Ref NoD504/B/L/80-124
TitleDuke of Devonshire - Bundles containing: Ore measured, lot, value, to whom sold, in Kingsfield, (Including the outer liberties of Fairfield, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Wormhill and Bugsworth), Ashford, Tideswell, Peak Forest, Hartington, Stony Middleton and Eyam, and tithe, value, to whom sold, in Hassop, Calver and Rowland and Hazlebadge; · Summary accounts of income from duties in each liberty (including rent of cupola and paint mill in Stony Middleton, and income from sale of slag from Middleton Dale cupola), and money spent on barmasters' salaries, property and land tax, highway, church and poor rate, and barmoot court expenses; Summary of Duke's income from all mineral duties, half-years ending Ladyday and · Michaelmas 1860-1870, 1872-1873, 1879 (Michaelmas only), 1880-1888
DescriptionD504/B/L/80-81) 1859-1860
D504/B/L/82-83) 1860-1861
D504/B/L/84-85) 1861-1862
D504/B/L/86-87) 1862-1863
D504/B/L/88-89) 1863-1864
D504/B/L/90-91) 1864-1865
D504/B/L/92-93) 1865-1866
D504/B/L/94-95) 1866-1867
D504/B/L/96-97) 1867-1868
D504/B/L/98-99) 1868-1869
D504/B/L/100-101) 1869-1870
D504/B/L/102-103) 1871-1872
D504/B/L/104-105) 1872-1873
D504/B/L/106) Michaelmas 1879
D504/B/L/107-108) 1879-1880
D504/B/L/109-110) 1880-1881
D504/B/L/111-112) 1881-1882
D504/B/L/113-114) 1882-1883
D504/B/L/115-116) 1883-1884
D504/B/L/117-118) 1884-1885
D504/B/L/119-120) 1885-1886
D504/B/L/121-122) 1886-1887
D504/B/L/123-124) 1887-1888
Extent23 bundles
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