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TitleLetter from Mary Feilding to Nelly Mundy
Date19 Jun 1806
CreatorMiller Mundy family of Shipley Hall, Heanor
Extent1 item
TranscriptionMy dear Madam
I hear your reproaches
when you read I have left Lichfield
oweing to my inibility of conducting the
Buisiness, I fear you will not believe
me when I say that no exertions have been
neglected on my part to retain my situation
but it is the cry of everyone that my
experience is not sufficient to manage a
Business. What I am to do & where I am
to go I know not but my situation is sufficient
to turn my Brain, which is now almost
distracted, the letter I wrote to you
where I made such promises of getting
[page 2]
on in my Business, was in imagination
and makes me appear so little that
I hate myself - but I must say when
I wrote that I was in hope of performing
every promise it contained. I hope you
will not think that bad conduct has
been the cause of my speedy return
I give you my honor it is not, & was
you to write to the Ladies I was with they neither
would or could say any thing to my
disadvantage excepting my inibility of
managing their Buisiness. I arrived in
London on Tuesday Evg - and remained that
night at the Inn . Yesterday I went to Hammersmith
Mrs Chaffer gave me a Bed requesting
me at the same time to write to you
she now as she has before expresses
her dislike to have any one in
her House she knows how I am situated
and I am sure will not turn my [sic]
out - at the same time it is not
my wish to intrude and I am now gtoing today
to see if I can get any employment
but it with a very heavy heart as
I am confident that there is not one [...]
in which I can get my Bread.
I beg you to excuse bad writing and [...?]
and Believe me My dear Madam
Your very Obliged
& Gratefull ser[van]t
M V Feilding

Queen Street
June 19th 1806
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