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TitleLists of men eligible for jury service
DescriptionThe Act of 1825 instructed high constables to order overseers to compile jury lists and return them to the clerk of the peace. He was to register them in a book which was to be handed to the sheriff.
From 1875, lists were returned to Petty Sessional Divisions which sent copies on to Quarter Sessions.
The constables returns (later churchwardens and overseers returns) were normally dated, but 18th century lists may sometimes only be dated by the year endorsed on them in the 19th century. A few are not dated at all but have been kept with the documents they were found associated with. Original dating includes the day and month, normally September or October for use in the following year. Less information is given in the earlier lists, but the information may include occupation or status, nature of qualification, with occasional comments such as deaf or infirm. The returning officers, constables until 1825, churchwardens and overseers of the poor thereafter, sign the lists.
Returns of names of men qualified to serve on 1702-1839 juries made by constables until 1825 and then by overseers of the poor and churchwardens. Bundles often include duplicate lists for the whole hundred, described variously as duplicates, freeholders' lists or copies of lists. The terms used at the time have been used in this list.
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