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Former ReferenceD3311/85/a
TitleHandwritten extracts from Captain Fitzjames's letter to Sir John Barrow off the coast of Greenland, original letter dated 1-12 July 1845
Date[mid 19th cent]
DescriptionThey had travelled quickly, not going within 70 miles of Cape Farewell, and they lost no time, his only difficulty being to get Sir John to shorten sail when it was wanted; Sir John is full of life and energy, with good judgement and a capital memory, one of the best he knows, with delightful and most instructive conversation, the most fitted for the command of an enterprise requiring sound sense and great perseverance; he has learnt much from him and considers himself most fortunate to be with him; the Erebus "is very easy" apart from the occasional kick and plunge; everybody is comfortable and happy, with much laughter ... they have worked for Cape Desolation "which sounds Polar enough"; it is 12 o-clock and the sun is still up, but he is going to go to bed, a pity "to sleep on such a clear unshiny night"; the grandness of the scenery of Disco and the curiousness of the beautiful icebergs ... sailing smoothly in the water amongst icebergs of the largest size, with "most heavenly weather"; 280 icebergs counted by him and Fairholme and Hodgson from top of a hill, with big mosquitoes biting them all the time; his liking for Crozier, most indefatigable and a good observer, just suited to his position he would say ... the ship is deep and full, with 3 years provisions on board.
Copied by Eleanor Isabella Franklin.
Extent1 sheet
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SenderJames Fitzjames
Sender LocationH.M.S. Erebus, Whalefish Islands near Disko [Disco]
RecipientJohn Barrow
Archive CreatorEleanor Isabella Franklin, later Eleanor Gell (1824-1860)
Gell family of Hopton Hall, Wirksworth

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Fairholme; James Walter (1821-1848); naval officer
Fitzjames; James (c 1812-1848); naval officer
HMS Erebus; 1826-1848; Royal Navy ship
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