Ref NoD504/B/L/291
TitleFurther lead mining documents
DescriptionBundle containing:
Accounts of linnets and belland slime measured, Kingsfield, Ashford, Tideswell, Stony Middleton and Eyam, Hassop, Calver and Rowland 1850-1859;
Example of calculation of lot cope and tithe payable on Winster brown ore 1861;
Account of mineral duties collected in Stony Middleton and Eyam, net profit, and profit received by Duke of Devonshire 1874-1877;
Return under Metalliferous Mines Act of mines working in Monyash, Taddington, Ashford, Stony Middleton and Eyam, Tideswell 1875;
Stony Middleton and Eyam barmoot court expenses 1884;
Account with the Duke of Devonshire of mineral duties collected and money paid in Ashford, Tideswell, Peak Forest, Hartington, Hazlebadge and Hassop Calver and Rowland 1887;
Copy of entry in barrnaster's book recording consolidation of various mines in Stony Middleton and Eyam as the Bretton Edge Consolidated Title 1873
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