Ref NoD504/B/L/362
TitleFurther lead mining documents
DescriptionBundle containing correspondence, memoranda, etc., of agents William Remfry (1839-1840), Samuel Bennetts (1843-1872) and Henry Toft (1876-1908): Main subjects are orders for equipment, shares and shareholders, assay of ore samples, Stanton corn mill etc.; also included are notes and memoranda on allied subjects, draft mineral and financial accounts, sundry bills and travelling expenses, and deductions from men's wages (bastardy orders). Particular subjects include: memorandum on work to be done in Guy Vein, Hill Carr Level, Alport Level, and repair of engines 1839; statement of ore raised and profit and loss of Harthill and Stanton mines 1818-1 83 9; Black Sough Mine 1842-1844;draft agreement with Duke of Rutland for payment of duties for mines in Youlgreave 1841; memorandum on work to be done at Broadmeadow Shaft and at Guy Vein Shaft for putting in a hydraulic engine 1841, and notes on engine nd; moving Blithe engine 1852; laying of water pipes 1853; tenders for piping 1853; rails from Morley Park 1854; order for waggon wheels 1855;Wheels Rake 1856-1857; specification and sketch plan of gates for washing ore 1856; assays of Alport ore by Snailbeach Mines, Shropshire, and Grassington Smelting Works, water leaking into mines near Stanton Mill, letter from Heyton foundry, Stockport, re reciprocating water-pressure engine supplied to Alport Mining Co., weirs at Hartle brook and obstruction of watercourse, including sketch plan 1857; stone for repair of Hill Carr Level sold to Duke of Rutland for building, draft agreement between Alport Mining Co. and Danger Mining Co. re Hill Carr and other levels, licence for explosive store at Alport Mines 1861 ; agreement and correspondence with Danger Mining Co. re driving a new level from the Derwent to unwater their mines 1863-1870; food bills 1864, 1866-1867; Danger Co. and level of water at Mill Green and Coal-pit dam 1865 and 1873; minutes of general meeting 1869; draft reckonings 1869-1871, 1874; request from Wheels Rake for continuance of abatement of cope on Hill Carr Sough, 1872; minutes of general meeting 1876; bills for work done including walling and coning shafts, and receipts paid 1876-1879; receipts, bills and memoranda on compositions 1880-1881; letter concerning sale of tufa 1907 and bill 1908
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