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Dakeyne family of Darley Dale

Family and antiquarian papers, mostly consist of seven Folio volumes written by Daniel Dakeyne junior, containing abstracts of documents, pedigrees of families, and transcripts of parish registers.

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list

13th-early 19th cent


Clerk to the Lieutenancy: unlisted records

Accession of 1986: unlisted material, no description available



Heirs of Elizabeth Richardson, widow, of Smalley, Matlock: unlisted item

Attractive box



Turbutt estate and family papers: unlisted

Various unlisted items, largely non-archival



Ashover Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession, Jul 2018: Parish Council Minutes (listed under D59/A/PC/1) - includes Burial Board Minutes, Finance Committee Minutes, Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group Minutes, Tree Working Group Minutes, 2007-2017; Ashover Cemetery Burial Registers, Feb 1877-March 1898, Aug 1898-Nov 1927, Nov 1927-Aug 1957, Aug 1857-Sep 1992, Sep 1992-Jan 2009



Gresley Family of Drakelow: unlisted records

2 boxes of unlisted records, originally boxes 24 and 28



Borough family of Hulland Ward: unlisted records




Burdett family of Foremark: unlisted records

Comprising: Single unidentified document, discovered loose in 2014, numbered (incorrectly?) A8/1



Andrew MacBeth Cash & Co, Solicitors, Wirksworth: unlisted records

Boxes numbered /19 to /35: unlisted.

As a result of work to update the Manorial Documents Register for Derbyshire in 2013-2014, the following, more detailed information has been produced to cover manorial records within this collection.

Box 28

Manor and Wapentake of Wirksworth copyhold and freehold jury verdicts, 1807-1867 (4 bundles); court book (unbound), 1887-1892; verdicts 1896-1911, including court procedures, c.1900 (bundle).

Manor of Ireton Wood court book (unbound), 1886-1891; verdicts, 1895-1911, with assorted surrenders, admittances and letters of attorney, 1815-1906 (bundle...

18th-20th cent


Brooke-Taylor, solicitors: unlisted material

Comprising: four boxes relating to land tax (numbered D162/BT/1-584, 1a-127a) and a further 18 boxes of land tax records (unnumbered) for the High Peak and Wirksworth hundreds. Also one further unlisted box, unrelated to land tax.



Thompson of Matlock, blacksmiths: unlisted item




Taylor Simpson and Mosley, Solicitors of Derby

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list. See Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528-1800" for descriptions of some of the maps in this collection

16th-19th cent


Parish of Bolsover: unlisted records

Accession of Sep 2018 (i)

Register of Services: 24 December 1953 – 20 June 1959; “The Church Monthly” 1895-1896 - An illustrated book containing details of Parish churches, stories, letters, poems, songs and music, and copies of Bolsover Parish Magazine which include Baptisms, Marriages and Burials; An illustrated book containing details of Parish churches, stories, letters, poems etc, and Bolsover Parish magazine January 1938 – December 1939; Bolsover Parish Magazine, January 1930 – December 1936; Bolsover Parish magazines – January 1947 – December 1948, 1949, 1951-1952; Large worn hard...



Arkwright family and Wigley family: D198/UL

Unlisted. Inc (D198/Box 5/Bundle 6) deeds c1680-1857 to a house in Wirksworth (parties: Achton - Botham, Fogg - Soresby, Soresby - Bradshaw, Hodgkinson - Gallimore, Burton - Maston - Bunting, Burton - Manley, Weston - Frost - Walton - Smedley

16th-early 20th cent


Okeover family of Okeover: unlisted records

Including two books of medical recipes, deeds and other records



Morleston and Litchurch land Tax assessments,1900-1949; redemption registers and papers 1799-1949

Land Tax Assessments for Morleston & Litchurch 1900-1948/9, and redemption registers and papers, 1799-1949

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Scarsdale Land Tax assessments 1940-1946 and other papers

Land Tax Assessments, Scarsdale division, 1940-1946; Duplicate land tax assesments for north east Derbyshire 1943-1949



High Peak Petty Sessional Division and predecessors: unlisted records

1963 accession: , other records [?court of summary jurisdiction]

2013 accession: Buxton Magistrates Court Licensing records, including some building plans, 1975-2007



Brown and Nesbitt: unlisted records

Approximately seven rolled items and one other unidentified item

20th cent


Whitworth Institute Trust

Records of the Whitworth Institute Trust and records re St Helens Church Schools, Darley; papers regarding VJ Day celebration 1995. Also including barmaster and other lead mining records, some of which have been repaired and re-accessioned as D7925.

An interim list of the collection is available for download from this catalogue entry. Some of the items noted in the list have been de-accessioned.



Gell of Hopton Hall: unlisted records

Accession of unknown date:

Unlisted slides, wrongly numbered D258/71/1-9

Civil war photocopies, unnumbered



Chesterfield Rural District Council: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Pashley Papers: Unlisted records

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list

Some items in this collection are described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

A Map or draft of all the wasts and commons belonging to the Towne and Liberties of Castleton as it is now Divided among the Freeholders and Coppyholders of the said town and liberties of Castleton according to their Majesties writt of partition the third...



Thornhill family of Great Longstone: Unlisted material

Including;- bastardy settlements, maps, DP Battery Calendars, miscellaneous local history papers, maps, newscuttings, parish magazines, sale catalogues, textiles, unidentified family photographs, deeds and personal correspondence, miscellaneous prints and drawings, notes produced by R Thornhill, and other unlisted archives. May also include records relating to the Liberal Unionist and Unionist parties in West Derbyshire.

This unlisted collection also includes a map described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold...



Unlisted Addition




Unlisted material




Unlisted material

Comprising a cloak



Unlisted material: Sheffield Corporation Act 1928, Extension of City Boundary




Derbyshire Archaelogical Society: Unlisted material

Including photographs, slides, printing blocks, seals relating to Derby, maps, papers relating to the Centenary Exhibition, 2 volumes of pedigrees deriving from the 1569 and 1611 visitations of Debyshire and other unidentified material

Accession, Feb 2019: Butterley Gangroad Project Files

Accession, Jan 2020: Notices of Annual General Meetings, with annual reports and statements of account 1956-1976 (some gaps), Notice of 2017 AGM with annual report and minutes of 2016, Lists of officers and members 1932, 1954-1972, Library Catalogue with supplements 1992-2002 (some duplication with...



Chesterfield Parkhouse County Primary School/Junior Mixed and Infants School

This material is unlisted



Unlisted material

Unlisted Accession, Dec 2014: Minute books 1979-1990, 1990-1999, 2000-2006, & 2007-2010; Declaration of Acceptance of Office, 1961-1997; Allotments Rents book 1957-2007



Erewash Canal 1845, 1875-1879




Unlisted material




Deeds re properties in Hazelwood, Duffield




Vernon family of Sudbury Hall

Primarily title deeds for properties in Sudbury, Doveridge, Somersal Herbert, Marston Montgomery, Cubley and Church Broughton, Rodsley and Aston 13th-19th centuries. There are also substantial holdings in Hilton, Fradley, Houndhill, Marchington, Shenstone and Draycott/Staffordshire. Estate rentals 1719-1884 cover Derbyshire and Staffordshire properties. Manor court rolls survive for Sudbury 1387-1659 and Draycott 14th-16th centuries. There are 18th century household accounts.

An interim list describing the contents of this collection can be downloaded from here. Please be aware that...

13th-19th century


Curzon of Derby, Solicitors: unlisted records




Colvile family of Lullington: unlisted family and estate papers

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Cromford Canal Company: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Mar 2016: Cromford Canal Permit book, 1822 (For movement of goods on the Cromford Canal at Langley Mill Junction)

Unlisted accession, Sep 2019: Printed items: List of proprietors, 1789; Statements of Account May 1841-May 1842, May 1844-May 1845



Butterley Company and subsidiaries: unlisted records

Accession of Mar 2014: Plan of Butterley Company works 1857; Plan of locomotive 1889

Accession of Sep 2015: Publications, guides, photographs and negatives, plans, histories, of site at Ripley and other non-Derbyshire sites operated by Butterley Brick Ltd., c1968-c1987

Accession of Oct 2015: Engineering drawings rescued from the derelict works of the Butterley Company, c1949-c1990

20th cent


Rodes family of Barlborough: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Unlisted Records

Deeds and family papers

Some of these items are described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

[Heanor, No title]. [c1750] Scale: no scale shown. Size: 30 x 19 cm. Materials: ink on watermarked paper. Centred on: SK435455 Notes: cardinal points named, north at top. Well drawn sketch of house with other houses alongside The Mar Pool, with gardens and Langley Common. Location:DRO, D517M Box A 10/12




Cavendish Bridge Trust and Shardlow & Harrington Bridge Trust, Sawley: unlisted records




Repton and Willington Bridge Trust

minutes, accounts, correspondence and papers



Belper Methodist Circuit

Accession of August 2016: Circuit plans, Apr - Jun 1944 and Nov 1963 - Jan 1964

Accession of July 2017: Belper Methodist Circuit Mission Committee minutes 1980-2010 (2 volumes), and related papers, including summary financial records relating to funds raised for World Mission (overseas Methodist mission work) and Home Mission (mission work based in the United Kingdom).



Dronfield Local Board of Health/ Urban District Council

Minutes, 1861-1974; committee minutes 1921-1926; General ledgers 1937-1965, loans ledgers, correspondence, declarations of acceptance of office 1933-1954, 1960-1973; declarations of acceptance of office of Chairman 1947-1973; Register of Societies under Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act s 1957-1963 and 1958-1974, Housing Registers 1953-1974 (2 volumes) and Building regulation plans 1919-1970

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list

19th-20th century


Land Values Duty: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Pickersgill and Frost: iron founders etc. of Langley Mill: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Parish of South Wingfield: unlisted records

Accession of February 2014: Two Marriage registers (registrar's copies, 8-9): 15th February 1975 to 12th September 1992 and 5th August 2011 - one entry only (register closed by direction of the Registrar General)

20th cent


Brassington Women's Institute: unlisted records

Accession of September 2016:

Minutes of Committee Meetings Jul 1997-Dec 2006; Record of Monthly Meeting Oct 1996-Dec 1996; Financial Statements 1981-1991, 1993-1994, 1996-2006; budgets 1980-1990, 1992-2000, 2002; Programmes 1991, 1999-2001; WI Annual Reports 2005, 2006; Committee Reports 1995-2006



Melbourne Parish Church

Accession of November 2011: Registers: baptisms 1965-1995, marriages 1987-2011, banns 1972-2006, services 1931-2007, PCC minutes 1972-1998 (Standing Committee 1982-1989, 1990-1993, 1994-1998), Quinquennial Inspection Reports 1990, 2004



Parish of Clay Cross, St. Bartholomew: unlisted records

Accession of March 2019:

The Day the Cat's Tail Caught Fire, and Other Tales from Linden Avenue - reminiscences from older church members

[late 20th cent]


Parish of Ashbourne St Oswald: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2016: Two Overseers of the Poor rate books for Offcote and Underwood, 14 May 1892 and 22 Oct 1892 (The second book is unfit for production until attended to by Conversation - 16/02/2016)



Derby-Mansfield Turnpike Trust: records

The following description is a summary collection level guide only, providing information on scope, content, dates and access conditions

19th cent


Simpson Bros., Mayfield Mill, Mayfield (Staffordshire)


19th-20th century


Clients of Messrs Eddowes, Simm & Waldron, Solicitors' of Derby

Including, title deeds. See searchroom supervisor for interim list

This unlisted collection includes some maps described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

[Parish of Brassington]. A Mapp of Ho Grange. n.d. [18c.] Scale: of 14 [?chains 1:3200] with dividers. Size: 55 x 47cm. Materials: sepia ink and colour on linen backed paper. Centred on: SK215558 Notes: compass rose, north at top. Shows about 178...



Taylor, Simpson and Mosley, Solicitors of Derby: Unlisted records

This collection is largely unlisted - the only fully listed series are D769/P and D769/B/13, each of which is made up of maps and plans. See search room supervisor for interim list, covering a small proportion of the unlisted material.

The Taylor, Simpson and Moseley collection is extensive, and its contents are reflective of a wide range of business and personal clients over a large span of years. Papers include:

Jackson Davis & Co, nursery boot and shoe manufacturer, Matlock: articles of association and other 1911-1918

Hardwick Colliery Company: estate and case papers 19th cent...



Unlisted accessions

Unlisted accession 2018.09: Marriage register Sep 2010- May 2014



Church Commissioners: plans and other papers relating to Derbyshire vicarages

Plans of various Derbyshire vicarages; Barrow vicarage plan; files regarding Chaddesden and Littleover former parsonages 1911-1920; Duffield former parsonage house; parsonage plans; file regarding former St Werburgh's parsonage house, Derby

Early 20th cent.


Deeds, newspapers, plans, bills, family material




Parish of Etwall St. Helen

PCC minutes 2006-2012; papers regarding Chancel repair liability c.2013, and the Churchyard c.1995; correspondence 2010-2012



Derbyshire research papers: unlisted

Accession of May 2014: 19th-20th cent research papers, interview notes, photographs, illustrations, slides, ephemera and other items collected by Malcolm Burrows of Derby in the course of research relating to Shipley and Mapperley, and their residents, including the Miller Mundy family of Shipley. (Re-accessioned from D7726).

Accession of Jul 2016: 1970s colour photographic slides showing Shipley Hall during and after excavations (c150-200 slides)

19th-20th cent


Printed miscellanea - newspapers, journals, etc

The following description is a summary collection level guide only, providing information on scope, content, dates and access conditions.



Parish of Yeaveley: unlisted records

Burial register 1949-2015, marriage register 1841-1997, banns registers 1841-2015 (omitting 1886-1938), confirmation register 1987-2004;

Sunday School records 1943-1968;

Parochial Church Council accounts 1938-2003 and minutes 1973-1996;

Incumbent's records, including papers relating to parish charities, management of church buildings, parish boundaries, 20th cent

19th-20th cent


Kirk Langley Parish Council: unlisted records

Accessions, Aug 2015 and Aug 2019

Minute book (inc. AGMS) 1936-Mar 2005, Apr 2006-Mar 2018; Councillors' Declartions, 1896-1999; Payments and Receipts book, Apr 1977 - Sep 1996; Architects' Plans 2003-2005; Playing Field Committee minute book, Sep 1981 - May 1990; Barrington Sports Field payment and receipts book, Jul 1993 - Oct 1984; Papers regarding: an extention to street lighting, Dec 1971 - Dec 1997; the Sports Pavilion 1981-1984; and Fieldon Close 1991-1994; and Correspondence, 1993-2001



Derbyshire Education Committee: unlisted records




Parish of Egginton St Wilfred: unlisted records

Accession of June 2017:

Financial records 1972-2002 including some annual financial statements, duplicate income and expenditure sheets and a bank deposit accounts and investments book 1977-1992; Papers relating to installation of new stained glass windows 2002; papers relating to improvements to church organ 1997-1998; Sequestration records 1984-1993 including sequestration meeting minutes and accounts 1984-1985 and orders of service for the institution of Revd Terence Short as rector of Egginton and Etwall in 1985 and the licensing of Revd Stewart Rayner as priest in charge of Etwall and...

late 20th-early 21st cent


Jessop family of Butterley: wills, probates and correspondence; Overton Hall estate, Ashover; Matlock Bath estate

See searchroom supervisor for interim list

late 19th century


Tibshelf colliery maps, late 19th cent: Calow lands required for Temple Normanton-Grassmoor branch railway 1899

Ordnance Survey maps marked to show coal workings, etc



Cromford and High Peak Railway: unlisted records

Accession of December 2016: London and North Western Railway Train Staff Ticket to travel from Middleton Top to Hopton Top (Cancelled)

[late 20th cent]


Rural Action Derbyshire: unlisted records

Accession of November 2018:

Ashover Parish Plan Working Group A Parish Plan for Ashover 2006;

Bamford with Thornhill Traffic and Transport Action Group - Bamford Area Traffic and Travel Survey 2002;

Baslow and Bubnell Parish Plan Steering Group:

Baslow and Bubnell Parish Plan - Interim Report 2004?;

Baslow and Bubnell Parish Plan - Final Report 2005;

Bradwell Village Action Group - Bradwell Village Action Plan 2003;

Brassington Community Plan Steering Group - Brassington Community Plan Newsletter No.2 2014;

Brassington W.E.A. Class - Life and History of Brassington Village Derbyshire 1966...



Heywood and Phinney charity of Wensley and Snitterton: unlisted records




Darley Dale (?): unlisted records

Darley Dale (?) photographic copies of 18th cent correspondence

20th cent


Derbyshire County Council: unlisted records

Accession of June 2013:

Further Education and Special Services sub-committee minutes, reports and correspondence, 1945-1954, including minutes, reports and correspondence for the Long Eaton and Beeston District Youth (formerly Juvenile) Employment Committee 1945-1949

Accession of March 2015: Public Relations Office - Files of press releases, 1969-2010, 3 files of press releases re OFSTED Reports, c1997-2004, 'Workforce' c2000-c2013, 'Derbyshire Insight'/'Derbyshire First' c2000-c2013, 'Governor' 1999-2005, Aerial photographs of County Hall, nd, other files ['Workforce' and 'Derbyshire...

20th-21st cent


Parish of Chesterfield Holy Trinity: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Mar 2019 - donated by a private individual who discovered them in the loft of his house in Brighton, which had previously been occupied by Revd Float. Three blank postcards featuring the church were offered to Local Studies, with a fourth depicting the west front of Beverley Minster offered to East Riding of Yorkshire Archives and Local Studies.

Certificates of Admission and Subscription for Revd Wilfred Float to the parish, 1922, with Parish Magazine, Dec 1923.

Revd Wilfrid Float was vicar at Holy Trinity Chesterfield, 19 Dec 1922-19 Apr 1925



Rowbottom & Co, Printers and Stationers of Alfreton: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Eagle Star Foundry, Belper (Smedley Bros): unlisted records

An interim list is available in our searchroom



Papers of Samuel Chambers Furmston

Accession of June 2018:

Curate licences 1879-1892;

correspondence between S C Furmston and E E Morris regarding Benefice and Curate accounts 1898-1900;

personal account mainly concerning lodgings whilst a student at Oxford [1870s];

receipted bills Oct 1919; and

Southwell Diocesan magazine vol 24 no.335, Feb 1916 containing an obituary for Revd. C S Furmston



Sparks Auctioneers / Marchant Brooks & Company

Full catalogue not available - please contact the Record Office for more information



Vernon E Allsop: unlisted records

Negatives (4 boxes)



Derby Diocesan Advisory Committee

Papers relating to various churches in the Diocese

[20th cent]


Derby Citizens Advice Bureau

Day books 1955-1978, accounts 1915-1954, tribunal case papers 1987-1989; papers & correspondence inc tribunals to Jan 1989, and other additional records



Copy map of Upper (Over) Haddon (1807)

For microform copy, see M851.

20th cent


Derby St Werburgh: unlisted records

2012 accession: Loose accounts of church disbursements and income including summaries of amounts paid out for the poor in the workhouse, 1733; poor rate assessment on occupiers of lands and houses (2 vols) 1739; Overseers' account book, recording payments made 1739-1740



Heanor Urban District Council: unlisted records

The following description is a summary of the unlisted material in the collection:

MoH reports 1911, 1921-1922, 1924-1926, 1928-1959, 1961-1963; report re drinking water samples 1906; wages books; Water, Sanitary and Highways committees minutes; rate books; water meter rentals; plans, correspondence and sale catalogues 20th cent; plans re sewage works, highways, street lighting, public conveniences and housing, 20th cent; valuation lists, poor rate assessments; bye-laws; burial ground regulations; Heanor enclosure award 1792 (c.1965 copy); Heanor Burial Board minutes 1856-1893; ledgers 1886...

19th-20th cent


Shirley tithe award & plan; deeds re property in Tenant Street, Derby 17th-18th cent; photograph albums re Berry Hill Colliery Ltd; other deeds & papers

Societies/Voluntary Asociations



A J Cash & Company, Wirksworth - mainly deeds re Wirksworth area; Hulland Ward enclosure award 1773


This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list



Staveley Ironworks - stores memorandum book 1865-1879, by-product account book 1939-1947, purchases ledger 1961-1969, trade catalogue c.1925

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list

19th-20th Cent


Parish of Edensor: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 14/11/2013 - Marriage registers 1981-2012, Service register 1961-2002



South Derbyshire Joint Planning committee

Minutes and correspondence 1934-1946, and other records

mid 20th cent.


Swanwick parish: unlisted records

2012 accession (unlisted): Annual meeting minutes 2004-2009, electoral rolls 2004-2009, financial records 1953-2009, stained-glass window correspondence 1921, fabric repairs and subsidence correspondence 1918-1969, parish profile late 20th Cent

20th-21st cent


Long Eaton Methodist Circuit: unlisted material

Accession of April 2014: Long Eaton Methodist Youth Club: Notes and ephemera relating to the Long Eaton Methodist Youth Club, inc photographs, historical notes, event programmes and editions of Long Eaton Methodist Youth Times 1950s-1960s

Accession of July 2017: Plans of services, Jul - Sep 1941, Apr - Jun 1953 and Jan - Mar 1958

20th cent


Diocese of Derby: deeds & papers re St Michaels House, Queen Street, Derby 1733-1891 and 2 items re St Michaels church

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list



West Hallam Parish Church: unlisted records

Feb 2015: Mapperley parish magazines 1903-1908, Dec 1958 - Dec 1965; West Hallam parish magazine notes 1940-1949; West Hallam and Mapperley parish magazines 1959-2014 (missing Apr 1980)

Mar 2015: West Hallam and Mapperley parish magazine, Apr 1980

Oct 2017: marriage registers Aug 2006-Jul 2016

Dec 2018: West Hallam and Mapperley parish magazine, 2015-2018



Photocopies and JM Bestall's notes re lay subsidies of 1520s; copy maps of Derbyshire inc Burdett's, and Sanderson's; various Chesterfield transcripts and historical notes




Papers of Canon H S O'Neill

Diaries and photographs, scrapbooks of 'Wireless Whispers' 1932-1933; autograph book; Derby Diocesan Council of Education papers; photographs and papers re Siam etc

20th cent.


Parish of Hognaston

Overseers of the Poor rate book, 22 Nov 1865



Parish of Sandiacre: unlisted records

Accession, Jun 2013: Confirmation register Nov 1959-Mar 1978, Banns of Marriage Sep 1977-Mar 1999 (3 vols), Registers of Marriage Apr 1970-Sep 1989 (2 vols), Registers of Services May 1977-Nov 2006 (5 vols), Register of burials Jul 1935-Dec 1950, Register of Baptisms Sep-Dec 1980, Record of baptisms Jun 1973-Oct 1981 where original register is lost, Register of Service after civil marriage Sep 1983-Aug 1986, Organ Fund Account Book Dec 1975-May 1980, Sunday School Account Book Jan 1958-Apr 1980, General Account Book Jan 1964-Dec 1974



Parish of Somersal Herbert: unlisted records

Accession Oct 2017: Banns Book, 1826-2016; notebooks containing index to pairsh register entries covering 1537-1719, c1880s (2 vols); Parochial Church Council minute book 1923-2005



Clowne Rural District Council: Unlisted records

2012 accession (not listed): minutes 1969-1974



Repton Rural District Council: unlisted records

Primarily consisting of material that was held in the Derby outstore. Where there are gaps in the numeric sequence of boxes, this is probably that they appear elsewhere in the catalogue, e.g under D1272/UL/BP



Parish of Little Eaton St Paul: Unlisted material

Parochial Church Council minutes 1978-2000; faculties 1998, 2001; orders of service, correspondence and pastoral orders, 20th cent.



H E Ward, solicitors, Chesterfield - correspondence & case papers, sale catalogues & deeds




Parish of Clowne

Poor Relief Assessments, Aug 1851 - Jul 1853



Brassington Parish Council: Unlisted Accessions

Unlisted accession, May 2019: Notes from Parish Council minutes, 1894-1931



R Orme Ltd, Bakewell records (grocers and wine merchants)


This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list



Friar Gate Unitarian Church, Derby: Unlisted material

Accession, May 2011:

Transcript book containing baptisms 1698-1999 and burials 1714, & 1793-2003

Chapel minute book 1937-1958, 1973-1999

Church minutes 1944-1945

Church Committee minute books 1880-1891, 1891-1906, 1906-1923, 1924-1944, 1944-1973

Trustees minute book 1890-1947

Trustees documents c.1898-1909

Congregation minute book 1863-1880

Secretary's report 1939

Annual reports and calendars 1908-1911, 1918, 1923, 1936, 1950s-1970s

Annual accounts book 1895-1932

Expenditure and Receipts Books 1884-1944

Financial statements 1895-1918, 1935, 1975, 1980s

Collection Journal 1922-1940




Buxton Baths: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Oct 2019: Record of Clinic Course Ticket Treatment Book, Jun 1935-Dec 1937. Records patient's name, dates of treatment, name of doctor, and amount paid. Details of treatment given in acronyms.



Blackwell Rural District Council: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



High Peak Borough Council and predecessors: Unlisted records

Accessions 1974-2010: Local authority records, including:

Chapel RDC Hayfield RDC and Chapel Union records; Boden Edge Highways Surveyors day book 1837-1840; Register of mortgages 1862-1971, Register of title deeds & documents 1870-1956; Chapel en le Frith RDC register of local land charges c.1950s-1960s; Glossop Borough Council papers re Mayors Gresford pit disaster fund 1934; Buxton Borough plan book 1871-1872; Title deeds correspondence etc re. Buxton waterworks c1897-1906 & other deeds re Buxton Corp Bill, Buxton Cemetery; Other miscellaneous records. Some of these records may not...



Ripley Urban District Council: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material:

Heage enclosure award and map 1771; minutes and building plans from 1890's; Register of War Charities; Local Tribunal minutes; Petty Sessions minute book 1879-1891; allotments register 1957-1963; Clerk's files; Register of disclosures and general notices by members 1934-1965; registers of dwelling houses (Rent and Mortgages Interest restrictions amendment Act 1933) Ripley 1933-1938, Heage 1933; Register of determinations of tribunal; Ripley UDC byelaws 1938-1973 (4 items); ledgers 1951-1967 (with gaps); financial statements book 1970-1974...



Matlock Urban District Council

Matlock UDC records, late 19th-mid 20th century, including:

Register of Charges (Receivable and Payable) [1930s];

General Accounts Ledger, 1900-1901 and 1940-1941;

Matlock Tithe Map and Award, 1848 and 1847;

Darley Dale Tithe Map, 1838;

Matlock Tramway Plans [1890s], and papers relating to the Matlock Cable Tramway including: invitation to opening banquet 1893, official programme of the opening 1893, and bye-laws and tramway order 1891, Matlock UD Tramways Act (Draft), 1899;

Deeds and estate papers relating to Riber, 1782-1891;

Plans and sections of water and sewage works, Nov 1897...

19th-20th cent


Derbyshire County Council Surveyors

Ashbourne RDC surveyors reports 1901-1933; highways wages books 1917-1934; surveyors cash books 1906-1930; surveyors day book 1929-1934; ledger 1934; letter books 1930-1932; road wages accounts 1930-1933; day wages account book 1930; estimates etc.



Number not used - previously referred to Derbyshire Education Committee: North-West Divisional Executive records




Bryan Elder, estate agents: records




[?Derbyshire] Electoral Registration Office

General election posters 1974; Maps, papers etc re electoral registration 1960s



Cromford: Wheatcrofts and predecessors, coal merchants: records


20th century


Medical Officer of Health

Medical Officer of Health reports and registers, various authorities - See Search room supervisor for interim list

20th cent


Shardlow/SE Derbyshire RDC: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material:

Agreements re drainage, etc 1895-1915;

Canal Boats Act - Register of Inspections, Apr 1907 - Aug 1931;

Contract book, May 1932 - Mar 1940;

Opinion, reports, plans, and other papers re the case of C Barker v SE Derbys RDC, 1943-1959;

Correspondence Files re: County Fire Brigade Committee, 1959-1962; Ladywood Farm, Dale Abbey/ Kirk Hallam, 1947-1954; & water undertaking - revision of charges 1946 (File 264); Derby Borough Extension no.1 (Feb - Dec 1926), no.2 (Jul 1926 - Nov 1928); Derby Town Planning Scheme - Chaddesden Park, 1929-1932...



Long Eaton Urban District Council: Unlisted records

Including this map is described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

Plan of the Hamlet of Sawley refered to by the Award to which it is annexed. 1787. Scale:1:2500 Size: 91 x 75 cm. Materials:parchment, damaged by folding right-hand side. Centred on: SK470314 Notes:attached to the award. Shows 800 acres, rivers Trent with old channel, Derwent, Erewash and Grand Trunk canals, roads and footways, houses in...



Belper Rural District Council

Public Health Inspectors diaries - 1970s; Belper UDC (UDC) Bill 1952; building regulation plans, registers of building regulation plans, various financial, rating and housing records 1918-1956; register of mortgages 1877-1921; general district accounts & balance sheet book 1958-1974; registers of new dwellings 1936-1951 & 1958-1974; rate books and other records of Belper RDC and its predecessor authorities - See search room supervisor for interim list

19th-20th cent.


