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TitleBuckley Court Case
DescriptionLegal papers, largely office copies, belonging to John Taylor of Bakewell, solicitors for the defence in the case of Fox v. Buckley, heard in Chancery of the County Palatinate of Lancaster, Manchester District, 1876-1879. Includes papers relating to associated cases of Buckley v. Buckley and Exelby v. Buckley.

The petition of Adam Fox (& others) against Sir Edmund Buckley (formerly Peck) of Plas Dinas Mowddwy in the County of Merioneth, Baronet, MP, sole surviving trustee and executor named in the will of Edmund Buckley, late of Manchester in the County of Lancaster Esq. (died 21 Jan 1867). Concerning the disputed settlement of the estate of Edmund Buckley deceased, including real estate and leasehold estate in the County of Lancaster, and personal estate comprising money and securities in his business as a copperas manufacturer. The plaintiffs claimed that the executors and trustees had failed to make provision for the payment of the greater part in value of the legacies or to set apart money or securities to answer the several annuities bequeathed by the Will.

At the time of his death, Edmund Buckley was involved in copperas manufacturing at 'The Fairfield Copperas Works' in the township of Droylesden, Manchester, and near Elland in the County of York. The Will authorised the trustees to continue the business for a period not exceeding 20 years from the death of the Testator, or to discontinue and wind up. The trustees determined to discontinue the business on 31 December 1867.
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Archive CreatorClient of Messrs Brooke Taylor & Company of Bakewell, solicitors
TermCopperas works
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