Ref NoQ/SD
TitleQuarter Sessions (sessional records): Tithes, particularly corn rents
Q/SD/1/1-3 Court's reference materials, 1801-c1805
Q/SD/2/1-16 Beighton corn rents, 1826-1828
Q/SD/3/1-3 Eckington corn rents, 1833 and 1952-1958
Q/SD/4/1-4 Snelston corn rents, 1832, 1887, 1917-1957
Q/SD/5/1-2 Whittington corn rents, 1836 and 1952-1954

These documents are of 2 kinds, perhaps placed together in the 19th century.
The first item, referenced Q/SD/1/1, appears to have been acquired as a reference work. Those numbered Q/SD/1/2-3 are documents apparently to provide information, presumably for the magistrates and clerk of the Court. The remaining documents relate to the ascertainment (or calculation) of corn rents, payable in lieu of tithe under certain enclosure awards. The amount to be paid was to be ascertained by reference to the average price of a bushel (often a Winchester bushel) of good, marketable wheat over the previous 14 years (or 5 years in the case of Snelston). The ascertainments would be periodically recalculated on a request made to the Court of Quarter Sessions. This then appointed valuers on the basis of whose report a variation order might be made. A few papers relating to the redemption of corn rents are also included in these documents.
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Certificates of redemption of tithe rents are to be found with the relevant enclosure awards, see Q/RI/17 (Beighton) Q/RIc8 (Church Broughton) Q/RI/87 (Snelston) and Q/RI/103 (Whittington)
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