Norman Gratton of Tideswell (1899-1982), Labour Party activist, Councillor and Alderman

Tape recording of interview with Alderman Norman Gratton 1974



Ilkeston Borough Council (Corporation of Ilkeston): unlisted records

See searchroom supervisor for interim list.

19th-20th cent


North East Derbyshire District Council

The following description is a summary collection level guide only:

Rural District Councils Association (Derbyshire Branch) minutes and correspondence

20th cent


Derbyshire County Council Mid Derbyshire Divisional Executive

Mid Derbyshire Divisional executive records, Somercotes Primary Schools managers minutes 1944-1977

20th cent.


Alfreton Urban District Council: unlisted records

Private street works final apportionment book 1927-1935; surveyors report book 1928-1938; surveyors report to the Survey & Public Health Committees 1950-1956; Letter book 1894-1896; County Council Electoral Divisions in Alfreton 1955 map; subject files; records of Amber Valley District Council; report on slaughterhouse facilities 1960; subject files; building plans and registers of building plans; plans re The Delves School, Swanwick; Declarations of acceptance of office 1939-1973; bye-laws, MoH reports; register of complaints to inspector of nuisances 1886-1904; ledgers 1951-1974; capital...

19th-20th cent


Belper Urban District Council: Unlisted records

This collection includes unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Smedley's Hydro, Matlock: unlisted material

Two bath books in the name of Mr. Wyatt-Paine (Index number 2114), Feb 1948 and Nov 1949; brochure [1937]



Derbyshire County Council Planning

Tapes regarding interviews regarding sub-regional study 1968- Arthur Latham



Derbyshire Archaeological Society




Diocesan Advisory Committee: unlisted material

August 1974 accession: general account book 1965-1971, annual statements of account 1968-1972, loose bills 1969-1972

October 2017 accession:

Brasses in St. John the Baptist Church, Tideswell, 1999; guidebook to Turnditch Church and associated papers 1977; paper against the removal of the font from Winshill St. Mark, 1983; report on ceiling repairs needed at St. John the Baptist Church, Matlock; report on the organ at St. Giles Church, Matlock; papers re St. John's Church, Matlock; paper on architectural drawings for the restoration of All Saints Church, Bakewell; papers on the closure of...



Matlock Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Dec 2011: Circuit Meeting minutes and related correspondence 1973-2001; General Purposes Committee minutes 1974-1976; Finance & General Purposes Committee minutes and related papers 1995-1996; Circuit Meeting minutes and related correspondence 2002-2004; Joint Meeting with Wirksworth Circuit 2005; Circuit Secretary's Manuscript book 2002, Circuit Management Committee Minutes 1989-1998; Staff and Stewards Meeting minutes 1995-2001; Family and Youth Worker papers 1998-2002; Leadership Team minutes 2002-2004; Finance Statements and related correspondence 1985-2002

Mar 2012: Minutes 1997...

20th cent


Knowles Family of Matlock: unlisted records

Accession of February 2017: Knowles family of Matlock: family papers, including family bible; lead-mining records including reckoning book for Masson Mine 18th-19th cent; papers relating to a silver band associated with local miners including manuscript music 19th cent; research papers into the Knowles family, 20th cent

18th-20th cent


Unlisted accessions

Unlisted accession, 2020.01: Minutes, May 2007-Mar 2019



Duffield Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession of August 2014: Parish Council Minutes, signed, 1993-2006



Bolsover Urban District Council: unlisted material

See search room supervisor for interim list

Accounts, Housing & building plans, Road and sewage, bye-laws, Pawn brokers Cert. Rate books; Effects of Alfred Wilkinson, Killed in World War I (includes bronze Memorial Plaque, also known as a Dead Man's Penny); Photographs; Tibshelf Inclosure plan & Award 1779

Unlisted accession, Jul 2012: byelaws



Mining Plans


19th-20th cent


Chesterfield Borough Council: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

An 1823 tax assessment from this collection is available on DVD/515

Accession of May 2015: electoral register and street index, 2002

Accession of June 2015: deeds and charters of Chesterfield Borough, 1226-1663. These items have been digitised and can be viewed via the computers at the record office. All deeds are in Latin unless otherwise stated

34) Wakes Charter, 1294 (mounted);- Agreement with William Brewer, 1226;- 90) dated 22 Jun, 46 Edw III [1372], with partial seal;- 1) dated 12...



Glass slides; OS maps; plan of deep hard coal workings in east Derbyshire; Ladies magazine 1794; Rees Cyclopedia Vol 4, 1820; Bartholomews Gazetteer 1904


19th-20th cent


West Derbyshire Conservative Association - records

including: records c.1912-1950s; pamphlets, leaflets & books, sales ledger A, press cuttings album, subject files 1960s-1973; pencil sketch of the old original Bakewell Pudding Shop by Michael Brooke-Taylor and 2 letters dated 1948; photograph of Aidan Crawley and leaflets/posters for the 1983 General Election Campaign; and F & GP minutes 1950-1974; Young Conservatives Divisional Council minutes 1968-1974; gramophone records of speech at Conference 1950; press cuttings 1975-1976; and campaign material, including posters.

20th cent


Papers and leaflets re anti common market campaign for a referendum

Political Parties/Groups



DCC Planning: Unlisted records

This collection contains a substantial amount of material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

Additional unlisted accession, 1983: Derbyshire County Council Digest, Vol 1, No. 1, Mar 1972 (an information summary published quarterly

Additional unlisted accession, Feb 2017: Residential and industrial land availability reports (printed) 1995-2002. With one Environment Agency consultation report on the Derbyshire Derwent Feb 1998 and a final report entitled Delivering Affordable Housing for Local Need in the Peak District prepared for Peak District Housing Forum...



Swadlincote Urban District Council: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Unlisted accessions

Unlisted accession, 2020.01: Minutes, Jan 2003-Mar 2019



Clay Cross Urban District Council

Minutes, burial requests 1891-1951, building regulation registers 1936-1968 (gaps) and building regulation plans c1900-1969, licensing and housing registers 1936-1974 (10 vols)

19th-20th cent


Matlock Musical Theatre (formerly Matlock and District Amateur Operatic Society): unlisted records

Accession of March 2019:

Programmes for productions of Rose Marie, Half a Sixpence and Oklahoma, both performed at The Pavilion, Matlock Bath in March 1969, March 1982 and March 1983 respectively.

[late 20th cent]


Coke, Turner & Company Mining Surveyors of Nottingham

OS maps, estate and sale plans, and plans of buildings, mines etc from Coke, Turner & Co. Mining Surveyors of Nottingham

19th-20th cent


Blockley collection: Deeds and other documents relating to Chesterfield and district: Unlisted records

This collection contains documents from the 1976 accession which remain unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

Further unlisted accessions:

Accession of Sep 2016: Wills, papers referring to the manors of Temple Normanton (including court books), Sutton-cum-Duckmanton and Calow, Dronfield, lead mining, and the Chesterfield Corporation; Volume listing Chesterfield Mayors from 1598, compiled in the 19th century, with cash account for a public house Jun 1934-Apr 1935; Cash Accounts for a public house, Apr 1940-Dec 1946

Accession of Oct 2016:

Volume of draft legal documents...



Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Feb 2017

Log Book, Jun 1963-May 1981; Managers Minutes, Nov 1951-May 1977; Newsletters (and letters to parents), Apr 2004-Jul 2010 (two bundles); Head Teacher's reports to managers/governors, 1971-1985; Board of Education returns, 1923, 1925-1927, with copy of reports 1917 and 1927

Pending appraisal: File regarding building projects, c2003-c2010; File regarding building alterations Oct 1984-Feb 1985; File relating to crossing patrol and crime survey in Bakewell, c1972-c1977; File regarding the tree and playground, 1982-1986; File regarding the playground fence, 1981...



Parish of Heanor: unlisted records

Accession, Apr 2013: Plans for the rebuilding of the church, 1978-1982; parish magazines 1887-1889, 1894-1900



Winster Methodist Church: unlisted records

Mar 2013: Trust Accounts, 1893-1943; Primitive Methodist Chapel Trust, 1909-1938; Apparatus Fund account, 1922-1924; Wesleyan Chapel Account Book, 1908-1938; Methodist Schoolroom Account from re-opening on 27 Oct 1938

Jan 2014: Organ records, 19th-20th cent



Ordnance Survey maps, 25-inch

Derbyshire maps, referenced:











Pastures Hospital (Derby County Lunatic Asylum): unlisted records

May 2012 Accession: Informal staff registers c1873-1960 (2 vols), photograph album 1900-1907, annual report 1947, guide to the Mental Health Act of 1959, written history of the institution c1971

Accession of Nov 2013: Female Admissions Registers Jul 1959 – Jun 1960, Jun 1962 – Sep 1963 & Oct 1964 – Feb 1966; Daily Report Book 1909 [Not available for public consultation]; Female Admissions Registers Jun 1960 – May 1961, May 1961 – Jun 1962, Sep 1963 – Jan 1965 & Sep 1974 – Dec 1975 [Not available for public consultation]; Autopsy Book (containing Post-Mortem examination reports), Jun 1971...

19th-20th cent


Ecclesiastical Dilapidations and Whittington Corn Rents Schedule

Also includes thirty-six Mandates for Induction of clergy, 1884-1930

Former references:

D1661/1 Whittington parish: award of corn rent, 1822

D1661/2 Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Act 1871: surveyor's reports, late 19th cent

This collection is currently uncatalogued; in the meantime, you can download an interim list as a document, from here.



Henry Fanshawe School, Dronfield: unlisted records

The Dronfeldian magazines 1964, 1966, 1967-1971 and 1973; Endowed, booklet celebrating the 400th Anniversary, containing a brief history of the school, 1968.

For copy, see CD/384



Parish of Taddington: unlisted material

Accession, Mar 2015:

7 Minute Books, Dec 1986 - Mar 2004; 2 log books, 1955-1992; 2 Cash Journals, 1991-1995; Annual Accounts for 1973, 1975-1983, 1985 & 1986; correspondence re major works undertaken in 1990 (phases 1 to 5); 2 letters from Ecclesiastical Commission 1947; Schedule of Pastrural Scheme for creation of new benefices, 1990; notice of intention to Institute 1992; Notice of Suspension of Presentation, 2006

Accession, Jul 2018

Papers regarding the stained glass East Window, acquired from St. Peter's Church, Birkenhead, Aug - Dec 1993; including a list of faculties granted to St...



Derbyshire: draft lead mine plans: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Butterley Company




Derwent Valley Co-op Society

Including shareholders dividend and contribution ledgers 1936-1967; invoice books 1965-1967; correspondence re liquidation 1970-1972; cash books; withdrawal book etc and Wirksworth Co-op Society correspondence files

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

20th cent


BBC Radio Derby programme tapes

Accession: 26 January 1977

51 tapes of “Face to Face”, 52 tapes of a programme on individual places around the County, 28 larger tapes of speeches and special events in Derby

Accession: 25 June 1981

26 tapes

Accession: 16 Dec 1983

44 tapes

Contents according to “new” list provided in 1981

• Face to Face – Eric dyer, Bill Trippet, Lesley Hayward, Cllr John Wilson, Myers Bergman, John Brittan, Alastair Tame, John Harvey Hopstroff Part 2, HJ Wain, Arthur G Ravensdale, Norman Wilson, Bill Wainwright, Arthur Keilly, Eddie Gothard, Edward Sheldon, Lew Tristam, John Hoptroff, Mrs Margaret...

20th Cent


Staveley Works Civil Defence Committee unsigned minutes 1951-1952; civil defence training files 1950-1957; publications re civil defence 1919-1950


20th Cent


Parish of Buxton St John the Baptist (later Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale): unlisted records

Accession of July 2015: Confirmation register 1957-1979; Banns register 1972-2008



St Anne's Church, Buxton (parish of Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale): unlisted records

Accession of July 2015: Service registers 1994-2002



St Mary's Church, Buxton (parish of Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale): unlisted records

Accession of July 2015: Baptism register 1949-2011; banns register 1970-1999



Derby Diocesan director of education

Records of Derbyshire Assoc. of Church Schools 1909-1961: Derby Archdiocesonal board of education 1899-1929: Derby Diocesan Council of Education 1931-1986, Conference Handbook for Parish offices 1983/4



Palmer-Morewood estate & family papers: Unlisted Material

The collection is unlisted.

Contains family, estate and personal records.


Derbyshire title deeds, manorial records, coal mining, family and household papers, chiefly 16th-20th cent;

Deeds, abstracts and wills relating to properties in Warwickshire, 1756-1817;

Deeds and associated papers relating to the Ascott Estate in Warwickshire, 1641-1859;

Deeds and related papers regarding properties in the parishes of Ladbroke and Southam [Warwickshire], 1595-1877

W. Palmer Morewood Esq. Rental book for the parishes of Ladbrooke [Ladbroke] and Chapel Ascote [Ascott], Warwickshire...



Deeds and estate papers re Mappleton & Thorpe (incl articles of the Mappleton & Okeover Association for the Prosecution of Felons 1818)

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Derbyshire Army Cadet Force

Derbyshire Army Cadet Force papers 1977-1999



Derbyshire County Council Planning

4 Maps of Coppice Colliery and Shipley Park 20th cent.

20th cent


Glass negatives by Miss Milligan of Cauldwell Hall (family/local views) (354 negs). The originals have been withdrawn, but copies (prints) are available.




Pre registration title deeds


This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Longford Parochial School photographs





OS Maps - with Catalogue 1993

19th-20th cent.


Short History of Trinity College, Brackenfield; service sheets to be used at pilgrimage to the ruins of Trinity Chapel




Brailsford and Ednaston Jubilee celebrations report




Parish of Morley: Unlisted accessions

Jul 2013: PCC minutes 1918-1994; Quinquennial reports 1960-2005; Inventory and terrier 1938-1975; Licensing orders of service 1987-2007; booklet re Statham Book of Hours; list of Rectors c1902; photographs and illustrations of church c1900; parish magazines 1910-1977; miscellaneous correspondence c1784-1980

Sep 2018: Marriage registers Aug 2005-Sep 2010; Oct 2010-Jul 2015 (2 vols)



Newspaper cuttings, souvenir booklets etc re Derbyshire history, royal events and other special occasions




Upper Heage Junior School




Derby All Saints Church: history by Mrs Margaret Mallender




Chesterfield Borough boundary report, 19th cent: notes on visit to Bugsworth complex of Peak Forest Canal and Railway,1966


19th cent; 1966


Cavendish Girls school

2 Samplers, Map of British Isles by Gerald Merchor, Map of "Mare Germanicum De Noors Zee" By L Ronred (N.Sea, B. Isles and parts of continent)

[19th-20th cent]


Hatfield of Wirksworth family history

Family, Estate, Personal



Bolsover & Staveley Methodist Circuit and predecessors: unlisted records

Nov 2009: Property meeting minutes and reports, 1995-2002

Oct 2013: QIR reports, correspondence and programmes for various churches, 2000-2010; Circuit property minutes 1998-2010; Planning appeal for Staveley Methodist Church 2008-2009; Annual Financial and Property returns 2000-2009; Papers re sale of churches and manses 2000-2009; other

Jan 2016 (1): Church Council minutes, May 1995 - Feb 2000, Jul & Oct 2001; Annual Accounts, 1995 - 2011; Bill of Quantities for a proposed new church on Chesterfield Road, Staveley for the Trustees of Staveley Methodist Church, May 1972; Property...



St. Paul's Church, Hasland: unlisted records

Accession of March 2016: Poster 'The Cattle Plague - Day of Humiliation', 7 Mar 1866; Register of Services, 2009-2015; Photographs of church interior, c1982 (five items) - prior to 1982 refurbishment; Copy. Floor Plans, 1850, 1866, 1978.

Accession of February 2018: Parochial Church Council account books 1947-1949, 1949-1956, 1957-1963, 1963-1969 and 1969-1975.



Shipley Collieries Ltd

Plan of workings in the roof coal at Heanor and Marlpool



Darley Family Pedigree from 1066




Political books & pamphlets

Political Parties/Groups



Percival Cook and James Tomlinson: Confession to burglary




Osmaston estate & Walker family papers: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Bryan Donkin: unlisted material

Accessions from 1977-2006: business records of Bryan Donkin and Bryan Donkin Ltd, 19th-20th cent (c33 boxes - see entries D1851/BOX/1-33 for provisional information)

Accession, Jan 2014: Letter book of Edwin Bryan Donkin 1884-c1897; printed description of Rateau exhauster 1917; photograph of exhibition stand, mid-20th cent

Accession, Oct 2019: W. C. Holmes & Co. Ltd product catalogue, c1930s; machinery, product and employee photographs c1970s-c1980s, including several digitised items on CD, 'The Waller Story: one hundred years of industrial progress', c1971 with printouts from Grace Guide...

19th-20th cent


Wingerworth Iron Company




C. Smith of Weston on Trent




Heanor Grammar School




Peak Methodist Circuit: unlisted accessions

Dec 2011: Circuit Plan, Jan - Apr 1895

Aug 2014: Manses Property Committee: Minute Book 1974-1995; Minutes 1995-2008, signed; Bakewell Manse photographs and papers, including plans, relating to alterations 1999-2000; Committee papers relating to matters including maintenance, finance and quinquennial inspections 1991-2010

Expenses Book for quarterly plans sent to churches in the circuit, with list of contacts, 1965-1980

Oct 2014: Manses Property Committee: Hathersage Manse plans and specifications, 1991, with related papers; Bradwell Manse property mainenance summary, radon survey and...

20th cent


Coke family of Brookhill in the parish of Pinxton: estate, family, legal and personal papers

This collection is classed as unlisted because it has never been satisfactorily catalogued. There is, however, an interim list describing the collection, which can be used with caution - although it is known to be flawed. The interim list is attached to this catalogue entry.

The collection includes papers of Sir William Coke, Chief Justice of Ceylon c1809-1921; Australian diary of Lieut. W S Coke, 1827; letters from army barracks abroad, 1824-1828; South African journal including farm accounts,1831-1834; log books of two ships, 1828, 1835; title deeds Derby, Pinxton, Yeaveley and...

16th-20th cent


Copies of Mapperley Colliery Company leases


20th Cent


Matlock Bridge railway station: unlisted records

Mar 2013: Tonnage Receipts and correspondence



Parish of Brailsford and Ednaston: unlisted records

Accession of April 2015: Parochial Church Council minutes 1921-2006 (some gaps); terriers and other property/building records inc seating plan, papers re bells, faculties for alterations and improvements 19th-20th cent; financial records inc re bequests, tithes, mortgage, 19th-20th cent; plan of the church 1803; other records

Accession of November 2016: Copy general register, 1695-1742



Ilkeston Borough Council

Ledgers, balance sheets, valuation lists, wages books c1900-1939, maps re Local Government Act 1933 building regulation registers 1889-1923 (4 volumes) - See Search room supervisor for Interim list

19th-20th cent


Printing account books 1930s-1960s ?Bemrose




St Helen's Darley: unlisted records

Accession of July 2016: Plan of proposed improvements by Henry Isaac Stevens 1853, tracing of plan of church [early 20th cent], fundraising appeal leaflet including artist's impression of proposed new church and Sunday School for Darley 1910



Stanton in the Peak Parish Council: unlisted material

Signed Minutes December 2010 to March 2016



Licensing Registers for Derby & South Derbyshire, Alfreton & Belper; Ashbourne and Ilkeston

(Acc No.: 3930), including:

Alfreton & Belper Gaming Act 1968 Register of Premises

Ilkeston Register of Licences

Derby Register of Licences

Ilkeston Gaming Act 1968 Register of Certificates, Licences and Permits

Alfreton & Belper Register of Licences

Derby & South Derbyshire Register of Licences

Ilkeston Register of Licences

Ilkeston Register of 'Dead' Licences

Alfreton & Belper Register of Licences

Register of Licensed Premises: Ashbourne A-Z

Derby Club Register

Derby Register of Licences A-E

Derby Register of Licences F-N

Derby Register of Licences O-Z

Derby Register of Off Licences A...

[20th cent.]


Chesterfield Archaeological Research Committee: a member's personal papers


20th Cent


Parish of Bamford and Derwent St John the Baptist: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2019

Documents regarding: organ renovation/tuning, 1958 and 1978; Eyre's charity, 1948-9; original cost of church building and establishment of the parish, 1860; making the Lady Chapel, 1938; registration of Andrew Barnes as patron of Bamford, 1988; formation of Grindleford Parish, 2007; Incorporated Church Building Soc, 1965-66; Rose Window conservation report, 1995; Rose Window post conservation report, 1997; Transfer of Derwent Woodland Glebe to Bamford Benefice, 1938; Conveyance (copy) of church hall land to Derby Diocese, 1934; moving graves from Derwent to Bamford on...



New Bolsover Primary School: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2016: Governors' papers consisting of minutes, correspondence, finance meeting notes, reports including Governors' reports, annual reports and reports of headteachers, policy documents, newsheets



Deeds re land at Pilsley


19th Cent


Ashwell & Nesbit Ltd, heating and ventilation engineers, Leicester

Plans of heating, plumbing and drainage installations in factories, mills etc. in Derbyshire, 20th cent

20th Cent


Parish of Bakewell: unlisted material

April 2014 accession: Service registers 1984-2012, parish magazines 1920-1936 (1 vol), faculties and other church administrative papers 1950s-1980s

May 2017 accession: Late 20th-century parish treasurer's papers including annual accounts 1986-1998 and files on church fabric, garden parties/events, and parish property/assets including quinquennial inspection reports



Parish of Kirk Ireton: unlisted records

Accession of September 2014: World War I roll of honour for Kirk Ireton c1918; programme for World War I commemorative event, May 2014; sound recording of same event, May 2014 (see CD/340)



Derbyshire County Council Education Department

Closed School organisation files 20th Cent. Primary and secondary school organisation files 1903-1973. Development plans and other material relating to Derbyshire schools and colleges - See Search Room Supervisor for Interim List

This collection has been re-accessioned to DCC, and is currently in the process of being catalogued, Sep 2017

19th-20th cent


N E Derbyshire D.C.: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Derbyshire County Council Personnel and Employment: Unlisted Records

Draft minutes, reports, agendas, members attendance lists, some working papers re Salaries and Establishment Committee. All files are primarily concerned with grading, appointments, staffing and grading appeals.



Unlisted accessions

Unlisted Accession.11.2018: Registers of baptisms May 1868-Jul 1947, Oct 1947-May 1991; Register of Banns Mar 1926-2008; Registers of Burials May 1868-Jan 1918, Feb 1919-Mar 1986; Registers of Marriage Jan 1870-Nov 1981, Jul 1982-Jul 1986, Aug 1986-Sep 1989, May 1990-May 1999, May 1999-Dec 2008, Jul 2009-Dec 2014; Registers of Services Jan 1974-Aug 1984, Aug 1984-Apr 2011, Registers of Services (Thanksgiving for the gift of a child) 2001; file of correspondence re various subjects including churchyard, Diocesan Council, Midsummer Market, Parish Walk, charities, alterations to church c1995...



Glossop Poor Law Union: unlisted records

Accession, Sep 2018: Printed Minutes, 1921-1929



Derby District Valuation Office, Inland Revenue

Duties on land values records - provisional valuation forms and amendment forms and associated documents c.1911-1916 re South Derbyshire District, City of Derby and Borough of Erewash



Parish of Mugginton: unlisted records

Unlisted Accession, Mar 2009:

Parochial Church Council minutes 1964-1989; correspondence files (to be appraised), 20th cent

Unlisted Accession, Oct 2016:

Minute book, 1989-2003 including some loose Treasurers reports

Records relating to faculties, Interregnum 2003, Restoration, Halter Devil Trust Document, Results of Election, Closure of the Church Yard letter, Map of the alteration of Parish areas, Letter regarding support for Bell repair, Minutes of meetings and drawings of roof repairs 2002, Electoral Roll

Unlisted accession, Dec 2019:

Parochial Church Council: Annual Accounts/Reports...



Derbyshire County Council Estates Department

Valuation and Agreement re Ashe Hall, Etwall 1940-1941;

St. Christopher's Railway Orphanage, Derby - site plans and photographs [20th cent];

Plans of the Railway Servants Orphanage, Derby 1884 and [c1934];

Ordnance Survey maps covering Coton on the Hill and Boyleston, Church Broughton District, Melbourne District, Risley District and Wingerworth [20th cent];

May 1988 accession: 6" Ordnance Survey maps for Barton Blount and Sutton on the Hill, Broadholme Farm, Belper, Boyleston, Rolleston, the Melbourne Estate, Shaw House, Derby Hill House Farm and Stanton Barns Farm, all Melbourne, Sutton...

19th-20th cent


South Normanton Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession of January 2016:

1. Collecting and Deposit Book 1934 to 1986

2. Minutes and other notes - October 1921 April 1982

3. Minutes and Accounts - June 1986 to March 1989

4. Minutes and Accounts - April 1989 to March 1992

5. Minutes and Accounts - April 1992 to March 1995

6. Minutes, Accounts and Reports - April 1995 to March 1997

7. Minutes and Documents - April 2000 to March 2001

8. Minutes and Documents - April 2002 to March 2003

9. Minutes and Documents - April 2003 to March 2004

10. Minutes and Documents - April 2004 to March 2005

11. Minutes and Documents - April 2005 to March 2006...



Peak Park Planning Board

Land Use survey and maps c.1949. Plans of Manchester-Derby section of Midland Railway and other papers relating to the Peak National Park - See Search Room Supervisor for interim list

20th Cent


Notes & pedigrees - Barker/Pilkington families

Family, Estate, Personal



Unidentified personal accounts




Ripley Methodist Circuit: Unlisted accessions

Jul 2011: Alfreton (and South Normanton) Methodist Circuit: Methodist Missionary Society minutes 1924-1994

Jan 2012: Annual Synod Souvenir Handout, 1930

Feb 2012: Manse Trustees minute book 1975-1976; 9 Circuit plans Jul 2008 - Aug 2010

Nov 2013; Re-Accessioned,May 2014: Somercotes WM Chapel minutes 1878 - 1939, Band of Hope minutes 1895-1900

Apr 2015: Circuit Women's Network Minutes 1972-2009

Sep 2015: Local Preachers Minutes, Mar 1981-Jun 2010; Registers of Deeds (2 vols)

Jun 2016: Ripley Circuit (Ebenezer): Preachers' Plans, Apr-Jul and Jul-Oct 1938; Ripley Circuit: Plan of...



Parish of Ambergate St Anne: Unlisted material

Accession, Oct 2013

Including Parochial Church Council minutes, service registers (inc St Mary's, Sawmills), inspection reports, Sunday School register



Parish of Saints Peter & Paul, Duckmanton

Accession of Aug 2014:

Duckmanton, church of St Peter and St Paul: marriage register 1969-2009

Accession of Jan 2016:

Duckmanton, church of St Peter and St Paul:

Register of Services 24 May 1992-31 March 2013; Register of Banns of Marriage 1 February 1981-16 September 2011

Accession of Nov 2016:

Three Cathedral Analysis books, 1999-2002, 2001-2004, 2005- Dec 2011;

Year End reports 1987-2012;

Ecclesiastical Insurance papers 2007-2013;

papers dealing with sale of the church building of Saints Peter & Paul 2016;

Faculty, 6 Jul 2007

Jul 2012:

Agreements 1921-1922; deed 1974; Act for...



Ordnance Survey Maps

OS Maps 6" and 25"scales



Parish Of Whitfield: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 17/05/2011 - Church Institute service register 1916-1930, Parochial Church Council minutes 1922-1927, pew rental book early 20th Cent



Standing Conference for Local History: Local History papers submitted to the Blake Committee

Papers submitted to the Blake Committee on Local history 1978 and Chesterfield household data sheets



Selston Methodist Chapel, Nottinghamshire: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Selston Middle Chapel: Young People's Fellowship register 1956-1958, Annual General Meeting minutes 1937-1971, Pulpit Notices 1991-2001



Slides (60) re Ashover c.1978




Bethesda Methodist Church, Codnor

2 collection journals 1973-2008; Ladies Bright Hour minute book, 1963-1991; Church Notice books1988, 2008-2013; Envelope Fund accounts 1998-2002; and assorted papers, including registration papers for the Church, 1875

Accession of June 2019:

Church Notices and Diary, 2013 - 2017; Brief History of the Church [20th cent]; Community Roll, Oct 2010 (Not available for general consultation); Pastoral Groups members registers, 1997 - 2005 (Not available for general consultation); Take Thought for Tomorrow Course papers, Sep 1996; Minutes and Reports, 2004 - 2009



Ordnance Survey Maps

OS 25" Maps, marked up



Diocese of Derby: unlisted records

The Kedleston Series Vol 1: Kedleston Church, an account, historical, descriptive and archaeological by the Marquess Curzon of Kedleston, K.G.

including the following illustrations:

Plan of church, 1913; inscriptions and armas in church, 1611; church and churchyard, 1869; the church, 1885; recumbent church, 1885; recumbent effigy in chancel, 1915; east end and sanctuary, 1915; chancel and crossing, 1869; north transept and organ, 1915; monuments in south transept, 1869; tomb of John and Joan Curzon, south transept, 1921; screen of memorial chapel, 1913; monument of Lord and Lady Curzon of...



