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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5430/50/3
TitleParchment-bound recipe book inscribed 'Jane Farewell 1719' and 'Jane Wright 1728'
Date[mid 17th cent-c1801]
DescriptionRecipes in several hands, some (such as directions against the plague) in a hand earlier than Jane Farewell's. The following list uses the original page numbering, which varies throughout the volume.
Page 1 To make Cabbidge Soup
Page 2 To make a Fish Soup
Page 3 To make Elder Wine
Page 4 To make nice Custards; Mrs Chaworth's Fish Sauce
Page 5 To make Excelent Curds; To make Lip Salve
Page 6 to Pickle Wallnuts; To pickle Wallnuts ye other way
Page 7 veal stakes Mrs Brough's way; A Neats Tongue Ragood [John Wright's signature underneath]
Page 8 Untitled recipe using turpentine and swine's grease; To make Ink
Page 9 To make Greengooseberry Wine Super excellent; To make a Dish of Puftins
Page 10 To prevent Infection in case of contagious Disorders; To make a Rice pudden; To make Cheese Cakes; To pickle Colly Flowers
Page 11 A Purge for a Horse [signature underneath of Miss Green of Thunder Cliff Grange near Sheffield, Yorkshire]; To make a plain Garth Cake; To make an Orange Gelly pudding; To make Ginger bread
Page 12 To make Balsome Dr Chaucey; To make Bassilican Dr Chaucey; To make Sawce for Green Geese; To make pan puddings; To make past for Tarts or mince pyes; To make a quakeing pudding
Page 13 For an old Cough on ye Lungs of an horse; To make Queen Cakes; To make French bread
Page 14 To skin[?] a Sore in a Horse's back; To make Daffyes Elixer; To make Conserve of Red Roses; To make a Carrett pudding
Page 15 [missing / number not used]
Page 16 Ginger Wine; To make a Seed Cake; To make Cowslip wine
Page 17 Ginger Wine Mrs Middleton; To make Balm Wine; To make an Orange pudding Mrs Balguys way
Page 18 Ginger Wine Mrs Middleton; To make a Light blyded pudding; To make Custards; To make a Tansey
Page 19 To make a Carrett pudding; To dry Cherryes; To make Rattefea Bisketts
Page 20 to pickle Barberryes; For sore Breasts; An Eye water
Page 21 To make Orange Wine; To make jumballs
Page 22 untitled recipe; To make Gooseberry Vinegar; To make marmalet of Quince
Page 23 Indian Pickle; To make Italian Biskitt; To make Wormpowder
Page 24 For a Cough or Violent Cold
Page 25 To make a plaister for the Wormes; For Sore Breasts
Page 26 Doctor Tourges Directions against ye plague
Page 27 A Receipt to make Mead Mrs Eccles' way; To make good Bread of soft Flour [dated 1800]
Page 28 To make little plumb Calkes Mrs Chaworth's way; To make a Rice pudding
Page 29 Wine; To make ye Yellow Salve; To make ye Eye Water; To make Wiggs
Page 30 To make Mead; To make Mead Mrs Wright's way a very bad [or Good?] one
Page 31 An Apple Pudding; To make Birch Wine
Page 32 The Method to have fine and good Malt Liquor; An Infalible cure for the Grease; To make a good Cake
Page 33 For ye Stone Gravell or Ulser in ye Kidneys, Lady Mulleneux
Page 34 For a Cold by Doctor James; To make Blackbery Wine
Page 35 Shoe Black; To make Curran Wine; To make Fritters; For Sore Breast heads
Page 36 To make Orange Wine; A rich Cordiall for a sick person
Page 37 To whiten yarn or Cloath; To make Passico; To make Shrub; To make Rason Wine
Page 38 For a Violent Strain in any Joynt;
Page 40 To cure ye most inveterate scab in Sheep; To prevent ye redwater in Lambs
[Pages 41-49 - numbers not used]
Page 50 To skin a sore back of an horse; A Trail for a fox; Ditto for the Hare; A Cure for ye Bite of any Mad Animal
[pages 51-59 - numbers not used]
Page 60 A salve for a burn or a scald; For an Astmak [Asthmatic?] Mrs Whitbey, by John Morgan
Unnumbered pages:
to make Sago puffs; To make mead
Mrs Simpson's Receipt to make an Eye Water; for a Cough in Children; A Receit to die pink colour'd Stockings
To make Diacodium; An approv'd Medicine for sore Eyes; [stockings continued]
To make Cheese Cakes; How to make German black balls; How to dye Silk, Stuff, Stockings &c. of a good Blue; A receipt for sore heels of a Horse; Another for the same; How to make Red Ink
How to keep Moths out of Woollen, Linnen or Silks; How to dy Hair or Bristles; How to Dye Purple; How to Dye Yellow; How to Dye Green; To take awa Corns; How to cure Chilblains
A Drink for a Cow when the Calf is took of [crossed out]; To pickle Walluntts of a fine Olive Green Mrs Seyward; To make Wallnut Catchup
To stew a Hare after the German Manner; For a Cough; How to make Elderberry Wine ye best sort
A Drink for a Cown when ye Calf is taken of, or at going to Grass, o when the Hide begins to grow stark[?] upon her back; Daffy's Elixir Salutis Mr Taylor
An Excellent Eye water; Dutches of Devonshires Rec't to make Tea Cakes; To make Red sealing Wax; To make Ginger-bread; To frighten Birds out of a Garden
To Pickle Wallnuts; To make Currant Wine
For a weak or consumptive person; To preserve Cherries; For a Beast over eating at a dish[?]; A very good Receipt for a Consumption
Caution regarding salting fish or flesh dated Feb 1801; Ginger Wine Mrs Redhead Manchester
For a cough in horses by Mr Hollingworth; A medicien to be given to a Cow the night after she has calv'd; Orange Marmalade; Queen Cakes; Diet Bread Cakes
Naple Biscuits; To make a Rice Cake; To make a Savoy Cake; To make a Ratafia Cake; Savoy Biscuits; Quince Marmalade; To Clairfy Sugar
Common Macaroons; To make Wine Clear; To make a Spunge Cake; Tunbridge Waters Cakes; Goosberry Vinegar
Ginger-Bread nuts; Spunge Biscuits; Milk of Roses; To Stew Red Cabbage; To Stew Beet Root
A Pickle to keep many years, yellow pickle; Scurvy & Cancer
For the Rheumatism; To Pickle Mushrooms Black; To Dye Blue & Green Miss Mower; To make Stilton Cheese
A Saline Draft; Perpetual Yeast of Potatoes

To make Gingerbread
An Exelant L[emo]n Pudding by Mrs Barns
Untitled recipe for ink
A Restorative Jelly
Diuretic Balls for Horses
To Preserve Plants on Paper
Extent1 volume
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorWright family of Eyam Hall
Administrative HistoryJane Farewell married John Wright in the early 1720s
Veterinary medicine
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