Entry TypePerson
Also Known Asnée Dod, Elizabeth
Epithetwife of Reverend Philip Gell
Gender IdentityFemale
RelationshipsShe married Reverend Philip Gell; they had 8 children: John Philip (1816-1898), Elizabeth (1817-1900), Charles Augustine (1818-1839), Henry (1819-1843), Frederick (1820-1902), Arthur Daniel (1822-1848), Harriet Isabella (1824-1896, later Childe) and Caroline Mary (1829-1920)
Key EventsBorn Macclesfield, Cheshire in 1793; died Jan 1864, buried at Kirk Langley on 30 Jan 1864
AddressDuffield Bank, Derbyshire
SourceInformation from assorted genealogical websites
Authorised Form of NameGell; Elizabeth (1793-1864); wife of Reverend Philip Gell

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