Ref NoQ/AH
TitleQuarter Sessions (Administration): Highways and Bridges
Q/AH/1/1-28 Bridge survey/maintenance records, including books containing copy orders and contracts for repairing and rebuilding county bridges, 1795-1893
Q/AH/1/29-30 Non-Surveyor's Material, 1824-1871
Q/AH/2/1/1-8 Lists of County Bridges, 1729-1873
Q/AH/2/3/1-18 Draft and actual contracts and bonds for repairing and rebuilding bridges, 1774-1846
Q/AH/2/7/1-5 Plans, 1834; nd
Q/AH/2/8/1-7 Specifications, 1795-1817
Q/AH/4/1-89 Presentments of highways and footways in need of repair, 1734-1868
Q/AH/5/1-14 Lists of bridges, returns of bridges and culverts, 19th cent
Q/AH/6/1-34 Presentments of highways and footways in need of repair, c 1753-1833
Q/AH/6/35-72 Certificates of repair of highways, 1770-1865
Q/AH/6/73-110 Certificates for completion of public roads and highways following Parliamentary Inclosure, 1787-1856
Q/AH/7/1/1-7 Returns of highway parishes, 1886-1889
Q/AH/7/2/1-5 Returns of costs of repairs for parish highways, 1886-1889
Q/AH/7/3/1 Returns made to the Clerk of the Peace by Turnpike Trusts, 1820
Q/AH/7/4/1-23 Bundle of papers, "Box 31, 102", 1880-1887
Q/AH/7/19/1-5 Draft returns to ? the Surveyor of Taxes, 1880-1892

Unlisted records, one box and one roll, including:
File re Broadbottom Bridge and Melbourne and Newton Roads (ref enclosure)
Other unlisted records (interim list available)
Administrative HistoryBy the Statute of Bridges, 22 HVIII c5 (1531) bridges not customarily maintained by individuals, parishes, hundreds, boroughs or other bodies, became the responsibility of the justices. The documents listed here insofar as they relate to the maintenance of bridges were probably taken from two sources within the Quarter Session records. Documents such as presentments of bridges out of repair must have been removed from the bundles of court papers when these were taken apart in the 19th century. Others such as contracts, specifications and correspondence probably were part of the records of Quarter Sessions administration.
Highways became the responsibility of individual parishes by the Highways Act of 2 and 3 Ph and M c8 (1555), although under the supervision of the justices. Records relating to the maintenance of highways consist largely of presentments of roads out of repair, taken probably from the bundles of Quarter Sessions court papers in the 19th century.
ArrangementThe documents listed below were probably placed together in the 19th century and were listed as found in the 1980s. Although strictly many of the papers belong in the records of the Court in Session, they have been left as listed as part of the records of the county's administration.
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