RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5459/1/3/1
Former ReferenceD5459/1/35
Title[Viewing a New Recruit]
DescriptionAn army officer (left) examines a tall, thin, bedraggled new recruit. The officer has one hand in his pocket and the other holds a pike. He is wearing gaiters, white breeches and waistcoat with a red sash, a red coat with white collar and lapels, brass buttons and gold epaulettes. On his head he wears a black bicorn with cockade and red feather and a club wig. He holds a pike in his left hand and has his right hand in his pocket. A small dog sits next to the pike, looking up at the new recruit. Facing the officer is a tall, thin man with red hair, looking straight ahead. He is wearing light brown breeches, a red waistcoat and blue coat, all of which are badly ripped. His toes stick out the end of his left shoe, and on his black cocked hat he wears a cockade with the motto 'LIBERTY'. In his right hand he holds a long cane. Available on CD 157
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ArtistWoodward, George Murgatroyd (?1765-1809)
Archive CreatorGeorge Murgatroyd Woodward (1765-1809), artist and writer
Further InformationDate based on D5459/1/3/2
Physical DescriptionColoured drawing. Size 201 x 165 mm. Portrait.
RelatedMaterialSee also D5459/1/3/2 and D5459/1/3/3.

[Viewing a New Recruit]

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