Entry TypeCorporate
Corporate NameBryan Donkin Co Ltd
Parent BodyRMG Honeywell Group
Bermondsey, Middlesex
Bermondsey, Middlesex
EpithetCivil engineering works and Manufacturer of Gas appliances
HistoryBryan Donkin (1768-1855), engineer and inventor, in 1803 established engineering works, at first principally for paper-making machinery, in Bermondsey in London. Fourdrinier Bros. were the original financiers of this enterprise. Bryan Donkin continued to refine and improve techniques. In 1819 he invented a revolution counter to record numbers of items produced. To improve security in printing banknotes etc., he developed the Donkin Pantograph Machine and the Rose Engine. Bryan Donkin undertook overseas projects, notably the construction of a 75ft waterwheel for the Tuscan Felted Cloth Works near Florence in 1842 [see D1851 B/54].

Bryan Donkin died in 1855. He was predeceased by his eldest son John (1802-1854) who had been a partner in the firm since 1826. The business was then carried on by the founder's younger sons, Bryan and Thomas, and by his grandson, John's son, also named Bryan (1835-1902).
BiographyAn engineering works in Bermondsey, London, was founded by engineer & inventor Bryan Donkin in 1803, to manufacture paper making machinery. Bryan Donkin also perfected food canning, and operated a cannery there. In 1900 the firm was merged with Clench & Co. Ltd of Chesterfield and relocated to Derby Rd, Chesterfield. In 1931 the works covered 14 acres. The site closed in 1999. The company continues to make valves, trading as Bryan Donkin RMG Gas Controls Ltd., Holmewood, Chesterfield, part of the RMG Honeywell Group.
Key Events1803: founded by Bryan Donkin, engineer and inventor, in Bermondsey, Middlesex
1900: merged with Clench and Co. Ltd of Chesterfield and relocated to Derby Road, Chesterfield from Bermondsey
1999: site on Derby Road closed
Authorised Form of NameChesterfield; Bryan Donkin Co Ltd; 1803-; Civil engineering works and Manufacturer of Gas appliances

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