Parish of Pleasley St Michael

3 Rolls of positive microfilm of Pleasley Anglican Parish records, made 1963



Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust

Unlisted records, including:

Memorandum & Articles of Association 1974; list of buildings neglected; schedule of works for blacksmith's shop, Dale End, Wirksworth; proposals & specifications for Old Hop, The Dale, Wirksworth; Specification for Ryde's Garage, Dale End

20th Cent


Ordnance Survey Map

OS map 6" 1st ed Hartington



Derbyshire Record Office: Negatives of portions of other collections already held at DRO

See Search Room Supervisor for interim list

This unlisted collection includes a photocopy of a map described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

Copy 'Plan of Roads and crossroads between Rowsley Bridge and the Cross Post on Wirksworth Moor'. [1759]. Surveyor: [J.H.Railton]. Scale: of 1700 yards [1:13600] Size: 3 sheets each 42 x 59 cm. Materials: [ink on paper, colour for roads and rivers]. Notes: north at...



Unlisted material

Unlisted Accession, Aug 2016: Sep 1998 - Jul 2005, Sep 2005 - Jul 2008 and Jul 2008 - Jul 2010

Unlisted Accession, Jan 2017: Two volumes of 20th century scrapbooks containing original parish records, 17th-20th century. Including overseers accounts 1721, constables accounts 1828, Heathcotes estate survey 1783, faculties, convenyances. These scrapbooks were apparently created by the parish and lent to a private individual c1975 while she was delivering a local history course in Bakewell. They were donated in January 2017.



Brailsford & District Ploughing and Hedgecutting Society: unlisted records

Accession of January 2014: Programmes: 1948, 2007, 2008, 2011

Accession of December 2018:

Programme and Schedule for the Annual Match, 2018; Experts in Their Field: Brailsford Ploughing & Hedgecutting Society Match Results for 1895-2016, published book 2017



Parish of Newbold: unlisted records

Accession of Dec 2016: Volume containing Surveyor of the Highways Accounts 1816-1838, followed by Vestry minutes 1841-1880

19th cent


Parish of Duffield St Alkmund: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Jul 2017

Marriage registers: Aug 1986-Jul 1991; Aug 1991-Sep 1997; Jan 1998-Aug 2001; Aug 2001-Jul 2005; Aug 2005-Apr 2009; May 2009-Jun 2012



Derbyshire Record Office

Oral History tape recordings

20th cent


Parish of Monyash, St Leonard: unlisted records

Unlisted donation, Nov 2013: Overseer of the Poor Account Book, Apr 1823 - Apr 1826



Unlisted Accession: 08, 2018

Parish Council minute books, Mar 1973-Oct 1979, Jan 1985-Sept 1989, Nov 1989-Mar 1993, Apr 1993-Feb 1997, Mar 1997-Apr 2001, Jun 2001-Jan 2003; Terrier, 1946; Covenant between St Matthew's and the Methodist Chuch of St John, Hayfield, Jul 2006; examples of Orders of Service from the Incumbency of Rev. Hilary Edgerton, 2000-2016; parish magazine "St Matthew's Church and Hayfield Community News", Apr-Jun, Nov 2009, Apr-Jun, Oct-Nov 2010, Apr 2013



Parish of Brampton St. Thomas

Accession of April 2010

Maps and plans, PCC minutes and correspondence, account ledgers and other financial papers, Holymoorside register of service, St Mark's correpondence and other papers, Rural Deanery minutes and accounts, other, 20th cent. Note some items from this accession have been catalogued

Accession of July 2013

Record of grave locations c1845-c1862; Choir attendance registers 1970-1977; PCC attendance register 1964-1978; Church plans; Terrier 1909; Bundles labelled Church land, Church Hall proposals, Faculties 1950-1959, 1970-1979, Accounts 1926-1941 and Faculties 1919-1939...



Parish of Glossop: Unlisted material

Accession, 2011: Overseers of the Poor vestry minutes 1882-1895; building plans, 20th cent

Accession, Jan 2012: Correspondence re Vicarage dilapidations c1920-1928; account books 1929-1935



Papers of R W P Cockerton




Litton Vestry and Parish Council records: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Jan 2018

Litton Enclosure Map, 1748



Map of South Wingfield

Map of S. Winfield Parks copied from Nuttals survey of 1829

19th cent


Estate papers




Derbyshire County Council: Clerk's Department

files re Local Government Boundary Commission, 1972-1976 & Royal Commission on Local Government 1965-1966, subject files, Chesterfield Public Inquiry papers 1967-1968, Various files including reports to committees 1960s-1970s; Police Committee file and County and Borough Constabulary Force Crest 1968-1974; Derby County Borough book of unused OAP meal vouchers, mid 20th Cent



Parish of Wilne and Draycott: unlisted records

Accession of Jul 2016: Parochial Church Council: Minutes, May 1993-Jan 1995, Mar 1995-Mar 2004; Annual Accounts 1992-1994, 1996; APCM Chairman's Reports, 1993-1997

Wilne Terrier and Inventory, 1908, 1935; Friends of St Chad's newsletter, c1991; Quinquennial Inspection Reports, 1958, 1976, 1990, 1996; Faculties, 1975-1999 (7 items); Copy report relating to the Church, 1990; Tithe Map and Award, 1847-1848; Papers and files relating to works undertaken on the church, including on the organ, porch, roof, stained glass, and other projects, including correspondence and specifications (further...

19th-20th cent


New Whittington St Bartholomew's Parish: unlisted records

Accession of September 2018: 4 Marriage registers Dec 1977 - Jul 1989, Aug 1989 - Jun 2009, Aug 2009 - Apr 2015, May 2015 - Aug 2017; 4 Burial registers Apr 1928 - Feb 1945, Feb 1945 - Jun 1962, Jun 1962- Oct 1980, Jan 1993 - Mar 1998



Barrow and Twyford parish: unlisted records

Accession of 2003: 20th cent map of Barrow & Twyford Parish boundary changes

20th cent


Hurt family of Alderwasley: unlisted records

Under D1056 there were 11 boxes, labelled A-J and 'Additional May 1977, 1985'. It appears that the first nine boxes were re-listed under D2535/M/20-28 (although no documents are numbered, and a thorough check has not been made). It is possible that Box J and the box of additions were not re-listed at the same time, or it could be that there contents are incorporated within D2535 and specific details have not yet been identified

Becky Sheldon, 16 Nov 2018



Derbyshire Schools resources centre, Derby

Photographs of school libraries, 20th cent



Aldercar Chapel of Ease: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/10/2010 - service register 1970-1998; members' meeting minutes 1990-2010, Joint Church council minutes 1990-1995, Parish Church Council minutes 1969-1983, other 20th Cent administrative papers; fabric papers inc quinquennial inspection reports 1983, 1993 and 1999, various faculties late 20th Cent; burial ground papers inc plan and index to burial plots c1905-1930s



Derby South Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of October 2014: Youth Council and Executive Minute book, 1955-1981

20th cent


Photographs of coal projector at Hindlow Kiln, Buxton owned by ICI, and bundle of drawings




St. Mark's Church, Belper: unlisted records

Accession of November 2016:

Choir Funds account book, 1935-1963; and

four photographs of:

the interior of St. Mark's Church [20th cent.];

Rev Robert Hey, vicar of St. Peter's Parish, Belper, 1878;

Rev. F. A. Friend (curate of St. Peter's Church, Belper who took services at St. Mark's Church) [late 19th cent.]; and

an unidentified clergyman [late 19th cent.]



The Abbey of the Holy Ghost

Microfilm of 'The Abbey of the Holy Ghost', a medieval book of religious meditations

20th cent


Nottinghamshire Libraries: Lantern slides taken by a Mr Marshall, mainly in the 1920's-1930's




Taddington Educational Foundation: unlisted records

Accessions of Mar 1983 (formerly of the practice papers of Keith V Malkin and Co, Bakewell, and predecessors in practice, Messrs Brooke-Taylor)

- Title deeds 17th-20th centuries

- Bundle of deeds and papers relating to the Trustees of the Taddington Educational Foundation, c.1795-1929



North East Derbyshire educational records: unlisted accessions

1st accession (1983) provisionally includes:

Borough of Chesterfield education committee minutes 1920-1974, comprising signed volumes covering 1920-1923, 1923-1927, 1927-1931, 1931-1937, 1937-1947, 1947-1954 (acting as Divisional Executive for Chesterfield Borough from 1953), 1954-1963, 1963-1970, 1970-1974.

Signed North East Derbyshire Divisional Executive minutes 1945-1952, 1964-1965

Chesterfield Youth Centre Management Committee minutes 1961-1967

Advisory Committee 1921-1945

Chesterfield Education Committee: records including registers of teachers 1877-1927 and c1888-1928, newspaper...

19th-20th cent


Whitworth Show Committee

Accession, 1983

Show correspondence 1968-1980, working papers concerning centenary celebrations 1987, Copy Whitworth Institute Management Committee file, Mar 1977-Nov 1982, including accounts, Programmes for Show, 1983 and 1986-1988, other

Accession, Aug 2004

Income and expenditure statements of accounts, as 31 Oct 1981-1988, 1990 and 1991; Cash account book, Nov 1972-Oct 1982, Cash account book, Nov 1982-Oct 1986; Committee minutes files 1982-1986; Programmes for Show, 1983-1984 and 1986-1988



Fletcher & Stewart Ltd, Derby: manufacturing records

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

20th Cent


Parish of Wingerworth All Saints: unlisted records

Accession Mar 2019: Programme for a performance of Handel's Messiah by Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus, part of a week of festivity following the dedication of the new Church Extension, 9 Jun 1964



ICI Mond business records, including Buxton Lime Firms


19th-20th Cent


Derby (Derwent) Methodist Mission Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of July 2011: minutes and accounts 1990s-2000s

Accession of October 2013: Circuit minutes 2007-2008

Accession of August 2016: Circuit plan, Apr - Jul 1947



Typescript notes on the earlier years of the Taylor family, Bakewell, 1799-1904

Family, Estate, Personal

20th Cent


Matlock Bank parish: unlisted records

Aug 2011: Annual Parochial Church meetings minutes 1985-2006, correspondence 1984-2006 and reports 1999-2006; Parochial Church Council minutes 1995-2005, and correspondence 1993-2003; correspondence regarding faculties 1999-2001

Feb 2013: Parish magazines, 2011-2012

Jan 2017: Registers of Service, 2001-2007, 2007-2012; Registers of Marriages 2000-2008; 2009-2012, 2012-2015

Mar 2017: Parish magazines, 2015-2016

Jan 2020: Parish magazines, 2017-2019



Riber deeds: unlisted records

Accession of Sep 2015: Title deeds relating to Low Leas Farm, Riber, Matlock, 1908-1966

Accession of Mar 2016:

Tracing of plan of the land in question with the old field numbers, nd; Copy of Admittance of Richard Arkwright Esq to a field called Johnson's Croft adjacent to Littlemoor Lane, formerly part of Littlemoor Farm, 17 Jun 1801; Surrender and Admittance by Frederic Charles Arkwright Esq to Mrs S.A. Steeples a field called Johnson's Croft adjacent to Littlemoor Lane, formerly part of Littlemoor Farm, 29 Mar 1919; Abstract of the Title of F.C. Arkwright Esq to a field called Johnson's...

19th-20th cent


Philip Riden: diaries




Probate papers re Hobson family, 20th cent




Hunloke family estate, Wingerworth - Barnes Estate, Dronfield, Ripley etc.




Mrs W Shepherd

Tape recording of life story of Mrs W Shepherd



Shipton Hallewell & Company, Solicitors

Finance records 1880-1954 (4 volumes); client papers 17th-20th century

17th-20th Cent


Glass plates, showing Ambergate area, inc Hurt Arms


19th-20th Cent


Charity Commission: unlisted records

Accession of Apr 2016: deeds and trustees records relating to Chesterfield United Charities (formerly Chesterfield Municipal Charities), 1938 and Parish Lands and Henry Inman Charity, Eckington, 1894

Accession of Aug 2016: Rowland Exhibition Foundation, Mickleover: Tithe Redemption Commission Appointment of Trustees, 8 Sep 1937



Parish of Littleover St Peter: Unlisted records

Accession of February 2020:

Marriage registers, 1979- 1985, 1985-1992 and 1992-2000; Banns registers, 1990-1998 and 1998-2003; Register of Burials, Dec 1963- Jan 1987; Services register, April 2001 - 30 Dec 2007 and Jan 2008 –April 2014

Choir register;

Enclosure Plan, Award and Act 1766;

Parochial Church Council: Minutes, 1920-1998, 2002-2015; Annual meeting minutes, 1986-2013; PCC papers; Vestry and Annual Parish Council Meetings reports 2010-2013

War Memorial deeds, plans, details, etc.;

Littleover Athletic Association papers

Littleover School account records; Church plans, extensions...



Papers of Rev J Tranter

Family, Estate, Personal



South Derbyshire Methodist Circuit: Unlisted material

Accession, Aug 2010: Accounts, 1873-1891

Accession, Aug 2018 (further appraisal required):

- Circuit Meeting Minutes: Sep 1990-Jun 2003 (with minutes of special meeting, Apr 1990 and minutes of general purposes committee, Feb 1990-Feb 1994); Sep 2003-Aug 2008 (with papers including Circuit Review Jun 2008); Sep 2008-Dec 2012 (with papers); Jun 2012-Sep 2014

- Lists of circuit appointments/members, Jul 1999-Aug 2003 (found with circuit minutes, 1990-2003)

- General Purposes Committee Minutes, Nov 1970-Sep 1989

- Education and Youth Committee minutes and papers, Nov 1983-May 2006

- Circuit...



Chesterfield Poor Law Union: unlisted records

Provisions, Receipts and Consumption Book - Summary and Balances, Midsummer 1907 - Lady Day 1909



Birk Hill Infants School, Eckington: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Feb 2019 (pending appraisal): Governors Minutes 2008-2010, with minutes and papers of Teaching and Learning Committee, 2005-2011, Resource Management Committee, 2009-2012 and Audit papers, 2009



Aston on Trent Primary School

Building plans and Bills of Quantities, instructions for architect and minutes of site meetings, Nov 1982; OFSTED action plans 2004



Belper Constituency Labour Party

Minutes and papers c.1940-1970s



Edale miscellanea

Fox and Shirt families:

- Farm and personal accounts, 1730-1900; Edale Head Shooting Club rules and regulations; concert programmes 1899; specifications for a bridge at Upper Booth, 1837;

- George William Shirt: deeds and case papers re the sale to the Midland Railway (Dore and Chinley) 1890 and to the right of road at Edale, 1890-1894;

- Farming and provision account books, 1872-1896 (2 vols).

- Mourning cards 1860-1920, for members of the Carrington, Lowe, Shirt and Tym families

Miss A. Tym: Edale Services Comforts' Fund papers, 1940-1945; Collectors accounts (10 vols); Receipts books...

[18th-20th cent]


Mining deeds: Photocopies of deed re mine etc at Hassop nd; 14th cent deed re mining near Roland Outrake's with transcript and translation


20th cent


Markham & Company Engineering Drawings




Unidentified legal practice: Client papers




Deeds re properties in Wirksworth 17th-20th cent


17th-20th cent


Eyam Parish Council: Unlisted records

Accession, May 2011

Correspondence, plans and other papers re redevelopment of former Glebe Mine, and transfer of access rights to land at Water Lane

Accession, Oct 2018

Minutes, Mar 2015 - Mar 2016, building plans [2010s]



Forman family: Bundle of papers re interest of Mr M E Forman under wills of Mrs S Forman and Mr R Forman 1927-1936, 1946-1947




Glass slides re Derbyshire churches




Hubbard Brothers (Decoators) financial and other records




C H Reedman and R H Moss: unlisted records

Accession of Jan 1983 (2 boxes) 1344/3 1344/4

Accession of Feb 1993 (9 boxes) 2056/2 2057/1 2057/2 2063/1 2063/2 2064/1 2064/2 2065/1 2065/2

Accession of Jan 1996 (1 box) 2057/1

Accession of Dec 1996 (1 box) 2069/2

20th cent


Deeds & correspondence re Darley Dale 1818-1900; Deeds re Wirksworth 1739-1932


18th-20th Cent


Volume of accounts chiefly re sale of plants and seeds 1859, 1866-1898


19th Cent


Derby East Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of October 2014: Division of Ministries minute books 1985-2006; records re events, training and outings organised by Ministries Committee 1980s-2007, various reports 1995/6 and 2005

20th-21st cent


Wirksworth Local Board: unlisted records

Unlisted records, including:

D2962 unlisted map 1: 1836 map of the township of Wirksworth. Dimensions approx 100 x 100 cm. Scale approx 1 1/2 inches: 10 chains

Red edging describes the property comprised within the Manor of Wirksworth. Yellow edging describes the property comprised within the Dean of Lincoln's manor. Green edging describes freehold property. The red numbers refer to and correspond with the numbers on the Wirksworth enclosure award.

Orientation: top of plan is north-by-northwest. For copy, see CD/348



Derbyshire Dales, formerly West Derbyshire, District Council

Building plans; Financial records and correspondence files of Ashbourne UDC and predecessor authorities 19th-20th cent; District Appraisal for the area outside the Peak District National Park 1974; Draft Matlock Bath & Matlock Dale Conservation Areas appraisal 1977; Proposed General Improvement Area, The Dale, Wirksworth - report 1978; Plan for a Feasibility Study etc. Bakewell RDC surveyors plans registers 1905-1954; Derbyshire Dales DC planning department files (District Plans) c.1970-1987;

Wirksworth UDC - Rental Register & Collectors Weekly Summaries Book, 1950 - 1968; other records of...

19th-20th cent


Derbyshire County Council Libraries. See CD 297 for mid-20th cent photographs of library in use

Minor Library Committee unsigned minutes 1956-1973; files re committee meetings - agendas, copy minutes, reports etc of various library committees c.1933-1974; Files re library computerisation 1977; Children's Service bulletins 1986-1988; lists of books, slides; Diary esp re gardening 1940; Will of John Harrop 1875 with correspondence 1901, 1971; Files re centenary year 1989-1990; photographs of branch & mobile libraries; stock & statistic books; Minutes of Library Minor Committee 1935-1936, 1940-1942, 1946-1947; plans of libraries, unpublished reports, working party papers; Library Service...



Unlisted Accession

Unlisted Accession 2018.07: Minutes 1969-2017; files containing financial information inclucing accounts, invoices, annual reports and other supporting financial papers c2009-2015



Harpur Hill Primary School: unlisted material

Accession of January 2018: Governors' minutes and associated papers Nov 2000 - Jan 2005, Nov 2006 - Jan 2007, Sep 2007 - Sep 2008, Nov 2008 - Sep 2011; minutes of the Premises / Health and Safety Sub-Committee, Apr 2009 - Apr 2013



Files and leaflets of Councillor Ernest Robinson of Chesterfield (plus publications)


20th Cent


Wirksworth Methodist Circuit

Circuit plan and directory, Jul - Oct 1959



Wirksworth Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of Mar 2012: "Circuit Rider" magazine 2002-2006; Local Preachers' minutes 1987-2004

Accession of Apr 2013: Treasurers Correspondence File including accounts 2001-2006, 2 bundles of receipts for various churches early 20th century, minutes and accounts c1984-1996, Manse Account Book 1978-2004, Property folder (appraised to remove blank forms and circulars), Circuit Year Book 1962, Circuit Minute Book 1974-1995, papers re appointment of Superintendent Ministers 1978-1986, other

Accession of Feb 2014: Circuit Manse and Schedule Files, including Schedules, Manse Committee minutes...



Dore Monumental Inscriptions




Severn Trent Water Authority: Box list and other unlisted records

including: Credit Note book, Nov 1975 - Mar 1984

[19th-20th cent]


Personal papers: files compiled during service with Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust


20th Cent


Derby Town Council (later Borough Council)

Building regulation plans 1949-1966, with indexes



Parish of Ilkeston St Mary: Unlisted records

Accession Nov 2017: Burial register, Jun 1982-Dec 1994; Banns of Marriage register, Jan 1989-May 2004; Regsiter of Services, May 1987-Nov 1998; Regsiter of Services, Mar 1998-Nov 2007



Bolsover Local Miners' Welfare Committee: unlisted records

Minutes inc list of committee members 1922-1952 (2 vols);

correspondence and related papers early-mid 20th cent;

bank book 1920s;

publications inc "Bather's Handbook" from Bolsover Colliery Pithead Baths;

recreation ground leases 1935-1949;

Bolsover Colliery record of dirt 1924-1949;

records of wage scale adjustments 1920s-1940s (not inc employee records)

20th cent


Britley Engineering Ltd. Chesterfield

5 Engineering drawings of Britley Engineering Ltd. Chesterfield, 1979



Derbyshire historian: Unlisted records

This collection includes some unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Matlock Methodist and United Reformed Church, Matlock Green: unlisted records

Mar 2013: Minute book for proposed Wesleyan Chapel, Nov 1875 - Jan 1952; Matlock [Trinity] Trust Minute book, Oct 1952 - Dec 1964; Building Fund Accounts, inc. 1st minute book; list of promised contributions at back; results of a bazaar; Matlock UR Church accounts, Jan 1987 - Oct 1991; Plans of proposed for the conversion of the Primitive Methodist Schoolroom, Bank Road into a minister's house and caretaker's residence



Parish of Wirksworth

Unlisted Accessions

Accession of December 2013: Declaration of Trust from William Killer for the Wirksworth Parish Church Choir, 19 Nov 1956

Accession of February 2016: Overseers of the Poor rate book for Callow, 29 Apr 1878



Glossop Methodist Circuit

Circuit plans, Apr - Jul 1950 and Apr - Jul 1972



Papers of John William Watson of Staveley: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Ordnance Survey Maps

OS sheets 1st ed. 25"



Tape recording re war memories, papers re Bonsall school etc

Family, Estate, Personal

20th cent


Derbyshire County Council: Medical Officer of Health

Health Visitors Registers

Registers for Chesterfield rural district, arranged by parish, 1913-1918 (27 volumes)

Chesterfield rural district Register of children with opthalmia neonatorum or peurperal fever, 1924-1927

Register of Wirksworth urban district, 1914-1917

Register for Chesterfield rural and urban districts 1915-1920

Non-Chesterfield urban districts registers 1915-1926 (11 volumes)

Non-Chesterfield rural districts registers 1915-1926 (11 volumes)

Chesterfield rural district registers 1919-1926 (8 volumes)

Chesterfield area urban districts 1919-1926 (8 volumes)

Registers (unbound...



Derbyshire Federation of PTA Associations minutes c.1947-1983; correspondence 1947-1959; other

Educational Institutions



Brampton Deeds




Deeds re Millhouses Green, Wirksworth 1553-1881; deeds re Amber Mill estate; Wheatcroft family tree




Parish of Derby, St Luke: unlisted records (2012 accession)




British Railways: unlisted records




BBC Radio Derby

Cassettes of Radio Derby interviews with Frederick S Ogden of Stanley & others, 20th cent.

20th cent


Johnson family of Hepthorne Lane, Clay Cross: personal papers

Meteorological and entomological observations, including log books of moths sighted 1957-63, 1977, and weather data,1957; seaside holiday journals 1922-1959, National Identify Card, 1943; teacher's history and geography lesson plans, 1950, Ministry of Food ration book 1953, and other papers 1940s-1960s



Parish of South Darley: unlisted records

Accession, Jan 2011: Parish magazines, 1979-2004

Accession, Sep 2016: Advertising posters for Church social events [1950s]

Accession, May 2018: Parish magazines, 2010-2017

Accession, Mar 2019 (private donation): Parish Magazines, 2005-2009, Jul 2018; Parochial Church Council Annual Reports 1998-2006 (gaps)

Accession, Aug 2019:

War Memorial Committee: minute book, Nov 1947 - Apr 1951; receipts and expenses accounts, Nov 1948 - Dec 1951; draft text for the War Menorial plaque [1940s]; sketch of the War Memorial base [1940s]; photograph of the War Memorial [1950s]; papers relating to the...

20th-21st cent


Bolehill Women's Institute: unlisted material

Correspondence file re booklet on history of Bolehill, 1985; annual financial statements 1972-1978, 1981, 1982; Secretary's File containing;- Attendance Register 1949-1965 (Not generally available for public consultation);- Drama Group Meeting Minute Book, 1953-1957;- Committee and Monthly Meetings Agenda Book 1965-1966;- Miscellaneous correspondence and other items 1949-1975



Derbyshire County Council School Library Service

School Library Service files 1950s-1970s



Health and Safety Executive plans of abandoned non-carboniferous mines in Derbyshire: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Parish of Brackenfield: unlisted records

Accession of April 2018: Papers regarding Tower Spire and Bills Project, 1995-2001; and the Kitchen and Toilet Project, 2003-2006



Files re Bruce Hooley's management of rented properties 1921-1963




Derbyshire County Council Surveyors

Videos of highway scheme for Arkwright Town, 1978



Edward Martin of Melbourne, photographer: glass negatives of views of Melbourne

Glass negatives of Melbourne and district by Edward Martin of Melbourne

late 19th-early 20th cent


Cutthorpe Board School, later County Primary School: unlisted records

Accession, Jun 2018:

Governors Confidential Minutes, Apr 2003-Oct 2008; 4 files containing governors' minutes and other papers, Jun 1996-Jun 2001, Sep 2001-Jan 2003, Apr 2002-Feb 2006, Apr 2003-Apr 2005 (appraisal pending); 2 files containing governors' correspondence, Apr 2002-Feb 2006, Feb 2003-Dec 2004 (appraisal pending); Selected policies and other papers sent with agendas c1998-c1999 (appraisal pending)

Accession, Nov 2018

Governors Minutes, Apr 2006 - Jul 2010; minutes of various committees, Sep 2009



[Unknown business]: Cash books, ledgers, wages books, labour & pricing books, c.1924-1979




Spondon Historical Society

Transcripts of registers of Spondon Parish Church: Baptisms marriages and burials 1653-1812 Baptisms 1813-1931



Weston on Trent Local History Society: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Cathedral Church of All Saints, Derby: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Jun 2010

Derby Cathedral plans, correspondence and other papers re extension 1960s, papers relating to St Mary's Bridge Chapel; service sheets, newsletters and other papers (many in duplicate of existing records)



Hartshorne Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession of May 2015: Minutes c1975-2008 with supporting papers inc agendas reports and financial statements; letter book 1909-1922; other records



Parish of Loscoe: unlisted records

Accession of January 2012:

Baptism register 1927-1997; marriage registers 1950-1957, 1957-1965, 1965-1985, 1985-1996, 1997-2010; banns registers 1983-1994; service registers 1983-1990, 1990-1999, 1999-2010; parish magazines (bound copies) 1928-1944; parish magazines (loose) 1932-1951 and 1958; printed accounts 1928-1948; 'Keep in Touch' magazines 1996-1999, 2000



Langley Pottery Social Club

Cine film 'Excursion to Skegness and scene on work'? believed to show Langley Pottery Social Club activities

20th cent


Deeds re property in Church Lane, Chesterfield 1795-1853




Derby and District Table Tennis Association: Unlisted records

Accession of Dec 2013: Season reports for 2003/04 - 2005/06; Season 2012/13 programme; programme for the Bribar & City of Derby 4* Junior Open 2012/13

Accession of 13 Feb 2017: Correspondence and other papers regarding coaching courses, events and fundraising; also including Executive Committee minutes, 2002; and News sheets 1998-2001

Accession of 28 Feb 2017: Two folders of correspondence and papers relating to efforts of members to establish coaching courses, host events, manage publicity and raise funds, 1993-1996, 1999-2000 [significant appraisal required]

Accession of 22 Feb 2019...



Temperence Gell School/Carsington & Hopton School papers


Box 1: Governor's accounts, May 1938 - Nov 1959; Managers' minutes, Jul 1934 - Oct 1936; accounts 1902, 1905,1908-11, 1913,1928-1932; schedule of property, Mar 1934; and assorted papers and correspondence

Box 2: Governors' minutes, Jul 1931 - Jul 1936; scheme for the administration of the school, Jun 1908; development plan and Diocesan Scheme, 1946-1949; accounts 1933-1934



Parish of Tansley: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession: Marriage and Service registers



Diocese of Derby Asociation of Bellringers: unlisted records

Attendance Register of ringers for All Saints, Derby 1923-1939; correspondence and photographers regarding the Tenor Bell Repair Fund for St. Peter's, Derby, Jan 1985 - Sep 1986; scrapbook containing photographs of members, newscuttings, correspondence and memorabilia of Derbyshire Bellringing events in 1977; Derbyshire Bellringing Festival programme, festival held 4-10 Jun 1977; order of service to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Sir. Arthur Percival Haywood bart., founder and 1st President of the Central Council of Church Bellringers at Duffield, St. Alkmund, 23 Apr 1966...



National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies (NADFAS): unlisted records

Nov 2012: NADFAS Record of Church Furnishings for Christ Church, Burbage, 2012



Chesterfield Saltergate Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of November 2010: Local Preacher minutes c1974-1982, Womens' Work accounts c1956-1984, accounts c1949-2008, Central Methodist Church accounts c1905-1981, Church Council minutes 1996-1999

Accession of Febuary 2014: Women's Work Committee minutes 1962-1972; Local Preacher minutes 1982-2002; 4059 Ministries Committee 1979-1995; Circuit Property Committee 1978-1979

Re-accessions of August 2016: Circuit plans, Jan - Apr 1933, Jan - Apr 1950 and Jul - Oct 1955; Circuit plan, Mar - May 2012

Accession of July 2017: Quarterly Circuit Plan, Jan to Apr 1939, Plan of Appointments and...



