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Archive Reference / Library Class No.D504
TitleClients of Messrs Brooke Taylor & Company of Bakewell, solicitors
Date[15th-20th cent]
D504/BL: Lead mining documents, including records of High Peak barmoot courts and barmasters
D504/1: Shore-Nightingale family and the Lea Hurst Estate
D504/2 : Brittlebank family of Winster
D504/3: H E Bailey, E H Bailey and E H Bailey Ltd
D504/4: Mallalieu family estate records
D504/5: Wyatt of Foolow
D504/6: Arkwright of Willersley
D504/7: Wright of Eyam
D504/8: Middleton Hall estate, Middleton-by-Youlgreave
D504/9: Deeds realting to properties in Derby & Wensley
D504/10 : Drabble family of Tansley and Matlock
D504/11 : Bradbury family of Bakewell
D504/12 : Bagshawe family of Foolow
D504/13 : Taylor family and records of the solicitors' firm F & H Taylor of Bakewell
D504/14 : Blore & Mellor families of Over Haddon & Monyash
D504/15 : Goodwin and Barker families of Buxton and Pigtor
D504/16 : Letters of James Taylor
D504/17 : Properties in Winster and Wensley were acquired by Samuel Rains of Cheetham Hill, Manchester
D504/18 : Title deeds for Parsley Hay estate, Hartington
D504/19 : Title deeds to properties in Winster and Birchover belonging to the Greatorex family
D504/20 : Title deeds to properties in Winster, Ashbourne, Taddington and Brassington, the estate of Elizabeth Roberts
D504/21 : Records of legal practices of the Brittlebank and Taylor families
D504/22: Sir Joseph Lee of Rock Head estate, near Buxton
D504/23: Green family and cotton mill at Phoside, Hadfield
D504/24: Heathcote family of Taddington
D504/25: Shawe Blandford Memorial Trust
D504/26: Bown family property in Flagg and Taddington
D504/27: Morton family property in Parwich
D504/28: Matlock and Matlock Bath Permanent Benefit Building Society
D504/29: Moravian Church Schools Advisory Board, Eyam schools built on glebe land & Darley Dale school
D504/30: Methodist churches including Youlgreave Methodist Chapel
D504/31: Whitworth Hospital, Darley Dale
D504/32: Monyash Friendly Society & Ashford Men's Friendly Society
D504/33: Fire brigades including Bakewell fire brigade
D504/34: Manorial records including Ashford Manor & Hartington Manor
D504/35: Assorted deeds and related records including Red House Farm, & the Marble Works, both at Ashford in the Water
D504/36: Hunting diaries of R W M Nesfield and Marianne Wright
D504/46: Norman & Groom, sawmills and marble works, Bakewell,
D504/48: Goodwin & Barker families of Pigtor
D504/49: Holmes family of Millers Dale and Monyash
D504/50: Nodder family of Ashover
D504/51: Deeds of Orme property at Bakewell
D504/52: John Hall & Son (Rowsley) Ltd.
D504/53: The Derbyshire Printing Company Ltd, newspaper proprietors and printers, of Buxton
D504/54: Matlock and District Gas Company
D504/55: Title deeds to property in Eyam owned by the Furness family
D504/56: Title deeds to property in Winster, mainly owned by Heathcote family
D504/57: Title deeds to property in Brassington owned by Wheatcroft family
D504/58 : Title deeds to property in Great and Little Longstone
D504/59: Title deeds to property in Tideswell
D504/60: Title deeds to property in Monyash and Flagg belonging to Dunn family
D504/61: Title deeds to property in Tansley and Matlock Bath belonging to Farnsworth family
D504/62 : Title deeds to property in Elton
D504/63: Title deeds to property in Winster belonging to William Stone
D504/64: Title deeds to property in Wirksworth
D504/65: Title deeds to property in Ashover belonging to Marriott family
D504/66: Title deeds to property in Matlock and Matlock Bath
D504/67: Title deeds to property in Bolehill/Wirksworth and Riber/Matlock belonging to Outram family
D504/68 : Title deeds to property in Bonsall
D504/69: Title deeds to property in Ashford in the Water
D504/70: Taylor and Langstaff, cloth and yarn agents
D504/71: Derbyshire Stone Ltd.
D504/72: Little Longstone Social Institute
D504/73 : Taylor's Garage (Bakewell) Ltd.
