Ref NoD504/B/L/246
TitleFurther lead mining documents
DescriptionBundle containing:
Plan of new [reverberatory] furnace at Lord's Cupola, Middleton Dale, built by Thomas Botham & Co., measured by Frost, Scale 3 feet: inch 1807;
Accounts of expenses of pulling down an old furnace and building at Lord's Cupola and building a new one 1828;
Summary ore measurements, Kingsfield and Tideswell 1826;
Bond to save harmless Frost from expenses in Walker Cooper & Co. v Barbers Bagshaw & Co. 1827;
Letter to Frost from Major Shuttleworth, asking him to view his outgoing tenant's farm at Stony Middleton 1829;
Summary cope accounts, Hucklow and Tideswell 1830;
Notes on entries, Kingsfield (for entry into barmaster's book) 1832-1833;
Ore measured at Salad Hole 1835;
Grand jury verdict on trespass at Orchard Mine, Kingsfield 1836;
List of shareholders in Brightside, Backdate Engine and New Muse Mines, Hassop, Calver and Rowland 1836;
Note on freeing at Victoria Vein, Brightside Mine 1838;
Note on sale of Backdale Engine Mine 1838;
Reckoning for Sallad Hole 1835-1840;
Synopsis of the Gwendraith Anthracite and Iron Co., Carmarthenshire 1840;
Letter from Samuel Bennetts concerning call on shares of Alport Mine 1840;
Memorandum by Richard Frost on shares in Sallad Hole 1841, and receipt for shares received from Matthew Frost nd;
Reckoning for Chapel Dale 1841;
Account of imports and exports of lead and lead ore, (Parliamentary Papers) 1840-1841;
Alport Mines report May 1842;
Mandale Mine report May 1842;
Barmaster's order, in pursuance of a grand jury verdict, to John Alsop & Co., to pay debt from Chapeldale Mine 1842;
Account of imports and exports of lead, copper, tin and zinc 1847-1848;
Report to Sir Joseph Paxton on a mineral district near Longstone Edge (Calver Sough, Wren Park, Red Rake, Backdale, Sallet Hole, Brightside, Gospel Mine, Muce) by D T Ansted 1853;
Ore measurements, Kingsfield arid Tideswell, nd;
Copy of a legal opinion on Cantrell v Arkwright nd;
Rough notes on Mr Wilkinson's shares, Blythe Mine nd;
Alport Mines ticketing regulations nd
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