Shirebrook School

Box 1:

Governors minutes 1975-1982; Admission registers 1955-1976; Photograph Album 1930s

Box 2:

Punishment Book 1956-1967; Exam Results c1926-1987 - not complete, but including 1926-1927 for Pupil-Teacher Centre

Box 3:

Record Cards - boys, birthdates: 1920s-1940s

Box 4:

Record Cards - boys, birthdates: 1920s-1940s

Box 5:

Record Cards - boys (Secondary Modern/Carter Lane), birthdates: 1930s-1940s

Box 6:

Record Cards - boys (Secondary Modern/Carter Lane), birthdates: 1940s-1950s

Box 7:

Record Cards - mixed boys and girls, birthdates: 1940s

Box 8:

Record Cards - girls (Central School...



Records of Homecraft Centre and predecessor organisations, inc registers, programmes etc c.1954-1984




Chesterfield Transport

Chesterfield Borough Council minutes 1921-1980; Chesterfield Transport accident and report books, correspondence etc; East Midlands Area Traffic Commissioners notices & proceedings 1953-1971 & Yorkshire Area Traffic Commissioners notices & proceedings 1931-1971



Bonsall School: unlisted records

Accession of July 2016: accounts, minutes and other records, 19th-20th cent (one large box)

19th-20th cent


Chaddesden Monumental Inscriptions, (1719-1980)

Transcript of churchyard and church inscriptions, with plans of church and churchyard



Cumberhills Women's Institute, Duffield: Unlisted records

Accession of March 2018:

Financial Statements 1967 - 2009; Budgets 1967 - 1978 1980 - 1993 1997 - 1999 2001 - 2003 & 2006; Monthly Meeting reports February 2002 - June 2002 Sept 2002 - July 2003 Sept 2003 - Oct 2003; Programme 2009



Risley Lower Grammar CE Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of Feb 2016: Governors Minutes, Sep 2000-Jun 2008



Wirksworth Town Council

Wirksworth Project files 1978-1989



Eckington Camms Endowed CE Primary School: unlisted records

Accession, Sep 2018

Governors' minute book, Oct 1989 - Jul 1994 and Sep 1994 - Jul 1999



Greenwatch Environment Strategy: Booklet produced by Environment Panel, Derbyshire County Council (Printed)




John R Biggs of Derby (1909-1988): unlisted records

Five sketchbooks.

Three diaries

Envelope with photographs: 'American Relations' (x 12 items)

Envelope 'photographs John R Biggs Esq' (x 5 items)

Invitations to JRB ‘Autobiographica’ exhibition (x 51 items)

Notebook: 'Basel November 1974'

2 x Russian books - 1 children’s book showing how to read and write

16 x sheets of un-folded booklets by J R Biggs

Christmas cards (x 186)

Photographs and Negatives ‘American Trip’ (x 71)

Photographs, notes and layouts for 'Basic Typography (x 44 items)

Misc negatives 'Martin's wedding' 'Moscow & Leningrad' (x 25)

Misc negatives and camera booklets (x...

20th cent


Buxton Methodist Circuit

Circuit plans, Apr - Jul 1933, Jan - Apr 1947, Dec 1955 - Mar 1956 and Jul - Oct 1956



Staveley Junior School

Governors' minutes, Jun 1999 - Oct 2010; `

Policies 2009;

Critical Incident Management Plan 2007/2008 and related papers including notification of an alert from the Staveley Chemical Works, 1999-2008



Nightingale family of Lea: unlisted records

Approximately fifteen boxes of additional unlisted papers, including one box of "miscellaneous papers", and one box of "railway books, Lea Hurst papers etc.". Also includes:

Florence Nightingale's will

Deeds to properties in Derbyshire (inc Ashbourne and Kniveton, Matlock Bath, Ockbrook)

Deeds to properties in other counties, inc Nottinghamshire, and Castle Donington, Leicestershire

A Hallowes family of Glapwell sale catalogue

Other sale catalogues (Wingerworth, Alderwasley, Aston on Trent)

"Clay Cross papers" and papers re footpath dispute



Church Broughton Primary School: unlisted records

Governors' minutes, Sep 2007 - Jul 2008

Governors' minutes, Sep 2008 - Jul 2009

Governors' minutes, Sep 2009 - Jul 2010

Governors' minutes, Sep 2010 - Jul 2011

Governors' minutes, Sep 2011 - Jul 2012



Scarcliffe Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of March 2012: Log book 1979-2005; governors' minutes 1978-1988, 1999-2004; Clerk's papers inc some minutes 1978-1996; toilet block plan 1978; financial statement 1997-1998

Accession of September 2012: Minutes of Governors and Staff meetings 1998-2006; financial records 2005-2006; class meals registers 2005-2007

Accession of May 2016: Governors' papers including minutes and elections c2006-c2014, policies and procedure documents c2001-c2016, Committee papers c2013-2014, correspondence and supporting documents c2007-c2015; financial papers c1995-c2015 including School Private Fund...



Repton United Reformed Church: unlisted records

Referenced D3630/12-18: Repton National (Congregational) School: minutes 1845-1856, log book 1880-1884 (D3630/13/1), attendance registers 1878-1884

1814 - 1986


Denby John Flamstead School

Denby John Flamstead School - pupil record files 1986-1988



Ashover Women's Institute: unlisted records

Accession of Feb 2016: Account books: 2000-2001, 2001-2002, 2002-2003; 80th Anniversary: Certificate and invitation to celebration, 1997; Programme: 2003; Ephemera: Diamond Jubilee poem, Story of Hot Pot supper, Story of Ashover WI and canoe from Madge Watts, Ashover closing song (to Auld Lang Syne); Newspaper cutting from Lady Inglefields home

20th-21st cent


Royal Commission on Coal Supplies

Plans of underground mine workings 1902



High Peak Coroner

inquests 1970-1979; registers of reported deaths 1954-1983; inquest notebooks 1964-1979; correspondence etc., assorted papers and files 1940s-1970s



Glossop Borough Council: unlisted records

Accession, Sep 2018: Printed and bound Abstracts of Accounts, 1867-1943 (gaps); Annual Reports of the Medical Officer of Health, 1936-1972 (gaps); Annual Reports of the School Medical Officer of Health 1936-1944; Bye-laws and other items printed by the Borough c1866-c1925

Accession, Feb 2020: Council and Committee minutes (printed) 1894/5-1910/11, 1918/19, c1935-1963; Printed Accounts Estimates, years ending 1958, 1960-1967; Minutes for various committees c1916-c1919 (10 folders, most are probably duplicates of D3700/15 but need to check all years, also Executive Committee file not in the...



Poolsbrook Methodist Church

Property papers, including a survey dated 1993



Derby Choral Union: unlisted records

Accession of Sep 2013: Minutes 2003-2008; programme for television programme; 2 Ladies Committee notebooks and notice; Souvernir programme for Armistice Festival; prospectuses 1935 & 1937; programmes 1937-1949; The Concert Goer 1949

Accession of Dec 2015: Minutes Feb 2011, Oct 2013, minute book 1992-1997, minutes folder 2009-2010; music books - Judas, Maccabaeus, Violoncello Basso (x3 copies), Viola, loose copies stamped Derby Choral Union No 45 "Sound an Alarm", 25 Oct 1884; Yearly albums by Annele Mackenzie 1993-2009; Poster from Itlay 2004; programmes 1991-2009; Folders of poster...

19th-21st cent


Mount Zion (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church, Brampton

Treasurers' Accounts book, Jan 1960 - 1973, including Methodist Missionary Society - Church Schedules, 1959-1972; Three Sunday School Teachers minute book, Nov 1914 - Sep 1974; Church Notices book, Dec 1977 - Oct 1982



Storrs Road Methodist Church, Chesterfield: unlisted records




Dronfield Wesleyan Methodist Church: trustees minutes and accounts




Whittington Moor Methodist Church: unlisted records

February 2014 accession: Accounts 1989-2000

Accession of January 2018: Church Society Account book 1955-1981; Volume containing names of Encouragers & Participators for the new church at Whittington Moor, 1981



Trinity (formerly Hilltop) Methodist Church, Bolsover

Accession of January 2016: Trustees minute book 1967-1983; Property Committee minute book 1984-1993

Accession of January 2018: Family Committee Minutes 1974-1986

Accession of February 2018: Council minutes and accounts 2003-2008



Sandiacre Friesland School

Sandiacre Friesland School pupil record cards (sample only) mid 1980s

mid 1980's


St Bartholomew, Hallam Fields, Church Record




Spondon (formerly Wesleyan) Methodist Chapel: unlisted material

The following records are believed to have been accessioned in Jul 2002

Girls Life Brigade: Minutes Mar 1924-Jan 1948, Attendance Register Jan 1945-Dec 1947, printed programmes; Spondon Worship Consultation Meeting Jan 1990; Finance and Property Committee Minutes 1989-1994; Men's Fellowship minutes May 1964-May 1966; Annual Meeting reports from 1965-1971, 1983-1999; Trust/Property/Society accounts 1979-1995; 3 files for the church’s Golden Jubilee in 1984, including Programme & souvenir brochure, Notes from meetings, Posters and other ephemera; Minutes of meetings held to discuss ways of...



Office for Standards in Education (OFSTED)

HMI working files for Derbyshire schools, 1970s-early 1990s.

20th cent


Articles of Agreement 1956, Orders of Service 1908-1958, related papers




Stanton and Staveley and related companies: unlisted records

Accession of November 2015: Concrete product/manufacturing drawings, research and development records, site plan

20th cent


New Brimington Mount Tabor (Primitive) Methodist Church: Unlisted Accessions

Unlisted accession, Feb 2019

Entertainment Committee minutes, 1950-1959; Sunday School register, 1965-1975; accounts (various), 1967-1981; Bazaar Committee minutes & accounts, 1963-1977; church accounts, 1962-1979; Sunday School minutes & accounts, 1942-1976; Sunday School minutes, 1924-1941, 1976-1985; Property Committee minutes, 1977-1989; Building Fund minutes, 1963-1967; Social Committee minutes, 1959-1963; Trust accounts 1950-1967, press cuttings, 1958-1967

Unlisted accession, May 2019

Accounts, including Schedule B forms and related correspondence, 2001-2012



Ernest Bailey Grammar School, Matlock: unlisted material

Acession, 2013: Speech Day programme, 1939; prospectus, c1930s; description of girls' uniform c1930s



Unlisted Accessions

Unlisted accession, Jun 2018

Derby St Peter's Infants School: Log book, 1884-1909

Castle Nursery and Primary School: Log book, Nov 1978-Mar 1994; Nursery Admission register, Aug 1966-Feb 1982, (?)Sep 1997-Feb 2015; Primary Admission Register, Apr 1974-Jun 1997; file of Governors' minutes, correspondence and associated papers (Nursery), c1977-c1993

Traffic St Infant and Nursery School: Admissions register, Apr 1946-Aug 1961

Castle Junior School: Inventory of Furniture, Apparatus and Equipment (includes entries for Castle Nursery from 1979), 1955-1982

Typescript 'Outline History' of Derby St...



Ridgeway Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of July 2016: Letters relating to the renting of an additional 1 1/2 acres to adjoin the existing playing field, 15 Feb 1949; and to the continuing use of this piece of land, now being leased to Eckington Parish Council, 5 Sep 1962



Bamford Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Sept 2016: Income and expenditure accounts 1991-1996; 1996-2004; Analysis book 1994-2004



Baslow Methodist Church: Unlisted records

Accession of Jan 2011: Images of dedication of new doors and windows (floppy disk)

Accession of May 2015: includes Church Council Minutes 1984-2011, Church Notices 1993-2014, Baslow Churches Together papers 2002-2005, Collections Journal and Envelope Scheme 1971-2000, Cash Book 1973-1991, other (appraisal pending)

Accession of September 2016: Order of Administration of the Sacraments (re matrimony, burial, ordination and covenant service), 1879



Langwith (Primitive) Methodist Church: Unlisted Accessions

Feb 2019: Baptism register, 1927-2001

Feb 2020: Whaley Thorns Wesleyan Trustees minutes 1908-1970, Leaders minutes 1905-1954, Bazaar Committee minutes 1957-1964, Church Notice Book 1949-1951, Committee minutes 1964



Staveley Trinity Methodist Church

Two Sisterhood Meetings minute books, Sep 1941 - Jul 1983



Inkersall Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2020: Leaders and church council minutes 1960-2016, Feasibility Study 2013



Barrow Hill Ebenezer, formerly United Methodist, Free Church: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2020: Members List 1894-1999, Church Register from 1945, Renovation Minutes 1878-1990



Unlisted Accession, 02, 2019

Unlisted Accession, Feb 2019:

Church Council minutes, 1988-1993; Ladies' Guild Minutes, 1911-1977; Sunday School accounts 1941-1951, 1956-1974, 1959-1985; Society Funds, 1966-1973; Membership Roll, 1954-1988; Leaders Meeting minutes, 1962-1987; Church accounts, 1930-1993; collection journal, 1972-1983; minute books for church bazaar, 1960-1970, 1971-1981; Baptism register , 1940-1978



Clowne Mount Zion (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church

Accession of January 2018:

Trustees minute book 1940-1977; Collections Journals 1924-1958 & 1962-1986; Boys Bridage accounts 1950-1952; Minutes and accounts of Bazaar meeting 1932;

Sunday School Meeting minute book 1958-1973, Sunday School Register Beginners Dept. 1933-1951, Sunday School registers 1944-1945, 1950, 1959-1961, 1961-1962, 1965-1970, Sunday School teachers attendance register 1945-1950 & 1962-1967, Sunday School attendance registers 1939-1953, 1962-1968, 1970-1979 (11 volumes) and Sunday School accounts book 1922-1948

Accession of February 2018: Sunday School Registers, c1968...



Barlborough Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession of Mar 2017: Accounts 1983-2013

Accession of Jan 2018: Pulpit Notice books 1983-2011 (6 volumes); Cradlle Roll 1958-1969; Scholars' Roll 1961-1971



Bolsover Hillstown, formerly Wesleyan Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2020: Church Council minutes 2002-2018, Sisterhood Register 1931-1965, Sisterhood Minutes 1962-1967



Hathersage Parish Council: unlisted material

Sep 2017: Magazines, Jun and Sep 2016



Ilkeston South St. UMF Circuit

Accession, Jul 2017: Plan and General Directory, Apr-Jun 1941

Accession, Nov 2017: Plan and General Directory, Apr-Jun 1949



St James' Church Harpur Hill (parish of Burbage, later Buxton with Burbage and King Sterndale): unlisted records

Accession of May 2011: Order of Service for consecration of St James's Church, with related papers, undated

Accession of July 2015: Service registers 1976-2014; banns register 1982-2010; marriage registers, 1962-1996



Parish of Edale: unlisted records

Accession of 1985, re-accessioned in Dec 2016:

Correspondence on appointments, 1769, 1872; plan of pews c.1823;

Parish officers accounts 1700-1900, including Land Tax assessments 1760-1761; Constables, Churchwardens, Overseers and Surveyors accounts for Castleton and Edale;

Edale Overseers of the Poor rate receipt book , 1877-1878 (2 vols);

Edale Surveyors stores account book, Mar 1883 - Mar 1896, including recipes in the back of the volume;

Edale Parish rate receipt book, including voluntary rate for the destruction of moles, 1875-1879;

Order for a Candlelit Carol Service, 1st Jan 1978...



West Hallam Methodist Church: unlisted records

July 2014 accession: Methodist Trust Schedules "A" and "C" 1009; accounts 2009; property committee records 2003-2010; quinquennial survey report 2001



Derby Diocesan Mothers' Union: unlisted records

Additional deposit, Aug 2014

This material is unlisted and is scheduled for appraisal as many folders contain duplicate and non-archival material.

Trustees minutes, with attendance sheets and account statements

Jan 1995-Sep 2001

Sep 1996-Sep 1998

Apr 1998-Sep 2003

Jan 2002-April 2005

Finance Committee minutes and account statements

Feb 1992-Oct 1999, Oct 2007

Mar 2000-Sep 2004

Council minutes, with attendance sheets and account statements

Dec 1977-Jul 1991, with attendance sheets Apr-Jun 1994

Dec 1991-Nov 1999

Jun 2000-Oct 2004

Executive Committee minutes, with attendance sheets...

20th-21st cent


Wirksworth Dale, formerly Primitive Methodist Church: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 27/08/2010 - Accounts 1950s



Wirksworth Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, 2012: Financial records 1983-2001

Accession, Jul 2015: Wellspring Church Palm Sunday Order of Service 2015; Life Under the Sun handbill, Mar 2015; Derbyshire Church issue 160 (featuring Wirksworth Wellsprung), Mar 2015

Accession, Sep 2016: Collection Journal, 2001-2007

Accession, Jun 2019: Receipts and Payments Accounts Book, Sep 2007-Feb 2015

Accession, Aug 2019: Newsletters 2009-2013 (5 items); Church Notices, Jun 2007; Monthly diary sheet Aug 2012; Order of Service for Remembrance Sunday, 2018; Notes about planning appeal c2002



Cromford Via Gellia, Formerly Wesleyan Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession of Apr 2013: Redecoration Account Book, 1965-1969



Accession of 2013 (unlisted): Correspondence re condition and sale of chapel, legal papers and reports, photograph of Sunday School c1906




Main Street Methodist Church, Middleton by Wirksworth: unlisted records

Accession of 2013: Baptism register 1960-1982, Correspondence, including statements of accounts 1960-1984, 1987, 1995, programme and order of service for carol service 1994



Ashleyhay, formerly Primitive, Methodist Church

Accession 2013 (unlisted): Notice of disused certified place of worship, photographs of the chapel, undated



Holloway Methodist Church

Correspondence, estimates and accounts re organ 1979; Church Council minutes Jul 1997



Unlisted Accessions

Unlisted accession, 05, 2019: Volume containing Seat Rents 1867; minutes of Trustees and Committee meetings 1869-1891. Includes accounts for the farm belonging to Richard Taylor 1953-1958 at back of volume.



Bolehill Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Dec 2011: Accounts, schedules 2003-2010, Church Treasurer's accounts 2004-2010

Accession, Mar 2013: Marriage Registers - Jun 1907 - Aug 1952, Aug 1953 - Sep 1965, Oct 1965 - Aug 1985, Jan 1988 - Oct 2006; File of minutes and correspondence, inc. Quinquennial Report, Nov 1997, 1990 - 2000; Log Book inc. Property and Legal Schedules, 1983 - 2004 (incomplete)

Accession, Feb 2014: Treasurer's Account book 1993-2004; Various accounts including Building accounts 2001-2004



Via Gellia Methodist Church, Cromford: unlisted records

Accession of 2013: Redecoration Account Book 1965-1969



Unlisted records

Banns Book, 1826-2016; notebooks containing index to pairsh register entries covering 1537-1719, c1880s (2 vols); Parochial Church Council minute book 1923-2005

Unlisted accession: 2018.05: Parish leaflet, Feb 1933



Arthur Stephenson (of Bolsover); personal papers inc. World War II

Includes appointment as ARP warden 1939 and Home Guard certificates 1943-1944



Carrington family: Chesterfield property deeds

Properties off Markham Road, Chesterfield



Wetton and Longnor Methodist Circuit

Circuit plans and directories, Apr - Jul 1937 and Jul - Sep 1951



Eyam (formerly Wesleyan) Methodist Church: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Nov 2012

Treasurers' Account Book Sep 1980-Jul 2011, Collection Journal Mar 1982-Jun 2011, Church Council minutes Oct 1993-Apr 2011, Papers relating to the lease and subsequent sale of the church to the Eyam Museum, and sale of the land adjacent to the church, two envelopes of colour photographs of the interior and exterior of the church, envelope of black and white photographs c1932-1941, Booklet 'Eyam Methodism Through the Years 1906-1956' by Clarence Daniel, with enclosures containing subsequent updates



Bakewell Wesleyan Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Sep 2019: Bazaar Souvenir Guide 1936, Centenary Year booklet with recording of service 1967, 'Tidings' Monthly Journal Dec 1962, photographic material including wooden blocks, newscutting regarding the church



Hulland Bourne, Formerly Primitive Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession of May 2018:

Collection Journals May 1977 - Dec 2006 and Jan 2007 - Aug 2015;

Income and Expenditure account books 1956 - Aug 1997, becoming receipts and payments Sep 1997 - Sep 2012; Cash book, Sep 2012 - Apr 2017;

Envelope collection account book, Sep 1998 - Dec 2017, Envelope collection account book including names of collectors, Sep 2015 - Dec 2017 (not generally available until 2099)



Mickleover Methodist Chapel: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Mickleover Methodist Church: Photographs, 1914-1980s



Derby, St Thomas' Road (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Normanton by Derby: St Thomas's Road Methodist Church: plan 1966, centenary programme 2007



Long Eaton Zion (United Methodist) Chapel

Papers of Margaret Parker, originally of Breaston, c.1945



Long Eaton Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Derby Road: unlisted records

Accession, Mar 2016: Sermons, 26 Mar 1905 and undated; Sunday School Union, minute book, Apr 1887 - May 1898 and letters, Feb 1897 and Mar 1998; a scrap book containing a copy letter c1905 and cuttings from the Long Eaton Advertiser, Sep 1906; Diary of unidentified scribe, Nov 1882 - May 1887



Church Gresley York Road (formerly Wesleyan) Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2019: Minutes of Church Council and General Church Meeting, with other papers (appraisal pending)



Hartshorne (formerly Wesleyan) Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2019: Minutes of Leaders meetings and Church Council, 1964-2009 (2 vols); Lists of Trustees, 1893-1960 (2 items)



West Street, formerly Wesleyan, Methodist Church, Swadlincote: unlisted records

August 2019: Leases of property on West Street, 1887-2005 (8 items); Centenary booklet 1916; Lists of Trustees, 1898-1959 (4 items); Church Council, AGM and Leaders meeting minutes, 1969-1975; Church Council and AGM meeting minutes, 1986-2000



Mansfield Road Methodist Church, Heanor: unlisted records

Accession Jul 2014: Pulpit book 1961-1962

Accession Feb 2015: Sunday School Star Register Roll, 1927-1931; ?Church Meeting Minutes Nov 1914-Aug 1917, Sep 1933-Apr 1939, Jun 1942-Apr 1947, May 1947-Apr 1961, Sep 1964-Nov1987, Nov 1987-Jul 1993, other

Accession of August 2018: Minutes of the Church Council, Oct 2005 - Jun 2010



Ilkeston Ebenezer Methodist Church: unlisted records

July 2014 accession: General church meeting minutes 2003-2009, church council minutes 2002-2009, correspondence, accounts 2001-2008

Re-accession of Sep 2016 (from D7684):

Church Council minute, 2001-2007, Church Council and General Church meetings Minute Book, Jun 1986 - Oct 2000, Oct 2006 - Jun 2010, 2011 - 2014 (time of church closure);

Guild minute book, Jul 1941 - Apr 1990;

Fellowship Minutes, May 2014 - Apr 2015;

Property Committee minutes, May 1988 - Feb 2004;

Renovation Committe minutes, Feb 1968 - Feb 1972;

Fund Raising Committee Jul 1990 - Jun 1997;

Sunday School minutes...



Ilkeston St Andrews Methodist Church: unlisted records

July 2014 accession: Church council minutes 2006-2011, annual meeting minutes 2006-2011, accounts 2007-2011 and trust schedule "A" 2008



Stanley Methodist Church: unlisted records

Unlisted accessions

July 2012

Miscellaneous account book, including some accounts for the Sunday School and the "Women's Own" meetings c1909-c1939

October 2012

Church Council minute book 1974-2001; Trustees account book 1884-1977; Flower Festival attendance book 1969-1979; Building Fund minute book 1947-1952; and Collection Journal 1933-1964

July 2014

Trust Schedules "A", 1998-2000

July 2015

Sale of church documents, 2011-2012

Sep 2016

Income / Expenditure account books, Sep 1977; Collections Journal, Oct 1964 - Mar 1978; and other papers, 20th cent.



Belper Trinity Methodist Church

Sale of Work notices 1937-1938; programmes of events 1943



Ambergate (former Wesleyan) Methodist Church, Devonshire Street: unlisted records

Accession, Jul 2019

Church Council Minutes 1974-1990, Church Council Minutes with Secretary's correspondence and other papers 1988-2006 (1 bundle; further appraisal required; contains personal information), Income and Expenditure Account Book, 2007-2013 (1 volume); Correspondence, 1989-2006 (1 bundle; further appraisal required; contains some personal information)



Sunday School papers




Over Lane Methodist Church: unlisted records

November 2013 accession: Sewing Meeting minutes



Marehay Zion (United Methodist Free) Chapel, Ripley: unlisted records

Accession, Jan 2012: Sunday School anniversary orders of service, 1933, 1934, 1943



Alfreton formerly Wesleyan Methodist Church, High Street: unlisted records




Alfreton Ebenezer, Formerly Primitive Methodist Church: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Nottingham Road Methodist Church, Alfreton: Baptism register 1965-1995



South Normanton Bethel Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession of December 2016Lively Origins (1817-1910): a history of the first 100 years of Bethel Methodist Church by Donald M. Grundy:

Baptism register 1997-2011

Register of public reception into membership (confirmation), 1999-2011 (3 entries only)

Photographs: congregation outside church c1900s, laying of foundation stone 1906

Minutes of church meetings and society meetings 1934-1953

Minutes of church meetings and annual meetings 1949-1969

Minutes of special and annual meetings 1969-1986

Minutes church meetings 1986-2012

Minutes of trustees' meetings and annual meetings 1972-2002




Pinxton: Town Street formerly United Methodist Free Church: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Town Street Methodist Church, Pinxton: baptisms 1939-1964



Pinxton Wharf Methodist Church: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011 - Pinxton Wharf Methodist Church: National Children's Home group minutes 1987-1997, Secretary's account book 1910-1997



South Normanton Zion, Former PM Church: Unlisted material

Accession of July 2011: Zion Methodist Church, South Normanton: Marriage certificate counterfoil books, 1942-1950

Accession of September 2015: Zion Methodist Church, South Normanton: Copy Survey of Condition, Sep 1995



Matlock Methodist & United Reformed Church (formerly Matlock Bank Methodist Church)

Social Responsibilty Secretary's Account book 1973-1997; Gateway Panto programme, script, flyer and photographs of the production, Nov-Dec 2011



Matlock Moor Methodist Church

Photographs and a sketch of Matlock Moor Methodist Church, Garton's and other Mills, Lumsdale, and a Home Mission Fund collection box, all from a Heritage Event held in 2014.



Wensley Methodist Church

Chapel Accounts 2005-2008; Deed of Covenant financial papers 1997-1999



Winster East Bank (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church: unlisted records

Unlisted Accession, Aug 2018

Accounts and supporting financial papers, 1996/1997 - 2011-2012 (1997/1998 and 2005/2006 missing); Covenant papers 1992-1993; Itinerary of items contained in the Church, Jan 2013; minutes of financial meetings of the church council, 2007-2012

Unlisted Accession, Aug 2019

Receipts and Payments Book, Jun 1974-May 2018



Tupton Primary School

Unlisted accession, Jan 2016: Log books, Mar 1876 - Mar 1996; and Pupil Report books, Sep 2006 - May 2008

Unlisted accession, Nov 2017: Girls department log book, Mar 1876-Jul 1923



Buxton Amateur Dramatic and Operatic Society

Acting scripts, libretti and programmes for musical plays



Rowsley Church of England School: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, pending further appraisal, Feb 2017: Governors Minutes, with associated papers (5 bundles): Nov 2003-Dec 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008-2009, 2011 [further appraisal required]; Other papers, including governing body self-evaluation 2004, Parent and Carer Questionnaire, 2007 results (page 2 missing), Curriculum Committee minutes, accounts

Unlisted accession, Mar 2017: Governors Minutes, Jul 1984-Nov 2003

Unlisted accession, Feb 2019: Governors Minutes 2010, 2012 and 2013; governing body constitution and terms of reference 2004-2017; declarations of governors' eligibility...



Hayfield Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of January 2017: Quality Development Dialogue and School Improvement Review Record papers, 2008-2012



Whitwell School and Steetley School: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Aug 2016:

Managers/Governors Minutes: Jan 1966-Dec 1976, Jan 1977-Jun 1979 (with headteachers reports), Jul 1979-Sep 1983 (with some headteachers reports), Jan 1984-Jan 1985 (with some headteachers reports), Sep 1988-Nov 2003 (inc committees)

Headteachers Report to the Governors, Oct 1983-Jun 1988 (some with signed minutes), Jan 2002-Sep 2008, Copy Headteachers Report, Hodthorpe Primary School, Jul 1983

Governors Annual Report to Parents, 1986/7-2003/4, 2005/6, with Notes of meeting to discuss the report, 29 Jun 1987

Southfield Lane Site Plans, 1962-1983, nd



The Old Chapel (Unitarian), Great Hucklow: unlisted records

Accession of November 2016:

Minutes of Chapel Meetings, Oct 1974 - Feb 2006;

Members' roll, 1983;

Income ledger 1988-1998;

Expenditure Ledger 1988-1998;

Finance Ledgers 1998-2002, 2002-2006 and 2006-2009;

Chapel Newsletters 1972-1984 and 2000-2014;

An appreciation of Donors for the Access Fund, 2008;

A photographic record of the Access work and alterations, 2007-2008;

A well dressing scrapbook made a village resident, the late Dora Revill, 1987-2012; and

Photographs of Well Dressings, 1993-2005; Flower Festival, 2002; "Seasons exhibition, Gala Week, 2010; Craft Exhibition 2003; Hucklow...



