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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5430/50/8
TitleRecipe and knitting pattern book
DescriptionFrom front, knitting patterns: Terms used in knitting; Pattern for Tidy; Open Stitch for a Shawl, D Oyley; Diamond Pattern; Rose Leaf; Honiton Lace; Tree Pattern; Lace Shell Pattern; Anti Macassar; Directions for Drawing [landscapes]; the Swiss Pattern.

From back, memorandum that Lucy Murphy entered into service Nov 24th 1845; pencilled notes from a sermon?; 'Cooking Receipts' - recipes as follows:
Queen Cakes; Sponge Cake; Wine Cakes; Pound Cake; Macaroons; Gateau d'Arranches; Ratafia Drops; Naples Biscuits; Ginger bread; Brioche; Banbury Cakes; Bath buns; Rusks, Tops and Bottoms; Pork Pies; Receipts for Puddings; Parsnep Pudding; Almond Pudding; Cabinet Pudding; Lemon Cream; Rice Cream; Orange Cream; Sponge Loaf; Meringes; Seed or Plum Cake; Raisin Loaf; Spiced Cakes; Lemon Sponge; Velvet Cream; Orange Jelly; Italian Rice; Italian Pudding; French Custard Pudding; Lemon Cheesecakes; Ormskirk Gingerbread; White Gingerbread; Crumpets; Lemon Cheesecakes; To Make Fine Cheescakes; Common Custards; Rice Custard; Custard Pudding; Paste for Custards; Paste for Patty Pans; Paste for Tarts; Puff Paste; Iceing[?] for Tarts; Veal Patties; Market Drayton; Lemonade. Loose: Receipt for Spurt[?] or Black leg in Calves.
Extent1 volume
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorWright family of Eyam Hall
Veterinary medicine
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