D504/74 : Brooke Taylor family miscellaneous papers
D504/75: Hall Family of Castleton
D504/76: The Holmes family of Bakewell and George Rickards Barker of Rowsley
D504/77: Assorted deeds and other documents relating to properties in Derbyshire
D504/78: C T Young of Bakewell
D504/79: Assorted Memoranda and Articles of Association relating to Derbyshire businesses
D504/80: Small businesses in Derbyshire
D504/81: Properties in Millers Dale, Hartington, Matlock Bridge, and in Sheffield and Rotherham, Yorkshire
D504/82 : The United Trust of the Ashford and Buxton, Tideswell and Blackwell, and Edensor and Ashford Turnpike Roads
D504/83: The Radford family of Tansley Wood
D504/84: Robert Rowland of Baslow
D504/85: Assorted records from Derbyshire businesses
D504/86: Will books including copy wills produced by the solicitors' firm of Taylors, including wills witnessed or proved by members of the firm.
D504/87: Property at Goatscliff Brook, also known as Gouldby Brook, Grindleford Bridge belonging to Thorpe family, used as a tannery and later as a laundry
D504/88: Letter books including those signed by G Moore Wilson, and those later signed by members of the Brooke Taylor firm
D504/89: Brooke-Taylor, solicitors, of Bakewell - Financial Journals
D504/90: Business accounts of Brooke Taylor, Solicitors of Bakewell
D504/91: Henry Hulley & Sons Ltd. motor bus proprietors of Baslow
D504/92 : Miscellaneous BrookeTaylor client papers
D504/93: T Dakin & Sons, millers, of Millers Dale
D504/94: John Broomhead, plumber, of Bakewell
D504/95: Mallalieu Estate
D504/96: Unidentified business ledgers
D504/97: Title deeds for properties in Elton and Brassington
D504/98: Assorted records of Messrs Brooke Taylor as assessors and collectors of tax
D504/99: Over Haddon Burial Board
D504/100: Buckley Court Case
D504/101: Documents extracted from clients' files including those relating to:
Independent Order of Odd Fellows; Hopton Mining Company Ltd; Benjamin Thorpe and Grindleford Model Laundry; P Prince & T A Evans of Youlgreave; William Rickard, probably of Wirksworth (died Jun 1898); Derbyshire Silica Firebrick Company Limited; Blackwell and Sons; Gibson family of Litton; Cloves Hill Farm, Smalley and Horsley; The King's Head, Bonsall public house; Great Hucklow deeds; 36 St Mary Axe, London; Longsdon family of Little Longstone; Longstone Hall Estate; Belfitt Hill Colliery Company, Cumbria; Hollinsclough properties; Mill Close Mines, Darley; Baslow Hall Estate; Estate of Grace Wright of Blackwell; and Papers of Miss Alice Rickard of Bakewell
D504/102 : Cooper and Green of Bakewell
D504/103: Barker family of Bakewell
D504/104: Messrs. T. Dakin & Sons, millers, and the Dakin family of Millers Dale
D504/105: Brooke Taylor, solicitors of Bakewell
D504/106: Broomhead (formerly Bromehead) & Webster Charity of Bakewell
D504/107: Title deeds and other papers relating to properties in Ashford-in-the-Water, Darley Dale, Hartington, and Little Chester, Derby
D504/108: Sale Catalogues for properties predominently in the Bakewell and Derby areas
D504/109: Properties in the Bakewell area
D504/110: Stanton Estate: miscellaneous estate, legal and business papers
D504/111: Bakewell Charities
D504/112 : Papers of Colonel Herbert Brooke Taylor
D504/113: Sale of the Duke of Rutland's Estate
D504/114: Papers of Derbyshire Territorial Force Association
D504/115: Papers of Victor C W Cavendish, MP for West Derbyshire
D504/116 : North Derbyshire sale catalogues, particulars of sale, contracts, notices of sale, and sale posters
D504/117: Papers relating to sales of:
Hassop Estate; Percival property in Hartington; The Mellor Estate at Hartington, Heathcote, Biggin and Blake Moor, and also Alstonefield [Staffordshire] Property of Edward Smithers; Property of Dakin family at Tideswell; and of Properties in: Ashford, Bakewell, Biggin and Hartington, Biggin by Hulland, Brassington and Taddington, Foolow, Great Longstone, Hurdlow, Monyash, Stoney Middleton, Tideswell and Little Hucklow, lands at Wardlow Miers, Youlgreave, Walton near Chesterfield and Wheston;
also: Papers relating to estate of John Melland of Monyash; Papers relating to Brushfield family; Papers relating to Carill Worsley estates; Papers relating to the Smith family in Eyam; Papers relating to Revd John Bourne Nodder and Mrs Nodder; John Phillips' charity at Edensor; Shemwell family wills; and Papers relating to Vernon and Crewe families political activity
D504/118: Stancliffe Estates Company Limited
D504/119: The Stancliffe Estates Company Limited
D504/120: Stancliffe Estates Company Ltd.