Crich Carr Church of England Primary School, Whatstandwell: unlisted records

Accession June 2018: Headteachers' reports to Governors, Sep 2006 - Apr 2015; Ofsted reports amd National Society Statutory Inspection of Anglican School reports, 1998-2013



Chapel en le Frith: Crompton & Evans Union Bank, Chapel branch

Crompton & Evans Union Bank ledger sheets

19th cent.


Charlesworth Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession of August 2018:

Minute Books 19 Oct 1977 - 28 Nov 1989, Dec 1989 - Jan 1994, and 2 Feb 1994 - 23 Sep 1998;

Annual Parish Meeting Minute Book, 19 Mar 1969 - Mar 2010;

Parish Council Minutes, 21 Oct 1998 - 16 Apr 2008, May 2008 - Mar 2012 inc Annual Parish Meetings for March 2011 - March 2012;

Planning Committee Meetings Minute Books, 24 Jul 1974 - 20 Apr 1983, 25 May 1983 - 13 Nov 2002;

Planning Committee Meetings Minutes, Feb 2003 - June 2010, Feb 2003 - Jun 2010;

Receipts & Payments Books, 1 Apr 1980 - 31 Mar 1991, Apr 1991 - 5 Jan 2004;

Accounts/Annual Returns & Audits, 1...



Alvaston and Boulton Parish Council: unlisted records




Derby Borough Council: Unlisted records

Accession of Jan 2017: Four volumes of Borough Surveyors record of Waterworks Committee minutes, 1899-1908-1915-1917; Volume of Bills Analysis 1884-1891 (several pages have been torn from the beginning of the book). These records were donated to Derbyshire Record Office January 2017 by a private individual. Further information about their provenance is unknown



Kennings Motor Group: Unlisted records

Accession, Jul 2019: Personnel Files (on microfiche) for Kennings Motor Group including Head Office staff at Manor Offices, Chesterfield, Kenning Tyre Services, Kenning Wimpey Bar and UK-wide Kenning branches, later Sixt-Rent-A-Car. These records are not available for public consultation and pending significant appraisal, including under the Data Protection Act 2018.



Buxton Miscellanea: unlisted material

Accession, Dec 2019

- History notebooks of R. Grundy Heape (author of 'Buxton Under the Dukes of Devonshire', published 1948)

- Manuscript account of 'Trip to Buxton, Sep 1851' including details of coaches taken and their fares, probably written by John Barsham of Fincham [Norfolk] (c1773-1853)



Trinity Methodist Church, Long Eaton: Notes and ephemera detailing the church's involvement with fundraising for the National Children's Home charity inc events programmes, lists of Sunday School Queens, newspaper clippings


20th cent


Unlisted Material




Ashbourne Rural District Council: Unlisted records




Unlisted material




South Darley Urban District Council: unlisted records

This map is described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

Plan of the several Allotments upon Darley Common [1769]. Surveyor: [S. Brailsford?]. Scale: of 20 chains [1:4800]. Size: 100 x 110 cm. Materials: ink and paint on thin parchment. Centred on: SK2864 Notes: 8 point compass rose, north-eas at top. Inclosure plan about 2410 acres showing old inclosures in two main groups 'Farley Inclosures' and 'Burley...



Wirksworth Urban District Council: unlisted records

Building regulation plans (currently being catalogued under reference D4596/2)

Unlisted records: Minutes 1964-1974;- Housing rent account book 1946-1949;- General Water rate books 1929-1958 (4 volumes);- Valuation list 1956, updated to 1972 (4 volumes);- Other records 1920-1974



Long Eaton Stained Glass: accounts




Belper Rural Sanitary Authority, later Rural District Council

This collection contains unlisted material. See search room supervisor for interim list



Derbyshire Green Belt: Derbyshire County Council Environmental Services Plans of proposed Green Belt areas and other papers: unlisted records

Accession, Mar 2012: Papers regarding The Crescent in Buxton, including correspondence, press cuttings and plans, 1963-2005



Sandiacre: Board School, later Ladycross Infants School : unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Nov 2017: School Fund Account Book, Apr 1975-Apr 1997; 3 DVDs of school plays 2012-2016, with programme for 2013 only; Staff and Class photographs, 1999/2000-2013 (20 items); Information and Leaflets for Parents, including printed prospectus, c2000s-c2010s; School Development Plan 1998/99; School Newsletters, Sep 2010-Jun 2016 (1 bundle - no newsletters for 2012/13); Copy of School Budget [Annex 1], 2009/10; Negatives of aerial photographs of the school, with papers, Apr 2000; Governors minutes Jun 1981-Sep 2000, Sep 2001-Sep 2002, with Headteachers Reports from Oct 1988...



Stretton Colliery plan




Chapel en le Frith Rural Sanitary Authority, later Rural District Council: unlisted records

Unlisted Accession, Jul 1995 (as part of D1323, High Peak Borough Council predecessors)

Chapel RDC Planning Applications Register, 1948-1974 (2 volumes)



Ticknall Parish Council: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Nov 2014

'The Shoemaker's Son' by Alison Wood [21st cent.]; the dedication and unveiling of a Memorial Plaque to Sgt John Smith VC,. May 2014

Unlisted accession, Feb 2018

Newsletters No's 49-52; Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting, May 2017; Minutes of Parish Council Meeting, 2017 (Jan-Feb, Apr-Jul, Sep-Nov)

Unlisted accession, Jan 2019

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting, May 2018; Minutes of Parish Council Meetings, 2018, 'Ticknall Remembers' magazine, 2018

Unlisted accession, Jan 2020

Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting, May 2019; Minutes of Parish Council meetings, Feb...



Hartington Upper Quarter Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2018

Signed minutes Apr 2000-Mar 2013 (incomplete), Apr 2015 - Mar 2017; accounts 2004-2007



Derbyshire County Council: Civil Defence later Emergency Planning Division: unlisted records

Accession of 2013: Files re long service medals 1968-1990

Accession of 2014: Derbyshire County Council Draft War Emergency Plan 1975, County Library Peacetime Disaster Plan 1975, Derbyshire County Council Peacetime Disaster Plan 1977, Derbyshire County Council Peacetime Disaster Plan 1981

20th cent


Longstone Local History Group: unlisted records

Accession, Dec 2011: Constitution (amended) 2008, newsletter No. 22, Autumn 2011



Peak Park Planning Board: unlisted records

Accession of August 2016: Papers regarding a Public Enquiry into applications by the Trent River Authority for site investigations at Hassop and Carsington, 1971-1973



Deeds re Ilkeston and Little Hallam 1701-1890s; Draycott & Borrowash 1694-1892; Etwall 1866 and Long Eaton 1700-1805




Unlisted records of Chesterfield Deanery Mother's Union

Accession, Jul 2018: Minute books 1990-2008, 2008-2018, accounts 1991-2014, 2015-2017; files of correspondence including additonal financial information, branch report forms, general correspondence 2002-2012



Erewash Valley Methodist Circuit: Unlisted records

Accession of July 2015: Circuit Directory 2013; property forms 2001-2011; Schedule A forms 2009, 2011; Schedule A and C forms 2010; Standard form of Accounts 2010, 2012, 2013; Finance & Admin minutes 1998-2003; Preachers Meetings Minutes 1996-2003, 2005-2013; Circuit Meeting Reports 30/9/2004, 15/3/2004, 14/3/2005' Record of Attendence 1986-1991, 1992-1998; Minutes of General Purposes Committee 1989-1998; Property file relating to Heanor Manse, Stoddard Drive, 2010

Accession of September 2016: Finance and Admin minutes, Oct 1994 - Mar 2011



Baslow and Bubnell Parish Council: unlisted records

February 2014 accession: Minutes, Declarations of Councillors, Financial records, graveyard records (20th cent)

April 2018 accession: Signed minutes, April 2010 to March 2014; Register of interest forms

20th Cent


Derby Diocesan Board of Education: unlisted material

Accession, Oct 2017: Attendance register and register of fees, 1930; Prospective register, 1938-1965



Southwood Special School

Southwood Special School log books 1980-1981 and 1988-1992



Clay Cross Circuit

Accession of July 2017: Circuit plans, Oct 1985 - Sep 2001, Jan 2004 - Aug 2010; Circuit Directories 1980/81, 1983/84-1986/87



Derby District Local Preachers: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 06/07/2011: Local Preachers Mutual Aid Association, Derby branch: minutes 1990s-2000s

Date of accession: 29/11/2013, Re-Accessioned: 08/05/2014: Local Preachers Mutual Aid Association minutes 1934 - 1985; Belper branch Preachers' Meeting minutes 1924-1943.

Date of accession: September 2016: Meeting brochure, Apr 1921



Rotary International: unlisted records

Accession of May 2017:

R.I.B.I Magazine 'Rotary Today' volume 21 issue 11 Feb 2012, volume 22 issue 6 Jun 2013; magazine entitled 'Rotary' 2015 Feb, Apr, Ju, Aug, Oct, 2016 Dec/Jan, Feb. Apr, Jun, Oct, 2017 Dec/Jan, Feb, Apr; District 1220 magazine 'Rotary Review' 2015 Jun, Dec, 2016 Jun, Dec; District 1220 Young Musician Gala Concert 20th Anniversary programme Mar 2015; District 1220 Annual Conference handbooks 40th Scarborough 2011, 42nd Scarborough 2013, 43rd Llandudno 2014, 45th Scarborough 2016; District 1220 Directory 2010-2017; District 1220 Council Minutes Sep 2010-Jun 2015...



Bennett & Sayer

Bennett & Sayer (brick machinery manufacturers) day books 1916-1946, sales day books 1946-1961, cash books 1947-1973, staff time books 1923-1946, bought day books 1912-1959, bought ledgers 1912-1949, purchase analysis books 1961-1966, wages books etc.

20th cent


Holymoorside Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of September 2014: Informal class records kept by headteacher Mrs Margaret Hibberd, inc lists of activities, attendance records, informal log and commonplace book



Hasland Infants School

Acc No: 5019

Minute book, Nov 1986 - Jan 1990;

4 Log books, May 1904 - Jul 1994;

5 Admissions registers, 1922-1992;

Admission Register for under 5s, 1945-1948;

Evacuees Admissions Register, 1944;

Income and Expenditures account book, 1983/84 - 1991;

Booklet 'One Hundred Years of Education at Eyre Street East Hasland 1904-2004', 2004;

additional papers including budget printouts and development plans, 1984-1994.

Acc No: 5054 (formerly 5089):

Hasland Infants School - 2 photograph albums, 1998-1999 (re-accessioned from D2632 in May 2016)

Entries in these records which are less than...



Diocese of Derby: unlisted confirmation records

Accession, Apr 2019

Confirmation returns, 1976-2011 (listing in progress)



Derby Borough, later City, Council

Derby Borough Council clerks files including title deeds



Staveley Urban District Council: unlisted records

Building plans

Accession, Jan 2019: General ledgers 1935-1956



Derby City Council

Copy Enclosure awards and maps, Derby area c.19th cent

c.19th cent


Medieval Dance

Film and video of medieval dance performance 13 Mar 1999



Derby MIND




Bryan Donkin and the Bryan Donkin Company Ltd: Unlisted material

Unlisted Accession, Nov 2013

- Board of Directors minutes and shareholders meeting minutes, 1916-1968

- Staff photos, with copies amended to identify individuals, c1960s; photographs of work sites, machinery and production, 20th cent; internal publications and trade publications, 1960s-1980s; microfilm printouts of engineering drawings; other ephemera

Unlisted Accession, Jul 2015

- Register of exhausters, compressors and blowers, 1893-1991

- Black and white photograph of company directors, 1970s

- 14 Photographs of Bryan Donkin site prior to demolition



Brief in Cross v Skipwith re fishery of River Dove, 1789

Family, Estate, Personal



Horsley Parish Council: Unlisted Accessions

Unlisted accession, 2020.01: Minute book Apr 1994-Mar 2002; minute book Apr 2003-May 2008; minutes Jun 2008-Mar 2019; cash book 2000-2011



Ilkeston Library

Ilkeston Library pre-1974 minutes, reports, correspondence and miscellaneous papers

20th cent


Bishop Lonsdale College

Papers relating to a dispute over property between and Bishop Lonsdale College and Primary school 1984-1986



Stanhope Bretby, formerly United Methodist Free, Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2019: Accounts book, 1899-2016; Cash book, 1941-1963; List of Trustees, 1939-1970 (2 items); Church Council Minutes, 1956-2012; Transcript and information about Roll of Honour (D5133/8/1 received in the same deposit)




Stonemason's accounts 1882-1903



Draycott Parochial Committee: unlisted records

Accession of June 2018:

Parish Council Minute book, May 1998 - Dec 2000; loose Parish Council minutes, Jan 2001 - Dec 2016



Elmton Women's Institute: unlisted records

Accession, Dec 2017

Record of Monthly Meetings January 1937 - December 1991, Committee Meeting Minutes February 1929 - December 1991, Annual reports 1952 - 1990 (any missing are written in Monthly record book), 1976 letters to and from local MP Dennis Skinner about the EEC and New York poultry, List of items held at Suspension, Certificates for Golden and Diamond Jubilee.



Coton in the Elms Wesleyan Methodist Chapel: unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2019: Coton and Swadlincote West Street Confirmation and Membership Register, 1991-2005; Lists of Trustees, 1899-1972 (3 items); Registration for place of Worship, 1874



Ebenezer, formerly Primitive, Methodist Church, Newhall: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2012: Marriage registers, 1939-1998, 2000-2003



Electricity supply maps

Electricity supply maps used on 25" OS sheets mid 20th Cent.

mid 20th cent


Correspondence re Trade Union campaign against Fascism in Chesterfield and opposition to the closure of the Chesterfield Independent Tribunal 1992-1997

Trade Unions/Trade Associations



Brailsford C of E Primary School: unlisted records

Accession of April 2016: Governors' minutes 1988-2010, headteacher's reports to governors c2005-2008, Resources Management Committee minutes 2006-2009, Learning Teaching and Community Committee minutes 2006-2009, prospectuses 2005 and 2007, School Improvement planning file 1990s-2000s, correspondence re premises etc 1960s-1990s

Accession of September 2017: Governing body minutes 1979 to 2001 and annual reports 1987-2004, school census records 1970s [impersonal statistical information]



Chellaston Community Association

Chellaston Community association papers 20th cent

20th cent


South Darley C of E School: unlisted records

Accession of January 2018: Minutes of School Governors' meetings, Jan-Nov 2007, Mar-Nov 2009, Mar-Jun & Sep-Nov 2011



Wirksworth Cricket Club: unlisted records

Accession of June 2011:

Administrative and financial papers, 20th cent.; 'Matches, Meetings and Memories' - 150th Anniversary brochure, 1999; fixture cards 1996-2006; Womens and Girls Section papers, 2000-2006



Wood St Methodist Church, Ripley: unlisted material

Accession of Feb 2012: Trustees and Church Council minute book, Jan 1957 - Nov 1976; Sunday School minute book, Mar 1945 - Mar 1958; Young Men's Class minute and cash book (including minutes of Young Ladies Class), 1911-1935; Sunday School Anniversary booklets (number 10960 missing) 1935-1974

Accession of March 2016: Treasurer's book 1908-1950, YPSCE Secretary's book (financial) 1908-1950, Building Fund minutes early 21st century, Sunday School minutes 1990-2011, other

Accession January 2017: Orders of service 1915-c2005; photographs 1920-1950; newspaper cuttingsc1904-1974: lists of...



Flagg Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2018

Annual Parish Meetings minute book 1995-2002; Annual Meeting minutes 2003-2015; Minute book Nov 1999 - Nov 2007; minutes Jan 2001 - Sep 2008, Sep 2009 - Mar 2016; Receipts and Payments Accounts book, 1962-1995 & 1996-2013; receipts and payments book Dec 1953 - Mar 1997; financial statements 1997-2000, 2007-2012, 2014, 2016; Declarations of Acceptance 2002/2003, 2011; DCC rights of way survey (RW/0418); building plans [2010s]; correspondence and photographs of examples of road surface defects near Townend Farm 2012; correspondence 2014-2015; file re Peak District National...



Ordnance Survey maps, 245in:1 mile, chiefly S Derbyshire, various editions




International Combustion, later ABB Combustion Systems Ltd: unlisted records




Marlpool United Reform Church: unlisted materials

Records relating to the new building:

Development Fund Summary Accounts, for years ending Dec 1996 to Dec 2015; Development Fund receipts and withdrawals account books, Oct 1996 - Oct 2010 and Sep 2010 - Sep 2016; Development Fund subscriptions book, Jan 1998 - Apr 2005 (not generally available for consultation); Building Fund account book, Feb 2002 - Sep 2016;

Feasibility Study for alterative means of providing more suitable premises for the Church [1997]; Survey of Church Premises, Feb 2000; Location and Assessment Survey, Mar 2002; Land Registry entry and site plan, Nov 2008; building...



Misc. OS maps of derbyshire




Beechwood Nursery School, Derby

Logbooks, admission registers and Governors minutes of Beechwood (Formerly Rose Hill) nursery school, Sidney St. Derby 1977-1999



Derby City Council

Derby City Council leisure services dept. reports on sports facilities 1990s



Longford Parochial Cof E School




Hathersage churches newsletter: 'Hathersage News'

Accessions of 2011, 2012, 2015, November 2016 and March & September 2017

Hathersage News, for:

Jan 2003;

Mar 2004 - Dec 2011;

Jan 2012 - Aug 2014;

Nov-Dec 2014;

Jan-Feb 2015, May - Dec 2015;

Feb - Oct 2016;

Mar - Aug 2017



Litton Primary School: unlisted records

Governors Meetings Minute books, Oct 1945 - Feb 1983, Dec 1983 - Jan 1984, Sep 1994 - Jul 2001 and Apr 2003 - Jul 2006; loose minutes (incomplete, some signed) Oct 2006 - Apr 2012;

Governors papers [1990s-2000s];

Headteachers' reports Nov 1990, Mar 1991, Jul 1991 - Mar 1998 and Jun 1998 - Sep 2012;

minutes of various committees 1997-2012;

Committee Reports

copy PTA Reports to Governors (incomplete) 1990-1996;

prospectus [2000s]; newsletters [2000s]; papers and plans regarding several construction projects, and

Property Committee minutes 2003-2007;

School Development Plan 2003-2004



Chesterfield Borough Council Education Committee and predecessors: unlisted records

Salaries Registers, 1909-1911, 1912-1915, 1919-1921 (These records were probably identified for disposal as part of the appraisal referred to under D5323/3/2/16)



Derbyshire Federation of Women's Institutes: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2019

Devonshire Group: Record of Group Meetings, 1948-2016; Record of group Business meetings, 2007 - 2015; Group financial Statements, 2006 - 2017; Group news letters, 2013 & 2015

Mercia Group: Minutes & Records of Group & Group Business Meetings, 1993-2010; Record of Group Meetings 2011 - 2016; Minutes of Group Business Meetings, 2011 - 2016; Financial Statements, 1996 - 1999 2008 - 2015; Account Books, 1991 - 2009; Baton Event, 2014; Federation Centenary; News Letters, 1996 - 1997; Group Convenors Reports, 2012, 2014, 2015; 3 Photos, 1997

Ryknield Group: Group meeting...



Marsh Lane and District Women's Institute: Unlisted records

Committee Minute book, 1954 - 1959; Accounts book 1946 - 1954



Tansley Women's Institute: Unlisted records

Unlisted Accession, Feb 2016: Correspondence, 1947-1984; VCO records, 1980-1984



Derby & District Trades Council and association bodies: unlisted records

Accession of June 2017: Derby and District Trades Union Council Minutes 1955-1958; Derby Area Trades Union Council 1981-1983, newsletters, attendance book etc. late 20th cent; Derbyshire Association of Trades Council minutes and correspondence 1980s.

20th cent


Clay Cross Company: unlisted material

January 2014 accession: Clay Cross Company photographs and publications

February 2014 accession: Clay Cross Company photographs and publications

20th cent


Chesterfield Constituency Labour Party

Chesterfield Constituency Labour Party and Tony Benn MP, miscellaneous minutes, papers, etc



Robinson and Sons Ltd.: unlisted records

Accession of June 2018:


Minutes of a meeting of directors (28th March 1951), among those present included Colonel V. O. Robinson (Chairman); (1/2)

Annual report to the shareholders of folding box department, 1st April 1947; (1/7)

Chairman's statement for year ending 2nd January, 1977;

Chairman's statement for year ending 1st January 1979


Letter addressed to T. Barclay, Esq. (Charford Mills, Saltley, Birmingham), re silk gauze and packing towels dated 4/1/1935;

Documents entitled "Red Ink Smiths Costs - Smith & Nephew". (Jan 12 1931). Other document attached is dated...



Roston lease and Marston Montgomery plan

Lease of Hurd's Farm, Roston, 1758, and Marston Montgomery Common plan, 1786



International (later ABB) Combustion

Papers relating to International Combustion (later ABB combustions systems) Derby



All Saints CE Junior School, Matlock: unlisted records

August 2014 accession: Log book 1996-2006, governors' minutes 1980-2002

20th-21st cent



Cine film of Dovedale, Derby etc. c1930 taken by J A Smith (1905-1996) of Derby



Chesterfield, Bolsover and Clowne Water Board: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Aug 2016: Reports, bye-laws, chemists' reports, water sample examinations, other, 1898-1959



Borough of Chesterfield Record of the Mayoralty of Councillor W E Taylor




St Anne's CE Primary School, Baslow: Unlisted material

Accession of January 2011: Managers/governors minutes (signed) 1966-1992, Headteacher's reports 1980-1999 (inc unsigned minutes 1993-1997), Managers/governors annual balance statements 1980-1984, House account annual balance statements 1971-1975, Foundation managers/governors receipts and payments ledger 1948-2005, Derbyshire County Council allowance imprest receipts and payments ledger 1955-1988, Pupil's workbook, 19th cent, Weather diary 1948-1949, Photographs, 19th Cent, Fete programmes 1992-[2005], School brochure, 2010-2011

Accession of June 2014: Governors' minutes 2003-2008...



Langley Mill Colliery: Judgement in Queen's Bench Division, Corfield v. Evans (MS copy)




Gladwin Cloves Cave

Gladwin C Cave: notes re claim to Earldom of Newburgh, late 19th Cent

Eyre family tree covering c1611 to 1830, headed "Parties to this deed" (no deed included). Begins with Rowland Eyre of Hassop, who married Anne Smith. Ends with Thomas Eyre, who married Margaret Kennedy.

Headed by the address: 6 Regent Street, Welford Road, Leicester.

Entitled "General Index in the matter of Edwin Cadman Esquire of Westbourne House [Sheffield, Yorkshire] Heir at Law of Anthony James Ratclyffe, Earl of Newburgh".

Index refers to documents copied into pages of a journal, including wills, burials...

late 19th cent


Long Eaton: R Granger & Sons Ltd, lacemakers: unlisted records

Accession of September 2018:

Box 1:

File of legal papers, include patent 1890, Articles of Association 1927

Various financial papers, including re shares and insurance

Box 2:

Various account books 1901-1960s

Salaries book 1956-1977

Index cards with employee details (Not generally available for public consultation)

Papers re employees (Not generally available for public consultation)

Box 3:

Family papers about property etc.

Items re the British Lace Federation

Papers re the receivership (Deloitte) 2002-2006

Papers re Nottingham Lace Centre and Nottingham Lace Logo

Papers re Leivers...



Clay Cross (Primitive) Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession of December 2016:

Circuit Ministries Committee minutes (3 volumes) 1978-2007

Certificates of registration of places of worship 1878-2007

Plan for enlargement of Grassmoor Infant School by construction of schoolroom beneath chapel 1894

Packet of deeds and related papers from various chapels in the circuit, including Higham, Danesmoor and Grassmoor, 19th-20th cent

Local Council of Methodist Churches [papers deriving from the union of the various Methodist denominations in 1932]: minutes (Executive Committee, Sub-Committee, full council), 1932-1933

Property management papers...



Derby City Council

Derby Corporation ledgers 1825-1897, Derby Sanitary Authority ledgers 1870-1884, Workhouse and Board of Guardians 1837-1910, Local Board of Health disbursements 1850-1860, Derby Burial Board ledgers 1855-1895, Library and Art Gallery ledgers 1882-1905, Riverside reclamation 1924-1966, Housing 1920-1936, ARP/Civil Defense 1938-1948, Asylum 1889, Chamberlain's records 1834-1880 and other



Shardlow Rural District Council: unlisted records

Accession of November 2013: Sandiacre building plans, 1945-1974

Accession of November 2014: Ticknall Housing File, 1961-1978

20th cent


Long Eaton Local Board/Urban District Council: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Aug 2016:

Plan numbers 871-6175 (with gaps) 20th century

Two rolls of architects' plans

Folder of correspondence, 1970s



Ilkeston Borough Council: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Apr 2017: selected planning application files received from the Stanton & Staveley Iron Company 1936-1969 (Plan numbers: T124, T318, T389, D568, D901, D984, E130, E202, E246, E271, F248, F367, F629, F834, M822, N947, P518, P437), plan only for application B458 dated 1928

20th cent


NADFAS Cavendish Church Recorders: unlisted records

Accession of October 2018:

Record of church furnishings at St. John, Buxton [2018]



Gell family

Family and estate copy deeds, etc

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

This map is described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

A survey of a Farm lying at ye Meadow in the Tenure and Ocuupation of Wm Fenton Together with Land belonging therto in ye Over-End And in Greenfairfield. 1718. Scale:no scale shown. Size: 82 x 32 cm. Materials: ink on stiff paper, folded with...

17th-19th cent


Edwina Currie, MP: subject files

Subject files of Member of Parliament for South Derbyshire, inc: correspondence and ephemera re Toyota plant, Burnaston 1980s-1996; press coverage of Derbyshire County Council inc Council's investment of pension funds in publishing venture 1987; court documents, legal advice, correspondence and press coverage re civil actions involving Edwina Currie MP and others, inc suit by Derbyshire County Council, 1990; papers re proposed appearance on BBC "Plunder" TV programme, 1989



Collected papers relating to various Anglican churches in Derbyshire

including the momuments at Scropton; indexes to references to Derbyshire churches in the Derby Mercury; corrspondcence on consversation issues;, 2003; stain glass condition reports for Chesterfield Parish Church, 2011; record of John Shaw, lettering artist's, work in Derbyshire; 'The Churches Conservation Trust St. Margaret Church, Kedleston - A Brief Guide' by John Drackley, 1998; photographs of interiors of Derbyshire churches by Derek Buckley, formerly of the DAC; sketch of stain glass window at Bonsall Church, and Buxworth, the second by Enid Bamdey



Oread Montaineering Club

AGM Minutes, 1981, 1985-1987 and 1989-2016; Main Committee minutes, Mar 1986 - Feb 1987, Apr, Jun-Aug, Oct-Nov 1987, Jan-Oct 1988, Jan-Nov 1989, Jan 1990 - Feb 1994, Apr 1994 - Dec 1995, May 1996, Jan 1997 - Feb 1998, Apr 1998 - Feb 2000, Jan, Mar, May-Aug, Oct-Dec 2001, Jan-Mar 2006, May 2006 - Jan 2011, Mar 2011 - Dec 2012, Feb 2013, Apr 2013 - Sep 2015, Nov 2015 - Mar 2016;

Annual accounts, 1975, 1987-1988, 1991-1992, 1996-1998, 2003-2010 and 2012-2016; Treasurers' cash books 1988-1996; Heathy Lea Accounts, 1968 & 1970;

Correspondence [c2008]-2010;

Membership lists 1991-1995, 1998-1999...



