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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5430/50/5
TitleHousehold and medicinal recipe book, some recipes dated, some headed with name of contributor
DescriptionNote: The pages of this volume were not originally numbered.
Page 1 'arrived at Geneva the 2d of April' followed by a recipe of the bite of a mad dog; loose recipe: to make tincture of Rhubarb
Page 2 Doctor Cook's Recipe for the Gout, daged 1769
Page 3 To make Cowslip Wine; for the Worms
Page 4 Elder Wine
Page 5 To make Currant Jelly; to boil up Gooseberrys
Page 6 To make Rasbery jam; Doctor Hall's prescription for Juice of Fumitory
Page 7 A very good Recipe for Physick; for the Scurvy
Page 8 For the Worms; for the Rickets
Page 9 Neats Tongues; a moderate dose of physic for a child about 9 years old
Page 10 Orange Wine
Page 11 A Cow drink soon after she has Calved; a Pound Cake
Page 12 Veal Cutlets; Good Liquid Blacking
Page 13 Lamb tender'd
Page 14 To make Ketchup
Page 15 to Stew Mushrooms; to make blackball; sauce for a partridge
Page 16 To make Jumballs
Page 17 To make Mince Pyes [mince pies]; To make Custards
Page 18 To make a potatoe Herrico[?]
Page 19 To make Cheese Cakes
Page 20 To preserve Cherries; a cure for a man who had run two or three rusty nails two inches into his foot from the London Magazine, April 1752
Page 21 To make Elder Wine
Page 22 Metheglen[?]
Page 23 To make nice Custards; To make a Seed Cake; to take fruit sains out of linen etc.
Page 24 To make a Tansey; to make a light boil'd pudding; Fritters
Page 25 Tea Cakes Ds Devonshire [Duchess of Devonshire]; Gingerbread; Rice Pudding
Page 26 Paste for Tarts of Mince Pyes; For a Weak or Consumptive person; Liquid Blacking
Page 27 Balsam or Burnt[?] Flower;
Page 28 For a sore Throat; For the Ague; Stone and Gravel
Page 29 For a Consumption
Page 30 Small Pox, dated 1793
Page 31 Dutchess of Devonshire's Rec't for Tea Cakes; Extract of Malt for a Cough or spitting of Blood
Page 32 To make Stale Ale Mild and Wholesome
Page 33 Raisin Wine Mrs Traffords' way
Page 34 To make Pickel to keep many years - yellow pickle
Page 35 Browning for sauce
Page 36 Cure for the Falling Sickness by an Eminent Physician (also a specifi in hte cure of the Worms)
Page 37 For sore Eyes
Page 38-9 Perpetual Yeast of Potatoes; Soft Pomatum
Page 40 Cure for the foot halt in Sheep; remedy for unsound flour; to make pomatum
Page 41 Caledonian Marmalade [with loose original]
Page 42 Longsough[?] in Cows; a cow hide bound
Page 43 An Emulsion of a Cold; Soft Pomatum
Page 44 Hard pomatum; fora contracted sinew
Page 45 For the Gout in the Stomach; paint cheap
Page 46 Gingerbread (the Junr Mrs Sisum's way); account of remedy for consumption taken by Grace Baston and George White of Goncliff[?] dated 1792
Page 47 Gooseberry Vinegar
Page 48 Miss D Downes's rec't for Scurvy; For Rheumatism
Page 49 Gingerbread Nuts; Tainted Meat; To Keep Eggs 12 Months
Page 50 Poultice for Gatherings or Swellings
Page 51 To Extract the Essence of Flowers
Page 52 Cheese Cakes
Page 53 Cheese Cakes' For burn or scald; French Bread
Page 54 A Custard pudding; Gingerbread; Another [gingerbread]
Page 55 Wiggs; to keep moths out of woolen, linen or silk
Page 56 For a Cough in Children; For a Consumption (from Derby Mercury May 11th 1786)
Page 57 To make Custards; A pancake pudding; Distill'd Vinegar
Page 58 An excellent Oatmeal pudding; pickle Mushrooms
Page 59 to Pickel Walnuts
Page 60 to Pickel Kidney beans Radish Cods Elder buds and Ash keys; to keep Bacon 7 yrs without seasting[?]
Page 61 for the Collick; a good receipt for a strain
Page 62 To Collar Beef; A Cow Drink when there appears sings of the Long sough
Page 63 A Receipt for a Cough
Loose: To make Ginger Wine; a Physic for Mrs Wright
Extent1 volume
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorWright family of Eyam Hall
CopiesPhotocopy: D1322/Z4
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