3 barns, 3 gardens, 1 orchard, 20a, arable, 20a meadow, and 20a pasture at Bowden Middlecale and Bowden Chapel. Consideration £100. 13 Oct




Final concord between Nicholas Chalsworth and Robert Beard, plaintiffs, and Nicholas Bradbury and Jane his wife, John Bradbury, their son, Edward Hide and Joan his wife, and Edmund Haighe and Joan his wife, deforciants, of 1 messuage, 2 gardens, 16 acres arable, 12 acres meadow, 18 acres pasture and 3 acres wood at Bankhead, Over Thornsett, Hayfield and Whitfield. Consideration £100. 29 Oct




Final concord between Edward Dixon, plaintiff and Raphe Bagshaw, and Anne his wife, William Bagshaw and Raphe Bagshaw the younger, deforciants, of 1 cottage, 10a arable, 1a meadow and 10a pasture at Chapel en le Frith, Fairfield and Wormhill. Consideration £41. 15 Jun




Feoffment by Raphe Bagshaw the elder of Hordon, Chapel en le Frith, yeoman, and William and Raphe Bagshaw his sons, to Edward Dixon of Brownhill, Hope, yeoman, in consideration of £261 of closes called further Heyfield, nearer Heyfield, Long Crofte and Overhayne, a cottage in the further Heyfield (tenant William Cowper) and the house known as Lesser Fyre House, wherein Raphe now dwells, with an adjoining barn 15 Mar 1652/3




Final concord between Nicholas Waterhouse, plaintiff and Thomas Rawlynson, deforciant, of 1 messuage, 1 garden, 40a arable, 10a meadow, 20a pasture, 2 acres wood and 100a furze and heath at Great Hayfield. Consideration £40. 20 Jan 1558/9




Final concord between Nicholas Waterhouse, plaintiff, and Thomas Rawlynson junior, of 1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 20a arable, 8 acres meadow, 100a pasture, 1a wood and 100a furze and heath at Bowden. Consideration £40. 28 Apr




Final concord between Ralph Bawdon and Thomas Waterhouse, plaintiff and William Rawlinson and Mary his wife, deforciants, of 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 43 acres arable, 16 acres meadow, 43 acres pasture and 6 acres wood at Glossop and Bowden. Consideration £100. 6 Oct




Final concord between James Rellison, plaintiff, and Thomas Waterhouse and Helen his wife, Ralph Waterhouse and John Waterhouse, deforciants, of 30a arable, and 30a pasture at Bowden Chapel. Consideration £60




Final concord between Thomas Eyre and Ralph Waterhouse, plaintiffs, and Robert Hinchcliffe and John Hadfield, deforciants, of 2 messuages 2 barns, 1 toft, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 10a arable, 8 acres meadow, 10a pasture, 1a wood and common of pasture and turbary at Nethercliffe, Bowden Middlecale and Glossop. Consideration £60. 24 Jun




Marriage settlement of Thomas Waterhouse, second son of Thomas Waterhouse of Hayfield, yeoman, and Rachel, daughter of William Wagstaffe of Glossop. Thomas, in consideration of a marriage portion of £80, conveys to John Waterhouse, his elder brother, and Thomas Wagstaffe, son of William, the messuage near Bowden head with all lands etc upon trust for his use for life and then to the use of Rachel for her life with remainder to the heirs of their bodies 1 Oct




Lease for possession by Ralph Ridgway of Wirksworth, James Ridgway and John Ridgway, late of Peak Forest, to John Waterhouse of Hayfield, yeoman, of a messuage called Rushup, being one whole neighbourship enclosing 36 acres in Peak Forest, in the tenure of Garratt Storye 15 Jul




Release by Ralph Ridgway, mercer, John Ridgway and James Ridgway, yeoman, to John Waterhouse, in consideration of £140, of the messuage and land within the herbage of Rushope (as D513/M/T/36) 24 Oct




Final concord between Robert Yeffley, plaintiff and William Newton of Heath and William Newton of Birch Hall, deforciants, of 1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 40a arable, 40a meadow, 40a pasture, 20a wood, 100a furze and heath and 100a turbary at Phoside. Consideration £40. 20 Jan 1576/7




Final concord between Christofer Barrett and Ottwell Barrett, plaintiffs, and William Garbor, deforciant, of 1 messuage, 1 garden, 4 acres arable, 4 acres meadow, 4 acres pasture and 2 acres wood at Glossop. Consideration £50. 6 Oct




Final concord between Richard Yeveley, plaintiff, and Thomas Yeveley and Elizabeth his wife, of 1 messuage, 1 garden, 1 orchard, 20a arable, 10a meadow, 20a pasture, 2 acres wood and common of pasture and turbary in Glossop. Consideration £60. 20 Jan 1602/3




Settlement upon the marriage of Thomas Hadfield of Glossop, yeoman, and Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph Greaves of Woodhouse, Bradfield, yeoman, in consideration of £200 paid to him by Greaves, Hadfield conveys to William Fynney of Little Longstone, yeoman, and John Waterhouse of Ughill, Bradfield, yeoman, of fields at Hadfield called Marly Shaw Intake, the Bankes at Marley Head, the Greate Shawe, Upper Meadow, Lower Meadow, the Bents, Calfe Heyes, Oxehey Clough, Bridglee Meadow, Throstle Nest, Cuckoe Nest, Oxehay Meadow and Great Oxehay, to the use of Hadfield for life and then to Elizabeth...