Ordnance Survey Maps

Land values ordnance survey maps 1922




Papers re history of the name Bugsworth/Buxworth, including referendums re change of spelling

20th century


Smedley family of Higham and Ashover: unlisted records

One folder of unlisted records (numbered in error), including:

Fragment of a bond involving Anthony Smedley, 1698

Probate and copy will of William Radforth of Shirland, 1820

Copy probate inventory of Mrs Ann Ellis of Curbar, 1835

Probate inventory of Anthony Smedley, Stone Mason of Milltown, Ashover, 1843

Pages of farm accounts, 1929

Correspondence re construction of a reservoir on land at Ashover Hay, 1936-1938



Winster Oral History Project




Brimington Common Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2020: Treasurer's Accounts 1936-1973, Church Accounts 1954-1971, Church Collections Account 1945-1974, Stewards Accounts 1944-1971 (gaps), Sunday School Accounts 1896-1959, Trustees Accounts 1910-1931



Staveley Lowgates Methodist Church: unlisted records

May 2014 accession: Minutes, accounts, ephemera, register of members; baptism register 1953-1986

1870s-20th cent


Gally-Knight family: Warsop estate




Ashgate Croft Special School, Chesterfield: unlisted material (subject to further appraisal)

Nov 2017: Governors' minutes and Headteachers' Reports 1993-2014; Reports to Governors 2007; Finance and Premises Committee minutes, 2004-2006, Feb-May 2009, Jul 2009 - Nov 2010; Personnel Committee minutes 2007-2011; Teaching and Learning Committee minutes 2006-2011; School Improvement minutes 2008-2014 and Leadership Team minutes 2009/10 & 2013/14 (both on CD); Annual Reports to Parents 1992-2001



RB Macmillan Printers Derby

Lists of employees names and addresses c.1935-c.1961; wage book 1940-1942; cash book 1911-1950; label sample book [1940s]; History of the company 1906-1956; 'Offcuts' company magazine 1948-1986



Granville family of Calwich: survey of Calwich estate of Court Granville, esq. 'Reference to plan [not present] of the Calwich estate, the property of Court Granville esq.' Calwich Hall outbuildings etc. With details of tenants' names, field names, state of cultivation and acreage. Some additional remarks. [formerly DL MS 9549]

The Calwich estate included lands on either side of the River Dove in the parishes of Ellastone and Mayfield in Staffordshire and Norbury and Snelston in Derbyshire. This item was transferred from Derby Library in September 2002 [formerly DL MS 9549].



Derby, Spondon rent accounts: volume comprising a) rent roll of William King, Michaelmas 1741-Lady Day 1746, taxes paid and other expenses, 1759-1780, at rear receipts for annuities, 1774-1781; b) rent roll of George Mellor, Michaelmas 1744-Lady Day 1777, taxes paid and other expenses, 1759-1780, at rear receipts for annuities, 1744-1771.

Includes rents, 1741-1777.



Boythorpe: Inquisition on customs

Inquisition on customs of manor



Chapel-en-le-Frith Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School unlisted records

Newsletters, Jan 2011 - Sep 2014



Renishaw Primary School: unlisted material

Accession, Nov 2014: Governors' papers including minutes, accounts, headteacher's reports, circulated correspondence and papers



Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Apr 2011 (previously D7422): Iron ore analyses, with financial papers, late 19th century

Unlisted accession, Aug 2016 (previously D7992): Title deeds, including mineral leases, associated bonds and mortgages, copy wills; photographs, 17th-19th century (6 boxes)



Tithe: Property in John Street Ashbourne, abstract of tithe 1943-1965




Eyre Family

Transcripts, notes and indexes re the Eyre Family



March family of Derby: executor's accounts of disbursements

This item was transferred from Derby Library in November 2002 (formerly DL MS 10734)



Title deeds

Title deeds to properties in Wirksworth 18th-19th Cent

18th-19th cent


Ashopton viaduct and Ladybower reservoir: photographs, 1940s: Birchinlee and Howden Dam: photographs 1902-c1920


1902-c1920; 1940s


Kingsway Hospital, formerly Derby Borough Asylum

This collection is uncatalogued. Please download document below for interim list. Summary:

Patient registers, 1888-1994 (incomplete), including some case books 1888-1921; Staff Service Register, 1890s-1909; Staff Certificates of Service, Oct 1911-Jun 1948; Medical Report Books, 1888-1948 (usually summary information); Annual reports, 1889-1968 (incomplete)

late 19th-20th cent


Derbyshire Constabulary

Files relating to the setting up of the Criminal Investigation Department in Derbyshire, Police files and procedures of World War II, other miscellaneous police material

20th cent


Wilne and Shardlow parishes: constables' accounts




Markham and Co., Ltd. - unlisted material

Published volume of machinery and equipment from the Broadoaks Works; brochure entitled 'Markham'; plans and photographs of excavator machines

[20th cent.]


Cartwright Colliery, Swadlincote

Papers of J Wallace



Curbar Council School: unlisted records

Accession of May 2012:

Managers/Governors' Minutes 1936-1986, 1993-2005;

School Fund Account Book 1977-1996;

headteachers reports 1993-2005;

Millennium Project Scrapbook 2000



Ticknall Almshouses




Walter Butler, 1st Marquess of Ormonde (1770-1820): Derbyshire estates: records

Includes abstract of title 1702-1824; survey of properties in Ashover, Codnor, Heanor and Lea, 1816



King v Holworthy

Report of King's Bench proceedings



Inkersall Primary School: unlisted records

Accession, Apr 2012

Admission register Juniors 1953-1971; 1971-1987; admission register Infants 1963-1971; 1971-1987; admission papers 1967-1968

Accessions, Sep and Oct 2016

Minutes of Governors meetings, 1999-2014; Sub-Committee minutes 1996-2010, 2012-2013, 2013-2014; minutes of the meetings of various committees 1993-2002, 2009-2013; Building plans 1964-1987; and Travel Plan 2008

Accession, Mar 2017

Minutes of final Governor's meeting, Sept 2017

Accession, Sep 2018

Private and confidential sub-committee minutes, Oct 1995 - Mar 2014



Deeds re Advowson of Litchborough




Waingroves (formerly United) Methodist Church: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Sep 2015: Church Council minutes, Jan 1997-Oct 2001

Accession of August 2018:

Accounts and supporting financial papers, 1996/1997 - 2011-2012 (1997/1998 and 2005/2006 missing); Covenant papers 1992-1993; Itinery of items contained in the Church, Jan 2013; minutes of financial meetings of the church council, 2007-2012



Glebe Junior School: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 16/03/2011 - Log book, 1910-1950



George Wright of Spondon: copy reminiscences of Spondon




Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company Ltd


20th cent


Derby Branch of the Women's Royal Voluntary Service: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 20/01/2011 - Public Assistance Institution relief records inc correspondence and newspaper cuttings re Ashbourne clothing depot, 1939-1940s; papers re Ashbourne Rural District air raid shelter and rest centre schemes; welfare section records inc Meals on Wheels accounts 1948-1974, reports, news, and summaries of activities 1960s-1970s



Sharpe's Pottery, Swadlincote

Photographic negatives of the Pottery before restoration



Hazelwood C of E Controlled Primary School

managers' minutes



Ashe Hall Special School, Etwall

Managers' minute book



Aldercar Infants School

Managers' minute book



Ilkeston Charlotte Infants School

Managers' minute book



Ilkeston Granby Junior School

Managers' minute book



Langley Mill Junior School

Accession of 2003: Managers' minute book, 1975-1982

Accession of April 2018:

Governors' minutes Nov-Dec 2008, May, Sep 2009, Feb-Mar, Nov 2010, Sep, Dec 2011, Mar, Jun, Oct 2012, Nov 2012, Jan, Mar 2009, Jan, Mar, Apr, May, Dec 2013, Feb, Apr, Jul, Sep, Oct, Nov 2014, Jan, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov 2015, Jan, Jun 2016, Jan, Apr, Jun, Sep, Dec 2017; minutes of the Governors' AGM 2016; minutes of a Governors' Exclusion meetings Dec 2015, Feb 2017 (Not available for public consultation); Governors papers, Sep 2007 - May 2009, Apr-May, Sep 2010, Mar 2011, Mar 2012, Mar 2013 (Not available for...



Belper Players Amateur Dramatics Society

Box 1:

Minutes (AGMs and General Meetings)

Apr 1936-Aug 1949; Sep 1949-Dec 1964; Jan 1965-Jan 1970; Mar 1970-Sep 1984; & Sep 1985-1999

Committee minutes

Sep 1968-Jul 1978; Sep 1978-Dec 1980; Feb 1981-Dec 1984; Jul 1986-Dec 1993; & Jan 1994-Dec 1999

List of plays performed, 1930s-1990s

Box 2:

Correspondence files

Jun 1971-Jan 1985; Jan 1986-Aug 1994; Feb 1995-Dec 1999

Assorted papers including: Rules of the Society; programmes; seatting plans



Derby and Derbyshire Nursing and Sanitary Association

Assorted records



Chelmorton Parish Council

Signed minutes, Oct 2002 - Jan 2007 and March 2007 - March 2017



Lease for property in Ashover

Lease (release missing) of house and lands at Northedge, parish of Ashover



Swanwick Mixed School, later Girls and Infants

Records, including log books, 1864-1917, and admission registers, 1864-1888

19th-20th cent


Mr J Bowyer of Swanwick: notes on the history of Swanwick and the surrounding area


late 20th cent


St Mary's Church, Crich, Craft Work party

Minutes and accounts



Eyam Silver Jubilee Celebration

Minute book



Marjorie Allen, schoolteacher: service book re employment at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Ashbourne




Robotham and Company, Solicitors of Derby: Unlisted records

Accession, May 2012

Client papers and other records, including Ledgers of William and William Harvey Whiston as Coroners for the County of Derby, 1832-1916 (3 volumes)

- 1832-1876 up to 1856 giving date and place of inquest, with name of deceased, miles travelled and expenses claimed; from 1857 arranged in a tabulated format giving date and place of inquest, name, age and often occupation of deceased, verdict, coroners expenses and mileage, expenses for constable, jury and witness, and expenses for medical witness

- 1877-1892 giving date and place of inquest, miles travelled, name and age...



Working papers of Stephen Penny

This unlisted collection includes photocopies of some of the maps described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The descriptions read as follows:

A plan of the Manor of Hassop in the County of Derby belonging to the Worshipfull Rowland Eyre, Esq. Taken by Robert Meller, Calver. Anno. Dom. 1752. Surveyor:Robert Meller. Scale: protracted from a Scale of 4 chains or 16 Poles in an inch [1:3200]. Size: 77 x 70 cm. Materials: coloured, ink on...

late 20th cent


Bryan Donkin Ltd of Chesterfield, manufacturers of gas industry equipment: Unlisted records (16 boxes)




Over Haddon Parish Council

Minutes Nov 2014 - March 2017; documents relatring to paid off loan, and design notes on the original Village Hall 1946-1956



Matlock Ordnance Survey map, 1st edition, showing proposed reservoir and pipeline




Crich Papers relating to Alderwasley, particularly Wigwell Grange; and Crich

Papers regarding Alderwasley, particularly Wigwell Grange; also some papers re Crich - Working papers of Mrs Joan Wragg deceased



Transparencies of railway lines, scenes, etc, for Ashbourne-Buxton, Midland, Cromford and High Peak Railways, etc


late 20th cent


Ilkeston General Hospital, later Ilkeston Community Hospital

House Committee and other minutes, c.1902-1974; Patients' registers, Mortuary registers, Operations registers, Sepsis registers, X-ray registers and other records, 20th cent.; visitors books 1894-1953



St. Andrew's United Reformed (formerly Presbyterian) Church, Chesterfield: Unlisted records

Unlisted Accession, 10, 2019: Church Meeting minutes, 2012-2016; Elders Meeting minutes, 2013-2016; Anual Report, 2015-2016; 'Church News' newsletter, Dec 2012-Nov 2013, Feb 2014-May 2015, Aug 2015-Nov 2015, Dec 2015-Nov 2016 and Dec 2016-Nov 2017



Records of Heanor Advice Bureau


c 1980-2000


Whaley Bridge Methodist Circuit

Circuit plans and directories, Oct 1955 - Jan 1956 and Jul - Oct 1959



Ordnance Survey maps showing limestone quarries




Derbyshire County Council building plans and site photographs


Plans: Brimington Junior School; Derby College of Further Education - Mackworth Workshop annexe; and Derby South West Social Services Office - Osmaston Road Site

Plans and site photos: Aston on Trent Primary School phase 2; Buxton Grin Low Amenities Block; Derby Dale Primary School - kitchen block; Sawley Nursery; and South Normanton Library extension;

Site photos: Belper Sports Centre; Chellaston Junior School extenstion; Chesterfield Violet Markham School reorganisation; Linton Primary School extensions; and Staveley Norbriggs Primary School



Pre-registration title deeds for Alfreton, Ilkeston, Langley Mill, Longford and Shirebrook


20th cent


Derbyshire Constabulary - Licensing Division

Copy plans of licensed premises in Derbyshire



Clifton CE Primary School

Log book 1977-1998



Hansons, saddlers, Cavendish Street, Chesterfield

miscellaneous papers

[20th cent.]


Tawney House Adult Education Centre: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2017: Trust minutes, legal, management and operational papers including correspondence, copy building plans, ephemera, papers relating to organisation of lectures and courses, c1962-c2005 [appraisal pending]



Derbyshire County Council Chief Education Officer

Working papers (unlisted and awaiting appraisal)



Statham family papers


18th-20th cent


Unstone Parish Council: Unlisted material

Accession Apr 2015: Minutes 1992-1994, 2003-2009



Elder Yard Unitarian Chapel: unlisted records

Accession of October 2014: 3 deeds re parsonage, 1739, 1766 and 1777, with transcript of 1837 indenture

1739-20th cent


Baslow and Bubnell Parish Council

Parish plan questionnaires (sample)



St Elphin's School

School magazines, photographs, etc.

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.

[20th cent.]


St. John's Road Methodist Church, Whittington Moor

Two Trustees minute books, 1939-1981; Leaders' minute book, 1957-1979



Records of Kenneth Watson, deceased

School reports from Ernest Bailey School, Matlock, and other papers

[20th cent.]


Brampton Moor Methodist Church: unlisted records

Accession of November 2010: Church Council minutes 1981-1990

Accession of Febuary 2014: Cradle Roll, 1938-2009

Accession of Jan 2016: Baptism register, Nov 1906 - Nov 2012; Minute book containing Sisterhood Annual General Meetings, Feb 1958 - Oct 2005, and Fellowship AGMs, Oct 2006, Oct 2008, Oct 2009 and Feb 2012; Church account book, Mar 1872 - 1941; Sunday School Attendance Register, 1936-1989; Church Notices book, Dec 1977 - Oct 1982



Derbyshire County Council Countryside Service: Middleton Top Visitor Centre

Reports, correspondence and related papers, handbooks, rules and regulations, photographs, CD-Roms, cassette tapes, and floppy disk re history of railways in Derbyshire.

This collection is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Milford Methodist Church, Shaw Lane, Milford

Marriage register



Derbyshire title deeds


[chiefly 20th cent.]


Walbrook Nursery School


[20th cent.]


J. Thorpe & Sons, structural engineers, Derby


[20th cent.]


Elvaston Parish Council

Minutes Sep 2003 - Dec 2009, Jan 2010 - Dec 2012, Jan 2013 - Mar 2014, Apr 2014 - Mar 2017; Audited accounts for years ending 2011 - 2016; Allotment agreements 2014 - 2017; Boulton Moor housing development plans 2010

The following are not generally available for consultation:

Members' declarations of office 2013 - 2017; Councillors' Hurt & Loakes Registers of Interests 2014 & 2016; Members' dispensations 2014



Crichton Porteous (1901-1991): diaries, letters, manuscripts, and other papers


20th cent


British Railway Engineering Ltd. (BREL), Derby works: employee cards (surnames S and W only)




National Union of Mineworkers, Derbyshire Branch

Commemorative medals and badges, and publications



Barton under Needwood manorial records




Derby Diocese

Additional records, chiefly presentations to livings

[20th cent.]


Title deeds to properties in Cobden Road, etc., in Chesterfield




Philip Whitehead MEP: unlisted records




Unlisted Accessions, 02, 2019

Unlisted Accessions, 02, 2019: Baptism register (Primitive), 1947-1966; Baptism register (Wesleyan), 1948-1997



Unlisted accessions

Unlisted accession, 2020.01: Minute book, Mar 1986-Nov 1990; minute book, Jan 1991-Dec 2001; minutes, Jun 2001-Mar 2019



Erewash Borough Council: Unlisted records

Unlisted accession, May 2015: Electoral register, 2000



Horsley Woodhouse Parish Council: unlisted records

Accession of September 2018

3 Minute Books, Dec 1894 - Mar 1933, Apr 1933 - Sep 1966 and Oct 1966 - Oct 1974; one folder of minutes May 2006 - Jun 2011



Cutthorpe Methodist Church: unlisted records

Febuary 2014 accession: Church council minutes and accounts; sisterhood accounts; other records (late 20th-21st Cent)

late 20th-21st Cent


Holymoorside Methodist Church: unlisted records

Febuary 2014 accession: Church council minutes and financial records (late 20th-21st Cent)

late 20th-21st cent


Loundsley Green Methodist Church: unlisted records

Febuary 2014 accession: Church Council minutes 2003-2007; leadership minutes 2004-2008

April 2016 re-accession: Church electoral rolls 1987-2013 (originally deposited in 2013)



Newbold Methodist Church: unlisted records

Febuary 2014 accession: Church Council minutes, 2001-2007



Manor of Alfreton: amercements




Glenholme Children's Home: unlisted records

Accession of September 2016:

Policies, procedures and guidance documents pertaining to the management of children's homes, prepared by Derbyshire County Council and central government 2000-2010s

Annual leave and staff sickness record (return to work forms) 2007-2014;

Building management records including risk assessment file 2012 and glazing survey 2012;

Minutes of meetings re young people not in education, employment or training 2013;

Guidance relating to a national anti-bullying campaign with children's responses to bullying survey 2013;

21st cent


P J Steer, Structural Engineer, Derby: unlisted records

Accession of June 2013: Photographs, plans and associated documents re property in Derbyshire, including Little Hallam Hall; National Tramway Museum, Clay Cross, 1985-1998



Aston on Trent Primary School: unlisted records

Unlisted accession, Jul 2016 (all files are subject to further appraisal. Many contain information covered by the Data Protection Act and are not generally available for public consultation)

Governors' minutes and papers, 2005-2008

Minutes and papers for Governors' Committees: Finance and General Purposes Committee, 2005-2008; Pay Committee, 2006-2008; Curriculum Committee, 2005-2008; Personnel, 2005-2008; Resources, 2008

Special Meeting minutes, 5-6 Dec 2005

Staff Meeting minutes, Apr 2007-Jul 2011

School Newsletter, Sep 2007-Jul 2013

Governors' Handbook (appendices missing), nd




Mike Langham: Unlisted records




Unlisted accessions

Unlisted accession, 2020.01: Minutes, Mar 1999--Mar 2019



Long Eaton Trinity Church Living Stones Steering Group papers




All Saints' CE (VA) Primary School, Youlgreave: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2012

Visitors books, 1996-2010

Accession, Jun 2016

Signed Governors minute books, Apr 1999 - Feb 2006 and Mar 2006 - Jul 2011; Headteachers Reports to the Governing Body / Governors, Jul & Oct 1988, Sep - Mar 2003, May 2003 - Jun 2009, Nov 2009 - Oct 2011; and OFSTED Inspection papers - Report to Governors, Jun 1998, Action Plan, Mar 1998, PTA's report, Dec 1998



Archives of predecessor bodies in Derbyshire of Severn Trent Water

Includes Derwent Valley Water Board, Derby Corporation Water Board

late 19th- early 20th cent


Peter Ellmer of Draycott, musician (1944-1985): unlisted records

Accession, Feb 2019

Two rehearsal photographs, 1980-1981, with original and copy concert programmes (1969)-1981



Middleton by Wirksworth (Mount Zion) Methodist Church: unlisted records

Febuary 2014 accession: Quinquennial report 1990 and other building records; financial records; Sunday School register 1962-1990 and minutes 1935-1972, photograph 1986; Church Council minute book 1988-2004; cleaner's pay records 1996-2004; Correspondence file 1990s-2000s; other records

20th-21st cent


Stevensons Amber Dye Works, Bullbridge, Ambergate: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Ilkeston Cricket Club

Volume of minutes, playing statistics and news clippings



Papers of Harry Barnes as Member of Parliament for North-East Derbyshire (1987-2005)

Please enquire with the Duty Archivist if you wish to consult records in this collection in order that contact can be made with the depositor. Please outline the nature of your research when making your enquiry



Oxford Archaeology North Project Report

Papers regarding Torr Mill, New Mills; and Long Lane, Chapel-en-le-Frith



Diocesan Training College, Derby

Photographs of the Old College, taken by the Royal Commission on Historic Monuments

[mid 20th cent]


GKN Sheepbridge works: photographs and negatives of products etc.


Late 20th cent


Revd John Philip Gell: correspondence

Correspondence re proposed school in parish of Buxted, Sussex, of which JP Gell was incumbent



Ripley Town Council: Unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2018: Minutes of Council meetings, 1993-2000, 2006-2016; Annual Assembly minutes 1992-2006; Mayor's accounts 1999-2004; Council accounts 2000-2016; Derwent Valley management plan



David G Edwards, historian: Working notes of Derbyshire historical research - unlisted records

Accession, Jun 2019 - substantial appraisal required

Wingerworth ephemera, 1984-2019; An Eighteenth Century Red Lead Production Record' (copy), published in Bulletin of PDMHS, together with working papers and background material, 1982; Working papers used to research an article on Derbyshire population in the reign of King Charles II, [c1660]-1680; Background article and correspondence relating to article on Derbyshire population in the reign of King Charles II, published in Derbyshire Archaeological Journal [early 1980s]; "Working Papers, display items, background articles and...



W.G. and J. Strutt Ltd.: Unlisted records

Accession of July 2018:

Letter book marked "Number 1 1846"; personal correspondence, relating to the Strutts, late 18th - early 19th cents; financial papers; copy plan of the Milford works, 1942

[late 18th cent]-1942


Normanton Village Infants School: Unlisted accessions

Accession, Aug 2018

Normanton Board School Record of Admissions Feb 1898-Jul 1909; Normanton Council School Sales Book c1911; Normanton Seniors Sales Account Jul 1932-Mar 1934; Normanton Mixed School Summary Register 1884-1889; Normanton Village School Summary Register 1880-1884; Normanton Village School Admission Register 1880-1898; Normanton Village Infant School Admission Register 1985-2008; Normanton Village Infant School photographs c1970s-1980s

Accession, Nov 2018

Photographs (heavily sampled), Album of newspaper/press cuttings 1973-1985



Unlisted accessions

Log book, 1966-2002



Sunnyhill [formerly Normanton] Infants School, Derby: Unlisted material

Date of accession: 04/04/2013 - Class photographs, 20th cent

07.08.2018: Normanton Infants School admission register, 1981-1994



Shardlow and Great Wilne Parish Council

Minutes 1929 -1939, 2006 - 2017; Audited accounts 1929 -1939 1961- 1983, 2004 - 2016; Plans for Long Horse Bridge 2009/10, for Elms farm 2010, for Hemington Gravel Pit 1980 - 1985 and for Acre Lane 1984; Gravel extraction documents and plans Bellinton Hill 1985 papers regarding proposed speed limit on A6 trunk road and flood protection scheme, both 1969 - 1982.

The following are not generally available for consultation:

Councillors Registers of Interests & declarations of office 2007, 2010, 2011 & 2014; Councillors Registers of Interests & dispensations 2012; Councillors acceptance of...



Barrow-upon-Trent Parish Council

Minutes, Feb 1981 - 1983 Listed building report for the parishes of Barrow-upon-Trent, Eggington, Findern, Foremark, Ingleby, Repton, Stenson Field, Twyford and Stenson and Willington, 1967



National Coal Board

Finance records: profit and loss accounts for individual collieries, area profit and loss reports and trend statements, 1940s-1970s



Youlgrave Parish Council: unlisted material

Minutes, Apr 1999-Mar 2001, Apr 2001-Mar 2003, Apr 2003 - Mar 2005, April 2005-March 2009, April 2009-April 2016 (also contains agendas from 2008-2013); Cash Book April 1997 to March 2004



Parish Claims: unlisted records

Parishes in the West Derbyshire:

Birchover, Bonsall, Brushfield, Calow, Calver, Carsington, Chatsworth, Chelmorton, Clifton, Cromford, Cubley, Curbar, Doveridge, Eaton and Alsop, Edensor, Edlaston and Wyaston, Elton, Eyam, Eyam Woodlands, Fenny Bentley, Flagg, Foolow, Froggatt, Gratton, Great Hucklow, Great Longstone, Great Rowsley, Grindlow, Harthill, Hartington Middle Quarter, Hartington Nether Quarter, Hartington Town Quarter, Hassop, Hathersage, Hazelbadge, Highlow, Hognaston, Hollington, Hopton, Hulland, Hulland Ward, Hungry Bentley, Ible, Ivonbrook Grange, Kirk Ireton, Kniveton, Lea...



Derbyshire Ladies County Golf Association: unlisted records

Accession, Sep 2019 (some items catalogued)

Administrative papers



Parish of Chesterfield St Mary and All Saints

Parish magazines



Bryan Donkin Ltd

Photographs of Mr George Clark; no 2 Foundyard employees c1970; commemorative plaque of first casting, no 2 Foundry, 1922

20th Cent


University of Derby

Research papers and other papers including prospectuses

20th cent


Peak Dale Primary School

Governors' and Committee Minutes



Taylor Simpson and Mosley, Solicitors - these records have been moved into the main Taylor, Simpson and Mosley collection, D769 under D769/UL/23.

Title deeds etc.

19th cent


Bretby Orthopaedic Hospital School

Managers' minutes



Allestree Churches Together: unlisted records

Accession, Oct 2017: Minutes of meetings, 1991-2012 (4 bundles); Lent Group 2001-2013 (1 bundle); Correspondence files 1991-2013 (4 bundles) - Significant appraisal required, particularly for the correspondence files



Sawley Parish Council

Minutes of annual parish meetings 1894-1933 and parish council meetings 1913-1934



Long Eaton Local Board of Health, later Urban District Council

Erewash Borough Council: plans, late 20th cent., local government review plan reports 1900s;

Long Eaton UDC: minutes 1971-1972, annual reports 1932-1936, 1968;

South East Derbyshire RDC: plans, late 20th cent;

Byelaws, standing orders and cemetery regulation

[20th cent]


Ilkeston Free Library Committee




Long Eaton Burial Board

Burial plot grants

20th Cent


Stanton and Staveley Ltd: Unlisted records

This collection contains material which is unlisted. See search room supervisor for interim list.



Andrew MacBeth, Cash & Co., Solicitors, Wirksworth: Unlisted records

Accession of April 2014: 15 St Mary's Gate and Nether House, Wirksworth: title deeds, with papers deriving from a court case relating to the property

19th cent


Fryer family of Dale Abbey: unlisted records

Accession of May 2009

Sale catalogue for freehold estate belonging to the Earl Stanhope, of land and property in Stanton-by-Dale, Dale Abbey, Ilkeston and Sandiacre, including the manors of Stanton and Dale, Stanton Hall, portion of Stanton Ironworks, Dale Colliery, Erewash Valley Golf Links, farms, small holdings, licenced houses, other, Jul 1912

Annotated version of a copy of Ordnance Survey 25" to the mile map showing Poplar Farm, Dale Abbey

Sale catalogue for cattle, farm implements and equipment from Poplar Farm, Mar 1974

Bundle of correspondence and ephemera, 20th century

Bundle of...

19th-20th century


Derbyshire Schools Camping Association: unlisted records

Accession of February 2017:

Treasurer's papers, comprising:

Cash books 1954-1975, 1975-1995, 1995-2008.

Lightweight and Mobile Camping Section income and expenditure book, 1979-2003.

Files of loose balance sheets and income and expenditure accounts, arranged by year, 1975-2009. These papers are interspersed with others including correspondence, auditors' reports, annual reports, treasurer's reports, annual general meeting minutes. Financial information is recorded separately for the Mundesley Camp, the Anglesey camp and the Lightweight section.

VAT file: inc correspondence with...



Photographic negatives of Derbyshire historic buildings


29 June 2009


Deeds and papers relating to the Marriott and Radford families

Relating to Ashover, Normanton and Alfreton. For copies of damaged records, see CD 297

16th - 19th cent


Belper Methodist Circuit: unlisted records

Accession, Aug 2019: Property File, 2003/4 (weeded to remove non-archival material and national Methodist Church circulars); Accounts Books 1981-2005 (2 volumes)



North-East Derbyshire coalmining papers

History of Oxcroft colliery with list of managers, 1940s-1974 and plan of coal seams, 1974; coal mining training booklets 1962-1971



Unlisted accessions

Unlisted Accession, 2020.01: Minutes, May 2002-Mar 2019



Whitworth Institute

Trustees' papers and general administration of institute including reports, correspondence, papers re adult education classes



Ilkeston Borough: miscellaneous papers 1794, 1939-1942

Printed enclosure act for Ilkeston 1794; payments to Ilkeston Borough employees on war service 1939-1942 and other papers



Long Eaton Local Board of Health, later Urban District Council

burial grants 1887-1937, 1958-1963



North Derbyshire Motor Club: Unlisted records




Hall family of Risley Hall, Risley

Pencil portraits of Robert Hall and of Catherine Hall

early 19th cent


Number not used

Formerly Derbyshire County Council: Youth Service printed annual reports 1940/1-1953/4 (gaps) - these records were re-accessioned to DCC/ED in August 2018



Derby Borough/City Council

archival records, various departments, chiefly early 20th cent including Estates Dept plans; valuation registers and other records

20th cent


Matlock and district: pre-registration title deeds, chiefly early 20th cent

Pre-registration title deeds transferred by Messrs Flint, Bishop, solicitors, of Derby

20th cent


Mark Todd, Member of Parliament for South Derbyshire

Constituency papers



Ripley Parish Account Book inc overseers of the poor, constable, etc.




