Ref NoD517/BOX/12/9/4/43
TitleDraft letter from Nelly Mundy to Mrs Chaffer regarding Mary Feilding
Date[Dec 1805]
CreatorMiller Mundy family of Shipley Hall, Heanor
Extent1 item
TranscriptionDear Mrs Chaffer,
I am really concerned to find that
your humanity has drawn you into further
trouble & inconvenience in receiving Miss Feilding
it is very proper that you should be informed
that she is now totally given up, both by my
Bro[ther]r & myself; that you may not be further
drawn into difficulties by any Consideration
of attention or kindness to as we have
been much too long Duped by her false
promises they will avail no longer
she has now finally decided her own fate,
& must take the Consequence – since she
Left Town, & went to Lichfield bills & lawyers
Letters have been brought which prove that
she has been dishonestly making use of
my Brothers name for the purpose of
Absolute Swindling – he has declared that
she had no sanction for what she had
done, so the whole now rests upon
herself, & whenever it is known where
she can be found they will probably
throw her into jail. The kindest thing
you can do is to advise her to seek
shelter with some honest farmer or
Cottager where she may exist & repent
nothing Else can keep her from perdition
I sometimes think that she must really be
Insane, & that an apartment in Moorfields
would be the best place for her but I’m
afraid the disorder is much more
belonging to the heart than to the
head. & that it is too deeply rooted Ever
to be eradicated –
you may Communicate to her the Whole
or any part of this letter if you
please, I shall not reply to her Absurd Letter,
there is nothing to answer – if she knew her own
inability to perform the part she undertook
it was worse than folly to engage in it, in short
there is no Excuse to be made for any part
of her Conduct
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