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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D504/76
TitleThe Holmes Family and George Rickards Barker
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive CreatorClient of Messrs Brooke Taylor & Company of Bakewell, solicitors
The Holmes Family and George Rickards Barker
Administrative HistoryThis collection contains documents relating to three generations of the Holmes family. Their lives were linked to those of George Rickards Barker of Rowsley, and the Eccles family of Tideswell. Their lives were subsequently connected to those the other people, whose papers are held in this collection.

Elizabeth Eccles of Tideswell had five daughters, Mary, Catherine, Ellen, Elizabeth and Anne. Anne married John Mander and Catherine married Richard Barker, while Mary married George Holmes. George and Mary had one son, George junior; and three daughters; Caterina, Elizabeth Jane, and Mary Holmes.

George junior became a farmer and tanner, and married a Catherine. They had a daughter, Mary, who was baptised on 1 October 1789.

Caterina married George Rickards Barker, who became an Admiral in the Royal Navy. Upon the death of her brother on 17 July 1848, George Barker became the executor to his will. He was subsequently the executor to the wills of both his sisters-in-law.

Elizabeth Jane held shares in the Nottingham Turnpike Road Trust. Upon her death, on 21 February 1851, they where bequeathed to her sister, Mary. These were to pass to Caterina upon her subsequent death.

Before his death, George Holmes was the trustee of Miss Charlotte Dale. Charlotte Dale was born on 30 November 1809, and baptised on 5 Dec the same year. She was the daughter of Mary Dale, formerly of Chelmorton, prior to her marriage. Charlotte died in 1864. The money left to her by Joseph Graham was transferred to Miss Gratton.

George Barker was also an executor to the wills of: Mary Tryon, who died 5 February 1849; Mary Rowe; Katherine Leslie; John Newton Ford; and John Renshaw.

George Rickards Barker died on 5 September 1871. John Taylor of Bakewell, solicitor, and John Mander of No.9 Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex were his executors. [The Times Nov 24, 1871]. A woman called Elizabeth Garmston Barker, possibly George Rickards' sister died on 25 December 1861. Her will was proved at Derby 31 January 1862. [Derby and Chesterfield Reporter, Nov 30, 1871]

Mary Rowe was the daughter of William and Jane Sherston. Mary daughter of William & Jane was baptised 8 December 1713 or 1714 at Temple, Bristol. They also had three sons; William, John and George. On 19 September 1736, Mary married William Rowe of Bath, an apothecary. Upon her death, Mary devised her premises to Elizabeth the wife of Evan Harris. She also bequeathed £20 to Catherine, daughter of Samuel Barker.

William Sherston was buried 25 October 1716. John was baptised on 20 December 1714, and George on 25 October 1716. William died in 1733 or 1734, and was buried at Charcombe, Somerset.

Catherine Leslie lived in Richmond, Surrey and was married to the Honorable Thomas Leslie. Their daughter, Katherine Leslie married to the Earl of Rother and died in October 1821.

John Newton Ford was originally from Birmingham. He later moved the Rouen, France but by the time of his death, July 1863, was living at Primrose cottage, Jersey. He bequeathed all his personal estate and effects to George Barker the executor to his will.

Matthew Walker was married to Alice. They had three daughters: Mary, who married George Wilson; Ann, who married Cornelius Pickford; and Sarah, who remained unmarried. Matthew died on 23 May 1759. Alice died intestate on 13 July 1762. Mary Wilson died on 30 September 1762, leaving two daughters, Elizabeth and Sarah. Ann died on 24 November 1760, leaving two sons, Cornelius and John.
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