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Bundle containing letters and papers addressed to D'Ewes Coke (Duke of Rutland's Agent): subjects include Wheels Rake proprietors' complaint over conduct of Mr Masters the barmaster 1835; statement by James Barker on water power on river Bradford, old engine and proposed wheel 1836; two reports by Barker on Shining Sough with list of shareholders and covering letter; letter from Barker concerning water problems in Blithe, Hill Carr and Shining Sough, and use of steam power; Masters' neglect of his duty 1837; Rutland's reduction of mineral duties from Shining Sough 1838; lease of W E...




Bundle containing letters to Captain Underwood (Duke of Rutland's agent); bundle from Barker concerning Masters' neglect of his duty as barmaster (he had given away the Lady's vein, claimed by,Barker to belong to Wheels Rake) 1840; notes 1843 on a dispute between Hill Carr and Wheels Rake in 1825; letter from John Taylor requesting that Duke's keepers should not draw the large dam in the Bradford as lack of water will stop the engine 1843; dispute between Alport and Wheels Rake over trespass by Wheels Rake in a shaft near the Lathkill; note on agreement concerning tithes of lead ore in...




Contemporary copy, in notebook, of Hill Carr Sough articles, with list of partners and agreements to pay compositions by the partners of Shining Sough, Broadmeadow, Old Cross East End, Old Cross West End, Honey Spot, Guy's Vein, Blythe Forefield End, Blythe Hinder End and Clark's Cross, and by John Taylor the younger of Stanton for Nicator, all in Hartle liberty 3 Jun 1766; Also two copies 1770 of articles only, and copy 1921 by Arthur G Taylor of the whole document




Considerations laid before the Duke of Rutland and Marquis of Granby by the Hill Carr Sough proprietors, in notebook, setting out the advantages of driving the sough, with an estimate of its cost and how long it will take to drive, etc; Also copy 1921 by Arthur G Taylor


18th cent


Lease for 42 years by John Jolliffe of Petersfield, Hants, Mary his wife, and William their son, to Elizabeth Drake of Belvoir Castle and other Hill Carr Sough proprietors (named), of lead mines and veins in Eagles Torr and Stanton called Torr Close, long Close, Square Close, Over Close, Rushy Close and the three Rye Crofts, yearly rent 1/12th of all lead ore and 6d per load 25 Mar 1769




Articles of agreement between Peter Nightingale of Lea and the Hill Carr Sough proprietors (reciting a lease dated 1765 to Nightingale of mines and veins under the lands of the Poor and School of Duffield), for driving the sough through these lands - Nightingale to pay the properties a composition of 1/6th ore unwatered by the sough, and 1/12th from below the level Of the sough 7 Nov 1771




Lease and release by Herbert Greensmith of Priory to Peter Nightingale of Lea and John Barker of Bakewell, part owners and proprietors of Hill Carr Sough, consideration £462, of 2 closes of Darley called the Upper and Nether Mill Strains, in trust. Dated 1 - 2 Apr 1772




Deed of exchange between John Barker and the proprietors of Hill Carr Sough. The proprietors give Barker, consideration £28 2s 6d, the south part of the Upper Mill Strains and all the Nether Mill Strains; Barker gives the proprietors 2 closes in Darley called the Flaglea and the Flagley, and liberty of passage over his land near Darley Church on the way from the sough to the turnpike road. 11 Mar 1773




Articles of agreement between the proprietors of Hill Carr Sough and Bache Thornhill of Stanton: Thornhill to drive a sough from the north side of Hill Carr Sough beginning eastward from the Stanton lnclosure Sough, to begin at Amoss Cross Vein, to unwater his mines; he may use the Hill Carr Sough from Thornhills Sough to the Hill Carr South tail, using boats not exceeding 36 feet in length and 3 feet in breadth, and also from Thornhill' s Sough to Stanton Moor Shaft and Borwn Bank Shaft, and may draw air from the Hill Carr Sough, paying the proprietors 1/24th of all ore unwatered by his...




