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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D5430/50/1
TitleParchment-bound household recipe book
Date[late 17th-mid 18th cent]
DescriptionThe pages are numbered as follows:
Page 1 A Pasty; Season Minced Pye; A Florantine
Page 2 Stew Fish; to Make a hash of Mutton; Frigasay of Chickens
Page 3 Sauce for a boil'd leg of Muton; Sauce for Rosted veal; Sacue for a pigg; Sauce for Rosted Ducks; Sauce for Venison or hare; Sauce for Capons or henns
Page 4 Collar Beef; Make wiggs; Ginger Bread
Page 5 Garth Cake; Sack Pudding; Biskits
Page 6 Sauce for Cod head; Collar Eels Pikes or Salmon
Page 7 light Gingerbread; Short Gingerbread
Page 8 To Make a Cake of a Peck of Flour; White Plumb Cake
Page 9 Goosberry Wine; Black berry Wine
Page 10 Ragooe of breast of veal; A White Frigacey; To Dress Puld Rabbits
Page 11 A Raggoe of goos; Stew Pidgeons
Page 12 A Dum Cock; A Polow
Page 13 Lobster Soop; Oyster Soop
Page 14 Roast a Pike; Pickle Wallnuts
Page 15 Pickle Cabidges white or red; Pickle Collyflowers
[Page 16 - number not used]
Page 17 Pickle Mushromes; Pickle Onions; Pickle Coucumbers
Page 18 Pickle quinces; Pickle them all the year green
Page 19 Pickle Ashen keys; Sallary soop
Page 20 Preserve Damsons
Page 21 Stew a hare; Egg Pye; Leg of Pork like Ham
Page 22 A Jam of Cherries; Rasberry Jam
Page 23 Curran Jam; Sauche for Brawn; Red Elder Wine
Page 24 Morella Wine; An Excellant Jelly
Page 25 A Christall Jelly
Page 26 Apple Cream; A Trifle Cream
Page 27 Clouted Cream; Quince Cream
Page 28 Make Custards; Rice Pudding; Milk Punch
Page 29 Bitter drops; Marrow pudding
Page 30 A Green boyld Pudding of sweet herbs
Page 31 A Quaking Pudding; An Excellant bake Pudding
Page 32 Veal Cutlets; Fry Apple Pyes; Artichoke Pye
Page 33 Angellets; Preserve Apricocks
Page 34 Candie Apricoks
Page 35 Cakes of Almonds; Preserve Angelica Roots
Page 36 Make flesh of Apricocks; Almond Buttar
Page 37 Cadd? of Arundels Manchet; Bake beef like red deer; To make a Past of Goosberys or barberies or [...?]
Page 38 Broth to drink; Broth to eat on fasting days
Page 39 Stew Beef; Draw Buttar; Codling Cream
Page 40 Chees Cakes; Chicken Pye
Page 41 Calf foot Pye
Page 42 To Boyl a Capon with Brewis; A Caudle
Page 43 Dry Cherries; Boil a Capon in white Broth
Page 44 Stew Calfes feet; Make paste for Custards; Tart of Cherries
Page 45 Sauce Calfs Head; a made dish; boyl a duck
Page 46 Preserve Damsons white; a white fool
Page 47 A Fool
Page 48 Candy all kind of Frut... such as comfit makers candy their fruit with; Candy all Flowers ye Spanish ways; Boyl Divers kind of fish
Page 49 Marble Fish; Goosbery fool
Page 50 Goosberries Custard; Goosberys like hops; Preserve Grapes
Page 51 Preserve Grapes to look clear & green; Sauce Carp or Gurnet; Roast a hare
Page 52 Tart of Hips; Cakes of Lemons or Violets; Candy lemons & oranges
Page 53 White lemon Cake
Page 54 Make Mackroon
Page 55 Preserve Mulberries; Tart of Mdlers; A Past of Oranges & lemons
Page 56 Preserve Oranges; Oyster Pie
Page 57 Preserve pippins white; A Paste Royal in Spices; Candie Pears Plums or Apricock
Page 58 Paste Royal White
Page 59 A Fine Pudding; Dry Peaches
Page 60 Italian Pudding; White Quince Cakes
Page 61 Orange Chees Cakes; Rice chees Cakes
Page 62 Bullas Chees; Warden tart; Oyl of Violets
Page 63 Stew trout; flesh of Quinces
Page 64 to make Calfs feet gelly

From the back:
To make Balm, wine Miss Peterhouse
To make white Wine
To Make Orange Wine Miss P Lodge; to Make Diet bread
To make Currant Wine Mrs Meyres
To Make Raison Wine Mrs Ellison; To Preserve Strawberrys Mrs Aislabie[?]
Almond Flumery Miss Lidia Shore; To boyl Hens Mrs Newboald
Jelly of Currans red or white; To preserve Lemons or Oranges, or Candy them
To Make Rasberry wine Mrs Myres; To Make Birch wine
Orange Wine Mrs Cowley
To make a rich cake Miss Staniforth
To Make Ginger Wine Mrs Stephenson
To pickle green Almonds Miss Shore; to pickle onione Mrs Burton
Extent1 volume
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorWright family of Eyam Hall
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