NameOckbrook; Ockbrook School; 1799-2021; private Christian school
Name TypeCorporate
Corporate NameOckbrook School
Also Known AsOckbrook Moravian School
Epithetprivate Christian school
Key Events1799 School established by the Moravian Church
2021 School closed
SourceThe main archive for Ockbrook School is held by the Moravian Church Archives in London <>
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D1152/1Fifty years at Ockbrook School (1912-1962)
D504/25/7Charity Commissioners scheme for new trustees
D504/25/2Copy declaration of trust
D504/25/6Correspondence inc application by Ockbrook Girls School for trust funds 1917, transfer to Moravian Union 1925
D504/25/4Accounts, with note of foundation
D504/112/4Ockbrook School reports from JJ Shawe for Herbert Brooke Taylor for 1865, 1869 and 1870
D1152Moravian Settlement and School, Ockbrook
D504/25/3Trustees meeting minutes
D504/25/1Correspondence about setting up the trust inc circular
D504/25/5Report on trust
D504/112/3Letter from Herbert Brooke Taylor at Ockbrook School to his mother
D504/112/6Photograph of Ockbrook School
D504/25Shawe Blandford Memorial Trust
D504/112/17Letter from Arthur George Taylor at Ockbrook School to his mother
D5336/2/23/67Assorted vouchers and receipts including for medicines, foodstuffs, goods, cloth and work done on Ockbrook School
LS/373.94251/BK/C21328986Ockbrook School magazine: No.68 (New Series) Winter, 1968-9.
LS/373.94251/BK/C21328978Ockbrook School magazine: No.59 (New Series) Autumn, 1959.
D504/25/8Report on trust
DCC/CL/2/1/3/X117Survey Lists: Ockbrook Moravian Settlement Girls School
DCC/CL/2/1/3/X103Survey list: Ockbrook Moravian Settlement Girls School
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