Declaration of uses by Edward Downes of Hayfield yeoman, re a surrender by Downes in High Peak manor court, of a messuage divided into 2 dwellings (tenants Thomas Bredbury and Ralph Bowden) with closes known as Well Croft, Lower Meadow, Long Croft and Bankhey Croft at Raven Slack, to his own use; to his own use for life and then to the use of Elizabeth, his wife, for her life. After her decease to the use of John Brandrith, husband of Mary his daughter, for life with remainder to the eldest son of their bodies etc 12 Apr




Bargain and sale by John Lomas of Iveley (Ches) glazier, to Edward Daine of Alstoneley, yeoman, and Dorothy Lomas of Newhay (Ches), in consideration of 40s., of a house, outhouses, two gardens and a croft called Carr Green House 9 Nov








Copy letter from the trustees of an estate left for the encouragement of a schoolmaster at Chapel-en-le-Frith to (?) - thank the recipient for granting a licence to Mr Job Brocks to teach in the school - there are nearly 40 pupils at present - the use of the schoolhouse is being denied him by the curate, Mr Byron, who is trying to get the licence revoked - Mr Byron has prevented a lease of the schoolhouse being obtained from the owner of the land - request that the licence remain in force and ask for aid in obtaining possession of the schoolhouse.


18th cent


Bill for ale and dinners for the workmen belonging to the free school.


18th cent


Advertisement for the Rev. R. Barlow's School at Chapel-en-le-Frith.




An Act for repairing and widening the road from Chesterfield to the Turnpike Road at Hernstone Lane Head; and also the road branching from the said road upon the East Moor, through Baslow and Wardlow, to the joining of the said Roads again near Wardlow Mires; and also the Road leading between the said road and branch form Calver Bridge to Baslow Bridge; and also the road from the Turnpike Road near Newhaven House to the Turnpike Road near Grindleford Bridge, in the County of Derby.




Apprenticeship indenture of Robert Lomas, son of Nicholas Lomas of Chapel-en-le-Frith, yeoman, to Isaak Lomas of Chapel-en-le-Frith, blacksmith for 7 years. 20 Nov




Inquisition taken at Hallsteads before Robert Spencer and John Whitall, commissioners of the king, into the boundaries of the herbage known as Hallsteads (recited) 3 Jun




Notes of a debate in the House of Lords on religious bill.


late 17th cent


Marriage Licence of Thomas Jones Griffiths of Bishops Castle, (Shropshire) and Frances Penson of Oswestry (Shropshire) 13 Oct




Marriage Licence of George Henry Brown of Meifod (Mont.) and Ellen Venables Penson of Wrexham (Denbs.) 3 Jul




Survey of alteration in line of road from Chirk to Ruabon Scale 3 chains : 1 inch Paper




County official papers




Presentments of the constables of Repton and Gresley Hundred to a general quarter sessions held at Bakewell. 12 Jul




Memorandum by John Wildon at Chatsworth re the examination of the qualifications of voters who voted at the last election and to investigate bribery and threats - "You are desired by my Lord Marquess of Hartington to make what speedy inquiry and discovery you can of unqualified voters at ye late Election with an Account of Persons who can prove the same, and ingage the Freeholders (in case of a New Election) for my Lord Hartington". 20 Jan The back of this has been used to write a resumé of the will of Thomas Wagstaffe.1701/2




Return by Henry Arderne, Hugh Parr and Alexander Elcock, under a commission from the Crown, that Edmund Bradbury of Bankshead, Glossop chapman, is bankrupt. 16 Aug




Requisition by Arderne, Parr and Elcock for witnesses (named) to appear at the house of John Gosling senior, the sign of the Fox and Goose, in Stockport, on 13 September, to give evidence re the bankruptcy of Edmund Bradbury. 8 Sep




Letter (printed) of Thomas M Penson putting himself forward as surveyor for Cheshire. Sep




Letter (printed) of Thomas M Penson at Oswestry, giving names of those who will give him references. 30 Sep




Letter (printed) from the Denbighshire Magistrates to the Cheshire magistrates recommending Penson for surveyor.




Copies of testimonials for Penson.