D504/121: Stancliffe Estates Company Ltd: Title deeds of the Stancliffe Estates
D504/122: Stancliffe Estates Company Ltd.
D504/123: Stancliffe Estates Co. Ltd., title deeds relating to land and property in Darley Dale
D504/124: Bakewell Town Hall Company Limited
D504/125: Stancliffe Estate title deeds
D504/126: Stancliffe Estate title deeds
D504/127: Stancliffe Estates Company Limited
D504/128: Assorted deeds and papers representing business handled by F. & H. Taylor, largely on behalf of the Brittlebank family of Winster, Derbyshire, including deeds relating to properties: in Winster held by the Tindal-Carill-Worsley family; and at The Avenue, Bakewell, Derbyshire.
D504/129: Stancliffe Estates Company Limited
D504/130: Bakewell and District Liberal Club
D504/131: Documents extracted from clients' files including those relating to:
Villers family of Ashford; several closes of land in Monyash; Lumsdale Estate in Matlock; Properties owned by Grace Wright at Great Longstone and Matlock; Rains family of Winster; Matlock Street, Bakewell; Premises at Darley Dale belonging to Frederick Hill; Deepdale Farm, Hulland; Great Longstone School; The trusteeship of Bonsall Endowed School, including the sale of land at Masson,and two closes of land at Tansley; Papers of trustees of the Loyal Invincible Lodge No. 324, Baslow District of the Independent Order of Oddfellows; Papers relating to the dissolution of Monyash Friendly Society; Papers on the alleged pollution of the River Derwent by the Mill Close Mine; R Orme and Co Ltd, grocers; George Wickham Ltd, corn merchants; G E Bacon and Sons Ltd, quarry masters; The dissolution of the partnership of Baker and Smith, clothing manufacturers of Granby Works, Bakewell; Stancliffe Hall; A grocer's shop in High Street, Calver; Thomas Harrison of the Nook, Oker; The sale of lands in Youlgreave from the Marquess of Granby by Youlgreave Parish Council; Flying Officer Nigel Ronald Wheatcroft RAFVR of Ecclesbourne Hall, Idridgehay; Derby Gas Light and Coke Company; Derwent Valley Co-operative Society; Isaac & H. Prince & Sons Ltd; Thacker's Chert Mine, Youlgreave; Smiths Runners Ltd.; and Sarah Jane Jackson of Stretford, Manchester
D504/132: Records relating to the Hunt family
D504/133: Documents of John Taylor, publisher
D504/134: Estate of Joseph Winson and Matlock Gas Works
D504/135: The Green Family of Ashover
D504/136: Ewings family of Burre House, Great Longstone
D504/137: Bradbury family
D504/138: Chatsworth Dairy Company, Sheffield
D504/139: Assorted title deeds and related papers concerning properties in: Bakewell; Biggin; Birchover; Borrowash, Derby; Brassington; Calver; Elton; Foolow; Great Hucklow; Hartington; Hassop; Matlock; Taddington; Stanton-in-Peak; Winster; Wirksworth; and Shropshire
D504/140: Clients' files relating to proerties in: Ashford in the Water; Bakewell; Birchover; Charlesworth; Church Broughton; Clay Cross; Cromford; Darley Dale; Derby; Ednaston; Elton; Flagg;
D504/140: Great Longstone;Hartington; Lea Hurst; Little Longstone;:Matlock; Matlock Bath;; Middleton by Youlgreave; Millers Dale; Monsal Dale; Over Haddon; Sheldon; Stanton in Peak; Staveley; Stoney Middleton; Tideswell; Tideswell & Wheston; Two Dales; Unstone; and Youlgreave; also
: Correspondence concerning Mr. & Mrs. G J Marples of Thornbridge Hall, Ashford in the Water
D504/141 : Papers of Colonel Herbert Brooke-Taylor and family regarding civic duties and activities, and his daughter, Mary Joyce
D504/142: Sale of personal & real estate belonging to George Gooddie in Priestcliffe, Derbyshire, Manchester, Chorlton upon Medlock and Hulme, Lancashire
D504/143: Records of Lady Manners School, Bakewell, Derbyshire
