Ref NoD504/B/L/244
TitleFurther lead mining documents
Date19th cent
DescriptionQuitclaim by Joseph Clay of a vein breaking out of the north side of Twelve Meers or Myners Engeon Old Vein, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1746;
Gift of Deeprake Mine, Ashford and Longstone to Matthew Frost barmaster 1813;
Printed table of fees due to mineral officers in the manor of Tideswell 1818;
Account of ore measured and money spent on account of lot ore in Tideswell 1823-1824, 1826-1827;
Account of lead paid for by Frost, Hassop 1824;
Bill to Ashford Grand Jury to view Breck and Bole Veins, Magpie Mine 1829;
Blank Ashford Great Barmoot Court forms nd; Copy will of Anthony Alsop of Wensley, barmaster 1831;
Verdict on case of debt between Victoria and Brook Head Mines, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1831;
List of miners and mine owners in Winster 1832;
Verdict in case of debt between Old and New Edge Mines and James Frost and partners, Kingsfield 1832;
Sale of Deep Rake Mine, Ashford and Longstone 1832;
Letter to Frost from William Gauntley concerning George Nuttall' s model of Red Soil Mine 1832;
Cancellation of transfer of Sideway Mine at Meadowplace Grange in Hartington liberty 1833;
Sate of Brookland Mine, Stony Middleton and Eyam, 1833;
Account of ore measured and money spent in Hartington 1833-1834;
Lists of jury to be summoned in Sheldon v Hill 1835;
Notice to partners of Mock Mine ordering them to pay various persons £5 2s 1835;
Wyatt's lot account for Tideswell 1835-1836;
Chapel Dale reckoning 1836;
Note of sales, arrests etc. Hucklow 1827-1836 and Tideswell 1819-1831;
Notes on production of lead mines in Great Britain and Ireland, and on sale of ore by ticket at Holiwell (Flints) 1838;
Wyatt's lot account for Hucklow and Tideswell 1837;
Chapel Dale reckoning 1837;
Verdict that William Wyatt is to pay Robert Howe £31 9s at Middleton Engine Mine, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1837;
Letter to Frost from James Barker including Blithe Forefield and Shining Sough reckonings 1837;
Account of ore measured in Castleton and Chapel 1837;
Account of lead and lead ore imported into, and exported from, the UK 1838;
Notices to partners of Mock Mine concerning debts to William Wyatt 1838;
Report on the Burgoyne Mines, Ecton Hill, Staffs 1839;
Prospectus of the Meerbrook Sough Co. 1841;
Report on Longstone Edge Mines by John Taylor 1841;
Regulations for the sale by ticket of Eyam Mining Co. ore nd;
List of miners and maintainers of mines in Winster 1841;
Ore measurements Kingsfield, Stony Middleton and Eyam, Ashford, Peak Forest and Hartington 1841;
Alport Mines report May 1842;
Regulations for the sale by ticket of Alport Mines ore nd;
Hubberdale Mine report May 1842, and later note on the mine;
Magpie Mine report May 1842;
Notice of a small Barmoot Court at Monyash 1842;
Longstone Edge Mines report May 1842;
Papers relating to an enquiry into the working of Riddle Pits Mine, Bradwell 1843;
James Longdon's account as deputy barmaster, Kingsfield and Ashford, with Matthew Frost, head barmaster 1844;
Complain of agent of Hubbadale Mine at nonpayment of debt 1844;
List of lot accounts received from James Howe 1844;
Sale of share in Hazard Mine, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1855; ·
Forms of complaint at Great Barmoot Court, Stony Middleton and Eyam nd, Ashford 1844, Peak Forest 1844, Kingsfield nd;
Extract from a letter concerning Morewood Sough, and freeing note 1845;
Monyash court expenses 1847;
Letter concerning jury at Cliff Stile 1847;
Wyatt's lot account, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1847;
Eyam Mining Co. lot account 1847;
Letter from Wyatt concerning laying out of ground at Water Groove Mine 1847;
Complaint of Ann Turner concerning Back Groove Mine, Hucklow 1847;
Letter from George Maltby with account of expenses of smelting Eyam Mining Co. ore 1847;
Sale of share in South Side Pipe, Stony Middleton 1848;
Notes of freeing by Eyam Mining Co. of veins near Glebe Shaft Founder 1848;
Apology to barmaster for using unlawful dish 1848;
Arrest of ore and tools at Shaw Engine Mine, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1848;
Wyatt's Jot and cope account, Stony Middleton and Eyam 1848;
Morewood Sough lot and cope account 1848;
Freeing note, Thorn Tree Vein, Stony Middleton 1849;
Eyam Mining Co. reckoning 1848-1849;
Miscellaneous receipts for highway rates, income tax etc., various liberties 1843-1848;
List of mines in which Mr Wyatt is concerned for Mr Wilkinson nd
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