1651-18th cent


Account of Edward Dixon, overseer of Bowden Edge. 4 May




Articles of agreement between Thomas Smythe of Lymm Handley (Ches.) and Robert Marseland of Hayfield and William Armefield of Coppshurst, overseers of Bowden Middlecale - Smythe is to pay 6s. 6d. per quarter for 3 years and 4s. 4d. for the 5 years thereafter, to the overseers for the maintenance of a bastard child born to Mary Barns of Buxworth. 17 Oct




Examination of Henry Marchington as to his legal settlement - was born in Peak Forest and has served Ellis Hallam for the past 8 years but was never employed for a full year. 14 Jul




Apprenticeship indenture - Garmon Buxton and George Thornhill, churchwardens, and Humphrey Cowper, George Thornhill and Nicholas Lowe, overseers of Bowden Chapel place Henry Kirke of Martinside to serve until he be 24. 11 Sep




Apprenticeship indenture - Thomas Rollison David Harrop and William Bennit, churchwardens and overseers of Great Hamlet, Phoside and Kinder, place Margaret Beard (aged 8) apprentice to George Chapman until she is 21. 20 Apr




Apprenticeship indenture - John Brocklehurst Churchwarden, John Downes and Samuell Slater, overseers, of Taxal (Ches, now Derbys.) place John Turner (aged 11, son of Edward Turner of Taxal) apprentice to John Lingard of Ashburnelane, Bowden, Chapel, tailor, until he is 21. 15 May




Apprenticeship indenture - Henry Kyrk and John Marchington, churchwardens, and Thomas barber, overseers of Bowden Chapel, place Elizabeth Longston apprentice to Thomas Bennet of Crossleys Farm until she is 21 or marries. 16 Apr




Assignment by Thomas Bennett of Crossleys Farm, Chapel-en-le-Frith, to John Goodwin of Diggley in Whaley Yeardsley (Ches. Now Derbys.), farmer, of the remainder of Elizabeth Longston's apprenticeship term. Bennett pays Goodwin £4 and Goodwin is to instruct her in housewifery. 2 Jul




List of subscriptions towards a new chapel at Chinley.




Appointment by Robert Middleton of Chapel- en-le-Frith, surviving trustee of the bequest by William Barber of Malcoff (1666/7) of a third of his personal estate to his executors, the interest to be used for the poor of Chapel-en-le-Frith, of William Bagshaw of Ford and Arnold Kyrke of Martinside to replace Samuel Bagshaw, decd, and Henry Kyrke, decd, as trustees. 20 Oct




Receipt for chief rent due to the Duke of Devonshire and George II from the trustees of the poor of Chapel-en-le-Frith. 4 Nov




Order by Hugh Sheldon, High Constable, to collect 1s. 6d. for every trained soldier with which the township stands charged, towards raising £15 for the repair of Hague Bridge and £13 for the repair of the county gaol, the money to be delivered at the house of Elizabeth Frost in Monyash on 8 April 6 Mar 1707/8




Order of John Nodder, High Constable to the constable of Bowden Chapel to collect 15s. 9½d for each trained soldier with which the township stands charged, towards raising £17 for the three houses of correction £9.0s.4d. for the county gaol, 3s.10d. per trained soldier for prisoners' bread, £21.1.6d. for reimbursing Robert Harding for repairs to Swarkeston Bridge, £12 for repairs to Wormhill Bridge and 2d. per trained soldier for conveying vagrants out of the county, to be paid at the house of Rowland Torr at Tideswell on 9 July. 2 Jun




Warrant to the constable of Bowden Middlecale for the arrest of Alice, wife of Thomas Beard of Hayfield and her conveyance to the house of correction at Tideswell, she having enticed Margaret Beard, apprentice to George Chapman, to leave her master - to be put to hard labour for one month. 14 Jul




Account of expenditure on repairs to Haigh Bridge.




Statute labour list for Buxton




Fragments of appointments of highway


[18th cent]


Presentment to justices of the peace by Thomas Kyrke, overseer of highways for Coombes Edge, that the roads are in bad repair. 29 Jun




Account of Thomas Kyrke for repairs to Highways at Coombes Edge.




Certificate allowing a way from the Loads Gate to the great road at Dove Holes, 8 yards wide, for the use of Herralds or Hallsteads, with the ancient way and privilege to water. Henry Kyrke is to have a road from his house at Hallsteads for cart and carriage and for driving his oxen at plough time from his house at Hallsteads straight to Martinside Cross




Survey of Bowden Chapel by Thomas Gladwin Richard Dale, Denis Leey and Thomas Hibbert, pursuant to a justices' order. Gives landowners names, acreages and valuation or assessment.




Receipt for £17.2s. received from Francis Moseley and Edward Dickson, collectors for Bowden Chapel, being the first quarter's money for "a poll ….. for the carrying on a vigorous war against France". 27 Apr


[17th cent]


Draft agreement among the inhabitants of Chapel-en-le-Frith for the levying of a rate of pay for repairs to the church.




Appointment of Thomas Kirke, George Kirke and George Thornhill as assessors of land tax for Bowden Chapel, to raise £274.15s. from the township. 15 Apr




Assessment of seven lays for Coombes Edge




Receipt for £2.17s from the collectors of Coombes Edge for houses and 5d new duty. 20 Oct




Poor rate assessment for Hayfield 1715/1716




List of names at Fernilee. Many of the names are marked with crosses.




List of names at Bowden Edge




Rating list for Coombes Edge




Declaration by Arnold Kyrk of Martinside Has examined both the register which Robert Middleton of Chapel-en-le-Frith kept for his own private satisfaction and also the parish register kept by son, William Middleton, since his father's death - has a salary from the parish for making entries in the register - book belongs to the parish and is not the private property of Middleton. 6 May



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