RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
Archive Reference / Library Class No.D504/123
TitleStancliffe Estates Co. Ltd., title deeds relating to land and property in Darley Dale
DescriptionPapers comprise miscellaneous title deeds, sale and tenancy agreements relating to land and property in Darley Dale, which formed part of the Stancliffe Estate.
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Archive CreatorClient of Messrs Brooke Taylor & Company of Bakewell, solicitors
Stancliffe Estates Company Ltd.
ArrangementPapers have been arranged in broadly chronological order, with deeds relating to a particular area grouped together wherever possible.
RelatedMaterialFor earlier title deeds relating to Stancliffe Hall and other properties bought by Joseph Whitworth in Darley Dale, and later passed to the Stancliffe Estates Co. Ltd., see D504/121.
For additional title deeds relating to property in the Darley Dale area forming part of The Stancliffe Estate, see D504/120, D504/122, D504/125 and D504/126.
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