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TitleCopy of a letter from Nelly Mundy to Mary Feilding
Date13 Mar 1806
CreatorMiller Mundy family of Shipley Hall, Heanor
Extent1 item
TranscriptionCopy of a letter from Mrs N M to Miss Fielding
March 13th 1806
Indeed Miss Fielding your last nights letter
has greatly surprised me for tho' it is in the usual
stile of your applications for cash the Drawing
for more Money now without Apology or remorse
as if it was an order upon your Banker and
from your own Fund, instead of its being
a further encroachment upon the indulgence
of a generous & kind Friend who had so recently
gratified you in your expensive & wild
fancies; and in Opposition to all his own
wishes & opinions; and all the advice and
entreaties he had made use of to have saved
you from the mortification that has followed
your vain Attempts is all together inconceivable.
You will perhaps tell me that your Lodgings
& Bills must be paid now the Debt is Contracted,
there is no end to such necessities; and I'm
sure no sense in such an Argument -
the moment you had relinquished your rash
pursuit (which you profeessed to have done)
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why did you not immediately quit your
present situation, and make Peace with your
mother? or again solicit the Protection of Mrs
Chaffer till you could suceed in a diligent
search for a situation in which you might
earn your Living? It is now the only alternative
that remains to you; and I may venture to say
that you will receive no further remittance
till one of these expedients is adopted.
Do pray Miss Fielding give yourself the
Trouble to consider wthat the annual
Expenditure would be in proportion to what
you have lately received within the space
of three months, and you will find it amount to
£240; and then ask yourself whether it is a
reasonable expectation that such a sum should
be advanced to you without any fund to
supply it from? Coimmon sense will answer No.
My Brother has just given me very good reasons
for his not having called again upon you; and
such as you have reason to feel gratefull for
I will endeavour to see you soon after my
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arrival in town; so let me know where to find
you; and pray do not let it be where I shall
feel ashamed to inquire for you, for that
would give real Concern to your true friend
N Mundy
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