Ref NoD504/B/L/248
TitleFurther lead mining documents
DescriptionBundle containing:
List of proprietors of Alport Mines 1839;
Bill to William Clayton for smelting [at Lord's Cupola, Middleton Dale?] 1839;
Bills for iron and coal for Middleton Dale Cupola, and barmoot court expenses, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1841;
Chapel Dale reckoning 1841;
Note on sales of ore at Alport Mines 1843;
Reports on Hubberdale Mine Jan and Sep 1844;
Magpie Mine 1844, Longstone Edge Mines Jan and Sep 1844;
Accounts of import and export of iron, copper, tin, zinc and lead (Parliamentary Papers) 1844, 1846;
Circular concerning debts of late John Cundey of Stony Middleton, lime burner 1844;
Account of ore raised by tutwork and cope below the 8-fathom level in various veins, Alport Mines, with profit after deduction of duties, and note of mens' wages 1844;
Papers concerning sate of ore at Alport Mines 1844-1846;
Chapel Dale summary reckonings 1849-1846
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