Ashbourne Rotary Club

Accession of July 2010: Ashbourne 41 Club minutes 1996-2006; Council minutes 1946-1994 (gaps); RIBI, District, International, membership and other correspondence 1968-2002; Membership applications 1948-1987; Newsletters 1981-1997; Club directories 1968-2005; Vocational, service and other committee minutes 1964-1995; Annual reports 1955-1966 (gaps); Presidential messages 1970-1978 (gaps); events and other working papers c1970-c1997; photographs, newspaper cuttings, magazines, publications and other ephemera 1980-2008; visitors book 1949-2005; other

Accession of February 2014: Rotary Club...



Morton farmer's day book

Containing: brief details of harvests, notes on population of Morton in 1815, names and pay details of agricultural labourers, occasional memoranda on farm events, veterinary medical recipes



Butterley Engineering Company

Minute book and plans

20th cent


Glossop and District Choral Society

Minutes 1949-2009; financial papers 1949-2007; ephemera and miscellaneous papers 1950-2009



Susan M Wright, historian

PhD thesis on 15th Century Derbyshire gentry (Birmingham, 1978), later published by Derbyshire Record Society, with related research papers inc copies/transcripts/card indexes of published and archival sources



Shirebrook Secondary School

School records inc governors' minutes 2007-2010; Science College Development plan 2003 and related papers 2003-2007; headteacher's reports to governors 2001-2009; newsletters and ephemera, 2000s



Doncaster Coalite Limited

Accession of September 2010:

Photographs, correspondence and ephemera re Coalite Ltd, including:

Operational/production records and photographs of production sites in Bolsover, Doncaster, East Greenwich and elsewhere 20th cent; company newsletters; advertising files inc some original artwork, c1930s-1980s; director's speeches, articles etc. 1930s-1940s, files re proposed plant in South Africa c1980

Accession of March 2012:

Minute book 2, signed and indexed, 297pp, recording minutes of Board of Directors and Annual General Meetings, at Chesterfield and London respectively, 25 Nov 1952...



Borders Mission Circuit

New Selston Sunday School registers 1916-1976, Selston baptism register 1963-1994, Pinxton Wharf accounts 1977-1997, Blackwell Trustees minutes 1949-2000, South Normanton Youth Council Minutes 1960-2010, Overseas Missions minutes 1964-2005



Title deeds for property located around the Market Place, Derby




Andrew Macbeth Cash & Company, solicitors of Wirksworth: unlisted records

Accession of September 2013: Title deeds and Grants of Probate for throughout Derbyshire, [1850s-1950s]

Accession of November 2015:

Swanwick: Plan of estate at Swanwick belonging to Messrs Walker

Wirksworth: Conveyance of land at Wirksworth. Parties: Pearson to Mather, 2 May 1704; Will of John Stanley of Wirksworth, 19 Mar 1741. Copy; Will of Thomas Standley of Wirksworth, 1746. Copy; Contracts for sale of land at Water Lane, Wirksworth, 29 Mar 1900; Schedule of deeds relating to Wigwell estate Wirksworth.

Middleton by Wirksworth: Conveyance of land at Middleton Moor, Middleton by...



Correspondence between Mrs Bessie Bunker of Holmesfield and Matthew Gavaghan of Pleasley




Miners' strike 1984-1985: ephemera and correspondence esp. re striking Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire miners




Chesterfield area deeds, inc Brimington Freehold Land Society deed of trust, deeds to land at Walton Road Chesterfield and at Brimington


19th-20th Cent


Derbyshire County Council: correspondence file re Derbyshire's celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee, 1977




Derbyshire County Council: correspondence file re County flag, arms and badge




Derbyshire County Council: Nuclear-free policy files




Derbyshire County Council: verbatim meeting transcripts and correspondence re dispute between two councillors over racism allegation




Chesterfield Youth Action Group: correspondence and related papers 1984-1989




Rotary Club of Chesterfield: unlisted records

Accession of October 2010: Presidents Speeches and reports (possibly duplicates); President's correspondence and other papers files, 1998-2000; other

Accession of October 2014: Minutes, District Handbooks, newspaper cuttings, 1990s

Accession of March 2015: Membership records (including returns, applications, nomination papers etc.) c1930s-1960s; minutes and agendas, news clippings and other papers, late 20th-early 21st cent

Accession of March 2018: Minutes and Agendas, membership, accounts for District Council and other papers c2005-c2010

c1930s-early 21st cent


Derby City Council

Published reports re local services, local government reorganisation and leisure services tendering



Title deeds relating to property and land in Derbyshire, including Alvaston, Ambaston, Chellaston etc




Document showing the costs of building an infirmary at Alfreton




Ilkeston County Secondary School

School photographs, magazines and membership card



Miscellaneous Derbyshire Items

Chesterfield Grammar School speech day programmes 1937-1939 and school magazines 1936-1941, Licence agreement re Midland Hotel, Derby 1982, Memorandum re Denbighshire 1842



Michael Handley of Wirksworth, historian (1948-2010): unlisted materials

Plan of alterations to a shop in the Market Place, Wirksworth, for a Mr. J. Banks, showing plan and elevation, 27 Jun 1904; signed by George W. Walker, chairman



Newbold Methodist Church

Baptism register 1929-1991, class book registers c1953-1962



Pye Hill Trinity Methodist Church

Trustees' minutes 1925-1976, Church Council minutes c1983-2005, Trustees' Treasurers accounts 1962-1983, Society Stewards accounts 1964-1982, Missionary Society accounts 1960-2006, general accounts c1983-c2009, Sunday School accounts 1978-1995, Christian Education Council cash book 1934-1994, general correspondence c1981-c2000, building project files c1991-c1994



Documents concerning water supply in Derbyshire




Riddings & District Choral Society




Shardlow Rural District Council

Plan of district water supply, c1935




Brake and Clutch Linings - Mining & Engineering brochure/catalogue



Papers regarding the Jodrell family of Whaley Bridge and plans for railway stations and collieries in the High Peak

Papers of the Jodrell family of Whaley Bridge; plans for: Dove Holes Railway Station; New Mills Colliery, W B Colliery and railway plans and correspondence

[19th-20th cent.]


Royal British Legion Housing Association

Plans and papers re proposed accommodation for elderly people in Derby



Roman Catholic Diocese of Hallam - Bishop Gerald Morley

Illuminated 'Bishop's Prayer' c1960, illuminated 'Altar Card' c1960, photograph of Bishop Gerald Morley and Pope John Paul II in Vatican Library, c1980



Morley Methodist Church

Photocopy deed to purchase land 1845

[20th cent.]


Whaley Bridge Uniting Church

Church and Committee minutes 1912 - 1991; Circuit minutes 1928 - 1948; Circuit plans 1913 - 1977; Vestry cash books 1940 - 1971; Pulpit notice books 1964 - 1978; Sunday School minutes 1887 - 1985; Sunday School registers 1878 - 1983; other 1870 - 2007



Marston Montgomery School Board




Sudbury District Education Committee




Chesterfield Corporation

Salary registers



Robinson and Sons of Chesterfield

Patent specification, negative copy of site plan and machinery plans

late 19th cent


Brampton and area: six sale catalogues


Late 19th to early 20th cent


Brampton and Walton Urban Sanitary District

Annual report



Hallfield Gate, Shirland: tax assessment




Accounts of Trustees under the will of Elizabeth Archer




Will of Francis Lowe of Hasland, farmer




Accident compression claim against Sheepbridge Coal and Iron Company




Chesterfield Borough Council

Draft Committee Minute Book



Rent record book of unidentified property owner, Chesterfield

Includes several pages of newspaper cuttings with index

late 19th cent


Peak District National Park Authority

Collection of photographic material relating to the Peak District National Park, including slides, negatives, and prints

Accession of April 2019:

Annual Reviews 1998-1999, 1999-2000 and 2000-2001;

Yearbooks 1999-2000, 2000-2001 and 2001-2002;

Special Report 1983-1984

Accession of May 2019:

Peak Park Transport Study Volume II Technical Report - Final Report, 1980; Peak Park Transport Study Project Report, 1977



Derbyshire and other landscape views: prints, slides and transparencies

Pending appraisal

20th cent


Derbyshire postcards

Written to Mr Furniss of Bakewell whilst in hospital

Early 1950s


Copy of Henry Fletcher's 1598 map of Ilkeston




Scarsdale Probus Club

Committee and general meeting minutes 1981-2000, general minutes 1991-2006, Inter-Probus general and committee minutes 2011-2007, Inter-Probus correspondence and AGM reports 1990-2000, correspondence 1991-2000, newsletters and other



Workers' Educational Association: East Midlands Regional and Derbyshire branches

East Midlands regional office: course materials 1979-c2009, minutes 1993-2003, reports 1968-2003, papers re Tawney House, Matlock 1967-2004

Derbyshire Branches: course material, correspondence, annual reports, accounts, minutes c1966-2010 re Alfreton, Ashbourne, Belper, Castle Donington, Chesterfield, Crich, Derby, Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Matlock, Melbourne, Newhall, Ockbrook and Borrowash, Ripley and Smalley branches



Photocopies of Baslow Charities papers

including: two minute books 1889-1946 & 1947-1991; ledger 1890-1958; three cash books 1911-1945, 1945-1962 & 1962-1966; assorted papers 19th-20th cents.



Papers of Tom Tomlinson (1908-1995), of Hathersage, local historian and first warden of the Peak District National Park

Local history pamphlets and related correspondence, including biography by John Pemberton



Hathersage Memorial Hall

Papers re foundation c1919-1960, administration c1929-c1980, correspondence c1982-1992, minutes c1959-c1980, accounts c1930-1982, building plans 1928, newspaper cuttings c 1928-1935, other



Photographs of County Hall, Derbyshire County Council headquarters

Photographs of exterior and interior of County Hall and staff at work. Includes County Archivist, Commissionaires, kitchen staff, staff canteen, Clerk of Council, Surveyors Department, Emergency Planning, telephony



Brassington Primary School

School administration papers c2002-2010, correspondence c2007-2009, school workforce census c2008-2009, papers re Private Fund c2011-2007



Barrow Hill School, Staveley

School photographs: boys' class 1906, girls' class c1908



Speedwell Infants School, Staveley

Unlisted accession, May 2011

- School photograph, c1930

Unlisted accession, Feb 2017 - please note significant appraisal is required in relation to this material as much is not archival, therefore it may not all be permanently retained once this is completed

- Log Book, Jan 1969-Sep 1989

- Admissions Register, c1965-Jan 1988 (the first 144 entries in the register do not include a date of admission as the original admission register was likely destroyed in the fire of January 1969, the dates of withdrawal for these pupils range from Jul 1969-Jul 1972)

- School Fund Account Book, 1974-1979...



Derbyshire Miners' Convalescent Home, Skegness

Postcards of Derbyshire Miners' Convalescent Home, Skegness c1920 and 1960



Derbyshire Carriage & Wagon Company (?) plans of mineral wagons

Plans and schematics of Railway Clearing House designed mineral wagons possibly originating from the Derbyshire Carriage & Wagon Company's Chatsworth Wagon Works at Whittington (earlier Hurst, Nelson & Co).



Finlay McKinlay, Chemists, Glossop (and predecessor firms)




Glossop Borough Council

Agreements, improvement plans inc Market Hall and Town Hall, tenders submitted for Whitfield Reservoir construction and related records, early 20th cent; School Attendance subcommittee minutes 1903-1909; High Education subcommtitee minutes 1904-1909; Education cash book 1906-1907; reservoir audited accounts 1899-1921

1899-early 20th cent


Whitfield Church of England School

Managers minutes



Brookfield Congregational Church and Sunday School

Plans, organ specifications and related records

late 19th cent


Glossop Conservative Club

Membership records 1922-1932, 1967-1969



Glossop rent books




Notes on cases heard by the court of Quarter Sessions for the County of Derby




Matlock and area map

Showing old enclosures, recent leases, mineral rights etc., (Derbyshire OS sheets 28.4, 28.8, 28.12, 29.1, 29.5 and 29.9, joined together with the information added in.



Thomas Beswick & Sons of Buxton, road hauliers




Barlborough Primary School: unlisted records

Approximately two boxes of material that remains uncatalogued from accession of Jun 2011



Derby (City Centre) Council of Churches: minutes 1973-1981, 1981-1998, constitutions 1973-1994, list of chairmen, etc.


20th cent


Derbyshire Churches Together/Church of North India Partnership: minutes, accounts, ephemera and photographs 1980s-1990s

Also inc (2013 accession): Reports 1995-1998, 2 vols Income and Expenditure Account 1986-1998, CNI Minutes 1993-1998, photograph album, loose photographs, Correspondence 1992-1998, file labelled 'Council' including annual accounts, correspondence, reports, notes, other c1994-c1998, other, c1987-c1998



Matlock Methodist Church: Magazine for 1966, order of service to mark union with the United Reformed Church in 1990


20th cent


Darley Abbey Methodist Church: plan 1957, programme for opening service 1959, accounts c1990s-2000s, minutes 1959-2000s, Family and Neighbourhoods Committee records 1990s


20th cent


Matlock and District Hard of Hearing Club

Accession of August 2011: AGM minutes, signed 1985-2003; Committee and Monthly minutes, signed 1985-2005; register of work done by the Resource Centre 1991-1995, cash book 1976-2002, accounts 1992-1994, officers' reports 1990s-2000s, including lists of members, constitution and correspondence

Accession May 2016: Minutes 1976-c2011; Chairmans Reports c2008-c2010; Secretary's Papers c2002-c2010; financial reports 2005-2012 and other correspondence including newspapers cuttings and photographs c2010-2013



Pilsley near Tibshelf: Wesleyan Methodist church: Baptism certificate book counterfoil




Shirland Primary School: class and team photographs




Deeds regarding Ashbourne Town Hall and Bradley Wood




Copies of a watercolour painting of Stainsborough Hall, Hopton




Papers of Keith Swift, illustrator


[20th cent]


Deeds regarding Ripley Old Brewery




Thomas Robinson of Derby, Ironmasters: deeds, probate records, accounts, rents and property, correspondence




Oldershaw of Mapperley and Heanor

exercise books 1794-1865, letters of reference 1894-1899, 1926-1929



Alfred Johnson & Company, stonemasons of Derby

accounts, title deeds, bills and receipts, correspondence, plan, executorship papers



Peak Trust Ltd (formerly Lancaster & Thorpe)

Legal documents, deeds, leases and associated papers re property in Friar Gate, Derby, [19th-20th cent];

Deeds and leases relating to property in: Osmaston Road/Back Sitwell Street, Derby, 1797-1968; at 100 St. Peter's Street, Derby, 1938-1988; and 7 & 9 Trinity Square, Nottingham, 1860-1981;

Deeds to 51/51A Sadler Gate, Derby [18th-20th cent];

Deeds relating to 51/51B Sadler Gate, Derby, Nov 1985 - Oct 1998;

Deeds relating to 19/19A High Street, Burton upon Trent, Staffs, Feb 1991;

Deeds relating to 42/44 Friar Gate, Derby [19th-20th cent]

Deeds relating to 45 Friar Gate, Derby [19th...



Bakewell Agricultural & Horticultural Society

Minutes of General Society Committee, 1903-1922; Committee minutes, 1923-1950; General Committee meeting minutes, 1971-1976, 1980-1987, 1990-1992, 1993-1998; Council meeting minutes, 1991-2017; Annual General Meeting minutes, 1949-1957 and 1978-1997;

Catering Committee minutes, 1992-1995; Centre Ring and Attractions Committee minutes, Oct 1999 – Sep 2011; Dog Committee minutes, 1990 - 1998; Finance Committee minutes, 1958 – 1970; Finance & Policy Committee minutes, 1991-2017; Floral Art Committee minutes, 1995-1996; Food & Farming Committee minutes 1993-1998; Functions & Events Committee...



Great Hucklow Infant School

Governors' minutes and associated papers



Ashbourne Special Constabulary

Duty posters



St Elphin's School, Darley Dale

Staff Handbook and Procedures Manual, Aspect Policies



Gladstone Youth Club, Ilkeston

Minutes 1969-1990, accounts 1979-1992, attendance register 1980-1981, leaders reports 1979-1992, Visitors Book from Duke of Gloucester's visits 1963-1977, correspondence 1961-1992, photographs, other



Poor Rate Assessment volumes

Poor Rate Assessment book for the Parish of Monyash May 1840 - Aug 1841; Instructions for Collectors of Assessed Taxes for 1839 in the High Peak Hundred



Ilkeston & District Local History Society

Papers regarding the formation of the Society and its early years



Miscellaneous items including newscuttings c1920-c1930s; will and codicil of Thomas William Hunt of Bolehill 1899-1901; sale notices and catalogues with correspondence


19th-20th cent


Local Authority year books

Ashbourne RDC, 1969/70-1970/1

Ashbourne UDC, 1969/70-1970/1

Blackwell RDC, 1964/5-1969/70

Buxton Borough, 1964/5-1970/1

Chapel-en-le-Frith RDC, 1965/6-1970/1

Chesterfield Borough, 1964/5, 1966/7-1970/1

Chesterfield RDC, 1965-1970

Derby Borough, 1966/7-1968/9, with enclosures

Dronfield UDC, 1964/5-1970/1

Heanor UDC, 1965/6-1967/8

New Mills UDC, 1965/6-1969/70

Repton RDC, 1965/6-1970/1

South East Derbyshire RDC, 1966/7, 1967/8, 1969/70

Swadlincote UDC, 1965/6-1969/70

Manchester Regional Hospital Board, 1951, 1966/7, 1969/70

Trent River Authority, 1963/4, 1966/7-1968/9




Parish of Derby St Michael

Parish magazines

Jan 1925-Dec 1929


Drawings showing drainage in parcels of land in Mercaston




Title deed




Bundles of 19th century Quarter Sessions depositions, 17th century title deeds, World War 2 and other ephemera of Mr Harper


17th-20th cent


Evaluation of Dale Farm, Willington

Plans and project reports



Alfreton No. 1 Branch Old Age Pensioners minute books




Jessop Monument Trust

Memorandum and articles of association; annual reports; accounts; reports to directors and trustees; minutes including AGM, Consultative Committee and Steering Group meetings



Egginton Parish Council

5 minute books 1924-1958, 1959-1973, 1974-1987, 1988-1991, 2001-2006; 3 Receipts and Payments books 1902-1923, 1925-1945 and 1946-1970; Rate Book 1912; Overseers of the Poor Account book Mar 1869 - Mar 1881; other papers 20th cent.

19th-20th cent


Collection of papers relating to organisations in Derbyshire

Postcard of Eyam St. Lawrence Parish Church 20th cent.; Order of funeral service at Quarndon Parish Church Jan 1934; Bakewell All Saints Church book of unusual inscriptions 1947; handbook for Devonshire Royal Hospital, Buxton c.1990; copy site plan of railway sidings at Hilton CVD 1963; RAIB report regarding a colision near Burton on Trent Aug 2007; British Railways Special Notice regarding resignalling in various places including Eggington, Draycott, Chaddesden and Stretton June 1969



New Mills South Junction Signal Box Train Register, Jan 2004




Clay Cross Company Ltd

Minutes 1913-1941, correspondence, agreements and leases, articles of association, other



Goodlad Miscellaneous items including brick accounts at Doe Lea and Glapwell pits 1889-1890, estate valuation for Revd G Alderson c1880-c1884, Derbyshire list of minor scholarships 1920, Specification and Schedule re Bolsover Pumping Scheme 1946




Charles Augustus Stanhope, 8th Earl of Harrington (1844-1917): report of the Earl of Harrington's Derbyshire Estates




Hill Carr Sough

Schedule of deeds belonging to Hill Carr Sough Masters



Alistair Gordon, chartered surveyor: Working papers regarding the Carsington Reservoir Scheme




"The Forgotten Philanthropist - The Story of George Lawrence" by Brian Ward of Hathersage




Assorted Orders of Service from churches in Bakewell, Bamford and Curbar




Wills, Abstracts of Title and other papers relating to the Estate of Isaac and Jane Hanson, both late of Belper




Map of Derbyshire




Peak District National Park Authority

Moor Memories Project: Audio files (on DVD) of oral history interviews undertaken from 2009-2011 as part of a Peak District National Park Authority project to document the history of moorland life; publicity materials



Peak Forest Reading Room

Catalogue of lending library books



Bailey and Sons, printers, Somercotes

Printer's copies of local newspaper titles, mainly Somercotes and Riddings Advertiser



Archaeological Research Services papers

Accession of February 2012: Archaeological working papers including plans of Killamarsh Central Station



Amber Valley Methodist Circuit

Accession of Ferbruary 2012: Circuit Directory; 6 Circuit plans Sep 2010 - Feb 2012

Accession of August 2018: Notes of the "Amber Valley" Circuit Treasurers' meeting, including the budget for the year ended 31 Aug 2011 - Plan A, Jun 2010

Accession of June 2019: List of Churches, [20th cent]; Correspondence re Licences, Apr 2011; Circuit Meeting minutes and supporting papers, 2010 - 2014; Notes on the formation of the Circuit, 2010.



Crich United (Methodist) Church Council

Minute book 1961-1967; cash books 1888-1929 and 1938-1966



Archaeological Investigations Limited

Archaeological report on 3, 5, 7, and 9 Bolsover Hill, Bolsover, with related papers and photographs, 2003; Archaeological evaluation of Project Sunrise, Shirebrook, with related papers and photographs, 2011



Crich Baptist Church

Minutes 1839-1885 (2 vols); treasurer's book 1886-1951; Organ tuner's book 1961-1979; Church notices 1975-1982 (2 vols)



Henry Cowlishaw of Crich, blacksmith

Account book, largely relating to the supply of stone paving

Late 19th Cent


John Bunting of Whatstandwell, bill for supply of masonry/carpentry tools to William Sims




Alfreton Watchorn Memorial (formerly Primitive) Methodist Church

Accession Feb 2012

Trustees meeting minutes 1952-1968; Trustees Accounts 1953-1970; volume of accounts with Trustee minutes 1942-1977; Home & Overseas Mission accounts 1962-1995; Circuit Committee minutes c1951-1982; Society meeting minutes 1898-1912; Church meeting minutes 1962-1977; Sunday School minutes 1937-1951; Annual Teachers minutes 1951-1967; Accounts 1965-1967; Circuit Records Book 1961-1967; Annual Chapel & Trust Schedule 1958-1967; Circuit Schedule 1937-1956; correspondence c1970s-1994; Preacher's Plans/Quarterly Guide 1881-1929; 'The Link' newsletter 1984-2002

Accession of...



Tideswell Local History Club




"A true account and declaration of the horrid conspiracy against the late King, his present majesty and the Government" by Thomas Sprat (1635-1713)




"Rahout al Sofa" a general history of Mirkswand

Persian text, printed



Soroptimist International, Chesterfield and District

AGM minutes 1951-1990, 1994-2005; Business meeting minutes 1952-1991, 1991- Mar 2002, Apr 2002 - Feb 2006; Executive meetings minutes 1951-1991, May 1991 - Mar 2002, Apr 2002 - Mar 2006; Account books 1950-1965, 1967-1977, 1977-1987, 1987-1994; Balance sheets 1957-1997; Membership attendance registers Mar 1950 - Sep 1981, Sep 1983 - Apr 1988, Apr 1988 - Mar 2006, Apr 2006 - Apr 2009; Membership folder 1992-2002; Programme Focus reports Dec 1997 - Sep 2007; Soroptimist International Chesterfield history 1950-2000; Year books 1956-1957 & 1980-1981; files of papers and photographs regarding...



Papers relating to Carnfield Hall, Alfreton

Deeds and estate papers 17th - 19th cents.; Account books 1588 & 1627, 1830-1839;

Rules, orders, bye-laws and regulations of the Poor House, Parish of Alfreton, established under an Act in the 22nd year of George III [1781-1782]

Also: Third & Improved Edition of The Present State of Europe from the Year 1783, to the Present Time [c.1820], printed by G. Wilkins, Queen St., Derby [To be offered to LSL]



Clay Cross Burial Board

Minute book, Mar 1916 - May 1927



Peak Scout Camps




New Mills Primitive Methodist Chapel and Sunday School

Poster advertising the laying of memorial stones for new Primitive Methodist Chapel and School at New Mills, 30 Oct 1875



St. Ronan's Girls School, Duffield

Accession of March 2012:

Admissions register 1926-1966; Deposit Account books 1931-1937 & 1851-1959; Fees[?] books 1953-1957; New Hall Fund Account book 1958; Breakages & Spillages Account book, undated; Form lists 1965; Lists of Principals, 2nd Mistresses and Head Girls 1929-1970; School magazines 1934-1968; The Story of St. Ronan (published booklet); Programmes for prize-givings and other events 1930s-1950s; Paris trip itinery, year unknown; photographs 1932-1965



Assorted documents relating to a number of organisations in Ashbourne

including: St. Oswald's Parish Church; Ashbourne & District Camera Club; 1st Ashbourne Brownie Pack; and Ashbourne Higher Education Committee



Lead mining ledgers

Currently unlisted - no further description available



'Derbyshire Advertiser' Supplement, entitled 'The Diocese of Derby: Hallowing of the New See and Cathedral Church of All Saints, 28-29 Oct 1927




William Johnstone, 4th Battalion Gordon Highlanders

Photograph album showing family in Alfreton and pictures taken during the British occupation of the Rhineland



Bolsover District Council: unlisted material

Accession of May 2012: Minutes, Jun 1977-1980, 1980-1983, 1983-1986, 1986-1989 and 1989-1992

Accession of May 2015: Electoral regsiters and street index for Bolsover area, 2000

The minutes dated from June 1973 to May 1977 were permanently withdrawn in November 2014.



Title deeds relating to lands in Alfreton

17th December 1783 Conveyance of Tythes in Alfreton, Derby

1st April 1784 Grant of Tythes in Alfreton.

6th December 1786 Conveyance of Tythes in Alfreton.

2nd December 1795 Assignment of a Mortgage of premises in Alfreton.

2nd December 1795 Counterpart if Release of premises in Alfreton.



Littlemoor Charity, Eagle Club of Newbold

Minutes 1964-1993, correspondence relating to staffing, committee membership, repairs and other 1966-1992, plan 1963-1964



Newbold Churches Together

Minutes, with "Daycentre for the Homeless of Chesterfield: A report of the findings of a seminar held at St Hugh's Church, Newbold 19 Jun 2002"



Derbyshire Sale Catalogues

Duffield Bank Estate, including the freehold of The Bridge Inn, 1917; Freehold properties in Grange Mill and Brassington - Spout Farm, Wigley Meadow Farm, Top Hill Farm, Ivonbrook Grange or Nether Farm, Grange Mill Farm, Curzon Lodge Farm and plantations, with plan, 1918



Health and Safety Executive: Non-Coal Abandonment Plans




Birchover Reading Room

List of children living in Birchover on 3rd June 2012, at the time of the Diamond Jubilee of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II



New Mill Close Mine, near Darley Dale

CD of oral histories concerning employees' experiences at the lead mine; notes to accompany the oral histories

[21st cent]


Collection of theatre and event programme for the Peak area

Hope Wakes & Well Dressing 2003, Tideswell Community Players 'Something to Hide' 1979, Buxton Drama Festival of One-Act Plays 1978, Borough of High Peak Pavilion Gardens 'A Concert by New Sheffield Symphony Orchestra' [1970s], Borough of High Peak Pavilion Gardens 'The Northern Chamber Orchestra' 1978, Chesterfield Civic Theatre 'Repertory Season' 1978-1979, Chesterfield Civic Theatre 'Winter Season' 1978-1979, Buxton Playhouse 'Summer Season' 1977-1978 and nd, 'Peak Perspectives' 1976, Peak National Park '1976 Events' 1976, 'The White Peak scenic motor route and short walks' 1976, '125th...



Indenture for sale of property at Kingesstearndale [King Sterndale] between Robert Newton of Chaddesden and Edward Swanne of Fairfield




Title deeds for 248/a Breedon Street, Long Eaton




Title deeds regarding 30 Sheffield Road, Chesterfield




Pictorial slides of Hathersage in the 1960s




Statement of Account Thomas Hall (Draper) to Samuel Hall, Jan - Dec




Workplace Chaplaincy in Derbyshire

Annual reports, minutes, agendas and other meeting papers, correspondence, members handbook, publications and circulars, other



Spire Infants School, Chesterfield

Admission registers 1932-1998, Summary Attendance Register 1977-1982, Managers Minutes 1954-1979, Governors Minutes and Meeting Papers 1979-2006, Staff and other Minutes 1993-2005

This collection is not catalogued - please speak to the Duty Archivist for more information about viewing these records.



