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TitleThe Radford family of Tansley Wood
DescriptionJohn Radford had three sons, John, Thomas, and Edward. Thomas had a son called Edward. John senior died c.1834.

Frances Willoughby was in possession of several mills including one near Tansley when she entered into a business partnership with John Radford in March 1794.

Thomas Radford had a son, Edward. Edward Radford lived at Tansley Wood. He married an Eliza Anne, and they had two daughters, Anna Eliza & Selena, and a son Childers Charles. Edward died on 8 August 1872. He estate then passed to his son, Childers Charles Radford.

Anna married Edward Thompson of Cheltenham, and later of York. They had a daughter, Katherine Selina Thompson. Edward Thompson became one of Edward Radford's trustees. She married Henry Ellis of Putney, Surrey. There was also Robert Charles Thompson, Claude Edward Thompson, Hugh Stephen Thompson, Gertrude Blanche Smith (wife of Horace Smith), Amy Frances Charlotte Baddley (wife of Edmund Baddeley), Edith Lucy Julian, wife of Frank Julian, and Ethel Maude Thompson, spinster.

Childers Charles Radford married Mary Elizabeth Hurt. Childers died on 24 Feb 1896 at Tansley Wood. The estate then passed to his wife. Childers' niece married Rev Edmund Baddeley, who then became responsible for collecting Mary Elizabeth Radford's rents and managing her property until her death, circa 1912.

Selena married John Wallbanke Childers.
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
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Radford family of Tansley Wood
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