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TitleDraft letter from Nelly Mundy to Mary Feilding in reply to her letter of Nov 1805
Date[Nov 1805]
CreatorMiller Mundy family of Shipley Hall, Heanor
Extent1 item
TranscriptionDear Miss Feilding
It gives me pleasure to hear
that after all that has happened you are in a place of safety,
the late Event does not at all surprise
me, it has only proved
sooner than might have been expected the truth of any
in our last conversation at Bath: -
if you had then followed the advice
of the two real friends, yr situation now
wou'd have been very different, & you
wou'd have had the satisfaction of
self approbation, as well as that of
your Guardian, who I'm sorry to say has now taken
such a firm resolution to throw
up the trust, that I am afraid
nothing cou'd at this time change
his purpose - the Insolence of your
Letters, & ingratitude of yr conduct
towards him has
given him very great, & just offence
& it has been so often repeated that
I hardly know how to plead for you.
Mrs Chaffer is very good in giving you
[page 2]
protection, tis more than you had
any reason to expect all things
consider'd - & I must observe to you
that you are singularly fortunate
in the truest friendship
where you have least deserved
it if any motive now
induces you to apply steadily to
business, & to Endeavour to make yrself
respectable & independent it will be
fortunate for yrself - & (if not too
late) will be yr best chance of changing
yr Guardians present purpose of
getting rid of a trust from wch
he has had so much trouble &
vesation - & for wch he has been
so ungraciously, & so ungratefully
treated. I return the Letter you
Enclosed - ignorant of the provocation
that occasion'd it I can only lament
that such things should happen between
[page 3]
a parent & a Child - & wish that
it may be a warning to you
to put a better guard in future
upon yr own temper
that advice is unask'd
& I cannot prenent to give you
any * Other than to hear of yr
welfare & happiness will always
give pleasure to
yr very sincere friend

* she had desired my opinion about
the propriety of asking her Bro[the]r George
to advance money for her
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