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Sir Robert Drury of Hawstead, Suffolk: legal precedent book




Legal note book and precedent book. Written mainly in one hand with additions in one or two other hands, drawing on records relating to Norfolk, Suffolk, Colchester, Bury St Edmunds, the Royal College of Saints Mary and Nicholas at Cambridge, and the personal and practice records of Sir Robert Drury of Hawstead, Suffolk (c1455-1535), speaker of the House of Commons in 1495, distinguished lawyer and royal servant, member of the legal committee of Privy Council 1526. The bulk of the dated documents are from the 1490s. One entry for 1515 is in one of the additional hands. The back fly leaf...


f1- form of coroner's court and charge

f1v - blank

f2-5 - index

(ff1-5 an addition on smaller paper)

f5v - continuation of 7v; continued at 74 verse 'Be it knowen to all that heron looke / That Edward Stubbe

[John Waren',…. ght, interlined] is owner of this booke'

f6v-7v - continuation of f77v; continued at f5v

f8-23 - Modus observandi curiam cum leta sive visu franciplegii sequitur hoc modo

f24-30v - Treatise on pleading with some references to local courts

f30v-32v - Transcript of hundred of Colchester [12 Jan 1467] to illustrate pleading

f33-70 - 'What persons shulde bee...


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