D504/144: Correspondence of John Taylor, publisher
D504/145: The Wilson family of Ashford in the Water
D504/146: The Hands family of Middlesex, Kent, and Hertfordshire
D504/147: George and Ada Mycock of Stoney Middleton
D504/148: Stancliffe Construction Company Limited
D504/149: Stanton Estate Company Limited
D504/150: Joseph Smith & Sons (Bakewell) Ltd., printers and stationers
D504/151: Papers of James Montgomery, Poet
D504/152: First National Housing Trust Ltd., Sheffield
D504/153: The Wilkson Foundation, Taddington
D504/154: The Kirke Estate, East Markham, Nottinghamshire
D504/155: Properties in Tansley sold under the Will of Mrs. Jane Robinson, deceased
D504/156: Bakewell Primitive Methodist Church and Edward Marrison, Esq., veterinary surgeon
D504/157: The Estate of George Lomas, late of Taddington
D504/158: Bakewell glebe lands, and other papers
D504/159: Bakewell & District War Memorial Cottage Hospital
D504/160: Knotlow Farm, Monyash
D504/161: Estate of the late William James Finney of Shepley House, Monyash
D504/162: Messrs. James, John, & William Mettam, building contractors of Derby
D504/163: Land Tax Assessments - Wirksworth Division (1931)
D504/164: Land Tax Assessments - High Peak Division (1931)
D504/165: Land Tax Assessments - High Peak Division (1940)
D504/166: Denman family of Dovedale and Stoney Middleton
D504/167: Buxton Limes Firms Co Ltd
D504/168: William Eley of Millers Dale, farmer
D504/169: Clients' files including Probate Wills and papers relating to: Dr. Humphrey Brookes of Tideswell, medical practitioner; accommodation land at Litton Slack near Bakewell; and R Bibby residence off Well St., Elton
D504/170: Stanton Estate Company
D504/171: Stanton Construction Company
D504/172 : Rickard Mills, Derby
D504/173: Tomlinson family of Over Haddon, Manchester, and Matlock
D504/174: Hodgkinson family of Matlock
D504/175: The Water Supply to Woodside, Bakewell
D504/176: Walter Herbert & Grace Wright of Great Longstone Hall, Great Longstone
D504/177: Papers of John Taylor, solicitor of Bakewell, and his family
D504/178: Mrs. Emma Jane Green of Stoney Middleton
D504/179: Tom Andrew Evans of Youlgreave
D504/180: Properties in Youlgreave and Bakewell belonging to the Toft family
D504/181: Papers of Herbert Clifford Brooke Taylor relating to civil defence in Derbyshire during the Second World War
D504/182: Personal papers of Major Herbert Clifford Brooke Taylor
D504/183: Duke of Devonshire's properties
D504/184: The Ellis family of Tansley and Samuel & Annie Robinson of Masson Cottage, Matlock Bath
D504/185: Clients' files - assorted title deeds relating to properties in Ashford in the Water and Old Brampton
D504/186: Clients' files - assorted particulars of sale relating to properties throughout Derbyshire
D504/187: Bakewell Assistant Clergy Fund
D504/188: The Provincial Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Derbyshire
D504/189: Bakewell Conservative Club
D504/190: Bakewell Parochial Church Council
D504/191: Bakewell Parish churchwardens' papers
D504/192: Baden Powell Scouts of Derbyshire
D504/193: Haddon Estates Tenantry Committee and the organisation of The Marquis of Granby's coming of age celebrations
D504/194: Papers re 1868 North Derbyshire election
D504/195: Maps and plans
D504/P: Maps and plans
Extent85.75 shelves
RepositoryDerbyshire Record Office
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Archive CreatorClients of Messrs Brooke Taylor & Company of Bakewell, solicitors
Custodial HistoryAcquired by Derbyshire Record Office in 1967
Organisation Sub-TypeLegal practices
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