Ref NoD504/B/L/264
TitleJames Longsdon, barmaster: Further lead mining documents
DescriptionBundle containing:
Note of ore measured at Mr Barker's grove, Hassop, 1758;
Letter from the partners of Yate Stoop Mine, Winster, stating that ore is lying unmeasured and that they cannot proceed to work it until duties are settled with his Grace [Duke of Devonshire?] and Mrs Thornhill, with list of partners 1766;
Answer to questions put by Lord Cavendish concerning other mines concerned in the above dispute nd;
Agreement between the lords of Stony Middleton and Eyam and the Stoke Sough partners - the partners may continue 5 meers on the Fifth Vein without freeing 1772;
Notes on the Duchy of Lancaster's lease dated 1803 of lot and cope of Kingsfield to the Duke of Devonshire, with notes on whether lapiz, calamine, quicksilver, and the tithes of Hulland Ward, should be included, drawn up for the next least nd;
Agreement between the Duke of Devonshire and the township of Foolow concerning payment of poor and highway rate, with note of average produce of lot ore 1849;
Papers concerning action in High Peak Small Barmoot Court, concerning mines in Great Hucklow 1860;
Transfer of shares in Ridge and Smallpenny Mines, Over Haddon 1860;
Note of entries in the barmaster' s book concerning mineral duties in Hucklow, period 1834-1845 nd;
Papers concerning a dispute about payment of mineral duties at Mill Dame Mine, Hucklow, 1864
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