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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5430/50/4
TitleParchment-bound recipe book inscribed 'Mary Farewell her Book 1721'
Date1721-[late 18th cent]
DescriptionContains household recipes, written in several hands, with index near back of volume.

Page 1 Cowslip wine; To make Gellyes of Currans or Rasberryes
Page 2 To make cheese balls; How to make a Rice Poden [pudding]; To make Sauce for Green Geese
Page 3 To make a Orange Gelly pudding; An Orange Pudding; To fry cherries - Mrs Phill Balguy
Page 4 To make a Tansey - Mrs Phill Balguy; To make Gravy for Sauces; To Frigacy [fricassee] Chickens or Rabbits
Page 5 To make force meat; To pickle mango Cucumbers; To pickle oysters
Page 6 To make a good Cake […]
Page 7 To pickle Cucumbers; To make Catchup; A sauce for Ducks; To make pan puddings; To make a plain Garth[?] Cake; To make nice Custards
Page 8 To roast a Shoulder of mutton in Blood; To pickle Pidgeons; Segoe [Sago] Gelly; Hartshorn Flummery
Page 9 Sauce for a Cods Head; Sliced Cucumbers
Page 10 To make a Segoe [Sago] Pudding; To coller Eels
Page 11 To make Orange cream; An Apple pudding - Aunt Rossington[?]
Page 12 To make Wiges; to Pickle Codlins like Mango
Page 13 To make Orange […?]; To roast a breast of Veal - Mrs Hayes
Page 14 To make Cabbidge soup - Lady Cliffen[?]; To make fish soop - Lady Cliffen
Page 15 To dress a Calves liver; Hummangere[?]; How to make a Gooseberry Puding of Bottled Berrys or Green
Page 16 A Potato puding; To make Rice Puding; To make a Carrot Puding; A Light Boyled Puding
Page 17 To make Ratefea Biskitts; To make Gingerbread; To make Queen[?] Cakes
Page 18 To make Portugall Cakes; To make A Seed Cake
Page 19 To pickle Wallnuts [2 recipes]
Page 20 To pickle Kidney Beans, Elder Buds and Ash keys; To pickle Purslane; To make Gooseberry Vinegar
Page 21 To make Green Gooseberry wine; To make Ginger Wine; How to make Orange Wine
Page 22 to make Shrub - Mrs Freeman; To make Raisin Wine - Mrs Hayns
Page 23 To make Elder Berry Wine
Page 24 To make Cakes
Page 25 Note from S Downs to Mr Wright about executing a deed and note from John Wright regarding the same, written above the recipe to make Clara[?] Wine
Page 26 A Calves foot Pie; Doctor Clegg's receipt for the Itch
Page 27 To make Raisin Wine
Page 28 To make Cheese Cakes; To make Sago puffs
Page 29 A receipt to make a grantham pudding; To make Currant Jelly
Page 30 To make Cheese Cakes; Walnut Catchup
Page 31 To make elder flower Wine
Page 32 To make a Calf’s foot pudding
Page 33 A good boil'd pudding
Page 34 To make a Cake
Page 35 To Make an Olio Pie (heading only)
Page 36 For a Cold - Mrs Bower; For a weakness - Mrs R
Page 37 To make Elderflower Wine
Page 38 a Plumb Cake - Mrs Skelton; the Duchess of Devonshire receipt to make nice tea cakes
Page 39 A Rice Cake
[blank pages]
Page 40 Daffis Elixir - Mrs Balguy
[blank pages]
Page 41 Lady Falconbridge's receipt for Cononstion[?] Water; To make Eye Water
Page 42 A Receipt to Cure the Biting of a Mad Dog
Loose receipes on scraps of paper: [gooseberry wine? and furniture polish?]
At the back of the volume are some household accounts dated 1740s, recording sale of a calf and purchase of meat, as well as memoranda of visits by family and incidental expenses; also a poem ' Cold Darby and Jone'.
Extent1 volume
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorWright family of Eyam Hall
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