Ref NoD4899/116
Title(1-17) East Derbyshire Election of 1868: cartoons by JPA
DescriptionPrinted and published by Richard John Smithson, Chesterfield. Some of the cartoons appear as part of the Chesterfield Crow , a political pamphlet also published and printed by Smithson. These are listed at the end of the series. D4899/116/1 Title sheet D4899/116/2 Bolsover Bowls Overend D4899/116/3 Sermons in Stones D4899/116/4 Similia Similibus Cusanter, 5 Sep D4899/116/5 Which Will Win?12 Sep D4899/116/6 Hic Jacet, No 8 D4899/116/7 A leap in the dark, No 9 D4899/116/8 Paul Pry in East Derbyshire, No 10 D4899/116/9 Too Clever by Half or the Celebrated Rope Trick by Blondin QC, No 11 D4899/116/10 Fly-Blown, No 12 D4899/116/11 Ye East-Derbyshire Guy Fawkes, No 13 D4899/116/12 To My Delight on a Shiny Night, No 14 D4899/116/13 East Derbyshire - The Nomination Show of Hand and Feet, No 15 D4899/116/14 The Fall of the Curtain, No 16 D4899/116/15 A Long Pull, A Strong Pull and A Pull All-Together D4899/116/16 The Chesterfield Crow No 1, 19 Sep 1868 inc De Profundis D4899/116/17 The Chesterfield Crow No 2, 26 Sep 1868 inc The Thunderbolt
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