Articles of agreement between the Hill Carr Sough proprietors and the proprietors of the Tools and Dunneck Holes Mines, Stanton; the miners are to pay the soughers 1/24th ore unwatered. 22 Dec 1791




Schedule of Hill Carr Sough deeds from 1769-1793, including the above and others




Schedule of Hill Carr Sough deeds, based on D504/B/L/330, with notes from a barmaster's book, and note that shale from Thornhill's Sough is forming an obstruction at the junction with Hill Carr Sough


20th cent


Draft report on Hill Carr Sough by James Barker, and fair copy Michaelmas




Draft lease for 21 years by William Edward Nightingale of Lea Hurst and Embley Park, Hants to John Henry Barker, John Barker and William Melland (reciting that the lessor is the owner of certain mines in Hartle and Stanton, also reciting D504/B/L/344 and the will of Peter Nightingale 1803) of one half of mines under Stanton Moor, yearly rent 1/10th ore raised to the Duke of Rutland, 1/12th to Hill Carr Sough, and 1/9th to the lessor




Agreement between the Alport Mining Co. and Youlgreave Consolidated Mines (including Lathkill and Mandale Mines): the latter to have the use of the branch on the Hill Carr Level on the Windy Harbour Vein and the Centre Level, for drainage, and to extend branch levels from the Danger and Bunting Mines; The former to be paid 1/48th of all ore raised in the latter's mines, including Mill Green, Lathkill and Mandale Mines. 4 Feb 1882




Agreement between the Alport Mining Co. and the Mawston Mining Co: The latter to have an outlet into the Hill Carr Sough, and to extend it; The former to be paid 1/24th of all ore raised by the latter, and 1/48th by other mines. 4 Feb 1882




Abstract of reckonings by Samuel Bennetts Bundle containing: Printed minutes of meeting of the Blithe, Shining Sough and Hill Carr Sough proprietors, for consolidating Shining and Hill Carr Soughs, with reports on each mine for 1838; Draft report by James Barker on the Alport Mines, with reference to deeper drainage 1839; Printed award by Taylor concerning consolidation 1839; Printed report by Taylor on deeper drainage 1839; Draft minutes of a quarterly meeting of proprietors of Alport Mines 26 Sep 1839; Printed and draft reports and abstracts of reckonings 1841-1849, 1851, 1856-1875, 1879...




Two files by AG Taylor, surveyor and mineral agent, on Alport Mining Co: Correspondence on a road from Darley to opposite Hill Carr Sough 1906; Notebook containing details of a tour of inspection of shafts with Henry Toft, and other notes 1909; Minutes of shareholders' meeting 1909; Correspondence, bills etc. concerning filling in and walling dangerous shafts 1907-1917; Enquiry concerning plan of Hill Carr Sough, 1918




Correspondence etc. concerning the Bradford Vale Mining Co.'s proposal to unwater Mawstone Mines by pumping into Hill Carr Sough, and the cost of cleaning and repairing the Sough, and reports by Taylor on the Alport Mining Co., its proprietors and history, and on Hill Carr Sough 1921




Reports on the condition of the Hill Carr Sough 1852, 1869, 1871-1874




Veins, levels, shafts and engines in an area bounded east by River Derwent and north by River Bradford, including all Hill Carr Sough and parts or all of the liberties of Elton, Winster [Placket Mine], Birchover, Stanton, Rowsley and Youlgreave

No Scale [Approx. 13 inches : 1 mile]

[19th cent.]


Vertical section of Hill Carr Sough showing surface, shafts and geological features, from near summit of Stanton Moor eastwards

No Scale

[19th cent.]


O.S. 2nd edition (1898?), conjoined plans from XXXIII, 7, 8, 11 & 12. Youlgreave, Alport, Stanton etc. Additional data including approximate spring line, course of Hill Carr Sough. Estate boundaries of estates of Duke of Rutland & Bache Thornhill (Mrs. Mc Creigh Thornhill). Signed Charles Brady, AMICE, 13 Warren St., Stockport.



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