Ref NoD504/B/LP/12
TitleCopy of plan of Haddon, Hartle, Youlgreave and Stanton, showing veins, shafts and soughs
Date20th cent
DescriptionTwo scales of meers: 29 yard meer in Youlgreave, 28 yard meer in Haddon and Hartle. Approx. 1 inch : 4 meers

In two parts, D504/B/LP/12a and D504/B/LP/12b. These items are described in the Derbyshire Record Society's "A Catalogue of Local Maps of Derbyshire c.1528–1800" (compiled by Harold Nichols, revised by Mary Wiltshire assisted by Susan Woore, published 2012). The description reads as follows:

Haddon, Hartle, Youlgreave [172-?]. Centred on: SK215650 Notes: inaccurate compass rose. Plan of named closes with line and hedge boundaries: houses in distinctive perspective: Youlgreave church: named roads and paths: adjacent liberties: River Wye, Lathkill, brook: the features above used as base for lines of named veins, rakes and soughs with coes and shafts marked: for dating noted in 'Mill Feilde' Alport 'forefield of Alport Sough. March 29th, 1718', Location: DRO, D504/12a; copy in DRO, D504/12b, negative dyeline copy.

Map of lead veins in Haddon Scale: of ten meers of ground in Youlgreave Liberty 29 yards to a meer [1:4100], 28 yards to a meer allowed in Haddon and Hartle Liberties. Size: 80 x 90 cm. Materials: [copy on dyeline paper]. Centred on: SK2365 Notes: northwest to top. Shows R.Wye-west, Lathken Brook, Conksbury-north west, Greenfield-south; Haddon Hall (bird's eye view) stylised drawing, Bowers Hall in elevation; some other buildings shown, Haddon Parke and Little Park, Haddon Feilde (undivided), some field names, Alport with houses drawn, soughs and lead veins. Location: DRO, D504B/LP/12a; copies in DRO, D504B/LP/12b photocopy on thin paper; Sheffield Local Studies Library (part of Sheffield Libraries, Archives and Information), F 13 S
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