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TitleLetter from Grace Chaffer in Hammersmith, London, to Nelly Mundy regarding Miss Feilding
Date23 Nov 1805
CreatorMiller Mundy family of Shipley Hall, Heanor
Extent1 item
Transcription[Note: spelling has not been corrected]
I feele much honrued with your
kinde letter & happy to hear of your good health
I recevid Miss Feilding with hopes of keeping
her from bad company as her mother had turnd
her hout & no friend to go to & made her com
with a false storey. She promieses niver to
go to her mother aney more she as been so ill
used by her & such bad advice to make her lose
all her friends she says she hopes Mr Mundy
will forguive her as she will write to him
& tell the truth & what her mother made her
write to disobliged him as soun as she as got
something for her selfe. Madam I have my
doubts of Miss Fielding doing in business she
wishes me not to say what she is looking
after till it be known wether she can be
taken or not her wish is to be on the Stage &
as been to aske a bout it but as not reeceved the
answer she seemes determined to be in the
play house in London or Bath a fraid I should
say aney thing a bout it hir mother as sent
for me a maney times I have not been to see
[page 2]
to see her in the last letter she sade Mr Mundy
was to bee let known a bout the bad guirl
not beeing worthe of the name of daughter at present
Miss Fielding behaves well I will do Madam what
you desire. She seems glad I will let her bee with
me wee went to see Mrs Middleton I was sorry to
find she was confind to her bed with a bad cold I hope
she is beter by this as Mrs Christen promesed
to let me know if Mrs Middleton was aney
worse it is two days since & I have not hard aney
thing. I this day Received a nother letter from
Mrs Williams with hevey complaints of Miss
Feilding & I am not to louk to her for aney thing
but to let her know wear Miss F clothse
is to be sent to. Madam if you wish
me to do aney thing I shall be happy
doing it my health is better at present
I have a small house to my selfe & verry
quiate. Madam your Moste obeadent
Humble Servant
Grace Chaffer
Queen Street
Novbr 23 1805
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