NameGell; John Franklin (1851-1884); civil servant
Name TypePerson
ForenamesJohn Franklin
Epithetcivil servant
Gender IdentityMale
Key EventsBorn 12 May 1851; baptized 4 June 1851 at St Mary's Church, Marylebone; died at Madras, India on 13 Aug 1884.
RelationshipsSon of John Philip Gell and his wife Eleanor Isabella (nee Franklin); grandson of Sir John Franklin
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D8760/F/GJFRecords of John Franklin Gell
LS/NEWS/DERBYS_TIMES/2019_06_27Derbyshire Times 27th June 2019
D8760/F/OBJ/20Printed gift label for Rev John Philip Gell from his children on his birthday
D8760/F/LIB/3/1"The Public and Private Life of the Ancient Greeks", by Henrich Hase, translated from German
D8760/F/FEG/1/4/2Letter from John Franklin Gell to his mother Eleanor Isabella Gell, written when a young child
D8760/F/FEG/1/4/1Letter from John Franklin Gell through M.E. Gould to mother Eleanor Isabella Gell, largely written by his nanny
D8760/F/LIB/2/2"The New Testament" (in Greek), given by Sir John Franklin to his wife Eleanor Anne
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