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TitleEwings family of Burre House, Great Longstone
DescriptionWilliam Ewings died in 1871. He left behind two sons.

Joseph Ewings married Rachel Openshaw. They moved to Penwortham near Preston, but later returned to Burre House. Joseph and Rachel had a daughter, Emily Openshaw. She married a Barker. Joseph died on 17th September 1888. While Rachel died on 28th May 1896.

William Ford married a woman called Annie. They had three daugthers; Fanny, Charlotte, and another who married a Clark.

Rachel Ewing's father was James Openshaw. She had four sisters: Mary, Margaret, Sarah, and Hannah; and three brothers: William, Jonathan, & John Ollivant.

Sarah married Thomas Howitt; while the Margaret married Robert Cross. Margaret's offspring were: Robert Cross (Rachel's nephew), James Cross (nephew), Margaret Cross (Rachel's niece), Ella Cross (niece), Frances Mary Cross (niece), and Constance Cross (Rachel's niece, and goddaughter to Emily Openshaw).

Hannah's offspring were: Fanny Rachel, who married a Thomas Mason of Lancaster; and Sarah Louisa who married the Reverend Samuel Hastings. Rev Samuel was later appointed as one of the Executors in Rachel Ewing's Will.

William Openshaw's offspring were: James Arthur Openshaw (Rachel's nephew), Mary Emma Carter (Rachel's niece), Clara Nunn (niece), and James Hamilton Openshaw (nephew).
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Ewings family of Burre House, Great Longstone
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