Ref NoD504/B/L
TitleMessrs. Brooke Taylor & Company: lead mining documents
Date17th-20th cent
High Peak - Kingsfield
D504/B/L/1-3: Castleton - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster (lot and cope leased to Duke of Devonshire in 1690)
D504/B/L/4-5: Hucklow - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster (lot and cope leased to Duke of Devonshire in 1690)
D504/B/L/6-10: Monyash - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster (lot and cope leased to Duke of Devonshire in 1690)
D504/B/L/11: Taddington - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster (lot and cope leased to Duke of Devonshire in 1690)
D504/B/L/12-17: Winster - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster etc.
Not represented here: Bradwell, Upper Haddon Outer Liberties - Owner: Duchy of Lancaster etc

High Peak - Private Liberties
D504/B/L/18-29: Ashford - Owner: Duke of Devonshire
D504/B/L/30: Hartington - Owner: Duke of Devonshire
D504/B/L/31-46: Peak Forest - Owner: Duke of Devonshire
D504/B/L/47-49: Tideswell - Owner: Duke of Devonshire
D504/B/L/50: Hassop, Calver and Rowland - Owner: Col C S Leslie
D504/B/L/51-53: Hazlebadge - Owner: Duke of Rutland
D504/B/L/54: Litton - Owner: Lord Scarsdale
D504/B/L/55-67: Stoney Middleton and Eyam - Owner: 5/12ths Duke of Devonshire, 5/12ths Sir Richard Tufton, 2/12ths Duke of Buckingham

D504/B/L/68-69: Wirksworth

Morleston and Litchurch
D504/B/L/70: Crich

D504/B/L/71-227: Duke of Devonshire
D504/B/L/228-231: Duke of Rutland
D504/B/L/232-238: Gell's Tithe
D504/B/L/239: Earl of Newburgh

D504/B/L/240-254: Matthew Frost
D504/B/L/255-257: Jonathan How
D504/B/L/258: Thomas Mander
D504/B/L/259-286: James Longsdon
D504/B/L/287-298: Isaac Shimwell
D504/B/L/299-300: Thomas Shimwell
D504/B/L/301-314: Arthur G Taylor

D504/B/L/315-395: Alport Mining Co (inc Hill Carr Sough, Shining Sough and Blithe)
D504/B/L/396: Blackhole Mine, Eyam
D504/B/L/397-402: Deep Sitch Mine, Eyam
D504/B/L/403: Eyam Mining Co
D504/B/L/404: Gregory Mine, Ashover
D504/B/L/405: Hopton
D504/B/L/406: Lea Lead Works
D504/B/L/407: Long Rake Mine, Youlgreave
D504/B/L/408: Magpie Mine
D504/B/L/409: Mawstone Mine
D504/B/L/410: Mill Close Mine
D504/B/L/411: Wakebridge Mine

D504/B/L/419-446: LEGAL DISPUTES
D504/B/L/447-451: PRINTED BOOKS
D504/B/L/452-455: ADDITIONAL
Administrative HistoryD504/L and D504/LP contain two sets of records:
1) The records of the High Peak barmoot courts and barmasters. These consist mainly of records taken over by A G Taylor, barmaster and mineral agent, who had his office in Town Hall Chambers. The barmasters' books and barmoot court records have been arranged as far as possible under liberties, and the accounts of the mineral duties due to the Crown's lessee, the Duke of Devonshire, and to the lords of private liberties under persons. A good deal of the barmasters' papers, particularly correspondence, could not be placed under these heads, and is listed under the barmasters concerned, in chronological order.
2) The records of private companies. The most important of these are the records of the Alport Mining Company. The remainder consist of miscellaneous reports etc whose provenance is uncertain, and solicitors' files.
Related MaterialSee also D504/LP - leadmining plans.
See D3266/92 - this relates back to D504/B/L/363 (Alport Mining Co. Bennetts’ Letter Book 1848-1853), which contains entries dated April 22nd, 24th and 25th 1840, of great importance for the understanding of D3266/92.
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