Ref NoQ/RJ/2
TitleJurors Books
DescriptionJurors books, earlier called freeholders books were compiled from the annual returns of lists of men qualified to serve as jurors (see Q/RJ)1 Until 1824, these books are called Freeholders Books and the names of the sheriff and clerk of the peace appear on the front cover. From 1826 (there is no book for 1825) they are called Jurors Books and the names of the sheriff and clerk of the peace no longer appear on their covers. From 1841-1873 the volumes are numbered 1-33 (except that the number on what is probably meant to be number 2 is missing). There are duplicate volumes for 1842-1844.
The earlier registers, to 1824, give place, name, usually occupation/status, and constables' name. Later registers give abode in more detail than in earlier registers, name, occupation/status, nature of qualification, churchwardens and overseers' names (but often only the overseers' names).
The registers are organised alphabetically by hundred until 1874: from 1875 they are organised by petty sessional division. The lists are alphabetically arranged by place within the hundred or petty sessional division.
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