Derbyshire Sale Catalogues

Printed sale catalogues, some include photographs, some include plans

20th cent


A history of Risley and related papers

Appraisal required

20th cent


Association of Bakewell Christians

"Good News" magazine



Dronfield Town Council, minutes and meeting papers, including 2000/2001 Performance Plan

With representations made relating to the Replacement Bolsover District Plan May 2004. Access retrictions may apply to some of these records as they contain personal data. Please ask for further information

Dec 1998-Jul 2000


Papers of Edwin Sylvester Bradley of Ashbourne

Apprenticeship indenture, 1854 and probate accounts 1897-1900



Title Deed: Further charge of an estate at Ashbourne Green in the County of Derby for securing £700, plus interest. From Thomas Radford of Ashbourne Green, farmer to Catharine Richardson of Turnditch widow


24 Sep 1825


Calver Weir Restoration Project: Two folders of project documents relating to design and conservation of weir

This is a collection-level entry only - please ask for more details



Hognaston Parish Council

Annual Meetings Minute books 1947-1960; minutes and accounts 1960-1980



Deincourt School, North Wingfield, and predecessors

Accession of June 2013: Photographs of CSE art exhibitions and videos of school drama productions, created by Roger Scothern, former Head of Art (died in 2011). Covering dates 1969-c1995; Accession of February 2014: further records, 20th cent

20th cent


Tithe books for area around Chapel-en-le-Frith




Deeds for the Youth Hostel Association building and Nether House, Castle St., Castleton


[18th-20th cent]


Charity papers regarding the poor of Hope, Whaley and Sawley

This collection includes: Hope Parish Vestry minute book, Aug 1806 - May 1842, plans of Hope 1691 and undated, deed re house in Hope 1711 and other papers; grant re Bolsover School at Whaley, Dec 1868; and Conveyance re lands at Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire for the benefit of the poor of Sawley, Dec 1856



Schedule of Gresley Brewery Company properties




Derby Cycling Group

Newsletters no.s 1-46 and 48-50, 1980-1999; notice of public meeting, 1979



Norman Clarke, former employee at Rolls Royce, Derby

25 Years Service presentation pack and commemorative booklet for the unveiling of a stained-glass window depicting an RAF fighter pilot



Shackle Cross, Borrowash: Estate papers inc wills


19th-20th cent


Derwent Valley Mills records relating to Matlock Mill and Sir Richard Arkwright (Spinning) Mill, Belper (West Mill)

including: Matlock Mill records: Description of operating machinery; Operations in Matlock; Reeling book; Procedures for preparing springs; Folder of Office Notices and Staff matters, 1976 '

includes shift patterns, staff appointments, holidays, copy minutes from company meetings; Personnel Procedures 1986-1988; Admin information for employees; Personnel Manual 1984/85; and

Sir Richard Arkwright (Spinning) Mill, Belper (West Mill) records: Procedures Manual; Quality Manual; Manual of Time Study Practices; Information on operation of machinery, for the West Mill, Belper, 1991; Employees...



Photograph of Derbyshire County Council members, July 1928




Royal British Legion: Haig House Club, Bakewell

Minute books



Skidmore's shop, Bakewell




Heage Bowls Club

Minutes, accounts and papers

20th Cent


Tarmac Construction

Photographs of Chapel Bypass under construction



"Read On, Write Away!" Literacy Partnership

Photographs, annual reports, business plans, project records and teaching aids



Stereoscopic photograph of "The Terrace", Haddon Hall


Late 19th Cent


Thomas Hinchcliffe of Bowden Middlecale [New Mills]: Renunication of Will, 8 Jul 1686




Photographs and negatives of J H Band, born Glossop

With ephemera and correspondence, CD produced by depositor of photographs



Mappleton Parish Council

Accession of July 2013: 2 Minute books Dec 1894 - Jul 1989 & Jul 1989 - Mar 2009

Accession of June 2016: Minutes May 2009 - Sep 2013; correspondence Jan 2008 - Dec 2011

Accession of October 2016: Annual returns 2002-2008, statement of accounts financial years ending Mar 2003 to 2008, standing orders 2008, declarations of acceptance of office 2007-2009, register of financial and other interest 2007-2008



Derby and Derbyshire Local Medical Council

Unlisted accession, Jul 2013

Committee reports and other records, minutes, correspondence, and other

Unlisted accession, Feb 2015

2) Various folders of correspondence and other papers regarding: Postgraduate Education 1990-2001; Audit 1989; General Medical Council 2000-2001; GP newsletters and CMAC minutes 1985; Community Health Council (South Derbyshire) reports 1-10 1982-1993; Derbyshire LMC Constitution 1973-2001; accounts and Cameron Fund 1977-1979 & 1989; DLMC Future Finances 1989-1993; Pooler Fund papers 1948-1991; NHS Executive 1998-2001; partnership agreements 1982-1999; North...



Peter Stevenson of Ilkeston and District Local History Society (1932-)

Accession, Jul 2013

Typescript chapters from The Nutbrook Canal (later published by David and Charles, 1970)

Accession, Aug 2019

Research papers primarily relating to the Nutbrook Canal and the Miller Mundy archives (DRO reference D517)



Railway History Research Group, Derby

Completed forms containing notes and transcripts produced from various original sources by group members



Miss E A Lally of Ilkeston

Title deeds to a messuage in Bath Street, Ilkeston



HM Junior Detention Centre - Foston Hall

Annual reports of Wardens (Governors) to the Board of Visitors, annual reports of the Board of Visitors to Home Secretaries, minutes of monthly meetings to the Board of Visitors



Heath Fields Primary School, Hatton

Governors reports to parents



7 Loundsley Green Road, Chesterfield: title deeds




Documents relating to the Hilton Free School, Marston upon Dove and the South Derbyshire Coalfield

Lease & Release re Hilton Free School, 5 & 6 Oct 1827; Declarations of Trust under the Mining Industry Act 1920, Jun 1923 & Mar 1924



Derbyshire Festival 1979

Personal scrapbook of Festival Administrator: A1 size handmade scrapbook containing presscuttings, photographs, leaflets, ephemera, other



Greatorex family of Biggin

Family documents, including wills, photographs, papers re High Peak Harrier, other

18th-20th cent


Ed Dennison Archaeological Services Ltd of Beverley, Yorkshire: Archaeological documentation, photographs, negatives and field plans for Miners' Welfare Hall, Whitwell




Deed for land in Crich, 1911; Papers re Wormhill Charity, 1919-1922; papers re transfer of trusteeships for several parishes, 1904




Derwent Bowmen Archery Club and Derbyshire County Archery Association

Minutes, agendas, newsletters, correspondence, tournament results and score lists, accounts, rules, membership lists, records of achievements, other



Ashbourne Town Council

Council and committee minutes, other [unknown - fragile]



Calver history group

Oral history project records relating to approximately 30 interviews comprising .wav file interview recordings, consent forms, summary sheets and transcripts.



Roughpiece Farm, Alderwasley Hall estate

Sale catalogues of July 1920 (for outlying portions of Alderwasley estate, with memorandum of sale of Roughpiece) and March 1962 (Roughpiece Farm and adjacent land)



Middleton and Smerrill Parish Council

1) Minutes 1976-2008; correspondence re formation of parish council c1975; Parish Meeting minutes 1915-1976; cash book 1977-1996; correspondence re events/projects 1981-2000 (Acc No 3964)

2) Receipts and Payments book, Apr 1996 - Mar 2011 (Acc No 4651)

3) Signed Minutes and APM minutes July 2011 - March 2016 (Acc No 5402)



Clowne Infant & Nursery School

Accession of September 2013: Governors' minutes Jul 2000-Jul 2002; Admissions registers 1996-2003; accounts and related financial papers 2001-2002; Newsletters 2003-2008, 2011-2012; other

Accession of May 2014: Governors' minutes c2003-2007 inc related papers; School Development Plan with building plans, 2010

Accession of February 2016: Governors minutes and other papers, Governors Finance Sub-Committee minutes and other papers, 1998-2008



JB White and Sons, Wine Merchants, Chesterfield

Purchase ledger, Stock Book



Ashbourne Labour Party




Ashbourne Primitive Methodist Church

Minutes 1917-1932 Accounts 1893-1939, Circuit minutes 1917-1927



Matlock Bank and Darley Dale: building plans, sale catalogue and builder's specification for various properties


Sale catalogue for properties on Wellington Street and Dimple Road, Matlock Bank, 9 Feb 1905

Sale catalogue for Duke of Wellington Inn, Matlock, 27 Mar 1899

Builder's specification for house on Cavendish Street, Matlock, Nov 1899

Building plans: House at Farley, North Darley, Feb 1907; houses on Wellington Street, Matlock, 1904-1905

late 19th-early 20th cent


North East Derbyshire & Dales Magistrates' Court, and predecessors

Four Accessions, Oct 2013-Aug 2015 (unlisted)

Alfreton: Petty Sessions Court Register, c1974-c1977; Alfreton and Belper Magistrates Court Registers, Jul 1978-Dec 1982 (gaps); Register of Music and Dancing Licences, 1977-1978

Alfreton and Belper: Court Registers, 1979-1982 (gaps); Juvenile Court Register Oct 1977-Sep 1980 (1 vol)

Ashbourne Magistrates Court: Court registerApr-Jun 1982

Bakewell Magistrates Court: Court registerJul-Dec 1981

Chesterfield (Borough): Registers of Summary Jurisdiction 1915-1974 (gaps); Registers of clubs and various licences, 1921-1976; Juvenile Court Registers...



Edward Stanley of Scropton, farmer

Probate and release of claims



Long Eaton Friends of Staunton Harold Hall Association

Accession of Oct 2013: Towns Meeting minute book, Nov 1955 - Jun 1961; associated papers 1970s

Accession of February 2018:

Minutes of the Annual General Meetings of the Management Committee, Jun 1967 - Jul 1966; Minutes of the Central Committee meetings, Jun 1958 - Aug 1967; minutes of various sub-committees, Jan 1967 - Apr 1969; lists of members of various sub-committees, Mar 1966; Central Committee Constitution [1960s]; Central Committee Statement of Income and Expenditure, signed Jun 1968; Coffee Evening Incoem and Expenditure accounts, May and Oct 1967; programme for a Variety Concert...



New Mills Local History Society: collected documents

Deeds and other legal documents, 17th-20th century:

relating to Ladyshawbottom Estate, Whitle, 1742-1871; Thornsett Fields Estate, Thornsett, 1805; Lower Common Piece, Thornsett, 1805; Estate of John Shaw, Hollins Moor, Rowarth, 1884; Estate of Peter Goddard, Rowarth, 1849; Diglands, 1612; Common recovery of messuage, etc., in Ollersett and Thornsett, 1679; Thornset Bank or Bank Head Brows, Thornsett, 1785-1869; Fine of 2 messuages, etc., in Thornsett and Phoside, 1809; Thornsett Flat, 1752-1791; "Spout Gutter" (High Street) and reference to Torr Vale Mill, 1753-1855; Braddock Croft, New...

[17th-20th cent]


Papers of the Carill-Worsley and Norman families, of Winster

'Memoranda of Ancestors' by Henrietta Tindal, 1854; Pedigrees of the Norman family, including the Will of Jethro Norman 1744

Correspondence predominantly involving the Carill-Worsley & Norman families of Winster & Melton, 19th cent; but also Isabella Childers-Thompson, a Winster Church member; Henry Norman's family, including Henry Norman's naval career; and Rev. Milne & W H Nixon, Rectors of Winster, with religious correspondence with Nottingham; Correspondence regarding Barber money, 1850s-1904

Diaries of: Henry Norman 1842-1845, Lady Elizabeth Norman 1846-1849, and Elizabeth Carill...



Ashbourne Tangent Club

Minute Book Apr 1977 - Apr 1996, Correspondence and other files 1992-2006



West Park School, Spondon

Admission registers 1936-1968 (gaps); Mark Books 1934-1971 (gaps); Staff Meeting Minutes 1954-1968



Church Gresley Infants School

School records:

c 20th Century


Printed histories, ephemera and other papers of Francis Ernest Dwelly of Clay Cross (1911-1985), including papers relating to the Clay Cross Company


20th cent


William Broughton Smith-Milnes of Dunston Hall near Chesterfield

Grant of Arms



Beauchief Hall (North Derbyshire, now Sheffield)

Inventory of furniture



Platt & Taylor, builders, of Derby

Wages Books, Nominal Ledgers, and Cash Books



Bowmer and Lynam families of Heage: title deeds


18th-19th cent


Deeds relating to estates in Ashbourne




Somercotes Hill Methodist Church, Somercotes

Marriage Register, Mar 1964 - Jun 2005



Luxmoore of Ashford

Ashford, Longstone and Edale title deeds; transcripts, historical notes, tracings, and other research of Revd JR and Revd JS Luxmoore

Derbyshire Record Office staff have not yet created a list of material in this collection. However, the original Sheffield Archives list can be consulted in our search room

17th-20th cent


Historical research notes and articles of Revd J H Brooksbank, of Castleton and Hathersage (c1862-1938)

Accession of 2013: Collection of manuscript histories and articles, notes, transcripts of records and miscellaneous historical material collected by Revd JH Brooksbank

Accession of November 2014: 'The Story of Hathersage' - A reprint of a series of fourteen articles, first published in the Hathersage Church Parish Magazine in 1913-1914, by Rev John Hoult Brooksbank (Vicar of Hathersage 1910-1938)

Derbyshire Record Office staff have not yet created a list of material in this collection. However, the original Sheffield Archives list can be consulted in our search room, or downloaded from...

18th-20th cent


Barker Family of Darley, Rowsley and East Lodge, Bakewell

This collection consists primarily of the papers and title deeds of the Barker family, but also includes material relating to the Watkinson, Scholler and other North Derbyshire families with whom they intermarried.

Derbyshire and out of county deeds and estate papers, personal and family papers; leadmining accounts 1744-1749, 1829, deeds, plans and and other leadmining papers 18th-19th century; Papers of the Duke of Rutland's stewards 18th century; Bakewell and Darley parish records 17th-19th century; other

Derbyshire Record Office staff have not yet created a list of material in this...

17th-19th cent


Wager family of Great Longstone

Ashford Manor boundaries, 1570, 1723; Lead mining account books1763-1837; Farming accounts 1777-1868; other 1738-1852

Derbyshire Record Office staff have not yet created a list of material in this collection. However, the original Sheffield Archives list can be consulted in our search room or downloaded from this page of the catalogue



Deeds relating to properties in Derbyshire




Dronfield Grammar School

LD217 Maps of the lands belonging to Dronfield School: surveyed and drawn by William Fairbank, 1798

LD218-221 Proposals for letting the school lands, with rents, 1733, 1758, 1777 and undated

LD222-265 Deeds, relating to land at Dronfield, Eckington and Chesterfield, 1580-1843



Miscellaneous papers of Derbyshire origin transferred from Sheffield Archives




Plans, photographs and other papers relating to small scale drift mining on the area around Ludworth Moor, Marple, Chisworth and Compstall in the Peak District




Derbyshire title deeds previously in the custody of solicitor's firms now closed

Accession of 2013: Deeds relating to Chapel-en-le-Frith; Long Eaton; Ripley, Derby Road, West Hallam; Pleasley, 15 Wilkinson Close; Barrow on Trent; Derby, 56 Almond Street; Derby, 192 Almond Street; Woodville; Swadlincote; Church Gresley; Crich; Overseal; Hartshorne; Blackfordby; Alfreton - - - Accession of 2014: Bignall Maslen: Abstract of Title (1888-1960), 50 Common Lane, Gamesley, Glossop, 1960 ; ; Hawkings: Deeds and Abstracts for;- Marehay, Ripley, 1892-1984; Langley Mill, 1936-1983; Marlpool, Heanor, 1874-1988; Midland Road, Heanor, 1923-1983; 3 Park Street, Heanor, 1969-1986; 6...



Mid Derbyshire (formerly Derbyshire Dales) Methodist Circuit

Accession of April 2013: Circuit accounts c1967-2009; Matlock Bridge Methodist Church/Matlock Bank United Methodist Free Church accounts c1886-1965; Imperial Road Ex-United Methodist Church minutes 1945-1961, accounts c1954-1967, other inc correspondence, deeds etc c1906-1958; Matlock Methodist Circuit file containing leaflet re history, programmes, publicity and correspondence etc c1995-1997

Accession of January 2014: Circuit plans 2005-2011, Directory 2008/2009, valuation reports on church buildings at Wensley and Bolehill 2010

Accession of September 2014: Circuit Diary, Sep 2006-Jul...



Paul Butler Associates

Plans and photographs recording state of Salem Mill, New Mills, prior to conversion work



Raymond Handley of Derby, Mountaineer

Negatives, slides, photographs, publications, correspondence, expedition files re 1961 Derbyshire Himalyan Expedition, other



Beeley Parish Council

July 2014 accession: Minutes and accounts 2008-2011

April 2018 accession: Register of interest forms and financial audits 2007-2009



Barlow Methodist Church: unlisted material

Accession of February 2014: Church council minutes and accounts 1991-2008; weekly offering envelope scheme 1982-2006; receipts and payments books 2006-2009

Accession of January 2018: Accounts 1892-1957; Sunday School Accounts 1886-1957

Accession of March 2019: Centenary booklet, 1992



Chesterfield and District National Christian Education Council

Unlisted accession, Feb 2014: Accounts 1887-1984

Unlisted accession, Aug 2016: Minutes 1818-1999, Secretary reports to AGM 1935-1993 (gaps), Correspondence and event files, newscuttings, other

For an interim list describing the Aug 2016 accession in greater detail, download the attached pdf file.



Bonsall title deeds: various locations, largely copyhold


19th-20th cent


Calendars of Prisoners and related newspaper articles




High Peak Methodist Circuit: Records of churches

Deeds, minutes, Sunday School papers, ephemera, papers relating to church closures

19th-20th cent


British Transport Pensioners (Formerly Superannuitants) Federation (Derby and District Branch)

Note of inaugural meeting Dec 1972 with list of members in Oct 1973; Nottingham Branch newsletters 7 and 8, Derby Branch newsletters 1972-2005



British Rail (London Midland Region) Superannuitants' Association

Memoranda of committee meetings from Aug 1971 to Dec 1987; records of meetings and annual reunions 1988-1995; accounts 1988-1995; memorandum of the decision to disband



Archaeological Report for Glenbery House, Walton Street, Long Eaton

With plans, photographs, negatives, CD



Andre and Phyllis Bradley of Barlborough

Personal papers re 1984-1985 Miners' Strike and aftermath: Letters to and from Mr Bradley during his imprisonment 1984-1985; Mrs Bradley's diary, Aug to Dec 1984; ephemera relating to the Miners' Strike e.g. posters, badges; legal papers inc solicitor's advice on appeal 1984



Deeds re farmhouse and land in Dronfield and Derby

Bundle of deeds re farmhouse and land in Dronfield and Derby, 1859-1934



Plans and other re Ripley/Hartshay Spelter [zinc] Works, 1870s

Papers, deeds, plans and inventory re Ripley/Hartshay Spelter Works, 1870s



DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd

Photographs, pamphlets and notes on visit to DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd



Title deeds relating to properties in South Wingfield and Brampton




Chapel-en-le-Frith Methodist Church

Additional papers including minutes and financial records

[20th cent.]


Papers of Russell Goodwin of Taddington

Peacock Players Amateur Dramatics Society (Bakewell) Programmes, 20th cent.; stage lighting plans; Papers relating to Russell Goodwin, note; straw boater; ink stamps; Lady Manners School, Bakewell school photograph, Jul 1936; school magazines 1936-1937; photographs

[20th cent.]


Matlock Speakers' Club (formerly Matlock Toastmasters' Club)

Ephemera, largely annual dinner programmes; presidents' chains of office with photograph and list of presidents

20th cent


Blackburn Diocesan Council for Religious Education

Committee minutes and other papers re St Elphin's School, Darley Dale

Including, for various years within the date range given: St Elphin's annual reports, annual accounts, examination results. Also includes programme for the laying of the foundation stone of the Assembly Hall by the Duke of Devonshire, 1962.



Denby Free CE (Aided) Primary School

Accession of April 2013:

Governors' meeting minutes Oct 1989 - Apr 2005; Governors' papers 1999-2008; Head teachers' reports Jan 1989 - Oct 2002; School Fund cash books Jan 1997 - Jul 2007

Accession of March 2019:

Governors minutes and supporting papers, Oct 2009 - Apr 2011; Trustees papers 1991-2012; Ofsted reports 1999 and 2009



Duffield Mothers' Union

Minutes 1940-1977, and ephemera

20th cent


Exemplification of Common Recovery re lands in Litchurch, Ashover, Wheatcroft, Plastow, Tansley




Darley Dale Cricket Club

Accession of April 2014: Accounts and Reports, 1864-1875; Volumes of Accounts and Annual Reports, 1893 -1955; Minute Books, 1903-1972; Scorebooks 1924-1947 --- Accession of September 2014: Minutes ; Minute Book, Sep 1971-Jul 1985 ; Minute Book, Oct 1985-Jun 1996 ; Minutes, Aug 2000-Sep 2008, including statements of accounts and some correspondence ; Found with the minutes - Register of registered players 2003, including juniors. Contains personal details - not generally available for public consultation ; Minutes Darley Dale Cricket and Sports Club, 1970-1987, including statements of...



Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site

Accession of April 2014:

Management and Operations files, CDs, donated collection of photographs, newscuttings, and other from the last manager of Belper and Masson Mills before closure, photographs of the Site, 2001, papers relating to the application for World Heritage Site status.

Accession of September 2016:

Coordinator Post: Aug 2000-Jun 2003, Jun 2003-Oct 2005, Oct 2005-Jun 2007 (3 files) (contains personal information)

Funding: Jan 2003-Mar 2006, Apr 2006-Jul 2007 (2 files)

Publication: 'The Derwent Valley: The Valley that changed the world' Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site...



Deeds and other papers relating to the Lea Hurst estate

Statutory conveyance, LHS Nightingale Esq, et. al., 18 Jul 1896; Re-conveyance of portion of Lea Hurst estate Florence Nightingale to H Shore Nightingale, 20 Jul 1896; Declaration of Trust of Legacy bequeathed by Miss MAJ Scott, with Appointment of New Trustees to The Royal Surgical Aid Society, 8 Apr 1924; Conveyance of part of Lea Wharf, canal and towing path at Lea, Mill Close Mines Ltd to LH Shire Nightingale Esq. et. al., 7 Sep 1936; Copy of an agreement, with plan, between The Royal Surgical Aid Society and George Birds of Holloway, 29 Dec 1952; Site Plan of New Surgery Site, Mill...



Matlock Branch - Royal British Legion

Book of signed minutes ; The minutes include a list of applicants for membership, accepted to form the nucleus of the Branch

Sep 1922 - Feb 1925


Wirksworth title deeds

Accession, Apr 2014: Wirksworth title deeds, including in relation to Holland Manor House

Accession, Nov 2014: including Lease and release from Edward Bailey and his wife to John Philpot re Warmbrook and little garden, previously int eh possession of Rebecca Mollinas, widow, and Marcellus Mollinas, now occupied by William Weston; Piggot or Long Hannage (2 acres, 1 rood, 9 perches); further 1 acre, 1 rood, 12 perches in possession of James Swettenham allotted on enclosure of commons, 20-21 Apr 1825; Abstract of title of Daniel Wilson junior to estates in Wirksworth held for the residue of...

18th-20th cent


Fletcher family of Pentrich and Derby

Includes correspondence, family papers including birth, marriage and death certificates, two notebooks of Herbert Fletcher, early 20th century, European travel journal, newscuttings

19th-20th cent


Findern Methodist Church

Baptism register Jul 1931 - Jun 1985; photograph of church [20th cent.]

[20th cent]


James Clark collection - Holymoorside local history

Collection of research papers, photographs and related papers relating to Holymoorside local history

mid 20th cent


Walton-on-Trent Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary and Nursery School

Accession of May 2014: Governors' minutes, agendas, correspondence, briefing notes and other papers: Oct 1993-May 1996, 1996-1997, Jan 1996-Jul 1998, Sep 1998-Jun 2001, 2004-2007, 2005-2006

Accession of June 2015: Governors' minutes, agendas, correspondence and other papers, 2003-2011



William Charles Osborne Sampson, Solicitor, of South Normanton: inherited documents

View of frankpledge, 1622; Abstract of the Title of the South Normanton & District Permanent Land & Investment Society Ltd, 1879, to land at South Normanton; Probate of the Will of Mr Wm Gent of South Normanton - 5 Jun 1861; Probate of the Will of Samuel Bland, Veterinary Surgeon, of Alfreton - 1 Nov 1867; Copy of a General Balance Sheet 1838 in the Court of Relief of Insolvent Debtors in the matter of Geo Topham, a prisoner in the Gaol of Derby; Mortgage of land and dwellinghouses at Somercotes between Mr Charles Spencer to William Geo Cursham Esq - 9 May 1865; letterhead



Records inherited by the University of Derby, including some items of college alumni

Two ledgers, balance sheets for Banks & Sons of Derby, album of drawings, correspondence, other



Holymoorside and District History Society

Photographs, documents, newspaper cuttings, pamphlets and other literature, programmes, posters, slides, and other relating to the history of Holymoorside and district, collected by the Society

20th cent


Major John Hopwood Boardman (1891-1918): personal papers re World War I inc letters written to his aunt in Buxton, while convalescing in London after being wounded at Ypres; postcards re internment and hospitalisation at Heilbronn, Germany; subsequent death notices.

Copies are available on CD/336 and CD/338



St Margaret's Catholic Primary School

Governors minutes and papers, including headteacher's reports 2001-2003; Headteacher's letters to parents c2007-c2013



Mount Pleasant, Boylestone: Historic Building Assessment and Archaeological Watching Brief

Includes final reports, photographs, architectural survey, 2 DVDs containing collection in a digital format



Title deeds for land on Water Lane, Wirksworth

Primarily relating to field nos. 205, 261 and 262 on the 1922 OS map, with local searches under Land Charges Act for field nos. 219 and 263



Records relating to Duffield - various

Parish Council, parish, school, land development and sale, parliamentary election posters and other records

Late 19th - early 20th cent


Title deeds and records re property in Newbold, Dounston and area, Chesterfield

Deeds for Jug and Glass public house, Stonegravels, sale poster for property in Newbold, Coalaston and Ashover, and other property title deeds



Ashbourne Old Trust

Accession of August 2014:

Records relating to Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, including 3 Governors' minute books 1583-1859; 3 Financial ledgers 1907-1961; Order of Merit lists 1841-1870; deeds 1596-1722; and Copy Will of Nicholas Spalden, 1710; and Mappleton Almshouses Meadows, including 8 leases and 3 bonds 1745-1864; Exemplification of decree 1663; and papers re the enclosure of Longdoles Meadow 1763

Accession of September 2014:

Deeds and other records, 17th-19th cent, inc re Queen Elizabeth Grammar School; Crown Inn, Ashbourne; Almshouse Meadow in Mappleton

Accession of 15/11/2017...



Deed of partnership 1949; plan of Newton 1936; Letter from Sheepbridge Stokes to E R Newton


[20th cent.]


Building Recording at the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Hospital, Derby

Historic Building Recording of 31 Buildings at Levels 1/2 (3 Vols), photographs and negatives, and a Historic Building Recording CD



Air Raid Warden records of J H Taylor

Air Raid Warden papers of J H Taylor including: certificate for anti gas training, Handbook - Duties of Air Raid Wardens, National Registration Identity Card, clothing ration books, chart of war gases, publication - Air Raids What You Must Know What You Must Do, various pamphlets on food rationing, preserving food etc



Brian Mason of Leeds, chartered surveyor: papers relating to Opencast coal mining sites in Derbyshire

Inc photographs, reports, papers re rating appeals, etc.

late 20th cent


Land at Bent Lane, Matlock

2014 accession: Title deeds to land at Bent Lane, Matlock

18th-20th cent


Unidentified historian: research papers re artist A O Hemming

Research papers regarding artist A O Hemming who designed artwork and stained glass windows at St Mary's Church, Cromford



Chellaston Women's Institute

Minute books 1932-2011; account books 1932-2000 and programmes 1978-2006



Woodlands Evangelical Church, Allestree

Minute Books, Jan 1966-Nov 1974, Jan 1975-Oct 1984, Jan 1985-Jan 1995



Derby Opera Company, Programmes

With brochure commemorating 100 years of the Derby Opera Company and orders of service, 1991



Amber Valley Borough Council

Accession of September 2014:

Housing Department: Registers of Dwellings, Registers of Improvement Grants c1974-1991, Registers of Repairs Grants, 1981-1990; Register of Loft insulations 1979-1982 (including bins supplied 1957-1974); Registers of Intermediate and Special Grants 1975-1990; Volume containing various applications for improvement grants; Volume recording bins supplied 1957-1974 and grants for loft insu

Heanor Urban District Council: Register of Improvement Grants (under sections 2-6 Housing Act 1969), 1970-1975,

Belper Rural District Council: Registers of Improvement Grants...



Rev Joseph Bromehead's Charity, Eckington

Surrender and admission in trust for the poor dated 18 Nov 1830



Charity records relating to Lea School, Lea near Ashover

Office copy Order of Exchange of lands in Lea dated 25 Feb 1858



Charity records relating to the National School, Derby St Peter

Copy bargain and sale of property in Bag Lane and undated extract from deed dated 16 Mar 1839



Charity records relating to Brassington School

Conveyance of land at Brassington for a school dated 19 Sep 1871



Charity records relating to the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Ashover Hay

Conveyance and release of land in Ashover on which Mount Pleasant Chapel stands, 21-22 Jun 1824


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