RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.ER/CHES/1987
TitleElectoral register (electoral roll) for the Chesterfield constituency (see Description for places included)
DescriptionBrimington North (BD1), Brimington North (BD2), Brimington South (BE1), Brimington South (BE2), Brimington South (BE3), Brockwell (BF1), Brockwell (BF2), Brockwell (BF3), Brockwell (BF4), Dunston (BG1), Dunston (BG2), Dunston (BG3), Hasland (BH1), Hasland (BH2), Hasland (BH3), Holmebrook (BI1), Holmebrook (BI2), Holmebrook (BI3), Inkersall (BJ1), Markham (BL1), Markham (BL2), Middlecroft (BM1), Middlecroft (BM2), Moor (BN1), Moor (BN2), Moor (BN3), Newbold (BO1), Newbold (BO2), Newbold (BO3), New Whittington (BP1), New Whittington (BP2), Old Whittington (BQ1), Old Whittington (BQ2), Rother (BR1), Rother (BR2), Rother (BR3), Rother (BR4), St Helen's (BS1), St Helen's (BS2), St Helen's (BS3), St Helen's (BS4), St Leonards (BT1), St Leonards (BT2), St Leonards (BT3), St Leonards (BT4), , , Walton (BU1), Walton (BU2), Walton (BU3), West (BV1), West (BV2), West (BV3)
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Archive CreatorDerbyshire County Council: Electoral Registration
Archivist NoteFindersKeepers 07/12/2012
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