Ref NoQ/RR
TitleQuarter Sessions (registration): Religion and State Security
Q/RR/1 Sacrament Certificates, 1673-1828
Q/RR/2 Declarations against transubstantion, 1673-1828
Q/RR/3 Subscription Roll, 1689-1825
Q/RR/4 Quaker Declarations of Fidelity, 1689
Q/RR/5 Association Roll, 1696
Q/RR/6-7 Oaths of allegiance, abjuration and supremacy, [1702]-1837
Q/RR/8-10 Roman Catholic Oaths of Allegiance, 1778-1841
Q/RR/11 Declaration in lieu of sacramental tests, 1828-1833
Q/RR/12 Protestant Meeting Houses, 1714-1852
Q/RR/13 Notices from the Registrar of the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, 1816-1852
Q/RR/14 Registration of Papists Estates, 1716-1778
Q/RR/15 Registration of Papists' Deeds and Wills, 1735-1769
Q/RR/16 Roman Catholic Chapels, 1791-1854
Q/RR/17 Roman Catholic clergy and members of religious orders, 1791
Q/RR/19 Returns of Nonconformist places of worship, 1829
Q/RR/20-21 Protestant Meeting Houses and Roman Catholic Chapels and Monastic Establishments, 1836
Q/RR/22 Registration of Dissenting Meeting Places from 1852, 1852
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